Colombo Telegraph website and Bodu Bala Sena
Posted on April 14th, 2013

C. Wijeyawickrema, LL.B., Ph.D.

One Dr. Sarath  Buddhadasa (SB) was given an opportunity by Lankaweb to print his writing on Boru Bana Sena. This is important because Lankaweb is the only non-governmental website that publishes essays written in support of Sinhala Buddhists and against the 13-A. This SB had his piece already printed by Colombo Telegraph which is so anti-Sinhala Buddhist. I do not know who runs this Colombo T, but it cannot say it is impartial. My guess is that it is a Christian agency of Colombo black-whites who want to create a Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka.

            When I submitted an essay on world-level Christian plans to balkanize India it published it.  I was very pleased and thought that it must be a professional media outlet. But after when I submitted anti-13-A stuff, it asked me to submit a resume and my photograph. I told it that my resume is open on the internet and I do not want my picture on websites. Recently when I submitted an essay on Friday Forum in Colombo, it asked again not for a photograph but details about my doctoral degree. So I sent by e-mail all my degree transcripts (four of them from four universities) and my employment record since I graduate from University of Ceylon, Peradeniya in 1967.

            It published my essay but with a video clip about Ven. Gnanasara shouting at the police guards at Kottawa Southern Highway exit attached to it which was an attempt to sabotage the message I tried to give in my essay.  My subsequent explanation on why even a monk if he is not a politician would get mad/angry the way he was treated by the police guard was not published. Since then Colombo T did not print any of what I wrote about BBS.  It is in this light, I see what Lankaweb has done to this SB.  Giving room to different viewpoints is a good thing, but in Sri Lanka we do not have news people who are fair and reasonable. They are in a game to derail MahindaR and create a Tamil Eelam.  Lankweb’s goodwill is for them like the Interfaith game in Colombo, other religions come to temples to use temple premises but a mosque or a church is not open for Buddhist functions!

I therefore, propose the following for the consideration of the editor of Lankaweb. Let this SB (after all his parents thought he would be a servant to Buddha or is it not his real last name?) answer the following reasonable questions raised about his writing. If he refuses answering, then in future please do not print what he writes as he has ColomboT, DBSJeyaraj, Asian Tribune, Lankenews etc. while we have only the Lankaweb.

1.       Does SB think it reasonable to make Buddhists buy things which include even tooth brushes with a halalized label?

2.       Does SB think it not reasonable to prevent Talibanized women cover their face with only two holes for the two eyes because it is a security risk as any terrorist can wear a face mask this way?

3.       Does SB not think that Jihad agents are busy in certain areas of Sri Lanka?

4.       Does he not agree that the government with a Buddhsim PM has failed to prevent inroads by Taliban agents who thought of capitalizing on government’s weakness?

5.       Can SB give a single example of BBS harming any other human being or even a dog?

6.       Does SB know that BBS is based on open discussion following the Lichchavi principles of Buddhist India?

7.       What is SB’s view on 13-A or 13-A plus?

8.       Does SB agree with the LLRC decision that there are no homelands of any kind in Sri Lanka?

9.       Does SB agree with the LLRC decision to empower people at the village (GSN) level?

10.   Does SB agree that in Sri Lanka political units starting with GSN units should be demarcated by ecological boundaries and not by language or caste?

6 Responses to “Colombo Telegraph website and Bodu Bala Sena”

  1. Amarasiri Says:

    Practice What you Preach”:

    1.This is important because Lankaweb is the only non-governmental website that publishes essays written in support of Sinhala Buddhists and against the 13-A. ?

    Lankaweb is so one sided even True Buddhists cannot give their opinion as it is censored.

    Lankaweb is run by Devadattas. The followers of Devadattas. Tje Devadatta Budu Bala Sena and the Regime.

    The truth is not reported. Only hate is reported. Buddhism is used for personal gain just like Devaddattas.

    What a shame. Yes, there are some Buddhists you can fool, bot not those those who know Buddhism.

    The current regime is trying ti hide under Buddhism. Devadatta Buddhism, called BBS.

  2. L Perera Says:

    Why is Wijeyawichrema living in Christian dominated Canada?

  3. Voice123 Says:

    Canada is Boru Christians.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    support of Sinhala Buddhists and against the 13-A !
    ie: Support Bhuddist Sin hela Nation and against Saiva Thamil Eelam ( no soni , no panki, no seena , only for Naam Thamilar )!!!

  5. Nadesan Says:

    LankaWeb is not unique nor it is not unfair in any way. It has its clear objective and clear mandate. Being a Tamil I find Tamils with some strange and mischievous anti-Tamil projects too find this an ideal grazing ground to churn out lies and venom and publish totally distorted facts. It appears as if they are real mercenaries using this forum for their own personal gain and this forum finds them as useful guys for their own agenda too.

    There is one guy boasting to be a top class senior engineer writes very strange things about Tamil history and Tamils and more keen about the Tamil cast system for whatever reason best known to him. But what the forum does not realise is that the forum loses credibility owing to these liars who are really lying for definite personal rewards. It is a tragedy how people could prostitute themselves for such gains!

  6. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    I appreciate the comments of Mr Wijeyawickrema in defence of nationalist minded SriLankans. I agree that the Colombo Telegraph (CT) is an anti-SriLankan journal that publishes distorted articles to tarnish the good name of SriLanka and the reputation of anyone who dares to support SriLankan interests. However, I cant understand the attitude and actions of Bodu Bala Sena, which actions violate buddhist principles. I’m concerned whether the BBS is a movement to create friction between different ethnic groups in SriLanka or whether it is a well meaning movement trying to force its beliefs in an undemocratic manner.
    I also agree that Lanka Web is the only website that has guts to publish articles protecting SriLankan interestes and as a consequence of this, Lanka Web is hated by those who support the fabrications propogated by Tamilnet and various hostile nations and NGOs.

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