Sri Lanka Govt must adopt 2 child policy
Posted on March 13th, 2013

Ashoo Amarasinghe

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ The war is finished. We must concentrate on building the nation. To build a nation is not only infrastructure. Society plays a major role. Society is losing its values. People lack respect and integrity. Our elders must relook at all these areas. An important area that needs to be looked at is population.

The Govt must take a decision on a policy related to population. That policy is to introduce a 2-child policy applicable to all ethnic groups.

Muslims cannot complain that policies of a Govt must apply only to what suits their religion only. There are plenty of Muslims who have one or two children. Their argument will not be valid. However, Sri Lanka cant run on what suits 8% of an ethnic minority.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Reducing the number of children would really help us bring Sri Lanka to a good level of development.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ I urge the policy makers to look at this suggestion positively……


12 Responses to “Sri Lanka Govt must adopt 2 child policy”

  1. amy poirier Says:

    Should policies not be for all the people and developed by the people for the people? Wow, some religions believe that children are gift from GOD and therefore do not practice birth control what would be the conclusion for them? It is a new time in Sri Lanka a great time for new beginnings. I am not sure that policing families would be moving I the desired direction One of a democratic country and government.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    I disagree.

    ENCOURAGE fewer children but do NOT impose it. MR has 3 kids so he cannot true to his heart do such a thing.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    Sri Lanka need to maintain its population. Otherwise the aging population will not have workers to support them and to run the economy. To maintain the population a TFR (Total Fertility Rate) of 2.1 must be maintained.

    A two children per family policy with some intended or unintended exceptions will cater to this minimum requirement.

    However, the only ethnic communities that exceed 2.1 TFR on average are Muslims and Tamils. Muslims have the highest birth rate. It will not be possible to implement a 2 children policy in the Muslim community. Abortion is against the Islam faith and that will lead to the violation of the Constitution. Vasectomy and other surgical methods of limiting fertility is also against their beliefs and is ain invasion of a human’s body. Due to these reasons, the problem cannot be solved by implementing a policy.

    An economic shift from Muslim and Tamil business owners to Sinhalese will ensure a reduction in Muslims’ and Tamils’ population growth rates. Only then can the national population growth rate can be meaningfully balanced.

    A restrictive policy works in China because all these rights are curtailed.

  4. Voice123 Says:

    Population growth is alright so long as we have a balanced Emigration policy – ie Western immigrant receiving countries particularly Britain, Canada and Norway must open their doors to the Sinhala overflow from Sri Lanka. At present they discriminate against the Sinhalese in favour of the Tamils.

  5. Universal Citizen Says:

    Another way to look at …

    To make a Human at least two cells should get together. These cells have a Universal right to get together. This is common to all species. Even keeping an animal away from its other sex is a violation of a Universal animal right. Even trees should have this right……….

    Peace to All (Species.) !

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Planet Earth has some 7 BILLION people right now. All are subject to various Money Systems, Globalised Trade & Culture, various -isms, east/west politics, etc. How can human happiness and well being survive in such a mess ? In the earlier times there were fewer people and numbers in keeping with the food & resource supplies. Now, with huge populations (increasing daily), food and resources will be in shorter supply, particularly with Global Warming affecting food supplies due to excessive accumulations of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to excessive use of fossil fuel.

    It takes only 9 months to produce a human child who may live 70 plus years, or even into greater old age. Food, shelter, clothing, education, jobs, health care, etc. have to be provided for each being. Do we have the resources to provide ?

    It is best that ALL communities aim for the TWO CHILD family. It is also best that we turn to Alternative Energy Sources, as much as is possible, such as use of Solar & Wind (Renewable) for our Energy needs.

    Re the Muslim community (Islam) : All ethnic groups are generally bound together by genetic get up, language & religion. However, Islam is a RELIGION with its own strong laws re daily living, and Muslim people are bound together by religion only. It is up to the Muslim religion & community leaders to advise their communities to have two child families, for the sake of survival on Earth.

    Also please note that in Sri Lanka, Tamil people of low caste/Dalit origin will embrace Islam to escape caste/poverty issues.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    The TWO CHILD family is a Survival Issue and advertised assuch. It should not be the law of the land – doesn’t seem right in a Democracy. However, reasons for the TWO CHILD family and the advantages to the family as well as the community, the country as a whole, and the whole world too, should be advertised freely on billboards and media, on a daily basis. GoSL should undertake the campaign.

    I recall that during JRJs time there were billboards advertising “Punchi Pawla Ratharang’ (a small family is golden !). There were billboards both in Sinhala & Tamil. It seemed the right thing for the government to do, even in the late 1970s & early 80s.

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    Ashoo Amarasinghe
    Are you real honest about this suggestion or are you bit worrying about groth in Muslim population in SL!

    “Punchi Pawla Ratharang’
    ” Siriya Kudumbam Thanka surangam “

  9. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Can bring a very simple, very fair law to stop this multiplying business. Stop giving free education, free medicine after 2 children. Even the richest country in the world, US, won’t provide this to its people. Poor Mother Lanka gives free ed, free med. then they become traitors, Sri Lanka haters. If birth control is against their religion, they can simply ask their respective religions to provide free ed, free med, schools, land, jobs, housing, food etc. etc. I’m sure they will volunteer without any hesitation! Sinhalese couples both working and don’t have time to bring up large families making it automatic birth control, while muslim women staying at home giving birth year after year. If this has been other way around, our politically correct lot would have brought in new laws to stop it. But it’s minorities, isn’t? They have more rights of course, they have the final say of course!

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Muslims will be UNAFFECTED by lack of FREE education because MOST Muslim kids DON’T go to school!!

    At age 13 they get into some drug dealing, underworld work, etc.

    Others get money from Saudi to go to international schools. A more suitable and targeted solution is to COPY what Israel does to them, peacefully.

    e.g. Yasar Ara-fart

    It MUST be done when they are a minority <10%.

  11. diamondlil Says:

    The world is overpopulated. The seas are dying. Chemical companies are ruining our seeds. The world is dying, why bring more children in the world to suffer. There will be no food for the children that are being born now. Wake up! People are breeding for the sake of breeding and to populate in order, such is the case of the Latinos, to win elections.

  12. diamondlil Says:

    If you can’t support them yourself, don’t have them. The United States is ruined because of Welfare freeloading babymakers. It is big business!

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