Follow-up to “Scribes of Prostitution” – Do Value Chain in Media Pay Taxes?
Posted on December 29th, 2013

Prof. Hudson McLean

The following article published in LankaWeb received several positive comments as well as an important question from a friend.
Have Sri Lankan Journalists turned into Scribes of Prostitution?
Prof. Hudson McLean  –
-Full Story- (LankaWeb – 29/12/13)
Follow-up to “Scribes of Prostitution” – Do Value Chain in Media Pay Taxes?
The question raised one pertinent point. 
Since it is alleged that some of the journalists acting for the leading newspapers, TV producers, are “in the make”, and publicly known fact,
Does this mean that the “illegally & unethically earned (Tax Free?) revenue is shared between the Publisher as well as the Editorial & Management Staff?”
If this is the case, if such (Grey) income is not declared for State Taxation, then Should the entire Value Chain be opened for investigation for Tax Evasion, Fraud, Bribery & Corruption?
I am told that most of the Senior Journalists who demand Payment for Publication, dispense  their sudden ill-gotten wealth on luxury vehicles and building Sri Lankan Pyramids.
The Income Tax Officers with the help of CID  should now investigate such “road” to  luxuries and recover Taxation. There are many simple ways to catch the culprits. Hopefully, the Tax Officers are do not get dragged into the Drag-net! 
The Scum of Journalism, those who Write for Bucks, have reduced the Credibility of Sri Lanka, down the drain-pipes.
As it is, as published in my earlier article, Sri Lanka is well down and still going down in the Ratings of Corruption, from bad to worse. Possibly the  journalists are adding “Fuel to the Fire”.
Pen is Mightier than the Sword or a Suicide Bomber
The Rajapaksa Regime damned well proved it Right!
Whilst I “Take my Hat-off” to the incredible fete of HE President Mahinda Rajapaksa for annihilating LTTE & Terrorism, the “Golden Globe” should be awarded to Dr. Gothabhaya Rajapaksa, the Defense Secretary.  I feel that it is Gothabhaya who can block this type of “Off-Road Corruption”.
With this kind of bad or poor unethical reputation of journalism in Sri Lanka, could one assume that both the Pen & the Sword are up for grabs to the highest bidder?
The Kalanduru or Cyprus Rotundus, of the Terrorism is spreading underneath the green green grass of Sri Lanka with many wealthy Tamil dissidents pouring fertilizer on top, simply to keep the Terrorism alive. On the other side of the fence, the Tamil Nadu leaders are watching & waiting, largely supported by USA, EU, Australia, Norway etc.
I do hope that the Owners, Publishers of the Sri Lanka media take-note of whats going on within the Sinhala-operated media, and pay the journalists a decent wage, with incentives to maintain independent uncorrupted Press. An independent and ethical Press also adds value to the Advertising Rates.
With cell phones, phablets, tablets,  laptops available from US$30-; its a matter of time when the powerful promoters offer sponsored-equipment at give-away prices, for almost nothing.
Printed media have a limited life-span even in Sri Lanka, when the poorest of the poor will turn into the Internet sooner than later. With Free Internet and with the likes of LankaWeb, many Interactive Voices will erupt, flushing toilet (news) paper down the loo.
Lets hope that the 2014 brings a cleaner journalistic talent!
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3 Responses to “Follow-up to “Scribes of Prostitution” – Do Value Chain in Media Pay Taxes?”

  1. Christie Says:

    Media is the same every where. I will tell you a true story. in 1983 after the July massacre of unarmed Sinhala officers by the Indian terrorists outfit branded Tamil Tigers a person wanted to publish a memorial notice for the dead officers in an English news paper in London. he started with The Guardian who refused saying they needed death certificates of the dead. The Guardian has always taken an interest in affairs of Ceylon. The Mail, The Sun etc. also refused giving all sorts of excuses. Finally The London Times accepted the notice. According to Cadet who took the notice there were a number of reasons why the other papers did not take up the notice even though the notice was a paid one. Most of the news papers were sold by small shop keepers who were Indians. There was hardly any Sinhalese living in London or England while there were many Indians. There were a lot of Indian businesses who had accounts with news papers. The freedom of press is only for a selected few in the world.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    At least 70 journalists were killed on the job around the world in 2013, including 29 who died covering the civil war in Syria and 10 slain in Iraq, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

    Reporters and commentators who covered police misconduct, political corruption or drug trafficking and other sensitive topics were slain in separate incidents in Egypt, Brazil, Colombia, the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Russia.

    SL has done VERY WELL with ZERO journalist deaths in 2013!!!

    This information MUST be used by SL to win its propaganda war.

  3. Lorenzo Says:


    In another massive victory for the LTTE (TNA) the govt. has decided to SACK Maj Gen GA Chandrasiri as GOVERNOR of NP and appoint a PRO-LTTE/TNA person. GAC is likely to be made the New Zealand or Australian HC.

    This is a HUGE defeat for SL and a MASSIVE victory for LTTE (TNA) which has been a long term demand.

    East too has a military governor. He too will have to be replaced with someone who can get into bed with the SLMC.

    What next?

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