Letter to the editor: Thank you Mr. President!
Posted on January 31st, 2013

Dr. Mrs. Mareena Thaha Reffai,

Thank you Mr. President!

We  the peace loving Muslims of this blessed country wish to thank our President for taking active measures to stop  the mischief some people were making to create tension among the Muslims and Buddhists. (Daily FT 28.1.2013 “”…” “President asks BBS  not to arouse ethnic tension in the country” )

It was causing a  lot of uneasiness amongst the peace loving people of this country “”…”especially among our Sinhalese friends that such tension was being caused. No Srilankan wants to face another ethnic war. The scars are still fresh  in our minds. The enmity, killings, the war, the bombs and the death and maiming of  thousands of our own countrymen- it was all too painful. Our country is big enough to hold all of us and our hearts are large enough to live and let live.

We salute you  The President, for taking  quick measures to disperse the cloud of hatred  that was threatening our country.

Thank you!   Mr. President!



2 Responses to “Letter to the editor: Thank you Mr. President!”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Thank you Mr President, but Halal should go out! We are not an Islamic Country so simply NO HALAL!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    “President ASKS BBS not to arouse ethnic tension in the country.”

    People DEMAND SLMC to go to hell.

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