Where are the next of kin of the supposedly executed 40,000-125,000 Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka?
Posted on August 18th, 2013

By Shenali Waduge

The “experts” and “authorities” must have their say and certainly their voice is far more powerful than a country as small as Sri Lanka. They are the ones that make the laws, they decide who the villains and the heroes are, they can make heroes into villains and villains into heroes, they can frame charges, they can also decide not to frame charges – in short it is only their wishes that prevail. Justice is justice that suits them and not the victims. Victims are who they define as victims on a selective basis and perpetrators are all those that do not conform to their agendas. It is with these incongruities that Sri Lanka finds itself being allegedly bullied and thrown figures of casualties that vary between initial figures of 7000 to 40,000 to 60,000 and now to 125,000. Given that we accept the figures by these “authorities” – what next needs to be asked is 4 years on where are the next of kin of these 125,000 or even 40,000 – why have they not come forward naming the “executed”?

We now come to those who are making these guestimate figures. US Secretary of State Robert Blake states 40,000 died at the US Congressional hearing to which US House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee Congressman Eni F.H. Faleomavaega asked “why are we picking on a little country like Sri Lanka” and Mr. Faleomavaega recommended that the US Resolution should be withdrawn for “focusing only on the last few months of the war and failing to acknowledge…. almost 30 years, the Tamil Tigers hacked to death innocent men , women and children in Sri Lanka, carried out some 378 suicide attacks more than any other terrorist organization in the world.”

Then there is Gordon Weiss who initially quoted 7000 but to boost his book that figure changed to 40,000 which he changed to 10,000 at his book launch and disowned responsibility for change of numbers, denoting the pastime of picking figures from the air to embarrass a nation that eliminated a terrorist organization banned by 32 nations including the very country bringing the Resolution against Sri Lanka. Not to miss joining the bandwagon – the UN Panel of Experts too says that as many as 40,000 “may have been killed”. It is this “may have” that is causing the alarms to ring in all the hallways of the UN and the world.

We can however match the “may have” with numbers and details of every gruesome attack carried out by the LTTE killing thousands of innocent civilians not in any war zone area but people who had been sleeping in their villages, children on their way to school, student monks on their way to prayer, women and children praying at the temple, the ordinary public seated on a bus going to their workplaces, visiting relatives or taking food to a patient in hospital who were in an instant blown to pieces because a member of the LTTE had disguised themselves as a civilian and left a parcel bomb under a bus seat and left the scene. Such attacks are too long to list but have not had anything more than the usual diplomatically worded statement and it has been business as usual for the LTTE.

The confusions are many. On the ground there are reports by both UN and Government officials that give one version which can be verified and then on the other there are the astronomic figures that continue to fall from the sky alleging unbelievable numbers. If the UNICEF sponsored Family Tracing and Verification Unit compiled in 2011 indicate the total number of untraceable persons as 2,564 out of which 676 are children and more importantly out of these children 64% have been reported as LTTE abductions are we to believe this ground survey or the versions of those thousands of miles away and from people who refuse to accept these ground statistics and insist the Government answers to their figures. If we were to ask any of the other Sri Lanka bashers it is pretty certain they may even quote 500,000 or more – and yet at most there can’t be more than 2.4million Tamils in Sri Lanka and 1million of that number are already overseas now….. so these inflated figures are indeed very amusing as their guestimates become higher and higher.

Additionally there are the reports by organizations such as UN, Government Agents, World Food Program and doctors and their civilian population estimates indicate a highest figure of around 300,000 which corresponds with the figure that the Sri Lankan military saved and the anomaly matches the number quoted by the UN country team as being dead – 7721 people. What the Government should do is to tabulate the number of Tamils who would have fled the North from 2006 onwards either to live in Colombo or even those that left Sri Lanka.

Then there is the satellite analysis report on the graveyards in Mullaitivu by the American Association for the Advancement of Science identifying 3 graveyards which had expanded to a highest number of 1346 and one of the graveyards belonging to the LTTE showed 960 burials.

Then there is the Enumeration of Vital Events 2011 carried out in June/July 2011 by Tamil officers (most of whom were teachers serving in the North) on the population in the Northern Province and covers population, migration, deaths and untraceable persons from 2005 to 2009. According to these officers the total number killed from January to 31 May 2009 is 7896 inclusive of LTTE terrorists while death as a result of natural deaths due to old age/sickness etc were 1102.


The 1981 census declared the Mullaitivu total population as 77512 (Tamils = 69,670 / Sinhalese =3,948 / Muslims =3,777) while all other census figures have been estimates with 2007 figure placed at 220,311. The 2012 census places the total Mullaitivu district population as 91,947. The Mullaitivu district is 2,516.9(km2). Mullaitivu was the LTTE hideout and from where they recruited and trained their terror forces. It was from where the LTTE recruited its men, women and children apart from the recruitments done in the East of Sri Lanka – all the while it was careful selection of low caste impoverished Tamils who became LTTE fighters. It is good for a proper study to be done to establish the caste factor amongst LTTE recruitment to prove this beyond doubt. We can assume that apart from high castes holding important posts in the LTTE not a single high caste would have become a suicide member of the LTTE.

Anyway let us analyze these conflicting figures. A leaked UN report placed civilian deaths at around 7000. The UN Expert Panel report does say that a UN Country Team document estimated that 7,721 civilians were killed and 18479 were injured between August 2008 and 13 May 2009 but the UN Expert Panel says the figures are too low to accept. What right does a Panel have to completely throw to the dustbin facts and figures compiled by UN observers on the ground? By 18th May the entire military operation against the LTTE was completed. Are we to then presume that between 13th May and 18th May – in just 5 days the Sri Lankan military killed 125,000 or 40,000 people why did they then save approximately 295,000 which is no small number and these were not saved together but in batches and from different locations where the people braved LTTE fire to escape because the LTTE did not want their “volunteers” to desert them.

On 10th February 2009 – LTTE fired and killed 19 Tamil civilians whilst the Army rescued 1046 civilians in Puthukkuduyiruppu. The dead included 2 children, 5 women and 12 males. The UN Panel of Experts also says that the “Tigers kept on fighting even when it became clear they had lost in order to save the lives of its leaders. This futile prolonging of the conflict resulted in many civilians dying unnecessarily” yet what never gets said is that the armed forces saved several LTTE leaders (Daya Master, George) while Soosai’s family were captured by the SL Navy while attempting to get away. Given the presumed notion that the SL armed forces are killers shouldn’t they have been killed? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJsoTH8MKC8

The UN Panel of Experts also notes that “Tigers shot at point blank any civilian trying to leave the conflict zone” as well as the fact that “Tamil Tigers fired artillery from near civilians. They also stored military equipment near civilians and civilian structures such as hospitals” – nevertheless apart from mentioning these nothing has happened about LTTE accountability. We now say – take the LTTE fronts to task for all LTTE crimes.

Very little emphasis is ever given to the fact that civilian deaths should be attributed to LTTE firing upon them. All the while it is conveniently concluded that every civilian death has to have been committed by the armed forces and no argument! What kind of justice is this? This is how things would have happened in kangaroo courts of the LTTE but we do not expect such from esteemed places like the UN!

The decision to militarily defeat a designated terrorist organization was taken after it had drenched a nation in blood for 30 years. That appears not to matter to the UN or foreign governments. Despite a foreign brokered ceasefire in place the LTTE carried out assassinations and cut short the supply of water – a fundamental UN declared right to people in the Mavil Aru area of East Sri Lanka. That decision to militarily defeat a terrorist organization banned by 32 nations was taken after 30 years of suffering, after listening to foreign governments and when none of their peace recipes offered a solution.

When the GOSL requested the LTTE to release the Tamil civilians and even the UN appealed for the same it was the LTTE and its foreign fronts who declared that the civilians were with them voluntarily. This alone takes away the rights of civilians if they are involved in hostilities and the UN Expert Panel too says that “Tamil tigers refused to allow civilians to leave the conflict zone”, “forcibly recruited members during the whole civil war but this intensified during the final stages of the war. Some of the recruits were young as 14”, “tigers forced civilians to dig trenches, risking making them look like combatants” – Now this is the UN Secretary General’s Panel of Experts clearly revealing that Tamil civilians were engaged in hostilities which makes us ask how many civilians were actually involved and how are soldiers to know to apply the principle of distinction in a situation where civilians are involved in terrorist activity given that LTTE chose to remove their uniforms and fight in civilian attire in the final stages. It was as a civilian that a LTTE suicide bomber came to a makeshift refugee camp and blew herself up killing scores of Tamil civilians inclusive of the female soldiers attached to the Sri Lanka army providing medical assistance and food for these malnutritioned civilians whom the LTTE had not given to eat despite the Sri Lankan Government never stopping the flow of food, medicines and even fuel to the North throughout the 30 years of conflict.

Much of the “accountability” rests on the question of Tamil civilian casualty. Sri Lanka cannot admit to death totals that Gordon Weiss, Frances Harrison, LTTE fronts, David Miliband, Siobhain McDonagh, Bruce Haigh, Navi Pillai et al come up with without substantiating with facts as against the ground records and reports available corresponding with the UN Country Team’s observation.

If Sri Lanka is to be crucified simply because it is refusing to accept ghost numbers to satisfy an agenda – so be it but we continue to say that Sri Lanka’s armed forces did not kill 40,000 or 125,000. Given that none of the deaths are being attributed to the LTTE, if governments are sincere they should now turn their questions towards the LTTE front organizations who have been steering the LTTE killing machine from their western confines and put them on the dock for a change. We can but wonder when UN will have officials thinking in a balanced way as US House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee Congressman Eni F.H. Faleomavaega or Australia Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop and Scott Morrison or UK’s Ian Paisely?

The double standards must stop.

9 Responses to “Where are the next of kin of the supposedly executed 40,000-125,000 Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    This double standards will NOT stop.

    We have to have a method to BUST their OVERALL PLAN.

    NP is a Tamil terrorist. She will always be a Tamil terrorist.

    She should be shown around Wellawatta, etc.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    This article is exactly what I have commented that needs to be addressed. We live in an age of instant news, where privacy is a luxury while a stellar of satellites just from India alone could pinpoint every single body killed during those last days of the war. There is a mountain of evidence yet to be released and yet the UN. Great Britain and the US are more than willing to charge an entire nation based on a single video called “channel 4”. this begs the question why?
    Is it because the US, the UK and India are involved in a “containment policy” of China’s rapid expansion of her military powers and China and Sri Lanka have signed a historic agreement termed “cooperative Strategic ‘partnership'”. What awaits the world with this “strategic partnership” between one of the world’s greatest powers and one of the worlds most strategic nation? Should such a partnership be allowed without some action and if so what action.
    to me the obvious conclusion is to divide Sri Lanka and deny China that strategic nation. All indicators point that way for non of these powers want to seek the truth of the real numbers for it would defeat whatever purpose they have in mind.
    That leaves Sri Lanka and maybe with the help of China to expose the necessary documents to finally dispel the notion that 40 thousand or 125 thousand or a million were killed in a span of nine days. These nations are willing to accept the ludicrous and the unbelievable rather than the truth and facts. That shows that they are engaged in a greater purpose to push this concocted lies for their gain.
    All that Sri Lanka can do is expose the truth by getting these documents from the UN or filing a legal case to get them by that means. Will it change the minds of those involved in containing China. probably not. But what it will definitely do is put in question their charges since concrete proof has been offered and denied and of demoed then Colombo has to make it clear that she will do anything that is necessary to uphold the integrity of Sri Lanka and this article is definitely a good starting point. Now this article needs to make it to the mainstream.
    Finally when I say that Sri Lanka should be ready to do anything that should also include nations harboring Tamil terrorists and question the point why their Embassies are allowed on Sri Lankan soil? If they believe in dividing Sri Lanka why give them an opportunity to be represented in Sri Lanka. If Tamil Nadu persists in demonizing Sri Lanka then hold New Delhi and India responsible for not doing away with TESO and assure New Delhi that the Colombo harbor will and can be used by the Chinese since New Delhi is not doing anything to uphold the sovereignty of Sri Lanka by allowing Tamil Nadu to TESO do whatever they want. Reward China with a full presence of her power into the Indian ocean because by now Sri Lanka has very little to lose against a biased UN, a biased India, a biased Europe and a biased US. Time to play hardball especially if that would negatively effect the Tamil National Alliance. Time for the Buddhist Sanga to gain and not lose power and play a central role in politics.
    If there is any example of a Buddhist nation trying to protect her identity it is Myanmar which sees the threat of an ever growing Muslim presence. take a Que from that nation. take a Que from Israel and do what is needed to keep Sri Lanka in one piece even if that is not to the satisfaction of India or the West.
    When a nation wins a war it is the winner that has the right to write the history and not the loser. To date the world has given the Tamils who lost the war to define Sri Lanka, This abnormality has to be corrected and the Hindu Tamils including the Muslims must swallow the bitter pill that Sri Lanka is neither a Tamil Hindu state nor a Muslim nation and will remain united at any cost.

  3. S de Silva Says:

    Sadly, the GoSL etc, etc still do not seem to appreciate some basic facts on the needed action when others lie on you.
    We should have challenged the figures then and there and threatened to sue them for libel when these numbers first appeared – which is what many including myself have demanded for so long. In the West when people lie about you, that is what is always done. Again, as I have said times before, we need to start with Gordon Weiss and the contents of his book containing the ‘ORIGIN’ of his cooked up 40,000 figure. It is never too late to do that if you wish to crushingly kick shut prmanently the mouths of Gordon Weiss and similar other liars parroting exaggeraed casualty numbers ad-nausiam. UNLESS we do that, these allegations will go on indefinitely – S de Silva – London

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Tamils barbarians plan animal sacrifice this Wednesday.

    Munneswaram barbarians are going to kill a thousand animals for no reason this Wednesday.

    Do something to STOP it.

    Killing innocent animals is a CURSE which brings BAD LUCK and DISASTERS to the country. Kill the killers!

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    There are no next of kin to IMAGINARY numbers of Tamils dead. The ltte earlier declared that around 6,000 cadre died in the final war. The Lanka Armed forces lost over 7,000 personnel. Extra care was taken not to kill Tamil civilians, thus exposing the Army to more dangers and loss of life of SL Army soldiers.

    Kill animals in sacrifice > kill human beings ‘in sacrifice’ ? Wither Tamil religion & culture ? Where is the longed for Tamil self respect headed ?

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    With Navi Pillai in SL in a few days NO ONE – NO MERVIN, NO BUDDHIST MONK MP will STOP the killing of living beings for fun in Munneswaram. These are Satan worshippers.

    This CURSE brings bad luck to the nation.

    It MUST be stopped.

    NO ONE has the right to TAKE LIFE for the fun of it. Even children are watching how headless chooks drip blood and run o their deaths. They will be serial killers. Animals screaming in pain and seeing other animals tortured.

    This is DISGUSTING in a Buddhist country.

    THIS IS the Tamil culture and religion in the 21st century. Should we save it? I don’t think so. Some foolish others also follow Tamilians into barbarity but their numbers are less than Tamilians.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:


    Animal Sacrifice : This is not the Hindu culture of the high caste Tamils. Only Tamil folk of low caste/Dalit origin indulge in animal sacrifice. Tamil Nadu has BANNED Animal Sacrifice. Why not Sri Lanka ?

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Yes. It is a low caste Hindu practice. (High caste Hindus sacrifice HUMANS instead!!)

    But that doesn’t give any relief. We have to BAN this dirt.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Yes, BAN Animal Sacrifice. Right now, CHOGM is in the way of progressive Laws here.


    Another matter is the numbers of TSUNAMI (Dec 2004) dead in the North. Sri Lanka lost over 35,000 souls in that tragedy. How many Tamil people died in the North East & North during the Tsunami ?

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