Corruption, bribery at the Highest levels in the West, and stealing African money
Posted on May 5th, 2013

The following movie shows how:

1)Clinton, Bush, Blair, the king of Spain, Israeli politicians  and others seem to have been given access to

millions of dollars  from the convicted industrial crook and gangster who was also a top CEO of the

Copper multinational GenCore.

2)It shows how Switzerland has been in collusion with the multinational to defraud the power countries by

acting as a tax haven.

3)It shows how Mark Rich (a CEO who got caught and sentenced to jail) escaped to Switzerland how

the Swiss government refused to extradite him to the US.

4)Finally, he was pardoned by George Bush when Mark Rich made some very large donations to the Bush foundation etc.

5)It also shows how the IMF participated in the corrupt privatization of the Zambian copper mines hand in hand with the then Zambian president (Frederick Chiluba  was a free-market-economics  president working for western interests).

6). The movie was shown on a Canadian Broad Casting channel. It is not surprising that the

Canadian prime minister is now taking steps to control CBC directly from Harper’s office!

Here is the movie:

Stealing Africa

How much profit is fair? (58mins) Long Film

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