John Kerry USA Secretary of State should take a lesson from ever present fear of terrorism in USA and leave Sri Lanka alone to traverse its own fortunes.
Posted on May 5th, 2013

By Charles.S.Perera

When will America learn that their foreign policies are out dated, self centred , and  not progressive? Democrats have failed to change the Republican policies still embedded in their administrative System.  Be it Hillary Clinton or John Kerry , the changes to American Foreign policies are not forth coming.

What has Sri Lanka done to America ?  Sri Lanka is not promoting terrorism in America. Sri Lanka is only asking to be left alone to develop the country  which had been devastated by a terrorist war for three decades,  and  reconcile the Communities psychologically wounded under terrorism.

Neither President Barack Obama nor  his State Secretary Hillary Clinton  new about what happened , or what is happening in Sri Lanka.  They get information from the Assistant Secretary of State for Central and South Asia Robert O’Blake, who comes from the Bush Administration, and who is a close friend of the Sri Lanka Terrorist leaders, which is no secret to any one in Sri Lanka. In the US State Department there is a “government within the government” Presidents may come and Presidents may go but the “government within” goes on.

The first order The President Barack Obama signed when he became the President was to close the American Guantanamo Torture Camp.  But who cared to carry out his order.  The Guantanamo Camp is still their giving more headaches to the President now with the inmates on hunger strike. But Human Rights, Human Rights”¦.says the US State Department.

Robert O’Blake’s contacts are the pro-terrorist elements in the Tamil diaspora and the anti government local NGOs, and the Tamil National Alliance which was a part and parcel of the Sri Lanka terrorists when Robert O’Blake was the American Ambassador  in Sri Lanka.  Therefore the Democrats now in power are acting on information fed to them from those who come from the Bush Administration with a Republican background.  How else  could John Kerry have got the information on which he made a most reproachable statement, not in keeping with the dignity of a  State Secretary of a supposed to be the Leading Nation of the world !

John Kerry  had said , “The government (of Sri Lanka) is dominated by the President’s family; two of the President’s brothers hold key executive branch posts as Defence Secretary and Minister of Economic Development, while a third brother is the Speaker of Parliament. A large number of other relatives, including the President’s son, also serve in important political or diplomatic positions,”

It is a despicable statement most unworthy of a Secretary of State who was once a Presidential Candidate. 

If this is the stuff with which the President Barrack Obama’s State Department is made of  there is no wonder America is sliding into an inevitable depth of political calamity from one to another.  In making that “stupid” statement he  forgot that in America itself there were relatives of American Presidents in high posts.  President John Kennedy for instance appointed his brother Robert Kennedy as the  Attorney General.  It is very fortunate if a President can have  family members, who could hold important positions in the government.  Because they are after all  the most trust worthy, and those who could be counted upon to do a job of work according to the Presidents political manifesto.

In case of the family members of the President Rajapakse,  his brothers, son  and nieces who are with him in the Government were elected Members of the Parliament except the Secretary of Defence who was the most qualified to hold the post and responsible for the elimination of terrorism through able coordination of the Armed Forces and getting essential arms and armaments in time to continue a non-stop military operations against the terrorists until they were finally and completely eliminated.

John Kerry when he took over the State Department from Hillary Clinton many expected a change , but only Hillary Clinton has gone but people like Robert O’Blake remain. Therefore
there want be any change in the American State Department in its relation with regard to Sri Lanka, even with John Kerry as the State Secretary.

But at least now, despite the mistakes the President Barack Obama’s government had been doing , it is time his administration turns towards itself to set its own records correct with regard to human rights. It had been for many years using every trick possible to “police” the world with aggressivity, threat and embargos.  The price it pays now for all that is enormous.  The child poverty is at its worst in South Dakota.  The US census bureau has reported that in 2012, more than 16 percent of the American population live in poverty .

“There were about 643,000 sheltered and unsheltered homeless persons nation wide in January 2009. Almost two-thirds stayed in an emergency shelter or transitional housing program and the other third were living on the street, in an abandoned building, or another place not meant for human habitation. About 1.56 million people, or about 0.5% of the U.S. population, used an emergency shelter or a transitional housing program between October 1, 2008 and September 30, 2009. “ (Wikipedia). 

But yet Human Rights”¦.Human Rights says the US State Department.

No body seems to be safe in America, despite its CIA, FBI and other Agencies like the Human Rights Watch, Lawyers for Justice etc.  They are all out accusing  a small country like Sri Lanka for violation of human rights in eliminating a group of terrorists that made its people suffer for 30 long years, when in America even a five year old child takes to crime killing his kid sister with a gun he was given as a birthday present by his adorable parents. 

Elsewhere in the US, President Obama has just spoken after the US senate blocked a bill to expand background checks on gun owners, despite support from 90 per cent of Americans. Flanked by victims of gun violence, a clearly angry Mr Obama said the vote represented a shameful day for Washington.

In another report John Kerry says, “..On behalf of President Obama and the American people, I am eager to support the Sri Lankan people in this journey as you work to make progress on reconciliation and accountability four years after the end of the conflict which divided your country. The United States stands ready to partner with Sri Lanka and all Sri Lankans as you deal with these important issues,”.

But with the same breath , “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has proposed a 20 per cent cut in the American aid to Colombo, a move reflecting the unease in their ties over issues related to human rights, reconstruction and political integration in Sri Lanka after the end of the civil war.”  . 

The State Department of America depends on the American Embassy in Sri Lanka to  provide confidential information with regard to the activities of the Government of Sri Lanka.  But the informants  engaged by the  Ambassador Michelle Sison  cannot be relied upon as they are mainly the political opponents to the Government of Mahinda Rajapakse and pro-terrorists local NGO’s .  

President Barrack Obama has similar experience with those who oppose his Democratic Regime. All progressive bills the President Obama has presented are vehemently opposed by the Republican opposition.

It is the same with the opposition to the President  Mahinda Rajapkse’s government. The UNP, JVP or the TNA will not express appreciation of the considerable  work done so far by the Government of Sri Lanka for the development of the country and the reconciliation of the Communities. 

Therefore, if the American State Department goes on these reports prepared by the American Ambassador Michelle Sison based on the information  she had got from the most undemocratic selfish opposition to the Government of Sri Lanka, America will naturally be acting against a popular government with a dedicated President at its helm in Sri Lanka.

But yet the ill informed  Michelle Sison  playing second fiddle to Robert O’Blake , dare say that “ƒ”¹…”She has pointed out that the government has had ample time and space to address a number of concerns, especially to address allegations of violations of human rights and international humanitarian laws.’

American State Department is therefore unable to get objective information with regard to the Government of Sri Lanka and its  ground realities.  John Kerry should perhaps contact American Citizens who visit the country and help the people to ameliorate their condition, who not being interest in politics will give the State Department more important information than those he gets through the American Ambassador Michelle Sison.

One such American Citizen I think of is Ms. Amy Poirier from Staten Island , who in fact wrote both to John Kerry and the President Barack Obama, on real conditions existing in Sri Lanka gathered from ordinary people she mixes with  in humanitarian activities  she has undertaken  in Sri Lanka, and expressing her surprise at the passing of a resolution against Sri Lanka at the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

After seeing the Boston Marathon Bomb blast Ms.Amy Poirier wrote , “”¦What strikes me while watching the news during attacks now is that the people have no real idea how there lives have just changed.  There is a family who the father just completed the Boston Marathon, his 8 year old son ran up to him to hug him and on his return to his mother was killed, his younger sister and his mother had their legs torn off.  I simply cannot imagine the reality of these people lives now.  Then to take the thought even further this family is a true example of what others as in Sri Lanka had lived with for over 30 years.  

Can John Kerry think the way Mme Amy Poirier thought after the Boston terrorist attack –  that terrorism is the same  where ever it happens ?

This accounts for  the double standard of American State Department, despite its continued  harassment of countries, aiding rebels  for regime change. Syria problem could have been settled by America if it wanted to by contacting the rebel groups to advice them that the best  means to solve the problem is to have a dialogue with the government with the intermediary of America, Russia and China, instead of arming rebels to attack the Syrian Government Forces. 

President Barack Obama now, like the  former President Bush in respect of Iraq,  asserts that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad uses chemical weapons against his own people.  It may be a lie as it was with Iraq, as there are so many rebel groups sponsored by the International Community, which makes one pose the question,  who actually uses chemicals against the people ? It cannot certainly be the Government of Assad, as Syria had no capabilities of producing weapons of mass destruction.

It is time that Sri Lanka should stop to take stock of itself, Sri Lanka had been doing things to please the US and the West far too long. Nevertheless, the International Community will never be  satisfied and will continue to call for the “pound of flesh.”

It is therefore essential to do what is good for Sri Lanka (not what is good for the West), as now is the time for it,  and this time will never come again. What would happen to Sri Lanka  after Mahinda Rajpakse is any body’s guess.  We cannot expect UNP, and  least of all JVP, to do any thing better. They will only reverse what ever progress Sri Lanka  has made since 2005.

The American Ambassador Michell Sison is already acting as the Viceroy of Sri Lanka, and America has taken over the role of a police state, keeping tag on Sri Lanka, without contributing any thing to its development and progress.  Sri Lanka has been let down by the former colonialists , European Community and  its neighbour India.

Therefore, Sri Lanka should take its own protective measures to develop the country and reconcile the Communities. As long as TNA is allowed to keep their Parliamentary Membership  and allowed to exist as a political party despite high treason they are committing  against the  Country day in and the day out, reconciliation of the Sinhala Community and the Tamil Community becomes more and more difficult.

Therefore the Government should walk out of its “cocoon” and take decisive action what ever the consequences would be.  Sri Lanka has defeated a most ruthless terrorist group without any body’s help.  It could therefore be able to face any consequences that would follow after taking essential  decisions in the interest of the country despite the USA and the West.

First and foremost, the 13 Amendment should be removed as it was accepted to facilitate  the Indian Peace Keeping Force to move about the terrorist controlled areas in the North and the East. The IPKF left long ago and terrorism has since been eliminated therefore there is no reason to maintain the 13Amendment. 

Secondly, legal action should be taken against the TNA which was a party  ” floated” by the terrorists to be their spokes men in the Sri Lanka Parliament.  The TNA should have been disbanded in May 2009.  It was a mistake to have kept them to represent the Tamils.  Even today TNA remains the voice of the terrorists and the pro-terrorist Tamil diaspora. The Government should demand a court order to disband TNA.

Thirdly, we should inform the UN and the UN Human Rights Council not to interfere with the internal affairs of the Country and that Sri Lanka would  implement only those  recommendations of the LLRC which Sri Lanka considers is important to build good Communal relations and allow the country as a whole to benefit from those recommendations without being selective.

Sri Lanka should strengthen the Military Camps in the North and the East and settle down the Sinhala IDPs, without further delay.

Fourthly, Thesavalamai should be withdrawn as a law of Sri Lanka, Shariah law should be forbidden.  The citizens of Sri Lanka should have one Law and that has to be obeyed by all.  Any body should be allowed to buy land and settle down in North and the East as it is happening in the South.

Fifthly, we should inform the Secretary of US State Department not to make damaging remarks about Sri Lanka. The fact that the Rajapakse brothers are at the helm of the Government Administration is no business of the US State Department.  What matters is whether the people of Sri Lanka accepts the situation  or not. 

John Kerry is the US State Secretary and Sri Lanka is a Sovereign Democratic State, not a Dictatorship or a lawless  country of savages, and above all not a Subject Nation of USA.  Sri Lanka is not bound by the US Country Reports or  US Congress Committee Reports.  Sri Lanka should not be threatened to do what it does not want to do. 

Sri Lanka would like to remain a  poor country but not a subservient country.  If the International Community proposes to march along with its NATO Forces against  Sri Lanka,  the USA and the International Community should take note that Sri Lanka is not alone, it has its friends to defend it, even if India were to once again turn a traitor to Sri Lanka.

The US State Secretary John Kerry instead of going by third party false accounts of Sri Lanka should be  “man” enough to visit Sri Lanka, and  judge the ground situation himself.  He should request the US Ambassador Michelle Sison not to act as the American Viceroy in Sri Lanka appointed to  overseer every activity of the Government of Sri Lanka, and confine herself to her Ambassadorial functions.

Sixthly Sri Lanka should inform the USA and the International Community which keeps Sri Lanka on the top of their red list of dangerous countries, that Sri Lanka has finished with terrorism and is answerable to no one for their elimination and “collateral “damages if there were any.

Lastly Sri Lanka should ask the white supremacist Stephen Harper to go and “fly a kite” and that we are least concerned whether he attends the CHOGM or not. Even if the CHOGM is not held in Sri Lanka it  would not be the end of the world.

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  1. aloy Says:

    If US gets a military base in Maldives, there will definitely be an American Viceroy in SL unless we try to be another country like Cuba. Probably they are trying to develop their own string of pearls, to contain both India and China and dictate terms to them while maintaining the supremacy of the west.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    “Secondly, legal action should be taken against the TNA which was a party “ floated” by the terrorists to be their spokes men in the Sri Lanka Parliament. The TNA should have been disbanded in May 2009.”


    It’s not too late.

    But our leaders are NOT AS WISE as Charles. They see only 3 months ahead.

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