CJ GOT RS 1.5 M DISCOUNT OFFICIAL SAYS UNDER OATH -Discount given as she heard ‘our cases’ -She played with hard-earned depositors’ money
Posted on December 13th, 2012

The Daily News

Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake was given a Rs 1.5 million discount on a house she purchased, an official allied to the Ceylinco group of companies (allied to the Golden Key company), testifying before the Parliamentary Select Committee stated on oath, PSC members told the media at the Editors’ breakfast meeting yesterday.

They said that this company official has been asked by PSC members why the discount was given, and he had said simply, “ƒ”¹…”because she was a hearing cases that involved our company and we thought it fit to do so.’ However, the CJ never stood down from the Bench though she got that discount.

“She could have been blackmailed on the basis of this alone and the integrity and independence of the judiciary compromised,” the President said.

This was a clear case of misdoing, and as for not declaring assets, it is a jailable offence for a public servant, the PSC members added.

The President said at the breakfast meeting that the highest standards were expected from the Judiciary — more so than from a Member of Parliament who has to face the voters, which is why the CJ should have stood down until her name was cleared.

The President stated that in the US a judge was impeached once, simply because his wife had been repeatedly hosted to lunch by a company whose cases the judge heard.

PSC member Minister Wimal Weerawansa said the CJ was doing all this while hearing the Golden Key case, and that this was after all a case that was about the hard earned money of very ordinary depositors. She was holding such litigants to ransom — by purchasing discounted houses from the same concern.

7 Responses to “CJ GOT RS 1.5 M DISCOUNT OFFICIAL SAYS UNDER OATH -Discount given as she heard ‘our cases’ -She played with hard-earned depositors’ money”

  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    ඔන්‍න‍ ඕකට තමා හොරාගේ අම්මාගෙන් පේන අහනවා කියන්නේ

  2. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Now we all know why US and other western countries are backing this controversial Chief justice. They deliberately help poor countries to become corrupt. Corruption is not something limited to third world despots. Rich countries too have been involved in corrupt practices around the world.
    As Professor Robert Neild from Trinity College, Cambridge University writes in Public Corruption; The Dark Side of Social Evolution (London: Anthem Press, 2002), “Rich countries and their agencies … commonly have been and are accomplices in corruption abroad, encouraging it by their actions rather than impeding it….” (p.209). Specific problems he highlights include:
    The impact of Cold War corruption (supporting dictatorships, destabilizing democracies, funding opposition, etc);
    The “corruption-inducing effects of the purchase, by the rich countries and their international corporations, of concessions in Third World countries to exploit natural deposits of oil, copper, gold, diamonds and the like.” Payments made to rulers often violate local (and Western) rules, keeping corrupt rulers in power, who also embezzle a lot of money away.
    Perhaps Mahinda Rajapakse may not be corrupt enough to influence him to get Sri Lanka on to their side and that may be the very reason now they are paying for the regime change.

  3. callistus Says:

    How much could she have been given by Weliamuna and the rest of diaspora NGOs. Within a short period of time she will be another SF, and a used and abandoned woman.

  4. lingamAndy Says:

    FYI,Tamil diaspora transferd €1m for legal cost !

  5. Dham Says:

    Bye Bye everyone ! My last comment on Lankaweb, if this comes through the “moderator”.
    There is no fun prasing MR and governement only. We need to contribute positively but Lankaweb determined to cut us off.
    Moderator’s Comment
    Bye Bye Dham, unfortunately we are not in a position to let you use this website exclusively for anti government propaganda. One time you accuse government for corruption. We publish it. When others talk about corruption of the opposition, then you deliberately trying to discredit their point view with mud slinging rather than responding to the point they are making. If you have solid evidence to prove Government members are involved in any shady deals, we are happy to publish them. But we will not publish any mud slinging sort of comments. These are most suitable for web sites like Tamil net, not to Lankaweb.

  6. Marco Says:

    Mr lingamAndy,
    Have you got solid evidence to substantiate that statement or is it mere hearsay?
    As you will note from the moderator’s comment above it does conform to Lankaweb policies of mud slinging comments.
    In either case, Sri Lankan Revenue authorities would be most interested in the benefactors of the $1m.

    Moderator- you will show me the courtesy of publishing this comment in highlighting individuals mud slinging without evidence.
    Thank you

    Chandra “Marco” Page

  7. Fran Diaz Says:


    Yes, as Marco says, please prove that 1 M. Euros were truly transferred for Mm CJ’s legal costs. Otherwise we will have to assume that it is another wild statement.

    At another posting on this website, you also stated that 40,000 Tamils died in the last days of the war with the ltte. Please substantiate that claim too. This number you state is a wild statement and unsubstantiated by any authority. It is stated to cause harm to GoSL and to gain sympathy for Tamils who want to migrate to the west.

    Wild statements not believed or welcomed by all in Sri Lanka and Lankalovers abroad. Wild statements are considered a destabilising tactic and the writer runs the risk of being scorned and rejected by the readership.

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