Defeating secularist plot to usurp majority Hindu India and majority Buddhist Sri Lanka
Posted on March 29th, 2013

Shenali Waduge

Independence to colonies came at a cost with a legacy that bound nations in debt by spending on solving the problems the colonials implanted. People were divided. Populations were divided. Ethnicities were divided. Tribes were divided. Boundaries were created and endless issues associated with each. Muslims have issues, Christians have issues, but when Hindus in India and Buddhists in Sri Lanka voice their issues it is referred to as communal. To be Hindu and to say one is Hindu is considered taboo just as Buddhists and Sinhalese are finding out too. Political correctness has meant politicians are to view issues from the lens of what benefits non-Hindus and non-Buddhists for that meets the criterion of the West’s policy of multiculturalism.

When Sri Lanka has been repeatedly warning India not to take the path that would eventually lead to Balkanize India, the warnings have not reached the people concerned. That is because the warnings are being deciphered by people who are helping that balkanization. We can name similar actors in Sri Lanka promoting the same notions. When media in India has been usurped and in the hands of the Church we can only express shock as to why such a great nation allowed such to happen. The great orators, the great thinkers/philosophers and politicians would not have expected Hindu India to fall this way. Was it not the Westerners that created the Aryan-Dravidian divide? Is it not established that North and South Indians both carry the same DNA differentiated only by the pigmentation as a result of weather.

In juxtaposing the situation currently faced in Sri Lanka and the growing bribery taking place by Tamil Nadu all we need is to put the dots together to see where the ultimate orders are coming from. We now realize that India is in a worse pickle than Sri Lanka and with so many intellectual Indian’s safely outsourced for foreign climes the West has deviously planned ways to evict the brains out of India. We can see similar ploys in Sri Lanka as well.  

When India is now pointing fingers at the self-serving secular leaders and blaming them for not heeding the concerns of Hindus in their preoccupation with minority votes is this not what we are saying of Sri Lanka’s “self-serving secular leaders” and it is not difficult to name them.

With 1.2billion Indian population, 82% Hindus, 400,000 Hindu Temples but Subramaniam Swamy alleges that the Govt was “looting” the temples to support churches and mosques (ex: Andhra Pradesh state government to help build churches in Tirupati-Tirumal area, the seat of Hindu deity “”…” Sri Venkateswara. 

Subramanaiam Swamy also claims that the Indian Government is feeling shy to call India as a Hindu nation and reverberates the same sentiments about Sri Lanka’s Government. He even goes on to say that most Hindus today were passive to announce their Hindu identity in saying so he is also voicing what Sri Lanka’s Buddhists suffer from as well. Dr. Swamy goes on to speak about appeasement policy by some in the Government of India which resonates exactly what has ailed and continues to ail Sri Lanka. Dr. Swamy is calling for at least 40% of the 82% to rise in unity against the divides taking place in reference to a Bill being introduced by Sonia Gandhi that would automatically incriminate Hindus.

What is noteworthy is that Dr. Swamy called upon Indians in particular to become “Virat Hindus” “”…” proud Hindus to save India because only Hindus could protect secularism and without Hindu’s there would be no secularism and that essentially is what we can say about Sri Lanka. People need to simply imagine how a country ruled by non-Hindus and non-Buddhists would be like!

If the Vatican can say it’s a Christian state (Roman Catholic) and no other religion is tolerated inside the Vatican, England is a secular state but the Angelical Church has official status and all nations with over 60% Muslims are not secular it is a bit strange that India is unable to call itself a Hindu state when it has 82% Hindus and Sri Lanka inspite of an Article 9 in its Constitution giving foremost place to Buddhism the political leaders cringe to say the country is Buddhist because they fear the world would come down on them.  

Secularism cannot be defined in relation to a country alone. Though Christians may be in the minority in a country by virtue of its global reach and assistance given reaching out to all nations the “minority” status is not truly applicable. The same can be said of Islam as well and in particular to nations like Sri Lanka the effects of influence by global Christians and global Islamic lobbies. This brings Buddhists leaders and Buddhists into minority status and these lobbies have used effective ways to penetrate the decision makers. Both Christianity and Islam are global majorities making Hindus and Buddhists local minorities in their respective nations.

 If there is a threat that Hinduism is likely to be extinct in India in 100 years time the same can be said of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

It is for these very reasons that India needs to seriously look at the manner India is being forced into submission by Tamil Nadu that is greatly influenced by outside forces and these are NOT associated primarily with Sri Lanka. These forces are devising a greater plan piggybacking on the hyped “eelaam” tag for it provides the local sauce needed to gain the emotional unrest.

Helping that is the media who are the agents of these external forces in both nations which is why the discriminations against Hindus in India and Buddhists in Sri Lanka are quite obvious.  

How many newspapers give unbiased coverage in either of the two nations? How quick are media to tag Hindus as “communal” in India and “Buddhists” as “extremists”, “militants” etc.

Most Sri Lankans are angered by India’s actions but in looking deeper we need to realize that non-Hindus helped by self-seeking Hindu secularists are steering India towards its downfall and that same situation is taking place before our very eyes in Sri Lanka.

It would be a good time for India’s Hindus to finally wake up and evaluate what has become of their Bharat nation and attempt to as Dr. Subramaniam Swamy advised to become “Virat Indians”. In Sri Lanka, of course the people have realized in time the forces at play and foresee the future.

India’s Hindus need to certainly wake up “”…” it is not in India’s best interest to be separating India or Sri Lanka therefore it is a good time to stop diplomatic snobbery just to please the world and expect Sri Lankan populace to empathize with them.

28 Responses to “Defeating secularist plot to usurp majority Hindu India and majority Buddhist Sri Lanka”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    SL must not be a secular country. SL must always remain a Buddhist country where non-Buddhists also live peacefully.

    But Muslims are 16% of Endia’s population in 2011. Endia does not release this data for fear of telling the truth.

    They control the Congress party vote. NO Muslim vote for BJP so all 16% vote Congress. Christians (5%) also vote for them NOT BJP. IF congress won 50% of the vote to rule Endia, 42% of congress VOTE comes from MINORITIES!! This is why they want to turn Endia to a secular country.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    India’s NO today, could be YES tomorrow.

    The Government of Sri Lanka should take defensive measures NOW to move Sri Lanka out of India'[s DEADLY Economic, Diplomatic and Military EMBRACE.

    Make India a MINOR PLAYER in Sri Lanka … NOW … before it is TOO LATE!

    A series of steps taken NOW will send the MESSAGE to India that Sri Lanka also considers India’s acts NOT ONLY UNFRIENDLY but INIMICAL as well.

    Indian government rejects Tamil Nadu resolution on Sri Lanka News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Mar 29, New Delhi: The Indian government today rejected the resolution passed by Tamil Nadu assembly that called for slapping sanctions against Sri Lanka and holding a referendum to create a separate Tamil Eelam in the country.

    The External Affairs Minister of India Salman Khurshid flatly rejected the Tamil Nadu government resolution that had asked the Central government to stop treating Sri Lanka as a friendly nation and slap economic sanctions while demanding a referendum for a separate Tamil Eelam.

    In an interview to CNN-IBN Minister Khurshid said the Indian government considers the very strong feelings in Tamil Nadu and those are not entirely “out of sync with” what many people in the world think but the government believes that its negotiations, the dialogue with Sri Lanka and the effort it has made with Sri Lanka are equally important.

    When asked if the Centre was rejecting the three crucial aspects of the resolution – declaring the country unfriendly, slapping economic sanctions and holding a referendum- adopted by Tamil Nadu Assembly on March 27, the Minister said a firm no to each demand.

    “There is no question of accepting that and that is not the only state that has a stake in this. What about the other states? There are many other assemblies. The rest of India is not supporting this,” the Minister said in the interview.

    “If all of India was supporting it, it would be another matter. But if one state supports something we are sensitive to their concerns, but we don’t have to necessarily accept everything they say,” he stressed.

    The Tamil Nadu Assembly unanimously adopted the resolution urging the Centre to slap economic embargo on Colombo till the “suppression” of Tamils was stopped and those responsible for “genocide and war crimes” faced an international probe.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Now Tamilians will say CHAUVINISTIC HINDI GOVERNMENT of Endia.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    If we can create a RIFT between TN and Endia, we can THRIVE.

    I say, GOSL should BROADCAST, DISTRIBUTE Tamilian nationalist stuff (banned in Endia) to TN via rehabilitated LTTE cadres. Now TN is BOILING. We should make use of this situation to create a RIFT between Endia and Tamilians.

    Endia will have to bring the army to TN and then the fun will begin.

    After that Endia will NEVER be able to support ANY resolution against SL!!!

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    India seems to have shifted stance. See article below :

    “INDIA REJECTS TN RESOLUTION AGAINST SRI LANKA March 29, 2013 05:46 pm Daily Mirror

    Days after the DMK pulled out of the Centre and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa barred Sri Lankan cricketers from playing in Chennai, the Centre has taken a tough stand on politics over Sri Lankan Tamils.

    India’s External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid has rejected the Tamil Nadu Assembly resolution against Colombo.

    The resolution sought a separate Eelam for Sri Lankan Tamils and said Sri Lanka should not be treated as a friendly country by India.

    Speaking to CNN-IBN, Khurshid said while the government was sensitive to Tamil concerns, it won’t accept such demands.

    “I take it on board that there are very strong feelings in Tamil Nadu and not just of other parties, but our own party members have very strong feelings. And we have taken those feelings on board. These feelings are not entirely out of sync with what many people in the world think,” he said.

    “At the same time we do believe that the negotiation we have done with Sri Lanka, the dialogue we have with Sri Lanka and the effort we have made with Sri Lanka is equally important,” Khurshid said.

    On the resolution adopted by the Tamil Nadu Assembly, he said, “the rest of India is not supporting this.”

    “If all of India was supporting it, it would be another matter. But if one state supports something we are sensitive to their concerns, but we don’t have to necessarily accept everything they say,” he added”.

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    NO Endia hasn’t.

    Did Endia TAKE BACK their vote for the resolution against SL?

    TN resolution is a joke. Not an international one.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Shenali! This is perhaps your most insightful article.

    Indeed ….. Evangelical Christians and Wahhabi Muslims are on the march to undermine and convert not only Hindu India and Buddhist Sri Lanka, but many other Asian Buddhist countries (Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, China etc) across the world. South Korea that used to be a majority Buddhist country only 30 years ago, is now a majority Christian country in which the Buddhist Koreans are discriminated against as a second class community.

    I personally know many Evangelical Christians in the United States who aggressively support Evangelical missionary work in Sri Lanka. I have argued and pleaded to stop undermining Buddhist Sri Lanka, by exploiting its poor and needy people, and only incurred their wrath.

    More than half of Christians in the US do not believe in or practice their religion. They are disgusted with the sexual abuses tolerated by Church elders. Fewer than half of the marriages survive intact in the United States. Why is it that in a rich nation where the struggle to put food on the table is not as great as in under developed societies, where democracy reigns in all of its presumptive glory, people cannot honor their promises to their spouses until death does them part? Why are the democratic freedoms unraveling traditional families and driving people, in ever greater numbers, to moral and emotional breakdown in these so-called “advanced” Western countries? Clearly wealth alone does not translate into personal happiness and empathy for one’s loved ones.

    While the NEED for religious solace OVERWHELMS them in their own backyard, the Evangelical missionaries choose to ignore their neighbors in great need of the message of Christ. They choose instead to BUY needy converts on the cheap in poor under developed countries like India and Sri Lanka, blissfully ignoring their neighbors who have become disenchanted with Christianity right here in the United States! The disenchantment is even greater in European countries, especially those in the European Union.

    The NEED for Christ’s message, and people FALLEN from the Grace of God, is RIGHT HERE in the West, not in majority Buddhist Sri Lanka nor in majority Hindu India! Perhaps their arguments are not compelling enough to well fed ears, or to those well aware of the abuses practiced by those hiding under those robes, or perhaps the price of their souls is too dear for the purses of the pious missionaries, or perhaps too many TV shows by millionaire TV Evangelists have jaded the American public, or even perhaps there is no time to spare from frenzied texting on smartphones to pay attention to God?

    While Evangelical Christian missionaries ply their evil trade buying souls in Sri Lanka and India with beads and blankets, the Wahhabi Moslems with their petrodollars and madrassas are not far behind, with their fanatical message of intolerance of other faiths. The Wahhabi Muslims even demonize other Muslims such as the Shiites and Alawaites and are now waging an internecine war in Syria to gain ascendency over the “heretics”.

    These extreme Moslems have captured the Maldives in Sri Lanka’s own backyard …. banning worship of all other faiths, and banning non-Muslims …. Sri Lankan Buddhists in particular … from buying land and settling there. The Maldives were once settled by Sinhala Buddhists and their were many ancient Buddhist structures built by Sinhala kings. Those structures have systematically been razed and eradicated in the last few decades, as the Buddha statues in Bamiyan were destroyed by the Taliban. Most Maldivians, who speak Divehi … closely related to Sinhala… now belong to this intolerant brand of Islam.

    Yet, the Maldivians, who ban Sri Lankans from settling in the Maldives, request that they be allowed to settle in Sri Lanka as rising sea levels due to Global Warming threaten to inundate the entire Maldives archipelago in the next decade. Why do they prefer Sri Lanka to Saudi Arabia … where they can practice their religious in pious purity and complete contentment?

    Is it safe for Sri Lanka to grant citizenship to 330,000 Maldivians practicing an intolerant brand of Islam? If Sri Lanka does that, will the Muslem community of Sri Lanka be further emboldened with its increased numbers to make greater communal demands for a separate existence? Does Sri Lanka …. populated by generally tolerant people …. want to exacerbate communal divisions?

    These are questions the Sri Lanka Government must ponder carefully, before graciously granting citizenship to our Maldivian cousins, for their religious dogma has clearly overwhelmed their love of their Sinhala cousins.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:


    India didn’t take back the UNHRC vote.
    The Daily Mirror article is about what is going on inside India.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lanka shouldn’t grant citizenship to anyone from outside for at least another 10 yrs. The indigenous Sri Lankans will lose their ‘breathing space’ if any more foreigners are taken in as citizens of Lanka. It is bad enough as it is.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    Endia has already done the damage.

    Now it is trying to sort out IT’S TN problem.

  11. thirdeye Says:

    The issue of Budhist and hindus…

    The sri Lnakan Sinhalese population specially budhists needs to participate in reproduction better than what is is now. if you consider some fundamentals, how many budhist monks do we have, those who only verbally contribute for the budhist population in the country. more Budhist monks means less budhist men in the country those who can produce a budhist Chile.

    similarly the cost of living and poverty is the major concern that contribute to a diminishing Sinhalese population, compared to Musilims in the country.

  12. Kosala777 Says:

    ‘India’s Hindus need to certainly wake up – it is not in India’s best interest to be separating India or Sri Lanka therefore it is a good time to stop diplomatic snobbery just to please the world and expect Sri Lankan populace to empathize with them’ – I think India is not trying to please the world but only Tamilnadu. I agree with you Indians should follow what Swamy is saying

  13. Fran Diaz Says:


    You are right. India is trying to sort out its Tamil Nadu problems via Sri Lanka. We can hardly cope with our own problems, let alone Tamil Nadu problems !


    India must be realistic and back off on the TN issue. TN has to modernize. They were offered a chance through the Asian Games, but flunked out. Rather cowardly …
    TN will have to pick up the threads and carry on, starting with their spiritual values of Raj Yoga in Hinduism. What is largely practiced is the easy image worship & many rituals, and that won’t be sufficient to content the human Heart.

    India has a huge population/poverty problem. But it is holding together because of the Hindu religion. Sri Lanka is similarly holding together because of the Buddhist philosophy.

    But, Tamil Nadu leaders with Egocentric ideas of Separatism and smarting under failed Dravidanadu ideas, are honing in on Sri Lanka for a land/political grab, which won’t work.

    What Ananda -USA, says is true. It is the spiritual decay in the Christian countries and over emphasis on wealth & money that is the fault there, without taking into consideration the human need for peace within. What Christ said that the Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN you has got lost … ?

    Unless the real problem of spiritual growth in keeping with material comforts is addressed, life on earth is in jeopardy.

  14. Voice123 Says:

    “I say, GOSL should BROADCAST, DISTRIBUTE Tamilian nationalist stuff (banned in Endia) to TN via rehabilitated LTTE cadres. Now TN is BOILING. We should make use of this situation to create a RIFT between Endia and Tamilians.”

    – AGREED with Lorenzo entirely, but this will never happen. Most Sinhalese are too stupid or timid to think of such innovative solutions. Thats why Tamils have the advantage internationally. This neednt be the case but what you and I think is brilliant strategising will be dismissed outright by modeyas as “helping the enemy”. Modeyas, our enemy INCLUDES Hindis!

    Lorenzo, in time you will get frustrated with the Sinhala- Buddhist mentality too.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    Actually, Sri Lanka authorities over the years have fallen for the “Labor Trap” with Tamil Labor from Tamil Nadu. Therein lies the great weakness of Lanka. It would not have been a trap but for Tamil Separatism, which Tamil Nadu is openly supporting in the form of Tamil Eelam. And India says to Lanka to help Tamil Nadu solve Tamil Problems !

    The some MILLION Tamil people brought by the British to do the tea plantation work in Lanka has attracted in more Tamils from TN , fleeing the caste/poverty trap there. Then there are the Tamil workers brought in by the Dutch to work the Jaffna Peninsula tobacco plantations, which numbered about Half a MILLION. That is how the numbers of Tamil people remain the same in Lanka, even though about a MILLION Tamil people have left Lanka after the 1983 Riots.

    Aren’t Sri Lankans their own enemy here, allowing migrant labor (illegal or otherwise) to enter Sri Lanka ? That is why Tamil folk all keep quiet and only a few speak out the truth of the matter. Tamils of Sri Lanka keep quiet and allow Tamil Separatists (Diaspora) abroad to build up cases with lies abroad re HR violations etc. as in Ch-4, UNHRC etc.

    It’s not too late to acknowledge the past lapses and put matters right. Expose the truth of matters to the world.

  16. Ben Silva Says:

    Indians are keeping TN under control. The suggestion by voice 123 is dangerous and if TN gets free it will wipe out the Sinhalese, only a small fraction of TN population. Further, Sinhalse want to give up desires and seek to terminate existence. Tamils will do that for us. Time to think if our aims are wise and rational. Everyone else in the world want to develop desires and survive.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    Past lapses re Labor can be corrected by putting in place proper Laws re accepting labor into the country. That is how the west manages. Each Labor entrant from outside has to have minimum requirements such as knowledge of language of the country, some knowledge and experience of the work to be performed, take an Oath of Allegiance to the new country, etc. etc.

    Entering Canada, a new entrant (other than refugee) has to provide extensive information about parents, places of residence, education, places worked in, letter of reference, certificates, police records, health tests, etc.

    No wonder they CREATED the 1983 Riots ! Tamils could enter Canada without any information about themselves. We heard that on entry, they were given money to spend, accommodation, health cards, etc.

  18. Marco Says:

    Shenali, having been educated in India is unable to see the bigger picture in geo-political terms.
    India keeps making mistakes. As far i can read it, Sri Lanka is a thorn in its flesh to say till (2014). Thereafter, its any ones guess. In the mean time India plays a clever game of giving enough rope to MR GOSL to hang itself.

  19. Fran Diaz Says:

    Aw, come on Ben ! We of the East are not entirely a bunch of naval gazers only ! The ‘Kamma Sutra’ and Moghul Food etc.
    came from India. Also, exotic dancing, fantastic music and reproduction at a crazy rate also came from India and then to Sri Lanka, somewhat diluted ….

  20. Fran Diaz Says:

    Navel gazing is nice. Lends balance to life !

  21. Lorenzo Says:

    I agree with Voice.

    It is a SAD reality even the great Anagarika Dharmapala came to realize.

    This is why MOST DPU/LLRC officers were Muslims and Tamils. They could KILL without guilt. (But the Christians and Jews take the cup.). This is also why SL had to depend on Jewish expertise to win the war (boats, planes, tanks, STF, SF, missiles, secret service, etc.)

    Why can’t our leaders realize BEST DEFENCE IS OFFENCE? Offence doesn’t always mean violence.

    But I still think there is HOPE as we have seen in HISTORY. That is why I disagree with BEN. It is NOT Buddhism but the CONVENIENT INTERPRETATION by some that has created this sad situation.

    “itha onda gaani emathaama budding!!!”
    (the kind hearted woman is always pregnant with someone’s baby.)

    Now kind hearted SL is pregnant with shrewd Endia’s gun boat rape baby – Tamil Nation. Now Endia is begging SL not to abortion it. Once SL delivers the Tamil Nation baby, Endia will disappear from the scene even without child support.

    Then SL fools will look after the monster (turn our blood to milk and give to it) like they looked after VP’s mother when Endia, Canada, Malaysia wanted her OUT of their country. Finally what did SL get? Blame. Tamilians say she was killed by neglect and her funeral ashes were desecrated. And when the monster start killing us, we will say, god knows the truth so we are OK. We did the right thing and we can rest easy in our grave. We loved our enemies and we will be in heaven. (Then Tamilians and Endians will scr*w the system and come to heavan (they always do) and expel us from heaven to hell.)

  22. Lorenzo Says:

    “In the mean time India plays a clever game of giving enough rope to MR GOSL to hang itself.”


    GOSL will keep pleasing ungrateful Tamilians at the expense of Sinhalese. Then it will realize what Sirima, CBK and Run-nil realized in 1977, 2001 and 2004. Tamilians AND Sinhalese have deserted them when GOSL needed them.

    If you give enough food to a man, he will be faithful to you, stay with you.
    If you take away (steal) food from a man, he will leave you.
    If you give enough food to a pig, it will eat and sh*t on you and leave you.
    If you TAKE food AWAY (steal) from a man and give it to a pig, the man will leave you. The pig will also leave you with a present – a pile of sh*t.

    This is what happened to Sirima, CBK and Run-nil in 1977, 2001 and 2004. This is what will happen to MR.

    Only JR knew how to handle them. He gave pork to the faithful man until 1987.

  23. Fran Diaz Says:

    Getting rid of the 13-A is the first step to stability within the country.

  24. Voice123 Says:

    Ben Silva, you have completely got the wrong angle. The problem is not Tamil Nadu in itself, the problem is the way Hindis and other Indians are rousing up Tamil Nadu to attack us, while pretending to be our friends and “protector”. Its yet another sly tactic of theirs to annex and control us. We can take care of ourselves. Indians are not controlling TN, they are putting them AGAINST us. Both anti- Sri Lanka Tamil Nardoos and Sinhalese are the modeyas in this instance. As Fran Diaz says if Tamil Nadu was a truly egalitarian, modernized and democratic country, we could co-operate with them without being innundated. India is keeping Tamil Nadu in a backward, caste-ridden state with a Brown Sahib ruling elite perpetually ready to lick the white mans boots. Look at modern day Europe, how France, Germany, England etc after centuries of butchering each other are working well together. We have a duty to help TN and the entire Deccan break away from Hindi control into a seperate states with responsible, egalitarian governments. Then if any of these nations attack us, they are each small enough to deal with, King Parakrama Bahu style. If you rid your mind of their “Tamil bogeyman” (which they use to scare us), you will realize that our problem is the continuing Hindian-British Empire, not Tamil Nadu.

  25. Lorenzo Says:

    “if TN gets free it will wipe out the Sinhalese, only a small fraction of TN population.”


    In the past TN was free and we COULD MANAGE IT. But today we CAN’T manage Endia because it is FAR TOO BIG.

    IF TN is free, Endia will be on OUR side.

    “We have a duty to help TN and the entire Deccan break away from Hindi control into a seperate states with responsible, egalitarian governments.”


    Just imagine the FUN LEADING up to it. Endia will MILITARIZE TN and the real fun will begin. TN will cry genocide (we too) by Endia. Under the cover of Endian attacks on TN terrorists, we can WIPE OUT the remaining terrorists.

  26. Voice123 Says:

    FULLY agreed with Lorenzo. For 1,500 years or longer, we managed Tamil Nadu very well. Their population is only 80 million, we are 22 million. Its similar to a country the size of Denmark managing Germany or like Portugal managing Spain. They are not invading and threatening each other today. TN is only a threat when you add the Federal interference of 1 billion Indians and their nexus to the British Empire and the West. Tamil Nadu appear a bigger menace than it really is. The other problem is the deliberate creation of a disloyal minority group within the country, again by the Europeans. Politicians have worsened the internal threat.

  27. Lorenzo Says:

    Agree with Voice again.

    Very nice comparison. A quick internet search tells me:

    Sinhalese and Tamils
    Jews and Germans
    15 million and 70 million

    And that opens up NEW thinking!

    1939 Germany in the making in TN?

    Similar TOTAL size of population though other matters are TOTALLY different.

    Lions HAMMERED Tigers in the past when they were alone but when Endia came up in 1947 we became pussycats. No point denying. Today SL leaders are both pussy-cats of Endia!! Now the pussycats need the DRAGON.

    (Thanks for the lead. Learnt something new. The best find in a long time.)

  28. Voice123 Says:

    Smelly toiletless places need a clean up with dragons fire disinfectant!

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