Lament by Anglican Bishop of Colombo
Posted on January 31st, 2013


The Rt. Rev. Canagasabay, Anglican Bishop of Colombo had sent a pastoral letter to the Parishes asking the people to be dressed in white, to fast and to treat 3rd and 4th Feb. as days of lament. Because, according to the Bishop, ‘… there is a collapse of the law and Sri Lanka no longer appears to be a constitutional democracy…’ And he had put forward the same arguments presented by those who took the anti-impeachment stance.

He had also said that, currently there is a climate of fear, helplessness and people remain silent against violence. During the LTTE era, when they leashed violence and terror the church never condemned the terrorists. Further, the Church was mum when the LTTE recruited young children as combatants and when young girls were trained as suicide bombers. This went on for 3 decades and the Church was a passive onlooker.

During that time, it was common knowledge that Christian clerics from Western countries, funded by the LTTE, visited Sri Lanka to study the ground situation and then produced adverse reports tilted in favour of the terrorists. Their visits were also followed by fund raising activities in their Parishes for the LTTE, by giving a distorted picture of the situation in Sri Lanka. Their one sidedness of pointing the finger at the govt and painting the LTTE as ‘freedom fighters’ eroded the credibility of the Christian Church as neutral bystanders. Thus, the invisible hand of the Church was an open secret. Therefore, the letter to the Parishioners by the Anglican Bishop of Colombo is no surprise.

This year, the Independence celebrations are conducted in Trincomalee. The Bishop had said that, ‘currently there is a climate of fear’ among the people. But unlike in the heydays of the LTTE,  today people live and travel from one end of the country to the other without any fear. And prior to May 2009, this would have been only a dream! Because then a visit to the North and the East were exclusively for LTTE sympathisers who were issued ‘visas’. Therefore, as against what the good Bishop had said, the ‘climate of fear’ is nothing but propaganda by terror backers, NGO’s and those dreaming of a regime change.

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    This reverent Dog Collar must be taken to task for inciting falsehoods and slander. Their kind did enough damage to Sri Lanka for over 500 years and most importantly during the last 30 years. They must be held responsible for all LTTTE atrocities and Child Soldiers. It is the Christian Clergy that herded the 300,000 Tamils in the North to form the human shield for the LTTE.

    Yes, the reader is right the Dog Collars and Black Belts are back on the warpath looking for an opening for Regime Change.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    As an Anglican I call this animal a traitor. Obviously he is HURT because the SL independence day will be held in Trnco because TEs consider Trinco to be TE’s capital!!!

    EXECELLENT punishment.

    To make it truely indepence, bring on the big guns to parade including MBRLs, tanks and fly jets overhead. That will REMIND them the days of war and their DEFEAT.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    In 2012 Israel held their 64 independence day in Jerusalem.
    In 2013 SL will hold their 65 independence day in Trinco.

    Palestinians consider Jerusalem to be the capital of Palestine!!
    Tamilians consider Trinco to be the capital of Tamil Elam!!

    Too bad. :((

    Israel army and air force drove off all Palestinian terrorists out of Jerusalem in 1967.
    SL army and air force drove off all Tamil terrorists out of Trinco in 2007.

    But unfortunately in the surrounding areas of Jerusalem there is a big Palestinian community.
    But unfortunately in the surrounding areas of Trinco there is a big Tamil community.

    Don’t forget TNA Sambandan won his seat from Trinco. Lets ridicule these clowns to the MAX. A jet should make a sonic boom to top up the celebrations.

  4. Nanda Says:

    Your comparison is not giving us any advantage.

    It is just the opposite in Sri Lanka.

    Jewish people and Palestinians were all living together for long long time and it is the Jews swamped the palestine land coming from every part of the europe created the Israel.

    Hela people were there in Lanka for 30000 years without Tamil problem and Europeans imported these slaves to create a problem. Your comparison is not helpful at all.

  5. Nanda Says:

    Having said that it is not a bad idea to get help from Israel as we both face the same problem, Israel from barbaric Wahabis and us from barbaric Tamils.

  6. LankaLover Says:

    Cangasabay your LTTE tail is popping out.

    Anglican and Catholic churches were the organisations that sponsored LTTE, and helped creating the international LTTE network.

    In the mayhem that LTTE created, these opportunists went and converted thousands of Buddhists and Hindus to Christianity in the guise of ‘victim assistance’ -well these victimised families were so helpless that they were very easy to convert.

    In addition, they started putting up church huts along with their Catholic criminals every 2 Km distance. Now, if you go to the North of Sri Lanka, you find small huts with crosses popping up on the roof everywhere you look.

  7. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    This priest Canagasabey and thos like Rayappu Joseph and Father Emmanuel, who silently watched Tamil children dragged from homes and schools and coscripted forcibly in to the LTTE terror brigades, watched Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim familes being slaughtered by the LTTE boys, is now probably afraid for the safety of LTTE terrorists, when he says there is a climate of fear. It is so obvious to anyone who lives in SriLanka or visits the country that they have absolutely no fear to move around the country, since the demise of the LTTE terrorists. It is people like Canagasabey that is retarding the ongoing reconciliation process in SriLanka and it is time they are held accountable for past conflicts.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Church ought to take the cause of Tamil Liberation to the Source of Tamil CASTE based Oppression : Tamil Nadu. Canada & the UN can lead the way.

  9. Senevirath Says:

    They are always against buddhists. – Theravada– From 1985 Prof.. Nalin de Silva has bieng saying that.
    We sinhalese have to realise this . British while earning money and built a BIG COUNTRY With sinhala money and encouraged tamils to crush Sinhalese They should be Thankful to Sinhalese but look at these ungrateful people and their Henchayyas. Dogs always follow their masters.

    Only Very fewSinhala Christians are ungrateful They too will realise the truth soon

  10. Nimal Says:

    19th of May should be our day of independence when that terrorist was done away with.

  11. jay-ran Says:

    Yes,its all true what P.A.Sam.. says.These IDIOTS-TERRORIST SUPPORTERS were DEAD SILENT when thousands and thousands of innocent Sinhalese were brutally killed by LTTE. Now they are angry as LTTE will never able to come back againTHANKS TO OUR GREAT PATRIOT PRESIDENT AND VALIANT SOLDIERS INCLUDING GR.If these idiots do not want to live with Sri Lankans,THEY CAN GO TO THEIR BIRTH PLACE-TAMIL NADU.
    Nowwe can see that the CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG!!!

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    “19th of May should be our day of independence when that terrorist was done away with.”

    100% true.

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