Shirani sworn in as acting CJ- Where is your dress code lady?
Posted on April 17th, 2013

Justice Shirani Thillakawardene was sworn in as Acting Chief Justice yesterday. Thillakawardene takes oaths before President Mahinda Rajapaksa, while presidential secretary Lalith Weeratunga looks on (Pic by Sudath Silva)


In recent incident in courts, a lady witness  has been reprimanded for failing to observe the dress code. In Sri Lanka, court dress is worn by both judges and counsels. Judges wear black gowns in the District Court, High Court Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka while counsel only wear black gowns in the latter three courts. Both judges and counsel dress in white and black, white shirt, black coat, tie and toruses for men and white saree for women. Wigs are only worn on ceremonial occasions by judges of the Supreme Court and the Appeal Court and President’s Counsel.

While  judges can dress in conventional business attire in Sri Lanka but  Justice Shirani Thillakawardene, appeared in a summer garden party dress for the sworn in ceremony

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Justice minister follows a middle eastern religion.

    Acting chief Justice also follows the same middle eastern religion.

    At a time when they are VERY AGRESSIVE IN SL and the WORLD, this is a DOUBLE WRONG MOVE.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    To dress appropriately is to command due respect.
    Conversely, an inappropriate dress code will not command respect….

  3. Harisutha Says:

    Why this fuss about a Dress? She is not in the Supreme Court where there is a dress code. She was also not at Dalada Maligawa, Dwatagaha Mosque, Sri Ponnambalam Kovil or St. Anthony Church. She was at the Presidents office to be sworn in as Acting Chief Justice. To my knowledge there is no Dress Code to visit that office. If there is a dress code the authorities inform in advance about it to the visitors. The President himself, The Presidential Secretary or the Justice Minister found no fault with the Hon: Lady’s dress sense during this summer period.

    There is a vast difference between the lady witness who was reprimanded in courts recently and the Hon: Justice Shirani Thilakawardene in all respects.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    This is not a subject I like to carp on, but it is a good occasion to bring out certain unaddressed yet important lapses in our society.

    It’s a question of Appropriateness, not Notification of a Dress Code, isn’t it ? It was obviously left to Shirani to decide on Appropriateness of Dress.

    If the swearing in is a Serious occasion to the participant, then the Appropriateness of dress ought to reflect it. Shirani’s sense of dress for the occasion does not reflect the Dignity & Seriousness of the occasion.

    Sri Lankan professionals need a Proper Dress Code bearing in mind the hot weather & HUMIDITY, the latter often overlooked.
    HUMIDITY adds degrees more to the heat. We do not see emphasis laid on de-humidifiers in Sri Lanka buildings.

    Over to the dress designers of Lanka to design clothes that are Appropriate and Dignified ! And also to the market place to provide de-humidifiers.

  5. Christie Says:

    Ane deviyane, ape unta mokada wela thiyenne. Munta ape parana un wage biju ehema naha wage.
    Apita galapenne amudei redi kaallakui.

    Sigiriya and paintings on old temples are not covered yet by these Indian and Victorian era suckers.

    The best dress for the temperate humid island is no dress at all. Our ancesstors did that to a greta extent.

  6. Christie Says:

    Let us dehumidify the whole island say to a height of at least 100 meters so we can wear clothes within the dress code. It is not long ago the the JVP (The Sinhala terrorists) had a dress code. Shirani’s dress is far outside this dress code.
    Thank you moderator for not publishing my comment and hope this will be left alone.
    The best clothes are the most comfortable within the living enviroment.

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