Giving back the chance of life to 20 million Sri Lankans and allegations of human rights violations
Posted on November 1st, 2012

 Asada M Erpini

Sri Lanka is again compelled to defend its human rights record at the Universal Periodic Review by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva that was scheduled to open on 01 November. And, who are at the forefront leading the allegations against Sri Lanka? It is none other than the mighty (or is it once mighty) US and the four or five Western colonial powers that massacred millions of people in the African, American and Asian continents and robbed the latter of what was dear and near to them during a period of nearly half a millennium and, more recently, their own European brethren from Germany when captured during World War II, a mere half century ago.

 Sri Lanka went through a horrendous period of mayhem for almost three decades at the hands of a megalomaniac, who was hell bent on creating a mono-ethnic Eelam for his own tribe. The man was ably assisted by his own kind that managed to migrate to the richest countries in the world that lay thousands of miles distant from the place of origin, ignoring the welcoming Tamil Nadu that was a mere 20 miles across beyond the Palk Straits. Their grouse was the discrimination they suffered at the hands of the Sinhala ethnic group, whereas the truth was quite the opposite: the Sinhala people, who incidentally form three quarters of Sri Lanka’s population, had been deprived of their rights for nearly half a millennium by the invading European powers.

 Since May 2009 the people of Sri Lanka have been able to move about without facing the risk of being blown into smithereens by an LTTE bomb. Prior to that, everything was a matter of life and death. The mother and the father in a family avoided going together in the same bus as they feared that a Tamil Tiger bomb would kill both of them in one explosion and the children would become orphans. The father who left home for work in the morning was not sure whether he would come back in the evening in one piece, or for that matter, alive, because the LTTE killers were active in the entire country, and especially at places where people gathered.

 There were innumerable incidents of innocent Sri Lankans of all faiths and ethnic groups that were at the receiving end of the villainous escapades of the LTTE maniacs. Foremost among them are the explosion at the at Central Bank bomb in Colombo, massacre of devotees at the Sri Maha Bodiya at Anuradhapura, killing of Muslims at prayer Kattankudy Mosque, killing of schoolchildren in Maradana, massacre of Buddhist monks and novice monks at Arantalawa and killing poor cultivators trying to eke out a living at Dollar Farm and Kent Farm. (The writer can go on and on, and also give more details of these inhuman attacks on the uninvolved, if the human rights brigades so desire).

 It is strange that it is only when Sri Lanka’s human rights record is being reviewed by the almighty UN (which is egged on by the US and its cronies) that the human rights proponents and the concerned agencies of the UN wake up from their apparent deep slumber that obviously went on for almost 27 years. None of these “ƒ”¹…”august’ institutions uttered a word condemning human rights violations when the LTTE had a field day killing anyone they desired. Even if they were not concerned about the Sinhala people getting killed by the LTTE “”…” in their eyes, the Sinhala ethnic group was a bunch of killers hell bent on genocide of the innocent Tamils “”…”  they could have at least raised a voice protesting the forcible recruitment of Tamil children by the LTTE for use as cannon fodder against the legitimate Sri Lanka armed forces or the movement of nearly 300,000 Tamil civilians from the North and the North West of Sri Lanka to the North East to be used as a human shield to deter the advance of the valiant men and women in uniform of the Sri Lankan government.


Before one can worry about human rights and other luxuries, one needs security. The present government has delivered security to all Sri Lankans who are ready to abide by the laws of the land. There might even be substantial proportions who might say that if they do not have to fear death at the hands of an LTTE killer, they are ready to put the issue of human rights on the back burner.


Sri Lanka, being a resource compromised “”…” most would use the term poor instead – , country, has to keep on tolerating all the battering that it receives from the powerful. UN is not a union of any sort that brings together 192 countries: it is only a gathering of sovereign nations controlled by a handful of Western nations and their lackeys that has outlived its “sell by date”. How the writer wishes the oil drilling in the Mannar basin ends up in black gold gushing from the bowels of the earth! US will be Sri Lanka’s foremost supporter at every forum, and the US Ambassador in Sri Lanka will sing hosannas on what a fantastic place the island is, with no human rights issues to worry about. There is of course a hitch: the country may end up being invaded by the US and its allies as was the case with Iraq or Libya.



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  1. nandimitra Says:

    a very informative comment. The blame unfortunately does not lie any where except the Sinhala community that has handed the mandate to look after their interests to crooked politicians. Today the sinhala buddhists are the recipients of the repercussions. Pauperised, their rights eroded, their land sold to foreigners, money borrowed mostly in their name and highjacked , the list is endless. The propaganda against the sinhalese by the Tamils and Muslims continue. Even today their is an allegation from a tamil party that sri lanka is going to be Buddhist republic. Bull shit propaganda, Sinhalese are being made the slaves of south asia leave alone having a buddhist republic their drinking wells are going to be taxed. It is time we ask for accountability not by changing them at the next election to another set of predators but according to the law of the land.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Have you noticed how Western Media say:

    1. The “World Community” represented by US, UK, France and Canada are critical of Sri Lanka
    2. Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan support Sri Lanka.

    The second set is mentioned because they are the TARGETS of the first set of countries, either to be held responsible as barriers to progress, or demonized as terrorist ridden countries typical of those who support Sri Lanka.

    In contrast, the “World Community” is always identified with the self-appointed “human rights and democracy” Champions of first set, representing only a VERY SMALL FRACTION of the people of this Earth, quite the opposite of the “World Community”!

    Finally, note that the fact that the VAST MAJORITY of the 99 countries that spoke up in support of Sri Lanka are not mentioned, or listed by name, in any of these Western Media article.

    We patriots at, should get hold of that voting list and publish it at LankaWeb, and at all other websites where we can submit it, to EXPOSE the HYPOCRISY of these Neo-Colonialist Wolves posturing in Democracy Sheepskins on the world stage.

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