Racism and Bigotry on TIME – Is journalism the new soft terror?
Posted on August 16th, 2013

Samuel Brewstaer

TIME is known for their extremist view of developing nations and world Buddhists. The following examples, which amount to a tiny portion from a very large list, will show without any doubt that TIME is corrupt, narrow-minded and racist.
Acting Like Bigots: Supporting Racism and Terror, and Attacking Developing Democracies
TIME has a track record for supporting suicide terrorists, audaciously pandering to liberal politicians and attacking developing democracies. They have no shame or a conscience.
TIME is not alone in its filthy and racist approach to so-called journalism. Google News, CBS, CNN, New York Times, BBC, Channel 4 UK, Guardian UK and ABC Australia share the same misguided and dim-witted approach. Is journalism the new soft terror? How did journalism become such a disgusting job?

2 Responses to “Racism and Bigotry on TIME – Is journalism the new soft terror?”

  1. callistus Says:

    Thank you sir for this article. Please do come to CHOGM here in Sri Lanka and report to the world.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    TIME magazine is well known in the US as a left wing trash that is the mouth piece of the current government’s socialist policies. There was a time when the TIME magazine had objective articles but that was in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. Other such magazines and newspapers include the New York Post, Washington Post, Newsweek, including television media such as CNN, MSNBC and CBS. their subscriptions and audience have dramatically dropped in favor of FOX news channel whose following is surpasses the combined following of CNN, MSNBC and CBS.

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