‘Call for Indian intervention’ – Neelakandan
Posted on September 9th, 2013


The Sri Lanka-India Friendship Society gathered last week-end at the Taj Samudra to celebrate the Indian Independence Day. At this meeting, its President, Attorney at Law, Kandiah Neelakandan had, in an unscheduled speech ,’…called for Indian intervention to save the civil society in Sri Lanka’. Neelakandan & Neelakandan law firm represented Shiranie Bandaranayake, former CJ., for her impeachment motion. However, many guests who had been taken aback by these remarks had made their comments about it to the Indian High Commissioner who was the chief guest at this function. Because it was not the venue for political speeches. Further, the function of the society is not to create animosity but cooperation between the two communities.

The TNA and people like Neelakandan seem to make speeches which would create tension among the innocent Tamils in the North. The brunt of the last war was borne by them, while the TNA leadership and the LTTE henchmen led a comfortable life in Colombo and made money.

The Indian intervention in 1987 by sending the IPKF was a disaster and India learnt a bitter lesson from it. It’s end result was the death of Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi.

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  1. jayasiri Says:

    WHO apointed or elected this Tamil to be President of India – Sri Lanka Friendship. WE DO NOT have friendly relationship with India THAT is in the past. IF INDIA again intervened that is THE day INDIA realizes the real WRATH of SINHALESE, BUDHHISTS & other minorities except TAMILS.

    They want a GOD father to come & protect them. Every diareah they get, TNA runs to India to get ADVICE on how to deal with lanka.

    People like MEON, RAO are the people who sit in the side lines & listen to this garbage produced by Tamil nadu ( which is really the HOME Of Lankan Tamils too). TAMILS should NEVER go to Europe, USA or UK, because those are for the CIVILIZED people like Sinhalese. There is NO ROOM for Terrorists & LIARS to go to Europe or USA or Canada.

    They should live in TN because LTTE took instructions from Tamil Nadu (toilet state) leaders to attack Sri Lanka. Both leading parties in TN, have NOTHING else to say, BUT poaching, & how HUNGRY is Indian parasites in TN, and want our people to suffer because of their misfortunes, creatd BRIBARY, CORRUPTION, RAPE you name it, they are in it.

    Is this man BLIND with 4-5% of the Tamil population in Lanka, NOW, Tamils ARE NOT recognized by our President as a MAJOR gropu to present GRIEVENCIES. THEY, THE TAMILS are a SUB-GROUP and their leaders are MUSLIMS. They have contact Muslims first & then approach through them to get President’s audience.

    ALL MY LIFE I have to teach Indians & Tamils how to live in a country when they arrive as refugees or on Business, BUT they just do not get it..No more concessions, THE benefits already given WILL BE CLAWED back, & INDIA MUST return US$ 200. 00 BILLION for training & snding LTTE o de-stablize Sri Lanka. OTHERWISE we will OCCUPY JAFFNA BY FORCE…..Just giving enough warning to these gereatic, PARIPPU loving Indians & Lankan Tamils….~J

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    It’s always the same receipt – call INDIA when stuck. When the other skullduggery (usually for funds) fail, then call INDIA !

    India herself is stuck in some problems of her own, and we have to sort out our own problems. That is the truth of the matter.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:


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