Delegates at the UNHR Council should reject the report presented by Navi Pillai as her impartiality is in question.
Posted on March 6th, 2014

By Charles.S.Perera

The UNO according to its Charter is to develop good relations with its member states, to develop, peace and security. UNO is to harmonize the actions of its member states to solve their common economic, cultural or humanitarian problems.  It accepts the equality of all states without consideration of their  economic or political status.  Every one working in the UN System from the Director General to the junior most staff member should be an embodiments of the noble principles laid down in the UN Charter.

All members of the UN System should perform the duties allocated to them without bias, or prejudice  towards any Member State, and with absolute impartiality.  They should extend that impartiality not only to the Member States, but also towards Communities  within Member states without being favourable to one, and biased against another.

These are the noble principles of the UN Charter that should be emulated by  every  member of the UNSystem.   Therefore in Selecting a Professional Staff Member  as a Head of a UN Commission, those who are responsible for such appointments should be careful to select a person  who could stand upto  those noble principles of the UNCharter,  against whom no finger  could be raised for partiality, bias, or prejudice.

Has the UNO selection board In the appointment of Ms. Navi Pillai as the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights investigated  her suitability  in terms of the Noble Principles of the UN System laid down by the founding fathers of UNO ?

Even though the predecessor of the Present UN Commissioner for Human Rights , the Canadian Ms. Louise Arbour, lacked impartiality due to her being influenced by the Tamil Community in Canada, Navi Pillai the Present UN Commissioner for Human Rights is on the other hand  pro-Sri Lanka Tamils by being herself a Tamil, and suffered for being a Tamil. Therefore she is biased against the Government of Sri Lanka on the question of Sri Lanka Tamils.

 Hence her suitability to present a report on how Sri Lanka eliminated Tamil terrorists, and how it affected the Tamil people  in Sri Lanka is not acceptable. The Secretary General of UNO should not have allowed her to investigate and present a report on Sri Lanka as there is an evident  conflict of interest.

The Board of Selection of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, should not have gone by her qualifications alone, but should have examined her background and her  psychological suitability to hold this very high post in the UN System, as she has to work with countries having  Tamil Communities, to which she herself belongs.

She belonged to the South African Tamil Community.  She was born  and brought up in a  poor ghetto of the South African Tamils in Durban.  She suffered under South African apartheid  system   from her birth, and  throughout  her growing years.  She suffered because she was a Tamil.

She recounts her child hood in her own words, ” We lived in Clairwood… a victim of race riots in 1949 and that’s what  caused the fear  on part of the residents of Clairwood, including my parents.  With me firstly, when I was six years old  I was the victim of robbery. My mother had given me my father’s entire monthly wages, which was Rs.5 to take to him.  He was a bus driver I was supposed to meet him at the corner and hand his money to him.  Meanwhile he had not asked for the money it was his conductor who had planned that ruse and he grabbed the money from my hand off he went.

My mother beat me up for that. I don’t know why the victim get beaten.  Anyway,and I ended up giving evidence in court at the age of seven in the same Durban High Court where I many years later sat as a judge….. but really what bugged me is that we didn’t get the Rs.5 back and I felt so guilty as a child that I had caused the lost to my parents.”

The seeds  of racial hatred  was thus born in her from her very tender age of  six years.  The Registrar of the Natal University had advised her against studying law as it was not imaginable that a non-white lawyer gives instructions to white secretaries.  However she overcame difficulties opening her own law practice, as nobody would employ her, and becoming in 1995 to be the first coloured lawyer to appear in the South African Supreme Court.

It had been a continuous struggle against discrimination by the White apartheid South African Government because of her being a Tamil.  Thus she went on to become an anti apartheid activist.  These are remarkable achievements, but they also resulted in her becoming a staunch defender of those who are  discriminated against for being Tamils.  In the mean time LTTE had infiltrated into the South African Tamil Community in Durban and organised a series of LTTE Front Organisations.  They come in contact with the ANC Leaders and organised training Camps.

The LTTE carried out propaganda in South Africa for the Tamils in Sri Lanka.  They began drawing parallels with Sri Lanka and South Africa, equalling the treatment of Tamils in Sri Lanka to  that of the blacks in South Africa.  They drew parallels between British handing of South Africa to Boers with Sri Lanka to the Sinhalese.

They claimed that in Sri Lanka the Sinhalese have occupied the lands of the Tamils, and made Tamils foreigners in their own homelands.  They did not hesitate to compare Mandela to Prbhakaran.  The LTTE front organisations started working with the South African Parliamentarians, and began collecting funds for the LTTE to campaign against the Government of Sri Lanka.

The anti-apartheid  activist that was  Navineethan  Pillai was certainly in contact with some of these LTTE Front Organisers as she was sympathetic to the cause of the Tamils. Having met these  sympathetic LTTE agents in South Africa Navi Pillai had no reason to believe that the Tamil were terrorists.  They were  only fighting to free themselves from the anti Tamil  Sinhala government.  This must have been driven deep into her mind having herself suffered from apartheid because she was a Tamil.

Her appointment as the UN  Commisioner for Human Rights, was for her an occasion to defend also the rights of the Tamils discriminated against by any government in the world.  But that regrettable psychological bias against any government  which is claimed to have discriminated against Tamils would  not allow Navi Pillai to investigate such a  problem impartially and objectively.  This is what has happened to Navi Pillai in investigating the problem of Tamils with the Government of Sri Lanka.

The problems of the Tamils in Sri Lanka have become her problem, and therefore she is out to take revenge from Sri Lanka Sinhala Government, as she was taking revenge from the apartheid Government of South Africa that discriminated against her for being a Tamil.

 Navineetham Pillai is therefore  not suitable to have been appointed as the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.  Her background had not been sufficiently investigated and her  psychological make up  after having been born and  brought up in a brutal apartheid surrounding ,  and suffered  for her accident of birth as a Tamil which would remain a prejudice which will blind her to objective evaluation of political issues involving Tamil people,  had not been taken into consideration in selecting her to  such a high post in the UN System.

Jiddu Krishnamurthy, the well known mystic philosopher had said that each one of us  is a fractioned being.  An individual is therefore fractioned. One fraction is  of the  nationality, one of the religion, another of the social status, another of the profession, and so on.  Hence when one looks at a problem it will be with the fraction that is concerned most with the problem.  That does not allow one to see the whole of the problem.  Only way to be impartial and objective in looking at a problem is therefore to look at the it  as an un-fractioned whole.

Navi Pillai is therefore looking at the Tamil problem in Sri Lanka from the fraction of her Tamilness because of which she herself suffered.  In such a situation Navi Pillai

will never see the reality, and understand  the truth of terrorism in Sri Lanka.

She will not see that  Sri Lanka government and its Armed Forces after elimination of terrorism is not discriminating against the Tamil Community,  but treating  the people of all Communities  as citizens of one Sri Lanka, without differentiating the people as belonging to a minority Community  or a majority Community.

In what ever way it is explained, for Navi Pillai the problem is how she sees it.

In that situation the honourable Delegates at the present session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva should reject  the report present by the UN High Commissioner Navi Pillai, and consider her unsuitability to  hold the post of  the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights  and investigate into the problem of Sri Lanka as there is an evident conflict of interest.

29 Responses to “Delegates at the UNHR Council should reject the report presented by Navi Pillai as her impartiality is in question.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    ““The International Community has deceived the genocide affected Tamils on delivering international investigations,” said Ananthi Sasitharan, a councillor of the Northern Provincial Council, at a press conference held in Jaffna on Thursday. “The draft resolution being circulated in Geneva has failed to satisfy even the minimum expectations. It has totally disregarded the repeated requests from Tamils to the IC to deliver international investigations. Furthermore, it is in complete contrast to the impressions given to the Tamils by the international community,” she told the press. Ms Ananthi Sasistharan also blamed TNA national list parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran for having instructed her to be silent at a crucial meeting with the representatives of 18 countries during her recent visit to Geneva.”

    – tamilnet

    CRACKS appearing in TNA! They may turn violent as they usually do.

    “Genocide affected Tamils” can look forward to genitalocide now.

    Fools, at least now GIVE UP your racism and confrontation and JOIN GOLS to make YOUR lives better. Tamil hatred will destroy Tamils only.

  2. Nimal Says:

    Our leaders could react to the onslaught by the UNHCR agents by the president not attending the Commonwealth games but I doubt it as they might like the indulgence of commandeering a regular flight of the cash trapped Srilankan and off loading the fare paid innocent passengers. All our leaders did this in the past. Living a double life, just as our tyrannical rulers who ruled prior to the recent colonial times. They couldn’t careless for the people other wise they would govern in a responsible way, accountable to the people who put them there.lawlesness is the order of the day.

  3. Nanda Says:

    Nimal seems to be talking like a TNA member.

    No there is no “lawlessness” governing, but no proper Law and order thanks to Endian imposed PC system.

    “students at a private university in northeastern India were suspended indefinitely and removed from their dorms on Monday after they cheered for the Pakistani team during a televised cricket match against India. “You cannot pass judgments against your own national team,” said Manzoor Ahmed, vice chancellor of Swami Vivekanand Subharti University in Meerut, explaining the decision to remove the students. “Their behavior was not conducive to peace on the campus. It creates bad blood with the local boys.”

    Why can’t Sri Lanka do something to TNA buggers within our Laws or new Laws ?

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Russia, China, etc. should finance Mexicans to push for SELF DETERMINATION in southern US states.

    They should also help African Americans gain their self respect and HOMELAND within USA.

    Mexicans in USA doubled from 1990 to 2010 and redouble by 2024 and will be the largest ancestral group by 2026.

    Mexican language should be made the official language in Mexican majority states.

    MANY Americans have guns so it will be fun. I love to see how they will struggle to cope up with it. The world should rally around human rights violated Mexicans and African Americans.

    Islamic people will be 35% of UK in another 2 decades. Russia, China and Saudi should help them achieve their legal status, Sharia, etc. in the UK. That will be TOTAL FUN.

    UK and USA the biggest anti-democracy countries are undermined from WITHIN!! Give them 25 years and they will look totally different. We MUST maintain our Sinhala Buddhist UNITARY identity at ANY COST. Let the secular countries SINK into violence and break-up.

    It’s a matter of time! It’s a matter of time!

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    I get Nimal’s drift but there is some truth in what he says.

    BANK ROBERIES, murders have increased in SL. MOST PC clowns are doing illegal things.

    BUT lawlessness is not as bad as some say. IF it were as bad “lawless” armed groups will get rid of TNA, NGO and SLMC terrorists too!!

    ALL secular countries will be DOOMED in another 25 years max. There will be TERRIBLE civil wars in UK, France, USA, Canada, etc. Middle eastern religion followers ill try to have SHARIA and others will fight against it. 60% of ALL UK mosques attacked since 2001 already!! SL must keep its SINHALA BUDDHIST UNITARY identity as it is. Otherwise SL too will land in SERIOUS unwinnable civil war.

  6. douglas Says:

    Charles: If I remember correct this is the second term in office of Ms. Navaneethn Pillai. Also, if I remember correct, she was given the second term in office, immediately after the last session of UNHRC that a resolution was passed against Sri Lanka.

    The fact that she is not the “Lilly White” to hold this position was known to Sri Lanka and other countries and specially her “DISQUALIFICATION” on the basis of being “BIAS” towards us was in display since our war against Terrorism and Terrorists outfit called LTTE.

    Having known and experienced her “disqualification”, WHY DID SRI LANKA VOTE to give her the second term in office? Shouldn’t we have voted against her and registered our “protest” in making a wrong choice of people to run the affairs of the UNHRC?

    If Sri Lanka did not vote for her, you can correct me and I tender an apology.

  7. stanley perera Says:

    Dear all,
    The diaspora and Pillai woman are working on a plan to gather enough and more bogus evidence to justify a regime change. If Canada, Americal, UK troops invade Sri Lanka and install a puppet government, who is going to defend Sri Lanka? Nobody. If Galle, Hambantota, Trinco and Colombo ports are occupied by their warships who is going to defend Sri Lanka? My dear all, the dumb GoSL must act fast. The threat to our sovereignity is imminent. Give Hambantota to China. Give Trinco to Russia. Give Jaffna fort to Pakistan. Give Colombo port to Iran. Then we are protected from the evil west. The danger is at hand.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Termite NP’s term was extended in 2012 for 2 years. It ENDS this year (September 2014). That’s why the ho is trying desperately to grill SL.

    We did NOT oppose the extension because NO POINT doing so. MOST countries didn’t object to it.

    Same with Monkey Boon.

    Sometimes we have to go with the flow and take time.

    Just imagine how racist she is by her taking offence to the Buddhist flag!

    NP has 2 daughters. According to some source one of them is married to a SL Tamil. NOT SURE of this. Can anyone please check?

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    I said a MONTH AGO Kasippu Joseph Goebbels was planning to get Desmond Hutu into his game DIRECTLY.

    Now it has become a reality.

    Hutu and Kasippu have got another 50 or so “emminent persons” to petition UNHRC against SL.

    Latest is Kasippu Joseph Goebbels has threatened to get Termites to clash with the police in violent demonstrations. When they get injured NGOs will send pictures everywhere.

  10. Nanda Says:

    We patriots are barking at the wrong tree. NaWee Pee Illey, US , UK , DJ etc etc cannot do ANYTHING if our Gov acted in a patriotic manner.
    Main culprit is the government. They are getting ready to betray the motherland

  11. cw Says:

    I think we should have replaced the FM long time ago.

  12. stanley perera Says:

    not saying much at the right time.Absolutely. Corrupt Gulp is too scared to attack USA because embassy in Colombo paid him heavily to cross over to the UNP. The b…… only want to be the FM the next best after the president. This idiot is dilly dallying

  13. Nimal Says:

    I am no TNA supporter but a victim of their racist set up and an victim of our own, then government corruption that made me leave the island in 60s.
    We mustn’t sleep walk in to a disaster, must learn from the recent democracies.

  14. mjaya Says:

    Patriots! Have some good news….From LankaCNews lankacnews[dot]com/sinhala/news/111585/

    Apparently the NIC office has become a huge mess due to the new ID cards contaminated with Tamil.

    ..and guess what… Sinhalese people are complaining that their names written in Tamil are wrong!!!!!!!!!

    The message has got through….way to go ……. way to go!!!!!!!

    We should keep up the fight!!! This is OUR COUNTRY. Anyone who can’t fit in to the Sinhalese way of life can get out!

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    By its fruit a trees known – and the same for us all, including Ms Navi Pillai. She has ceased to shine in her biased assessment of the Sri Lanka situation. She has ceased to shine because her concern, unfortunately, is only for the TAMIL community and not for the rest of Lanka.

    The UN was formed with high ideals, but now caught in a world of muddy West/East Econo-religio politics. In Global war times, the UN role is clear, the Good vs Bad is clear and the UN shines. But in times of relative peace, the UN appears to be narrow minded and unsure, and the personal emotions of various personalities cloud issues.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as ‘ … a tree is known’ ….

  17. SA Kumar Says:

    Sinhalese people are complaining that their names written in Tamil are wrong!!!
    Well done our Sinhala brothers & sisters ,no wonder we live together last 2,500 years !
    You defend our Tamil equal rights in mother Lanka & We defend Indian invader( time to time kick them out eg: last IPKF)

    Hela Demilaya ( Eelath Thamilan) !

    we are in right direction and our future looks bright !!!
    Jeldevi will be in Jappanaya paddina very soon to pick up NP CM for central Govt meeting at Hambanthoddai new parliament ( I have a dream (:-) ) !!!
    Thanks to Hon PR MR !

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    Re the Sri Lanka ID card :

    * The NAME should be in Sinhala, Tamil & English at the back of the Card.

    * The Date of Birth can be in numerical figures only, below the Name area.

    * The Photo of the person can be on the front side with the ID number below the photo.

    * If a figure print is to be included that ought to be beside or below the DOB.

    This seems the most simple method. Is there a language problem here, and if so why ??? !!!

  19. Fran Diaz Says:


    Great arrangement ! You guys brought the IPKF into Lanka and you defend Lanka against them too !
    No wonder we lived together for a long time !

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    NO WAY!

    Names of Sinhalese and Muslims should be in SINHALA ONLY.

    Names of Tamils should be in Tamil and Sinhala.

    There is NO WAY Sinhala names can be written in Tamil WITHOUT causing a mockery.

    Your name will be written in Tamilian like this – P(f)iraan Thaiass. Disgusting!

  21. Fran Diaz Says:


    Now that you say it – yes, it does look weird in Tamil.
    Thanks for clarifying.

  22. SA Kumar Says:

    You guys brought the IPKF into Lanka and you defend Lanka against them too !Yes but They have offered us NEP in gold plat ( 13a fully implemented )but kicked them out as We realised they were not going leave mother lanka !
    Now We are fighting with you for only for NP . Are We Tamils are fools or patriotic !!!

    is not that You Chinhala muddalkals & We Sakkiliya Demilayas Karma ?

    No wonder we lived together for a long time 2,500 years & will live another 3,000 years more !

  23. SA Kumar Says:

    yes, it does look weird in Tamil- agreed that is Thamil(ZH)
    End of the day We Hela Demilaya called in Thamil Eelavan & You Chinhalavarkal called Sinhalaya in one and only nation Hela Lanka !!!
    live & let live !
    be happy Yaldevi on itsway to Japanaya Paddina & Urudra Devi on its way to Anurada pura !!!

    Well done Hon MR !!!

  24. Nanda Says:

    LTTE has struck ? Suicide bomber on board of MH 370 ?
    Tamils started taking revenge ?

  25. Fran Diaz Says:


    You say : “Now We are fighting with you for only for NP . Are We Tamils are fools or patriotic !!!”.

    In Sri Lanka, loyalty (patriotism) toward and Tamil Diaspora are far apart. They only want to USE Lanka. Tamil Diaspora thinking affects Tamils of Lanka.

    Tamils are attempting to transfer their Tamil Nadu Caste War of 3,000 yrs to Sri Lanka. I doubt that this helps any of you in your Caste War to continue with this attitude. You have to take the trouble to its source to erase it, as gently as possible.

  26. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as ‘…..loyalty toward Lanka and Tamil Diaspora …. ‘

  27. Fran Diaz Says:

    Also, what Sri Lanka needs is a sense of moving forward materially MODERNISATION throughout the island, and NOT Separatism or Westernisation through change of religion, etc.

    The old basic humane values of our forefathers are perennial and will not change, cannot be changed, by their very nature.

  28. SA Kumar Says:

    In Sri Lanka, loyalty (patriotism) toward and Tamil Diaspora are far apart. They only want to USE Lanka. -Agreed
    for Tamil Diaspora (1 million include myself) mother lanka is holiday camp & one of the subject matter to speck in party time (birthday , wedding prty) !!!
    but Tamils of Lanka who live in mother lanka inviting India now why?
    Realy specking Caste War is not applicable to SL Tamil as 1957 SWRDB is law & 70ish to 80ish leftist ( comminist party) popularity in NEP .
    MODERNISATION throughout the island- agrred before that We need to decentalised power to provincial !

  29. Sooriarachi Says:

    As for lawlessness in Sri Lanka comments by some, do we know of any country or Government that has NO lawless elements or practices?
    Following report will be interesting to read, as this shows there are well over half the countries out of 99 surveyed, with even worse lawlessness records. This includes India which is 66th and below Sri Lanka which is 48th and best in South Asia.

    Read the following extract from “Rule of Law Index 2014” released by the “World Justice Project”

    “Rule of Law Index 2014: Sri Lanka ranks first among South Asian nations
    Published : 12:00 am March 8, 2014
    Sri Lanka has ranked first among South Asian countries in the Rule of Law Index 2014 and ranked 48th globally out of 99 countries the index evaluated.
    The World Justice Project Wednesday released its Rule of Law Index 2014 which measures how the rule of law is experienced by ordinary people around the world.
    The WJP Rule of Law Index measures how the rule of law is experienced in everyday life in 99 countries around the globe, based on over 100,000 households and 2,400 expert surveys worldwide.
    “Sri Lanka ranks 48th globally and outperforms its regional peers in most dimensions of the rule of law,” the report said.
    In the South Asian region India ranked 66th, Bangladesh 92nd, Pakistan 96th, Nepal 57th and Afghanistan at 98th.
    Globally Denmark ranked at the top of the Index followed by Norway, Sweden, Finland and Netherlands in that order in the top five of the Rule of Law Index.”

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