Self-Interest Before Principle – Dompost 27th Nov
Posted on December 1st, 2013

Dr. Chula Rajapakse Spokesperson , United Sri Lanka Assn. Lower Hutt.

 The Editor,
Dear Editor,
Prime Minister John Key’s not supporting further inquiries on Sri Lanka at the CHOGM , is similar to the stand of all fifty three members of the Commonwealth including India whose PM stayed away, bar Canada and the UK. The latter’s  decisions were dictated by the influence of the Tamil vote in key marginal electorates that would determine the outcome of the next general election in their countries.
By his stand Mr. Key has demonstrated NZ’s ability to make independent decisions, even when breaking ranks with traditional allies. This would only enhance immensely it’s credentials for being on the UN security council, not detract from it as Grant Bayldon of Amnesty International attempts to suggest.
Prolonging the deception of tiger origin of  “ongoing killings and disappearances” in Sri Lanka, is in their interest. . Many of them owe their ability to enjoy western comforts as refugees , to this deception. Their billion dollar war chest has enabled them to procure powerful proxies to orchestrate this deception. Amnesty International  stands prominent among them , having received a $50,000 donation from the Tiger Diaspora in Canada in January 2012.
Dr. Chula Rajapakse
Spokesperson ,
United Sri Lanka Assn.
Lower Hutt.

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