Is the govt sleeping while the LTTE propaganda machine is having a field day?
Posted on February 19th, 2013

plumblossom flower

Today and yesterday in the UK there were damning articles in the Independent newspaper in the UK regarding Sri Lanka one actually with pictures prabhakarans son after being extajudicially killed. I dont know if these are all real or not but it is creating a very dire image of sri lanka. Channel 4 UK meanwhile is readying to show a TV program of the same in the near future and is attacking sri lanka as usual.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ The problem is these also get reproduced by all other newspapers worldwide and this is already the case. In addition very disturbingly even RT (russian TV) and press TV (Iranian TV channel) is also reproducing some content of this western media reports on their websites. I wonder is Russia and Iran are still our friends or not and isn’t it upto the govt to find these things out as soon as possible and be aware of any dangers? I thought Russia and Iran are our allies? Is this not the case anymore?

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ It was very well known that the LTTE diaspora has a very good propaganda machine. Why has the govt not all these years sent ambassadors especially to countries such as the UK Canada and Australia who actually knows english is very knowlegable and counter these propaganda? The only person really doing anything is the US sri lankan ambassador and the others are completely useless especially the UK sri lankan ambassador. They are a total waste of sri lanka taxpayers hard earned money.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ There are a few sri lankans in the west who do counter this rubbish propaganda and remind them of the many atrocities committed by the LTTE in three decades. However it is impossible for most sri lankans due to time constraints to keep doing this all the time. No matter how much sri lankans may wish to respond time constraints and not having access to the many facts of the atrocities committed by the LTTE ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ and even lack of writing and communication skills prevent them from doing so. However those few who do do so knowing the dire dangers sri lanka faces.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ I am just wondering if sri lanka will not have a hard time at the UNHRC and why the govt has not prepared assidously to defend itself at the UNHRC. After all you have had one entire year!. Why is the govt sleeping? Can’t they see the dangers?ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ 

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Sri Lanka has all the facts on its side and the LTTE diaspora in actuality has nothing. However they are blowing out of all proportion even the very few things on their side and making up gross lies to make up. Why cannot the govt counter these gross lies? Why cannot the govt show the real picture?

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ I think it is prudent for the govt to prepare well for the UNHRC since I think sri lanka will be in trouble there.

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  1. S de Silva Says:

    Well the numbers claimed by Amnesty etc, etc is all a bloody canard just to bring down the reputation of SL and an attempt to get MR etc before the International Criminal Court. But, in a way all this serves us right for not taking libel action or at least threatning to against Amnesty, CH4 etc for repeating this lie ad-nauseam. The ‘excuse’ given is that we have to conserve our resources to look after our people and not waste it on litigation. But this inaction can consume more of our meager resources in the long term as it is happening right now. The only way the propaganda merchants can be made to shut up is a hefty court order for damages. If we do that once they will all shut up – and if we do not all the bogus allegations will go on forever. These ignorant accusers of SL that for the SLA to have ‘invisibly’ disposed 100,000 or so bodies without a trace would be beyond even the ability of Hitler!! – S de Silva – London

  2. David Appuhami Says:

    Pathetic situation. When whole world is talking about killing of Probaharan’s son by government soldiers, there is no single statement from the GOSL to counteract it.

  3. S de Silva Says:

    Since the UNHRC with Navi Pillai is such a biased organisation against Sri Lanka my wish is that we appear for the hearing, say that we have no faith in the impartiality of the UNHRC and just publicly walk out in protest from this ‘Kangaroo Court’ with any other country prepared to join us, just like Israel. That could be better and more dignified than having our head bitten off for sheer incompetency in not being prepared depite all the facts in our favour! The only step then left is for our accusers the US, EU etc if they wish is to take SL before the UNSC for a vote….! Finally thank you plumblossom flower for your comments. I could not agree with you more.- S de Silva – London

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    We also have to be PROACTIVE. We know Channel 4 UK does this nonsense. We should CREATE BS “evidence” and GIVE them as a bait. Let them go to town with it. THEN we can destroy their credibility.

    e.g. When there is a termite attack on a timber store, a yummy bait is kept for them. It does NOTHING to the insects. So the stupid insects take it to their best kept colony. THEN it gets into action and kills the queen! The termite colony collapses!!

    When Indian Sooka’s monkey panel was collecting evidence, some people sent them “evidence” like this one.

    “Ponnapillai Saggilinathan (20) from Puth’thu’maa’thal’an was performing the Tamil traditional Kakusu Chapadinga Pooja on 20 May 2009 around 10:00 p.m. when SLA soldiers took him away. He was since not seen according to his mother Vesadevi Ponnapillai.”

    NONE in the panel knows what this means in TAMIL. They had accepted it AND added to their “database” with a THANK YOU!

    IF EVER the panel presents their evidence against SL for war crimes, etc. we can EASILY break their credibility to PIECES.

    After that the war crimes BS will be a BIG joke no one will want to waste their time on.

  5. Nanda Says:

    Excellent idea by Lorenzo ! This is easily possible. Get the help from him , Karuna and KP.
    Sell the BS EVIDENCE to them for millions of dollars. This will soon become SriLanka’s main income.

  6. Sirih Says:

    2 photos of the kid is heavily edited using Photoshop CS6… I can even see the dates which was edited… Defence will issue press release soon after all our data is correlated.

    Who ever edited this does not understand how Photoshop work, must be the same idiots that edited the video. They thought metadata is wiped clean but we have tools to extract much deeper layers.

  7. cassandra Says:

    One thing that amazes me is how so many people and countries can be so gullible as to believe all the propaganda trotted out by supporters of the LTTE. During the final stages of the war, the LTTE and the civilians it was holding as a human shield were corralled into a small area of land. And it is here that government forces are accused of killing 40,000 civilians. Should not people who hear these allegations ask themselves how and where on earth the government forces managed to get rid of 40,000 corpses and so quickly, and that in ‘enemy territory’?

    The pictures purporting to be those of Prabhakaran’s son before and after his alleged killing by the armed forces do not make for pleasant viewing. No sane person would approve of the killing of an innocent boy. But what good is publishing these images going to achieve? You cannot but think that Channel 4 and parts of the British media must derive some sadistic and voyeuristic pleasure in putting them on public display.

  8. S de Silva Says:

    Mr Bhutto of Pakistan – see how he refuses to accept the terms of the UN Security Council, tears the papers in their face and walks off !!- although the situations are not exactly parallel, that is what Navi Pillai deserves from Sri Lanka for being utterly prejudiced against us instead of pandring to her – S de Silva – London

  9. Ben Silva Says:

    Thanks to plumblossom flower for highlighting the issue. LTTE sympathizers are definitely carrying out an organised propaganda war. We need an organisation to match it and counter act the propaganda war. I believe not only the Government but the Sinhala people are sleeping as well. My observation is that this behavior may be due to the passive and lethargic Indian belief system that resulted in Nalanda Buddhists being wiped out. Unless external threats are monitored and measures taken the future may be bleak. There was enough evidence on the SPUR web site, that should enable the Govt. to expose the killing fields of LTTE. Unfortunately our Indian belief system, that has been dumped by Indians now, promote running away from desires and challenges and promote seeking extinction (Nirvana). I am aware that some”clever” people prefer to run away from Dukke or suffering and seek extinction (Nirvana) to avoid pain.
    However when faced with challenges the following may be more appropriate than seeking Nirvana
    Ways to survive and move forward:
    1. Adapt and change to meet new situations and threats.
    2. Continuously improve, develop problem solving and crical thinking skills
    3. Learn from those who re successful and learn from those who failed, so that mistakes could be avoided.
    4. Develop information seeking, analysis, design, presentation and communication skills
    5. Be prepared to overcome difficulties and undergo suffering.(Do not expect to have an easy ride, if you want to win )
    6. Be aware of the external environment and be aware of threats.
    7. Be prepared to dump old beliefs and move forward
    8. Be imaginative, innovative and have self belief.

  10. ranjit Says:

    We all know how the so called International community led by USA,ENGLAND,CANADA is working aganist Sri Lanka since the war ends. How many innocent civilians and property was destroyed by those terrorists armies during the Iraq and Afganistan wars nobody questions. No human rights for them,No International courts for them nothing except harassing and putting restrictions to poor innocent countries like us.

    You can harass us as long as you wish you white apes but you cannot touch our President or anyone on anything because we are very decent proud people who has stopped the terrorists manace of Velupillai Prabakaran and started building the country in a very short period of three years. Did anyone of you cry when Prabakaran’s cold blooded killers shot and killed our new born babies or Pregnant women or Buddhist priests in cold blood? Why our Government does not show these films to those white hypocrits? We have to show the world everyday every month every year what those barbarians did to our Mother Lanka. How many innocent civillians are there without legs and hands or blind due to the cruel war started by those LTTE monsters? Why everyone is crying for one little brat who was responsible for so many deaths in my country? Let them show we must stand together and show the world that we Sri Lankans are not afraid of bogus,bias,untruth photos or anything that Tamil daspora or their sympathyzers bark against us.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    “No sane person would approve of the killing of an innocent boy.”

    IF innocent! Yes.

    LTTE recruited children as young as 7. So we cannot jump into conclusions who is innocent and who is not.

    Anyway this loser died in the battle. His wounds are SHAPNEL WOUNDS.

    If the bugger was shot, the wounds must be far worse.

  12. S de Silva Says:

    Well Ladies & Gents: – the death of Prabhakaran junior is in US parlance all down to collateral and that is where GoSL has to put it down to – S de Silva

  13. LankaLover Says:

    I know someone in the name of Varuna (a US educated graduate) who was contracted to the Media Ministry some times back. He did an exemplary job with superb English countering LTTE propaganda. It was a huge void that Varuna filled.

    When I saw the quality of articles, press releases, and statements coming out of the Ministry going down, I knew that Varuna may be missing from the equation and inquired from few of my contacts.

    I was told that Varuna was not paid for months and years, and he was forced to quit after doing an exemplary job since 2009. As I heard, still Varuna is holding to some pieces of paper and unpaid/yet-to-be-paid invoices, and working in a garment factory.

    If Ms. Kumanayakam was treated in such a horrific manner, how can a person like Varuna expect a better treatment?

  14. RohanJay Says:

    Channel4 should be made to suffer the “Shock and Awe” of their lies.
    To paraphrase Mohammad Al Sahaf, Iraqi media minister after Tony Blair launched the illegal Iraq invasion resulting in the deaths of 1.2 million Iraqis and people today still dieing in Iraq due to the Evil British criminal foreign policy. Iraqis were better off under Saddam Hussein just like Libyans were far better off under Gadaffi before criminals like Blair and cameron launched their human rights violations in Iraq and Libya destroying those two countries. Ch4 where are your documentaries about that.
    Again to Paraphrase Mohammad Al Sahaf during the Iraqi invasion. Responding to the lies of Ch4, BBC etc.
    Its high time Sri Lankan govt countered this bullshit, its getting tiresome this UNHRC bullshit meeting when we all know NATO and western leaders should houled up on warcrimes charges.
    Wish Sri Lankan diplomats could have fought as effectively and skillfully as the members of the Sri Lankan armed forces managed to do in vanguishing the LTTE killers.

  15. plumblossom Says:

    I wish to slightly correct myself since I wrote this. I think definitely and primarily it is the US,UK,EU,Canada, Australia, Norway and HRW, Amnesty International and the likes of Channel 4, Independent et. al. it is they who are primarily against Sri Lanka. The LTTE supporters in the west are secondary and are actually a useful tool for the US,UK,EU,Canada and co. This has been sadly very clear for a very long time now.

    However as a Sri Lankan I am very glad we have peace in Sri Lanka between the sinhala and tamil people and we are living in harmony now. The US,UK,EU,Canada club does not like that. They don’t want the sinhala, tamil,muslim peoples unity and will do anything to destroy the present prevailing harmony in the country and are trying everything to destroy the peaceful environment in the country. The US,UK,EU,Canadas behaviour proves this beyond any doubt. It is all about divide and rule for them.

    Yes it is high time the Sri Lankan govt countered this bullshit, its getting tiresome this UNHRC bullshit meetings to haul Sri Lanka up for this or that trumped up charges.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    This is from the Hindu.

    “Wanigasooriya stressed that if the Channel 4 was interested in having these investigated, it should cooperate with credible evidence and the Army will institute a probe.

    The documentary aims to test India over its next move in the UNHRC resolution against Sri Lanka, Channel 4’s documentary director Callum Macrae said.

    India had voted against Sri Lanka at last year’s resolution.

    “The new evidence in the film is certain to increase pressure on the Indian government not only to support a resolution on Sri Lanka and accountability, but also to ensure that it is robustly worded, and that it outlines an effective plan for international action to end impunity in Sri Lanka,” Macrae said.”

    There you go!!

    So they KNOW their documentary is WRONG. ALL they want is to AROUSE Tamils in India to force the stupid Indian government to VOTE AGAINST SL.

  17. Marco Says:

    S de Silva,
    At the risk of repeating a comment i made 3 years ago at Lankaweb. GOSL undertook an action to sue C4 on its first showing of “Killing Fields”. Having instructed legal Counsel at UK chambers at enormous expense it was decided upon that certain “witnesses” (that C4 legal counsel would cross examine) was found to be either “unreliable” or lets say detrimental. (ps- I read the leading counsel briefs)
    GOSL took the soft option of complaining to Ofcom for C4 to get a slap on the wrists.

  18. amy poirier Says:

    Greetings to all. I am an American and as you know in American we are free and in fact protected to speak freely so I will carry that right with me onto this site. First I want to say that as an American i have never directly witnessed or was in conflict like anyone in Sri Lanka has witnessed or suffered. Saying that there are no wards or feeling that I can offer to even remotely touch upon the pain for which all the people of Sri Lankan have suffered. It matters not which area of Sri Lanka a person resided or their family resided in or which side of the argument ones sits it is beyond my imagination as to how it felt to hear, see and have had a loved one be part of the past 40 years of Sri Lanka history. Months ago I watched The Killing Fields and today I watched many clips and listened to the updates on the son of the LTTE leaders death. Yet I still can’t not fully understand this. Which I say with great relief . As I have stated on this site before war means death, killing that is the point and by product of it. I am sure that many can and do argue their points regarding the war and who was right and who was wrong and so on. Seeing the photos of that 12 year old boy was heart breaking but they were also heart breaking when they were on the Internet months ago. These photos are not newly released I know that I have seen them before on YouTube. That however is not the point. The point is there were so very many children and people killed in Sri Lanka and I believe that they all are as important as the the next. Again I state in war innocent die there is no getting around that. Death is death killing is killing this is never a good thing.

    If there were and it has been PROVEN that there were in fact child soldiers and this became an acceptable practice for the LTTE then why would the very person thinking that this is a good idea feel his child be exempt from the byproduct of this war? The killing of any human no less a child should not be seems as a positive step forward. However, living In Such fear that mothers and father had to hide their children was not acceptable either. I do not know the Sri Lankan president personally as I know no president personally but there is no denying that under his watch the war has ended. That was something that before him was not able to happen.

    In regards to India, why would anyone think they are such friends of Sri Lanka? They were miles away while the war was happening did they step in then? NO! Did any of the super powers of the world step in then? NO! Where was America? American who gets involved in almost everyone problems and wars did NOTHING to bring the end of the war. Where was the UN really? Did the UN send in peace keeping troops in the height of need? No they did not. Why is this I ask? I hate to say it but I fear the answer be a simple very disgusting answer. American was not involved because they had nothing to gain, Sri Lanka does not have the power OR money that America craves to want to be involved. ( this is my opinion only). Yes I am proud to be an American but not always proud of all American actions or policies.

    As for Ranjiy and what this person stated I am ashamed to say I understand and question similar issues. It was not long ago that America went into Pakastan until darkness unannounced and uninvited to take action against the person who America announced as the number 1 wanted for The attack of September 11th. (Without getting into the attack or that person) I totally do NOT support those actions. I believe that we had no right to go into a country under cover of darkness and attack a building, kill and man in front of his children and wives and take him to an undisclosed location simply because we are America. No on has the right to kill anyone ever, no one has the right to kill a man in front of his children and wives, no one has the right to show up in another country unannounced and take the law Into to your own hands. NOT EVEN AMERICA and I am not in agreement of this action. Having said that I stand alone on this opinion most America was cheering In the streets and congratulating the government.

    America has time and time again taking apart in other people wars. Has it saves some YES it has Has it killed some YES it has. Was it right I do not know for sure. One thing I do feel is this if American can point the finger toward Sri Lanka then they need to be able to accept the finger pointing towards us.

    War is killing of people too often innocent people. so if one is to stand and face crimes against humanity they ALL need to stand and face crimes against humanity. What is good for smaller countries must be good for super powers!

    I continue to pray for peace in Sri Lanka and for ALL people no matter the location they live may GOD show them peace in their lives, in their hearts and in their future.

    Peace. Amy Poirier

  19. Nanda Says:

    Meanwhile professor MAD Silva( brother of Mervyn Silva) says, first of all Sinhala people should drop Nirvana from Buddhism.
    Lanka has only a small number of Buddhists. I heard he has mastered Thai,Vietnamese,Burmese, Kampuchian Language, Lao etc during his depression last two years and had relaunched the WAR AGAINST BUDDHISM.

  20. Nanda Says:

    Dear Amy,
    How many children died from Hiroshima and Nagasaki unncessary mass killing nuclear test by you country ?
    Why the “Son of a Mass Murderer” has become so popular ?
    You should not be proud to be an American, but should be ashamed instead.It is not free anymore. Sri Lanka has more media freedom than USA.

    No. praying will not help a at all. Only way to remedy this is to support Ron Paul if he ever tries again.

  21. Voice123 Says:

    Amy said “In regards to India, why would anyone think they are such friends of Sri Lanka? They were miles away while the war was happening did they step in then? NO! Did any of the super powers of the world step in then? NO! Where was America?”

    Where was America?

    Amy do you know that in the 1970s and 80s, various governments of India particularly those affiliated with the late Indira Gandhi helped establish the separatist movement in Sri Lanka. Some say it was for their geopolitical exapansionist purposes. Others say it was due to electoral pressure from their Tamil speaking voters. Later they openly invited the terrorists to live in India, gave them arms, bombs and weapons, housing and all manner of financial, diplomatic, media and logistic assistance to fight the unitary state of Sri Lanka. (And this meant bombing innocent civilians in public areas, suicide bombers detonating themselves in public transport etc etc – this is what India promoted). At that time, it was still the old cold war. India was aligned with the Communist block and ANYTHING to do with America and the West, India was paranoid about and opposed. The government of Sri Lanka under JR Jayawardene wanted to develop Sri Lanka by restoring its position as a historical entrepot. He also moved closer to the US and the West diplomatically. When he did this all HELL broke out with the Indians! It was as if we had declared war on them. Initially the US and the West took a stand against India but through continued lobbying and pressure by the Indians and some sections of the NRIs everywhere, America and the West did an about turn and abandoned Sri Lanka to deal with India all by itself, even though the Sri Lankan government at that time was opposed to communism and did a lot of things favorable to the West.

  22. amy poirier Says:

    I am sorry if I did not make my point clear. America was basically no assistance to Sri Lanka and is a position to assist and has not really done that it the best. America can do more, should have done more yet they do not. In that breath America is all in other pasts of the world. Having said that I am ashamed of the way American gives billions in support in other countries war and more importantly the lives and the mental health of so many America soldier who have served in other countries and when they return to their home land America the support they are given is below any level of acceptable. I was in no means saying America is acting or acted correctly in the greatest time of need for Sri Lanka.

    Yes I am American and yes I am proud to be an American but in the case of Sri Lanka we should and could have down more.

    Peace. Amy

    I am sorry if my point was not clear!

  23. Voice123 Says:

    Amy, American policymakers at the time were advised that it was not worth taking a stand over Sri Lanka because it would harm their interests and potential interests in India. They balanced their interests and made a decision to sacrifice us. Although India is a much bigger country, Sri Lanka is a strategic country, geographically, ideologically, ethnolinguistically, and Americans would have been well advised to help Sri Lankans stamp out terrorism and Indian expansionism from Sri Lanka right from the beginning. I predict that once they have what they want in terms of know-how, investments etc Indians will turn against America again in the future ultimately rendering America’s piecemeal policies in the region futile. The American government really needs to do better background research about who they are helping and who. Unfortunately they depend on lobby groups and donations. Only ordinary American voters like you who are better informed, can help reform your government and prevent it being hijacked by partisan lobbies with their own vested interests and agendas.

  24. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    The SriLankan Govt as we see is quite rightly busy with activities relating to the re-building of the country, destroyed by the Tamil Tigers over a period of three decades. I do not think the Govt has the time, energy and funds or even properly trained and skilled personnel posted to overseas embassies, to counter sophisticated LTTE false propoganda, dished out daily, with the help of foreigners with weakness for easy cash.
    Whilst the Govt is channelling its resources for development, reconciliation and security of all the people in SriLanka including the Tamils, the LTTE is on the single and easy track of using their enormous fraudulently collected funds merely to discredit SriLanka and also cover up the brutal uncivilised atrocities commited by the LTTE, ably supported by their overseas diaspora. The immediate benefit for the LTTE is that Tamils from around the world could pose as SriLankan refugees and get into Western nations to lead a comfortable life. But the long term damage to the Tamil community probably wouldl be, that the world would come to believe that even those peaceloving decent Tamil majority are also part and parcel of this untrustworthy and violent separatists capable of commiting any crime even in their adopted lands.

  25. Ben Silva Says:

    To comment on plumblossom, I agree that racial harmony is important and racism should not be allowed. In Sri Lanka we have a group of Tamil racists, who are trying to keep areas exclusively to Tamils whilst being able to go to any part in Lanka. This is Tamil racism and should be dismantled. We also have Muslims forcing their beliefs on others and are prepared to kill non believers, for them to go to heaven. These are extremely dangerous beliefs that will present a threat to non Muslims. We also have a group of Buddhist who will run away from challenges and seek Nirvana.This group is also dangerous as they will get wiped out automatically as happened in Nalanda and countries in the Silk route. The law of natiure is natural selection and only the fittest will survive. The Sinhalese need to develop a self preservation mind set rather than a passive, lethargic attitude. The passive, lethargic religion has been dumped even by Indians. There are over 100s odf religions in India with strange ideas. Why blindly follow them ?
    As for Amy, FBI correctly identified the LTTE as the most dangerous terrorist group. Credit to the Americans. The American politicians may be influenced by LTTE lobby groups or terrorist money. LTTE have much more money to spend compared to perhaps GOSL. GOSL will need to communicate effectively with the American Government and the people. It could be done if there is an organisation to counter propaganda warfare by LTTE.
    There are many good Americans, Tamils and Muslims.

  26. Voice123 Says:

    Marco said: “…it was decided upon that certain “witnesses” (that C4 legal counsel would cross examine) was found to be either “unreliable” or lets say detrimental. (ps- I read the leading counsel briefs)”

    – GOSL is so naive sometimes and trusts anybody and everybody. “Witnesses” could be bought over by LTTE blood money. LTTE diaspora does this often with politicians and JVP type “thuggish elements” when they want to create the impression of instability. They do the same thing with Western politicos. GOSL has to work harder to present the facts in an effective manner. They say one colonial hangover to our detriment is that Sri Lanka has more lawyers than engineers. For once, some of the more brilliant legal minds could be put to use in defending the country from propoganda blitzes.

  27. Lorenzo Says:

    Two groups use blood money.

    1. Tamil Elamists.
    2. Saudi funded terrorists.

    FOR SOMETIME USA will put up with them (until 2014). Thereafter they will have to go after them. US resolutions against SL are a very SHORT SIGHTED thing which they will regret soon.

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