Iran: Why now, and what now?
Posted on September 14th, 2012

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13 September 2012


Dear Editor:

Ally Foster has asked an interesting question about the Canadian Foreign Ministry action on Iran. “ƒ”¹…”Iran: Why now, and what now?

The question is a valid one and the question needs to be answered to satisfy the swirling speculations among the Canadian-Iran community, academics and security analysts as to why now when the Iranian-Canadian bilateral relations were on the rocks for years. Perhaps we the John Q public are not privy to what Foreign Minister John Baird knows. Nevertheless, let’s hear the truth on Iran as we Canadians have that right to know.  We just cannot forget and forgive how Iraq was invaded by the West on a lie killing 1.2 million innocent Iraqis together with their leader Saddam Hussein.

 The Stephen Harper Government has suggested that Canadian diplomats were in danger in Teheran.  The killing of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Libya and several others has now, perhaps given Canada enough reason to legitimize severing diplomatic relations with Iran.

But then what does the West expect when they are dealing with fire when they support rebel groups and turning them  in to terrorists in places like Libya, Iraq and Syria openly arming them, assisting them financially and helping them to topple governments for a much coveted regime change with NATO airstrikes.

So the West invades Middle Eastern countries, sometimes with a lie, installing puppet regimes that are now advocating fundamentalism and championing Shariah laws.   And we are  now witnessing  a form of Western mutated ‘democracy’ in places like Egypt, Iraq  and Libya that the West help for a regime change.  I wonder whether this is the strategy at play by Western countries to see Muslim nations ruin themselves, and let private concerns take over their natural resources?

This dynamic is suspect and unfortunately, Canada is part of this Western “ƒ”¹…”regime change’ consortium, joining the US trying to flex our muscles too.

Canada seem to have joined the foray in to Asia in places like Sri Lanka where they have a popularly elected democratic government. But the West and INGOs seem determined to want to change that regime because it’s President thumbed his nose at the US, UK, France, Norway and Canada when they wanted a ceasefire of the Tamil Tiger war in the early 2009 to save the ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists from extermination militarily, for  them to continue their 27-year long bloody war, to satisfy the voting separatist Tamil Diaspora in their individual countries.

I sincerely hope that Canada will stop being so meddlesome with internal affairs of other nations being pretentious trying to act like another world power.  For starters Prime Minister Stephen Harper should comply with the request by the Commonwealth Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma and not boycott the 2013 CHOGM which will be held in Colombo.

Asoka Weerasinghe

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  1. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Canada for the decision, calling it a “moral, courageous step” which sends a message to the international community that it can not allow “the dark regime in Iran to get nuclear weapons.” Netanyahu called on other members of the international community to follow Canada’s lead and “set moral and practical red lines” to Iran

    After Canada’s announcement of closure, a note written in Persian was posted on the door of Iran’s embassy in Ottawa as follows: “Because of the hostile decision by the government of Canada, the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Ottawa is closed and has no choice but to stop providing any consular services for its dear citizens.”

    A spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs described it as “the hostile” action of the “racist government in Canada” which is following “the pursuit of Zionist and British dictated policies.” In addition, the ministry described the Canadian decision as “an abuse of international law” and alleged that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government is known for “extremist and failed policies.” The ministry also said that Canada is a “threat to international security and stability.”

    Nobody can bring up any example of an aggressive action by Iran against the other nations throughout the past century. In the contemporary era, Iran has never invaded nor attacked any country; on the contrary, it was the subject of unjust and imposed wars by imperial powers. In 1941, the Soviet, British and Commonwealth armed forces invaded Iran in an attempt to undermine the Germans’ growing influence in Iran and their dominance over Iran’s vast oil reserves. Some 4 decades later, under the pressure from the United States and its European allies, Saddam Hussein invaded Iran and killed more than 500,000 Iranians with the final objective of nipping the newborn Iranian Revolution in the bud. Although both wars failed to realize their objectives, they made the Iranian people feel the bitter taste of subjugation and suppression. So, as a victim of imperialism and warmongering policies of the superpowers, it’s a vapid joke to claim that Iran poses the most significant threat to global peace and security.
    Israeli President Shimon Peres, who was awarded the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize for his outstanding role in the 1956 Kafr Qasim massacre which resulted in the killing of 6 women, 23 children aged 8-17 and a total of 49 people and expressed his thanksgiving to the Nobel Foundation with his direct involvement in the 1996 Qana massacre in Lebanon also couldn’t hide his happiness at the Canada’s move: “Canada has proven once again that morals come before pragmatism; Canada has demonstrated that policy must reflect principles and values,” he said in a statement. “I thank my colleague Governor-General David Johnston, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the whole nation of Canada for taking a stance based on the highest morals and hope that other nations will see Canada as a moral role model,” Peres continued.

    Perhaps the deep-rooted and inextricable relationship between Israel and Canada is best described by Yves Engler in his spectacular 2010 book “Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid.” The well-written, well-researched book portrays how the Canadian government helped with the formation of the Israeli state in 1948 and what enormous supports Canada has offered to Israel over the past 64 years.

    There are several Israeli and Jewish organizations operating in Canada whose ultimate goal is to secure Israel’s interests in the decisions the Canadian government makes, especially with regards to the foreign policy issues. One of these organizations was Canada-Israel Committee, funded by the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy (CIJA), the advocacy arm of United Israel Appeal Canada (UIAC). This group was dissolved in 2011, but its responsibilities were assumed by its parent organization, CIJA. According to the Jewish Federations of Canada website, some $4 million is annually allocated to the Israeli advocacy organizations in Canada. However, Peyton V. Lyon, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the Carleton University revealed that Canada-Israel Committee’s budget prior to its extinction was about $11 million.
    The Jewish Federations of Canada encompasses several subsidiary organizations each of which work to promote the Israeli values in the Canadian society, strengthen the diplomatic, economic and cultural ties between Canada and Israel and empower the Jewish community of Canada, especially by taking over the newspapers, TV and radio stations in the country. Some of these organizations each of which receives a remarkable funding include Canada Israel Experience (CIE), Regional Jewish Communities of Ontario (RJCO), Bequest and Endowment Fund and Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC).
    According to Zalman Amit, the emeritus professor of psychology at Concordia University in Montreal, Canadian Jewish communities donate some $75 million to Israel annually.
    Canadian officials have never been embarrassed to show their unconditional support of Israel. On the 61st anniversary of the creation of Israel, Canadian premier Stephen Harper said, “We count ourselves among Israel’s closest partners. Since its founding in 1948, Canada has supported Israel and its right to live in peace and security with its neighbors. We value this relationship and look forward to continued friendship and collaboration.”
    What seems clear is that Israel is now extremely thrilled that Canada has suspended its diplomatic ties with Iran. It sees this move in the context of a broader plan to isolate Iran internationally, and one can hardly doubt that Israel was involved in the decision the Canadian government made out of the blue. However, these attempts to isolate Iran have already failed. On August 31, 120 world countries of the Non-Aligned Movement gathering in Tehran threw weight behind Iran’s nuclear program and expressed their opposition to the unilateral sanctions of the United States and its European allies against Iran. Iran is not a country that can be isolated this easily.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Good article once again.

    Canada should mind its own business.


    Buddy, there is no need to drag ethnicity here.


    அனைவரும் அமைதி!!


  3. Dham Says:

    Dear NT,
    Thank you once again summerising what is relevant to the article with facts. You did not write any anti semitism
    yet bloody Zionist cannot approve the truth. They are far beyond truth, justice and peace.
    They are the key to distruction of the world, but exibits a false face of peace loving, democratics with high moral values.

    “Nobody can bring up any example of an aggressive action by Iran against the other nations throughout the past century. In the contemporary era, Iran has never invaded nor attacked any country; on the contrary, it was the subject of unjust and imposed wars by imperial powers. ”

    How ture ? Can the Zionist give just one example than just calling you a racist ?

  4. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Prime Minister of Canada – Stephen Harper along with every puppet of every crown colony doesn’t say or do anything unless he is commanded to do so by the international bankers and his slave masters in Israel. In 2003, Stephen Harper and Australian Prime Minister John Howard delivered identical speeches urging their nations to join George W. Bush’s Coalition of the Willing to go to war with Iraq. These people dedicate their lives serving the agenda for international bankers, world Jewry and Zionism along with their endless acts of terrorism around the globe touted as humanitarian wars of liberation. This publicity stunt, cutting ties with the righteous, civilized, and admirable regime of Iran is merely a circus sideshow and a desperate attempt to prop up the USA and Israel’s image in the international area. Stephen Harper did this so the Zionist parasite doesn’t feel so alone and isolated in their endless quests for blood, resources, stolen land and money.

  5. aloy Says:

    How ‘righteous, civilized, and admirable’ is it for Iran to virtually imprison 200 odd US embassy staff for more than a year?. What was the sin committed by them other than support the previous regime of an Iranian ruler?. Is it not the declared objective of Iran to wipe out the state of Israel from the face of the earth?
    I do not think we should get involved in this mess unnecessarily. We only get some oil on cosessonary terms. and still have to pay for it.

  6. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Please watch this!

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