Sri Lankan Tamils can no longer remain silent – They must now defend the nation
Posted on March 16th, 2013

Shenali Waduge

Now is a good time for the Sri Lankan Tamils to finally break their silence. For far too long they have either been silenced or chosen to be silent. Silence has played a pivotal role in the lives of the Tamils throughout the conflict. Now they have the opportunity to start afresh with a new voice but they must silence all the voices that kept them silenced and finally speak out. Those who lived amongst the LTTE must come out and tell the truth. Those who were provided security by Sri Lanka’s armed forces must be honest and openly thank them. Those that the armed forces saved should not need to be asked how grateful they are for the men that braved LTTE guns to bring them to safety. The overdue gratitude is just a miniscule of what the armed forces deserve and no reconciliation can take place without that open gratitude. There should not be any pride in saying thank you to those that saved them.

It would be nice to hear from the Tamils for a change. They can travel freely they have recipients of developments never seen in 30 years!

We can understand their silence when the LTTE prevailed. We can understand how Tamils silently endured LTTE terror but we know that much of that terror was inflicted on the Tamils living with the LTTE whilst for other Tamils it was because they had to contribute monetarily and by other support to the LTTE. We know that the Tamils had to silence endure as objections would have been fatal. We also know that Tamils also silently accepted all that their Tamil politicians said and did and kept voting for them inspite of their allegiance to the LTTE. Do Tamils not wish to question the TNA politicians why they are not speaking on behalf of the Sri Lankan Tamil fishermen who are being harassed and why their silence equates to them siding with the Indian fishermen? For 30 years the voice of the Tamil people was silenced because of their fright. Some would say that being silent benefited them as today close to a million now live overseas all contributing to their families back home.

A conflict lasting 30 years cannot be explained in a few words. The backdrop and root causes go back to colonial rule when Western invaders introduced a minority-preferred social system that would purposely discriminate the majority natives by dividing them as majority/minority. Thus it was the west that differentiated people and having sown the seeds of future conflicts they now claim to have the solutions! Complicating matters further was the colonials bringing in large numbers of foreign labor from India that created an imbalance in population figures with Indian Tamils being more than Sri Lankan Tamils at independence.

It is an opportune time for the Tamils to honestly admit that:

  • It was wrong to demand 50-50 representation at independence though Indian Tamils numbered more than the Sri Lankan Tamils and the Tamil elite voted for their disenfranchisement in 1948.
  • There was no conflict in 1949 between Sinhalese or Tamils for S J V Chelvanayagam to create the ITAK “”…” Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (Ceylon Tamil State Party) which was camouflaged by its English name “”…” Federal Party.
  • This was the 1st instance of Tamils politically preparing groundwork for a separate Tamil state
  • Tamils must admit that even before independence, Chelvanayagam claimed in Parliament that Tamils had a right to secede and federate with an independent South India (1947) and this corresponded with the formation of the DMK party in South India by Prof. Appadurai “”…” “”Ceylon is already semi-Tamil and when Ceylon comes under their rule, the envisaged Tamil Free State will possess the best Tamil harbour in the World, Trincomalee.” So Tamils mooted a sinister campaign to secede from Sri Lanka since 1947 onwards to create a separate Tamil state uniting South India. Tamils need to now admit this fact and we wonder how many were aware of this eventual grand plan but more importantly how many Tamils actually subscribe to a Tamil Eelaam state?
  • Tamils need to admit that to create the existence of a historical “Tamil Homeland” in Sri Lanka it was necessary to draw up geographical boundaries and a distortion of information and history was launched
  • Did the Vaddukkodai Resolution in May 1972 not emerge from that distortion of history claiming “Sinhalese inhabiting the interior parts of the country in its Southern and Western parts from the river Walawe to that of Chilaw and the Tamils possessing the Northern and the Eastern Districts”¦..and the declaration that Tamil Eelaam would be Northern and Eastern provinces” “”…” misinterpreting British colonial secretary Cleghorn to support their claim? The Government of Sri Lanka needs to put the Tamil homeland myth to rest. To do so it is advised to demand historical evidence to prove and support this claim instead of loosely using these slogans as the Tamil politicians now do making generations of Tamils think there was a Tamil homeland when there never was. Deceitfully created historical ambiguities must be immediately corrected and quell all doubts.

 Discrimination “”…” Riots “”…” “Ethnic”

The minorities and the elite Christian converted Sinhalese and Tamils need to all admit that it was the Sinhalese Buddhists who suffered discrimination the most ever since the arrival of the colonials. It is the inability to address these imbalances that continue to haunt the nation but these discriminations cannot be forgotten and need to be addressed.

The Tamils give 3 examples of riots in Sri Lanka though 3 examples with the last taking place 30 years back does not merit Tamils to apply for a separate state given that most of those who were affected by the riots used that to go as refugees and eventually become permanent citizens in the West while scores of others continue to apply as economic refugees. Tamils must admit that many Tamils falsely related tales of discrimination at the foreign embassies to leave Sri Lanka to western shores as refugees though these very Tamils remain good friends of the Sinhalese still.

Thus, Tamils need to admit that

  • The riots of 1958 started on account of the killing of a Seneviratne family by Tamils and Tamil politicians getting Tamils to refuse to carry “Sri” on the car plates. Prime Minister Bandaranaike had pleaded with the media not to make public the news of the killing knowing it would create friction. The writings of Tarzie Wittachchi, the Buddhist Commission report, the book by F N D Jilla Sudt of Police would elaborate further.
  • 1977 riots – M C Sansoni, former Chief Justice who headed the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the 1977 riots stated that it was the “Eelam” demand by the TULF that caused the disturbances and recommended that Tamil politicians drop the claim for an Eelaam.
  • The 1983 riots known as Black July is said to have started after 13 soldiers killed by the LTTE were brought for burial to Colombo. The riots had nothing to do with the public “”…” it was they who protected the Tamils. Tamils have yet to openly thank and acknowledge this fact publicly and now is a good time to do so. Tamils need to set the story straight once and for all. They cannot be silent on this important date because it is unnecessarily humiliating the Sinhalese for no reason. The situation went out of hand when scores of thugs (they were of all ethnic groups) interested in looting rather than feeling any sadness for the dead soldiers and probably with external forces also contributing led to the deaths of close to 1000 Tamils and destruction and looting of property though the President made sure his Tamil friends and favored areas were untouched.
  • What people need to remember is that it was the UNP Government that was responsible for 1983 yet Tamils continue to vote for the UNP. If Tamils are so angered by what happened in 1983 why would they continue to vote for the UNP and the same people who were holding posts in that Government? It is during the UNP Government rule that most of the ugly incidents quoted have happened. Moreover, inspite of finding fault with the armed forces Tamils even went on to vote for the former army commander when he contested as presidential candidate. We would like for the Tamils to answer why they vote the UNP while at the same time use examples of discriminations which were instigated by the UNP?

Tamils need to also admit that when Tamil political groups were requested to specify “Tamil problems” in 1984 at the All Party Conference they refused claiming they would solve their problems after creating a separate state.

Did the Tamils solve their problems when they did have a defacto separate state under a Tamil with its own police, its own post office and stamps, its own court system, own currencies and coins? Did Prabakaran solve the problems of the Tamils in the 30 years that he ruled the areas under his control? If so why was it that it was the GOSL that had to send essential provisions, medicines, fuel etc whilst LTTE was making USD300million annually but chose not to make a single road, school, hospital except bunkers, swimming pools for themselves?

Why do the Tamils not openly say how they suffered under the LTTE? They do not need to be silent any longer. The low-caste poor Tamils had to give their children not any Tamil living in Colombo. It was the low-caste poor Tamils who were turned into human suicide bombs “”…” not Tamils in Colombo. A good look at LTTE cadres would reveal how LTTE handpicked from the low-caste and poor while the higher positions in the LTTE were held by elite and with the Christian influence through various foreign governments/NGOs/INGOs LTTE went on to give up their Hindu faith and convert to Christianity.

Many of us are still baffled that Sri Lanka’s conflict has been described as “ethnic” “”…” Tamils have not suffered in Sri Lanka as the blacks suffered in the US, UK or in South Africa. The only basis for concern perhaps is administrative issues following the Sinhala Only policy of 1956 which was an issue for Sinhalese who had studied in English too but it was a non-starter. As for the disenfranchisement of Indian estate Tamils “”…” the Indians numbered far more than the Sri Lankan Tamils throughout colonial rule and would have remained so had not they been repatriated. They were labor brought by the British to serve their advantage. Though Tamils use this as an excuse all the Tamil elite representing Ceylon Tamils voted for the bills repatriating Indian Tamils in 1948. Today, estate Tamils are excluded from all issues put forward by the TNA politicians. The standardization is also brought up as another grievance though realistically it paved the way for less privileged children to gain education.

Where is the Discrimination?

  • Can Tamils in Sri Lanka admit that even India with 65million Tamils has not denoted Tamils in the national flag as seen in the orange for Tamils?
  • Can Tamils admit that all public documents (marriage certificates, death certificates, immigration forms etc) are denoted in Tamil including currency/notes,
  • Can Tamils admit that public events are all presented in Sinhalese, Tamil and English including the national lottery shown on television.
  • Can Tamils admit that in the capital Colombo the Sinhalese comprise just 24% and Tamils and Muslims own more property, land and business ventures in the heart of Colombo?
  • Can Tamils claim that discrimination experienced by the blacks in South Africa, UK and US was ever experienced by Tamils in Sri Lanka? Did they have to stand in different queues, did they have to step aside and give their bus seats as the blacks had to do in these Western countries? Do restaurants deny entry to them though low caste Tamils were denied entry by the high caste Tamils.
  • Can Tamils claim they are discriminated from indulging in sports or even to represent the country at national levels because they are Tamil?

The 1978 Constitution/Article 18 was amended by the 13th amendment declaring Sinhala and Tamil official language while Article 19 declares both as national languages and both are the languages of administration under 16th amendment/Article 22 and under Article 24 both can be used in Courts throughout Sri Lanka. Hiccups like a Sinhalese receiving a letter in Tamil or a Tamil receiving a state letter in Sinhalese is the fault of the officer handling and not the Government though mechanisms to ensure hiccups don’t arise need to be looked into. These are no grounds to claim a separate state.

Discrimination by Tamils against Tamils

  • Will a separate Tamil homeland solve the rigid caste system that prevails amongst Tamils? To a great extent the caste divide was curtailed by the LTTE for selfish reasons but even inside the refugee camps the differences was visible and accounted for much of the skirmishes that arose.
  • Did the LTTE not start their terror by killing the Tamil Mayor of Jaffna “”…” Alfred Duraiappa? Did LTTE not kill Tamil policeman, politicians, academics, public servants, clergy, civil society leaders all numbering over 250 learned Tamils?
  • Can the Tamils admit that it was in view of these caste and class dynamics that Tamil politicians opposed when the Bandaranaike Government introduced the Social Disabilities Prevention Act 21 in 1957. Tamils need to admit that the elite Tamils objected because the Bill enabled low caste Tamil children to gain education yet these Tamil children had to sit on the floor and study.

When the standardization was introduced was it not the elite amongst the Tamils and Sinhalese who objected because it entailed children of less privileged districts/provinces to enter university? Tamils must admit that they (elite Tamils) were enjoying a disproportionate number of university seats and their objection was because rural Tamils were to benefit from the new standardization scheme which was abandoned by 1978/9. In 1982, 35% of doctors,35% of engineers, 33% of accountants, 39% of veterinary surgeons, and 30% of the surveyors were Sri Lankan Tamils.

Tamils need to admit that if there was discrimination there would be no lawyers, accountants, doctors, academics who are Tamil especially those holding key portfolios “”…” the Tamils cannot deny the many Tamils who have made a name for themselves and that the Sinhalese remain indebted to late Lakshman Kadiragamar Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister who was shot dead by the LTTE while the 2002 ceasefire was in effect.

To be qualified to accuse others of discrimination shouldn’t Tamils not discriminate against their own? When Tamil elites do not allow lowcaste Tamils to enter a kovil to pray where is the human rights?

When Tamils are asking for the “disappeared” why do they not ask the LTTE fronts and the TNA about the children taken forcibly by the LTTE? Do we know how many the LTTE forcibly conscripted? To know the numbers the Tamils must break their silence and come forward to name every child taken and every man/woman who “volunteered”.

Tamil “grievances”

  • 1956 introduction of the Sinhala Only policy is given prominence as core reason for discrimination. Can Tamils admit that it was the elite English educated Christian converted Tamils and Sinhalese who were affected by this policy having to learn Sinhala. Moreover, it was impractical to run a country wherein the majority of the population were not literate in English therefore it made sense to use the language of the majority “”…” Sinhala though Tamil was allowed to operate as an administrative language and Tamils could also educate their children in Tamil. However, propaganda has unnecessarily downplayed the realities of the Sinhala Only policy while in 1978 Tamil (2.4million of a 20million population) was recognized as a national language though India with 65million Tamils are still to enjoy half as much that the Tamils enjoy in Sri Lanka.
  • Accusations of “colonization” “”…” colonization is a reference to invaders. A Government elected is by law entitled to rule the entire nation. Opposition politicians have no entitlement to declare areas their own and promote a grievance of “colonization”. When Tamil politicians use influence to deny other communities from settling where they want it is the duty of the Government to interfere and assist these people. If Tamils claim the North is their “area” why are they continuously buying property and taking up residence in Colombo and outskirts?

Did the Dutch assisted law known as “Thesavalami” not prohibit low caste Tamils to own property that belonged to elite high caste Tamils?

As for the final stages of the conflict the Tamils need to admit that

  • LTTE herded them to be used as human shields/hostages and as combatants
  • LTTE kept Tamil civilians in underground bunkers and shot at the army so that retaliation fire would result in civilian deaths. It is an international HR violation to use civilians and LTTE is accountable.
  • LTTE refused to accept numerous calls to lay down arms and surrender
  • LTTE declared the civilians were voluntarily with them turning civilians into combatants and thus denying them rights under civilians in an armed conflict.
  • Tamil civilians need to accept that the military used various means of communication (dropping Tamil leaflets, loudspeakers etc) to ask them to move to the areas that were declared safe.
  • Tamils cannot shy away from thanking the armed forces for saving approximately 295,000 at the cost of over 5000 military lives. In an armed conflict and war declared and if civilians are said to be combatants the army does not require to be exercising any humanitarian rescue operation. By virtue that they did deserves far more credit than they are getting “”…” the US/NATO would not think of compromising their soldiers to safe any Iraqi, Libyan, Afghan civilian.
  • The Tamil people need to break their silence and admit that the LTTE fired at them when they attempted to flee, they must give instances of how LTTE illtreated them denying food and water and confiscating the foot/essentials sent for the civilians by the Govt.
  • Can Tamils in Sri Lanka admit that most of the Tamils demonstrating overseas are forced to and the numbers of demonstrators have declined because the LTTE is not around to threaten their families any more.
  • Can Tamils also admit that the LTTE uses all types of evil ways to coerce Tamils to do what they want while others agree for the money that are given to them.

Instead of the Sinhalese always defending the nation given the realities and now that the armed forces has eliminated the force that stood between the Tamils, it would be really nice for the Tamils to support Sri Lanka instead of remaining silent and to acknowledge what the armed forces did should not have any pride factor involved especially when Sri Lanka is being bullied internationally.

36 Responses to “Sri Lankan Tamils can no longer remain silent – They must now defend the nation”

  1. aravinda Says:

    The fear psychosis created by LTTE still lingers in the North. For thirty years, LTTE controlled parts of North by intimidation, fear, hate, mass hypnosis and racism. It will take time for populace to embrace free society. Every child born in North since 1983 remembers BIG BROTHER Prabakaran with utter fear. They need time to get use to the concept of free thinking and open society. What does this generation in North know of democracy, freedom of press and separation of powers? Very little. All they saw is the bloodshed and violence in hands of the LTTE.

    North Americans and EU will do everything stop peaceful coexistence in Sri Lanka.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Tamils should thank the President for saving their lot from extinction. If the war had continued for another 10, 20 years entire Tamil population would’ve been wiped out from the North and East and replaced by the rabbits we all know. We all can see what the ‘saviour’ prabakaran done to the Tamils in Sri Lanka. They have been demoted to the third place in the Sri Lankan society and the ‘rabbits’ have taken their place. Just 5 Tamils entrants to the Law College should send shockwaves through the Tamils in Sri Lanka. But the diaspora living thousands of miles away know what is best for Sri Lanka Tamils. So they run to their MPs, ministers, etc, etc in the countries where they domicilled. The ‘human right champtions’ can’t wait to dance to their tunes for securing the Tamils’ votes so they can have a cushy job for the next 5 years. Disgraeful. Sri Lankan Tamils still can’t take that they lost! The almighty, invinsible Sri Lankan Hitler couldn’t deliver the Tamil Kingdom. We all know these Tamil kingdoms only exist in books. You can travel the length and the breadth of the country all your life you won’t see a Tamil brick from an anicent building. No Anuradhapuras, no Polonnaruwas, No Sigiriyas etc. etc. Plain and simple. There were no Tamil kingdoms. They only came from South India to plunder the resources from the resourceful Sri Lanka. Leave Sri Lankan Tamils in peace. Let them get on with their lives. While you establishing yourselves in adopted countries, living luxury lives they suffered. They lost lives. Leave them alone. Sinhalese have no problem with them and vice versa. It has been like that for thousands of years. Let the wounds heal. Let them get together with the Sinhalese and save Sri Lanka from islamisation. We all know what happened to afganisthan, pakistan, bangladesh, maldives, malaysia, indonesia, iran etc. etc. Join hands with the Sinhalese. Throw away the diaspora, throw away the TNA who are only interested in settling an old score. Tamils know in their hearts of hearts they were given more than the fair share of the ‘cake’. Free education with more than their fair share to become doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants etc. etc, free medicine. Now it is their turn to pay some back. Be grateful to the country which gave you so much. Be Sri Lankans for once and save it for the future generations!

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Who are the mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, relatives and friends of LTTE? Who are the BLOOD RELATIVES of the LTTE RUMP?

    Ordinary Tamils in the north. This is the BITTER TRUTH.

    ORDINARY TAMILS IN SL fully support ANY anti-SL move (subject to VERY FEW exceptions). They vote for TNA, ACTC who are now busy talking against SL in Geneva. LTTE was BORN from the womb of ORDINARY TAMILS IN SL.

    LTTE killed MORE Tamils than any other group but Tamils ask SO WHAT? They say “Sinhala governments” killed more Sinhalese (1971 and 1989) than ANY OTHER and Sinhalese STILL vote for them!!! Same thing for Tamils.

    Fonseka KILLED more Tamils than any other army commander AND Tamils voted for him AGAINST MR who brought peace and development.

    My point is this. SL can NEVER win hearts and minds of MOST Tamils. You don’t have to be a Tamil to understand this.

    SL has to find a solution BYPASSING Tamils. Make Tamils a MINORITY in the north and Colombo by settling Sinhalese.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    “Instead of the Sinhalese always defending the nation given the realities and now that the armed forces has eliminated the force that stood between the Tamils, it would be really nice for the Tamils to support Sri Lanka instead of remaining silent and to acknowledge what the armed forces did should not have any pride factor involved especially when Sri Lanka is being bullied internationally.”

    1. This is how THOSE WHO LOVE SL think.

    2. This is NOT how THOSE WHO DON’T LOVE SL think.

    Believe it or not, MOST Tamils in SL fall to #2.

    Some Tamils have BROKEN THEIR SILENCE in Geneva. To further discredit SL!!!

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Do you think Tamils will EVER take medicine to heal the beggar’s wound?

  6. Nanda Says:

    They killed bandranayake, the only politician with a vission. SINHALA ONLY and ONLY SINHALA should have been implemente in 1956 with NO TAMIL TEACHING in schools. All TAMILS should have been forced to learn SINHALA and problem would have been FACED and SOLVED forever. May have been a minor scale war, but west could have supported Sri lanka then.

    Look at Malaysia. It is MALAY ONLY and ONLY MALAY. You can have private schools teaching TAMIL ONLY AND ONLY TAMIL, CHINESE, ENGLISH or even GERMAN. But university selection and education STRICTLY on RACIAL RATION.

  7. Nanda Says:

    To add to Lorenzo, TAMIL MARKERS GAVE so high marks to TAMILS and by cheating the entered in 80% Tamil to 20% others ratio to university.
    A RACE OF CHEATERS. Cheatas became TIGERS.

  8. Christie Says:

    Tamils in the island nation are no different to Tamils in India and other countries in the former British Indian Empire now the Indian Empire.

    Tamils came to the island nation en masse on the Back of British imperialists. First to come are the Vellars who came with the British to acquire the Dutch possessions of the island. It is time to decolonise Indian colonies.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Fully agree with Kit on Tamils in SL (= Tamils (Indians)).

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Good luck getting average Tamils to stand up for Sri Lanka!! If you believe that is possible, I have a suspension bridge in New York I want to sell you!

    Whoever does that will be TARRED & FEATHERED by the Eelamists! There is no room for dissent in Sri Lankan Tamil Society.

    It is the fault of the Sri Lankan Government for not PROSECUTING, CONVICTING and PUNISHING the TRAITORS of the TNA for their misdeeds of the PAST and the PRESENT. The average Tamil now realizes that these guys are now UNTOUCHABLE by the Law … law unto themselves who they dare not confront. These is the same old Tiger Mafia wearing slightly different sheepskins enforcing discipline among the Tamils. Conform … or Else!

    FAILURE to PUNISH using the LAWS on the BOOKS only ENCOURAGES further CRIMES against Sri Lanka. We have learned NOTHING from the past failures to CONFRONT the Tigers where they live.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    When the GOSL itself does not PURSUE and PROSECUTE the TNA, the now defunct LTTE’s political arm, there is NO INCENTIVE for the average Tamil to give up their old ways.

    In addition to Lorenzo’s prescription of Settling Sinhalese in the North & East …. just as the Tamils settled Colombo and its Suburbs … PURSUING & PROSECUTING the TNA TRAITORS from PILLAR to POST is the ONLY WAY Sri Lanka can be permanently secured and protected from these RACISTS!

    Turning over and scratching our collective belly making promises of FURTHER COMPLIANCE on the CONTINUING CONSPIRACY to DISMANTLE Sri Lanka at the UN in Geneva … is NOT the way to do it.

    I watched the entire FARCE of the UPR proceedings in Geneva recently. The world’s greatest abusers of human rights worldwide …. the war mongers of the US & UK piously led a phalanx of assorted NGOs in assaulting Sri Lanka on human rights.

    Laughably some women were chastising Sri Lanka on Women’s and Children’s rights too!! I don’t know of ANY OTHER developing country that has done more to uplift and protect women and children than Sri Lanka!

    Where are these critics when women and children need protection in most of these other countries sitting in judgment upon Sri Lanka. Just in California, USA these are thousands of court cases filed against sexual abuse by Catholic priests! Why are these not laid at the door of the US government … for heavens sake!

    Even LGBT groups were lobbying at the UPR hearing demanding amendments to Sri Lanka’s constitution guaranteeing the “freedom” to convert Sri Lanka to their taste, now that they think Sri Lanka is on the run on human rights. What will we see next … The freedom to engage in bestiality as a fundamental human right?

    It seems to me that the rights of majority communities, to preserve and enjoy the time-proven benefits of stable traditional societies is under wholesale assault without a protest, or an abject wimper, from these largely silent voiceless indolent masses, who have the most to lose in the ensuing societal disruption.

    If Democracy is equated with Majority Rule (albeit with limited protection of minority group .rights .. however bizzare they may be), are we seeing the disintegration of Democracy itself?

    More importantly, are we seeing the unraveling of the intrinsic fabric of procreation and survival of the human species?

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    1. “When the GOSL itself does not PURSUE and PROSECUTE the TNA, the now defunct LTTE’s political arm, there is NO INCENTIVE for the average Tamil to give up their old ways.”

    2. “There is no room for dissent in Sri Lankan Tamil Society.

    Well said Ananda-USA.

    The second statement should be FRAMED in parliament.

  13. thirdeye Says:

    This is exactly one must encourage. let the world hear from those who are at the receiving end. why cant we produce a detail video about the real situation in the NE. i am sure the people live in those areas specially tamils will start telling the truth about the situation now and then. must make sure that they know what they are talking and to whom they are addressing. if permits one of the international media can be invited for the recording, just like Aljazeera interviewed president after the war. these are the tactics this present government must make use of. let them hear from their own words and their own experiences. let the world know the reality.

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    Govt. has done this. PLENTY of videos of SL Tamils talking GOOD about the govt. International community has seen them.

    But there is a BIGGER Tamil campaign AGAINST SL.

    The NET impact of the two is, the anti-SL Tamil campaign DWARFS the pro-SL Tamil campaign.

    TNA is the LARGEST party of Tamils in SL with 14 seats. So it is natural the international community listens to TNA. Govt. must first BAN the TNA so that it allows moderate Tamil parties to come up.

    For the international community TAMILS ARE TAMILS.

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    Funny development.

    1. TN clowns and India want to vote for the US resolution that FORCES LLRC on SL.

    2. Tamil Diaspora BURNS the US resolution that FORCES LLRC on SL.

    It is not a bad idea to SUPPORT the Tamil Diaspora BURN the US resolution.

    They at least do that to show their DISGUST against this DICTATORSHIP US resolution!!

    Pro-SL groups should ALSO BURN the US resolution against SL. That will give a REMARKABLE message to the world – BOTH SL and Tamils DON’T want this US resolution.

    Remember BOTH SL and LTTE joined together to chase away the monkey IPKF?

  16. Sri Rohana Says:

    There is a say in Sinhalese. Only three tamils are good. 1 dead tamil 2.unborn tamil
    3. tamil in the picture.
    I doubt any other tamil will come to save Sinhala society or Sri Lanka. By their genes tamils are anti Sinhala, anti Sri Lanka tribe.
    Sinhala heroes saved more than 300,000 from LTTE tamil terrorist’s human shield. At least 3 of them ready to come forward to appreciated it? I doubt. Ungrateful is the best word for it.
    This is the reason even English used to say as “Dead Indian is the only good Indian” We have to say as “Dead tamil is the only good tamil”

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    So Sinhalese ancestors KNEW about Tamils very well.

    Not only that. In 1995 army LIBERATED 1,000,000 Tamils in Jaffna. Gave them electricity, protection, telephones, freedom, food, etc., etc.

    What happened? They all vote for TNA ever since. And now they want the SAME army OUT!!

    Now Tamils know UNHRC is CONTROLLED by a Tamil (Navi Nazi Pillai). They will not give up now.

    GENERALLY, “A dead Tamil is the ONLY good Tamil”. There are FEW (less than 1,000 which is 0.1% of Tamils) exceptions.

  18. Senevirath Says:

    LORENZO is 100% correct. there are only few who will support sinhalese. we should not think that still they are scared of tigers.
    long time ago Gamini dissanayake — tried to settle sinhalese in north. read MALINGA GUNARATNE”S”” unitary lanka””””or sinhala “”EKIYA RAAJJAYA” we can modify it if we want. that was an exellent project

    settle sinhalese in the north. sinhalese should not be less than 75% in the north . settle sinhala retired navy soldiers in the coastal line giving facilities for fishing and they should be asked to take care of that area .

    Tamils are given more than enough.

  19. Voice123 Says:

    Trilingual education, no separate Tamil or Muslim schools, even ethnic distribution across the country and rapid economic development so that per capital GDP of Sri Lanka approximates that of the immigration receiving countries of Canada, Britain, Norway etc. At present Sri Lanka’s GDP is only $2,500, averaged developed country is $40,000. In 10 years time we should be aiming at mid range per capital GDP eg Thailand’s (around $20,000) then lure of ungrateful Tamils to jump ship to greener pastures and their ability to launch attacks on Sri Lanka from abroad should diminish considerably. All of these measures should solve the Tamil’s congenital hatred of Sri Lanka. Also, ban all ethnically or religiously based political parties. It would take one or two generations but eventually it should happen. Our governments have been sleeping about this issue for too long.

  20. Fran Diaz Says:

    A few of points to protect Sri Lanka : :

    (1) Do NOT depend on Tamil labor

    (2) Deport all illegal migrants in Sri Lanka

    (3) Remove the 13-A through a Referendum

    (4) Pass Law to make it a capital offence to call for Separatism

    (5) Pass Law to remove from office any politician who calls for Separatism with heavy punishments such as confiscation of all property, removal of passport, voting rights, even life imprisonment

    (6) We do not see any value in going trilingual. Make English the link language

    (7) Make the N&E truly multi-cutural

    (8) Limit the number of registered political parties. At present Sri Lanka has over 100 political parties that have been registered

    (9) All citizens must be treated equally under the Law of the land. All citizens have right to life (unless subjected to death penalty under the law) & liberty, be respected, and seek happiness.

    I am sure there are more points to add to this list ….

  21. Senevirath Says:


  22. SenaD Says:

    Fran Diaz,
    (10) One set of laws must be operational in all parts of the country; e.g. laws such as thesawalme that were imposed by the colonial powers purely for the benefit of their administrative purposes must be abolished.

    (11) Make the 6th amendment to the Sri Lankan constitution similar to the 16th amendment to the Indian constitution, to get rid of the fuzzy wording.

  23. Marco Says:

    I find it astounding that the moderator/editor allows such comments as
    “A dead Tamil is the ONLY good Tamil”
    But then again it does not come as a surprise as its reputation as a blog/journal has very little or none to reflect the views of majority resident citizens of Sri Lanka nor the credibility to have a meaningful dialogue.
    (Editor- By the way Lorenzo is also a Tamil and he is quoting that statement)

  24. Luke61 Says:

    I managed to come up with the following list in just 10 minutes of surfing. Perhaps we should have a comprehensive list which we could give all these busybodies who visits northern Sri lanka on fact finding missions. Starting from Canadian special envoy to the Commonwealth Senator Hugh Segal.

    Commercial Bank:
    Jagan Durairatnam – Executive Director / Chief Operating Officer
    S Swarnajothi – Director
    Rohan Muttiah – Chief Information officer

    J E A Perumal – Director
    R B Thambiayah – Director
    M A Tharmarathnam – Director
    S R Thambiayah – Director

    Hatton National Bank:
    Rajendra Theagarajah – MD / CEO
    J R P M Paiva – DGM S&C
    L L C C Thambiah – DGM NM
    M Asokan – Head of Int Audit
    S Gnanapragasam – AGM Risk
    R Thamirajah – AGM NM

    R.N. Asirwatham – Director
    Ranjan Casie Chetty – company Secretary
    Nilanthi Sivapragasam – Chief Financial Officer

    John Keells Group:
    Sithie Tiruchelvam – Director
    Indrajit Coomaraswamy – Director

    Ceylinco Life:
    R. Reganathan – MD/CEO

    Sri Lanka Insurance:
    Noel Selvanayagam – Director

    Colombo Stock Exchange:
    Krishan Balendra – Chairman

    Ken Balendra* – Chairman
    Ajit Johnpillai – Director

    *Balendra began his career in 1963 as a planter at Finlays, an independent tea and horticultural product trader. He joined John Keells Holdings in 1969 (then known as John Keell Thompson White Ltd) and following a successful stint as a tea broker he was appointed as a company director in 1974. From 1990 until his retirement from the company in 2000 he served as its chairman, the first Sri Lankan to hold the position, overseeing a period of rapid growth and diversification.[5] He has served as chairman of the Bank of Ceylon (2000–2002),[1] the Ceylon Tobacco Company (2003–2008),[7] the Securities and Exchange Commission (2000–2002),[8] the Insurance Board of Sri Lanka, and the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.[2][3]
    In April 2000 Balendra was appointed as the first president of the Sri Lanka Institute of Directors.[9] He was a director at Chevron Lubricants Lanka until his resignation in 2011, having served over 10 years.[10]
    In 2011 The Sunday Leader named Balendra as one of “The 20 Billionaires of Sri Lanka’s Stock Market”. He was featured in 11th place, with holdings said to be worth nearly 2.5 billion Rupees.

  25. Lorenzo Says:

    I’m astonished about the LACK of English knowledge of Micro.

    I said,

    “GENERALLY, “A dead Tamil is the ONLY good Tamil”. There are FEW (less than 1,000 which is 0.1% of Tamils) exceptions.”

    Few exceptions are there as I said which includes me.

    Whether you like it or not, this is ANCIENT SL WISDOM build upon thousands of years of knowledge. It is no surprise. In Kashmir there is a similar proverb.
    “If you come across a cobra and an Indian, kill the Indian first”.

  26. Lorenzo Says:


    * Make the north SINHALA MAJORITY.

    That ALONE can resolve this problem for good.

  27. Marco Says:

    Editor- Thank you for publishing my comment and your sub-comment.
    I believe its of no relevance if “Lorenzo” is a Tamil or not. The fact that such comment or comments from the likes “Lorenzo” or “Sri Rohana” is totally unacceptable in a dignified society.
    This merely proves my point in my second sentence- Its your prerogative to stoop to such levels.

  28. Fran Diaz Says:

    Folks, here’s good news for peace :

    “Colombo, 18 March, (
    Bodu Bala Sena has agreed to make public announcement that – ‘Bodu Bala Sena will be in no way responsible for creating a situation of religious discrimination in this country – Mr. Dilantha Witharanage

    This was agreed upon by Mr. Dilantha Wirharnage, the coordinator and the only lay committee member of the Bodu Bala Sena”.


  29. SA Kumar Says:

    Shenali Waduge
    For far too long they have either been silenced or chosen to be silent- Correct Since 19th March 2009 !

  30. Ananda-USA Says:

    I agree that extreme statements like “Only Good Tamil is a Dead Tamil” should be deleted by LankaWeb editors. Not only are these statements DEAD wrong and hurtful, but brings this website and the Sinhala people into disrepute. It only validates the demonization of the Sinhala people by our Eelamist enemies, and therefore, is counterproductive for the defense of Sri Lanka.

    In general, we Sinhalese love and respect our law-abiding fellow Tamil citizens, neighbors, co-workers and friends. We have accepted them in full, without reservations, as Sri Lankans with equal rights in Sri Lanka and wish to co-exist in amity and friendship with them as Sri Lankans.

    When we criticize Tamils we refer only to thpse who are Eelamists hell bent on destroying Sri Lanka, who are UNWILLING TO CO-EXIST as equal citizens WITHOUT DEMANDING SPECIAL SEPARATE RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES that are unavailable to all Sri Lankan citizens.

    We reserve the right to defend and protect our beloved motherland of Sri Lanka everywhere in every way. But, when we do that, we must make certain that we do not condemn all Tamils without NARROWLY differentiating Eelamists and other enemies of Sri Lanka from law-abiding loyal citizens of Sri Lanka. We should avoid making prejudicial, hurtful, and indefensible generalizations.

  31. Lorenzo Says:

    Unable to face reality and shoot the messenger!

    Typical LTTE mentality. And they have the AUDACITY to talk about MEDIA FREEDOM!!

    The ball is in the court of good Tamils. PROVE you LOVE SL as Muslims and Sinhalese have proven.

    Tamil voters’ choices (TNA, ACTC, DMK, ADMK) are WORKING OVERTIME to destroy SL and Tamils support them by their SILENCE!!

  32. Lorenzo Says:

    “we do not condemn all Tamils without NARROWLY differentiating Eelamists and other enemies of Sri Lanka from law-abiding loyal citizens of Sri Lanka.”

    I agree.

    As I have done, we must ACCEPT there are exceptions to anti-SL Tamils who are good, some very good.

  33. Lorenzo Says:

    They have earned BILLIONS from SL. Be grateful to SL PLEAE and make a statement to HELP SL.

    They have an OBLIGATION to DEFEND SL at the hour of need.

    Why are they silent? Do they come to the party only to earn from SL and abscond when it comes to DEFENDING SL?

    IF they SPEAK UP and tell the world SL allows and helps everyone including Tamils to earn BILLIONS WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION, the world will listen. But is it happening?

    Commercial Bank:
    Jagan Durairatnam – Executive Director / Chief Operating Officer
    S Swarnajothi – Director
    Rohan Muttiah – Chief Information officer

    J E A Perumal – Director
    R B Thambiayah – Director
    M A Tharmarathnam – Director
    S R Thambiayah – Director

    Hatton National Bank:
    Rajendra Theagarajah – MD / CEO
    J R P M Paiva – DGM S&C
    L L C C Thambiah – DGM NM
    M Asokan – Head of Int Audit
    S Gnanapragasam – AGM Risk
    R Thamirajah – AGM NM

    R.N. Asirwatham – Director
    Ranjan Casie Chetty – company Secretary
    Nilanthi Sivapragasam – Chief Financial Officer

    John Keells Group:
    Sithie Tiruchelvam – Director
    Indrajit Coomaraswamy – Director

    Ceylinco Life:
    R. Reganathan – MD/CEO

    Sri Lanka Insurance:
    Noel Selvanayagam – Director

    Colombo Stock Exchange:
    Krishan Balendra – Chairman

    Ken Balendra* – Chairman
    Ajit Johnpillai – Director

  34. Lorenzo Says:

    TRIVIA TIME. Who is this?

    A person that lives in a nation and benefits by deriving nutrients at the nation’s expense. Who is this?

  35. Ananda-USA Says:

    I ALSO AGREE with Lorenzo’s statement that rich and powerful Tamils living in Sri Lanka, have a DUTY TO SPEAK UP in defense of the motherland that has protected and enabled them to live in security far from the clutches of the Tamil terrorists who murdered Sinhala and Tamil people at will IN THEIR NAME.

    Sinhalese, the majority community of Sri Lanka, not only protected them, but also made it possible for them to thrive and enjoy the benefits of Sri Lankan citizenship to the fullest.

    I ECHO Lorenzo’s QUERY: WHY ARE THESE FAT CATS NOT SPEAKING UP, now that the military branch of the LTTE can no longer threaten them, and they can speak out SAFELY?

    FAILURE TO SPEAK UP in defense of Sri Lanka NOW, places them in jeopardy of being identified as ungrateful disloyal parasites who only wish to PROFIT from Sri Lanka while abandoning their DUTY TO PROTECT the country that shelters them.

    Therefore, I JOIN Lorenzo in URGING these successful, usually voluble but now strangely silent, Tamils living in Sri Lanka to:



  36. Lorenzo Says:


    You WON the trivia!! (The last word.)

    ALL Tamil directors and business owners MUST issue statements PRAISING SL saying SL doesn’t harass them, rape them, genocide them, abduct them, kill them, bomb them, drone them, etc.

    Will they do that? Not if they remain “persons that live in a nation and benefits by deriving nutrients at the nation’s expense”.

    My guess is MOST OF THEM will remain “persons that live in a nation and benefits by deriving nutrients at the nation’s expense”.

    Will I be proven wrong?

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