CJ Shiranie B’s ‘Jilmarrt’ Bank Accounts !
Posted on December 4th, 2012


The PSC had its second sittings on Tuesday 4th and it was reported that the CJ had asked for 5 more weeks time to answer the charges. Most probably her lawyers are timing for a Supreme Court decision on petitions filed. Then some published photos of CJ surrounded by ‘Black-coats’ cheering as she was leaving Supreme Court to Parliament. As long as she is CJ there will be no shortage of ‘Black-coats’ trailing her !
Some papers have disclosed details of bank accounts held by CJ. It is daunting to see how she had manipulated her accounts. For reasons better known to the CJ, on certain significant dates such as Dec 1 and March 1, she had made some of her accounts zero balance and once the date is passed the account is back to millions. According to financial consultants, the nature of those transactions leads to suspicion as they have been handled in such a way as to avoid detection. So the CJ is not only an expert in law but also a ‘genius’ in manipulating accounts. But for those who accuse the govt she is a ‘saint’.
The question is, how is that all those who are drumming about independence of the Judiciary, are blind to the alleged misappropriation of funds by CJ’s husband and her manipulation of bank accounts. But the average people who can see the difference between the chaff and the wheat have taken to the streets protesting against her misdeeds. What a come-down for a Chief Justice ?

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  1. Wickrama Says:

    One important change in procedure the Inland Revenue should adopt now is to inspect the account details of a relevant person FULLY, rather than just being satisfied with the balances on particular dates. Otherwise everybody will try to use CJ’s JILMAART methos to evade tax.

  2. lingamAndy Says:

    Ref:significant dates such as Dec 1 and March 1, she had made some of her accounts zero balance
    this is finace matter which should deal by the Inland Revenue Charted accountants & finance faurd service authority (FSA)
    not by PSA ( some in commite not even passed GCE O/L)!

    some think else in this case , await & see….. may hers husband is LTTE & co’s finance Directer … who knows ….

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