What world should know about Dr. Varatharaja before he speaks at UNHRC in Geneva against Sri Lanka
Posted on March 18th, 2014

 Shenali D Waduge

Tipped to speak at the UNHRC Sessions in Geneva on 19th March 2014 is Dr. Varatharaja, one of the five doctors who appeared in the Channel 4 clips and who also admitted that he  and the other doctors lied and who has now found his way to foreign climes with the help of the Tamil Diaspora and is appearing after several years of silence to come out with another new version. 2014 version by Dr. Varatharaja is likely to spin a new story against Sri Lanka. It would be nicer if he were to praise the post-conflict efforts for having returned to the very areas he served under LTTE he would have seen what a new look the North has now.

Certainly the credibility factor comes into question. However, Dr. Shanmugarajah has addressed this aspect by providing a sworn affidavit and the details he has divulged more or less compliments the media briefing that the 5 doctors requested for in July 2009.

Nevertheless, Dr. Varatharaja’s re-entry after years of silence is likely to add some spice but definitely it should raise some questions against his credibility. For ideally what he should have done once Dr. Shanmugarajah’s affidavit was made public in January 2014 was to immediately counter it if there was any falsehood to what Dr. Shanmugarajah swore in writing. When Dr. Varajatharaja remains silent and then is about to make a grand appearance before the UNHRC to drop what the LTTE Diaspora has coached to be a ‘bomb’ it is something we should simply brush aside as being another staged drama for which the Tamil Diaspora is becoming quite famous for and naturally so given that they are associating themselves with a lot of foreign directors and filmmakers with coaching provided in-hous.



Nevertheless at the press briefing held on 8th July 2009, 70 members of the media fraternity both local and international were witness to the confessions of the 5 Tamil doctors.

Dr. Sathyamoorthy, Dr. Ilancheliyan, Dr. Sivapalan, Dr. Shanmugaraja and Dr. Vartharaja with his hand in a sling. Answering Indian journalist Sathya Moorthy the 5 doctors confirmed that it was they who requested the media briefing to reveal the truth.

  • These 70 members of media were to hear from the doctors the contrary to what they had heard took place during the last stages of battle in Puthukudiyirippu, Puthumattalan and Muallaivaikkal.
  • These 70 members of the media heard from the doctors themselves that every account they gave about civilian casualties and deaths was because they were pressurized to do so by the LTTE. The media heard from these doctors including Dr. Vartharaja that the civilian deaths were exaggerated figures.
  • These 70 members of the media are witnesses to the doctors explaining how people were shot dead by th LTTE while trying to flee the LTTE controlled areas and how people got caught in explosions of shell loaded trucks by the LTTE. Why have those quoting 40,000 to 125,000 deaths not revealed the number of civilians the LTTE killed?
  • These 70 members of the media were also witness to the 5 doctors claiming that civilian casualty figures were between 700 to 800 during the period from January to May 2009. Dr. Sathyamoorthy revealed that between January 15 to May 15th 2009 only 350-400 dead bodies of civilians were brought to hospitals.
  • These 70 members of the media were also witness to the doctors admitting that the food sent by the GOSL for Tamil civilians were stolen by the LTTE inside the No Fire Zone. The doctors dismissed reports that civilians died due to starvation. The doctors also confirmed that the food brought by ICRC were given to LTTE cadres and not to civilians. The doctors also confirmed that the medical supplies sent 8 times by the GOSL were taken by the LTTE to be used for LTTE injured. Who said this? Dr. Vartharaja who is to address UNHRC 2014.

All 5 doctors obtained their MBBS degrees from the Medical Faculty of the Jaffna University (different years). They had all served in Government hospitals. Dr. Sivapalan and Dr. Shanmugarajah admitted they had worked with the LTTE. Dr. Sivapalan had worked for the LTTE for over a decade. Dr. Sathyamoorthy was Acting Medical Superintendent of the Kilinochchi hospital. Dr. Ilanchelivan was the Medical Officer of Health, Mullaitivu ” he had been arrested by the LTTE when trying to escape LTTE controlled area in early 2009. Dr. Varatharaj who will speak at UNHRC was the Regional Director of Health Services in Mullaitivu District. Dr. Illanchelivan.

  • The 70 odd media were also witness to the 5 doctors admitting that they initially thought LTTE were liberators of the Tamil people but they found out that the LTTE were recruiting children and youth from Tamil families even girls and boys as young as 14.
  • The 70 media personnel were also witness to the 5 doctors apologizing for providing false information to foreign media while they were working in the LTTE controlled areas and Dr. Sivapalan said that they did so because of intense pressure from the LTTE. We know how LTTE Diaspora is pressurizing Tamils overseas wherein some innocent Tamils have even been killed by the LTTE and other Tamils are living in fear and have to monthly fill the Diaspora kitty.

Dr. Shanmugaraja “The LTTE grabbed major part of the food brought in ICRC shipments for use of their cadres. Civilians did not get them”

Dr. Sivapalan “They shouldn’t have brought the war to the No War Zone. Now LTTE leadership is decimated and people are liberated”

Dr. Ilancheliyan “I see no difference between the blood of Tamils and Sinhala. Youth of both communities lose life and limb”

Dr. Sathyamoorthy “The LTTE even quoted us in their websites even without our knowledge and approval to give exaggerated figures about civilian casualties”

Dr. Varatharaja admitted he had given exaggerated casualty figures to the International Media under LTTE pressure.

Dr. Varatharaja was injured on 16th May 2009 due to crossfire.

Dr. Varatharaja was rescued by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces and brought to Colombo and given medical care and surgery.

Dr. Vartharaja “Eight times Government sent medical supplies but the people didn’t receive them. The problem was that LTTE took medicine from us to treat their injured.”

Dr. Varatharaja admitted that the LTTE used their names for false propaganda against the Sri Lankan Government.

Dr. Varatharaja admitted that the LTTE had put their names on the internet with statements purported to have been made by them.

Dr. Varatharaja admitted that they were not in a position to even object and came to know that the LTTE/Diaspora had used their names only afterwards.

Interview with the Doctors Who Served in Uncleared Areas















 Speaking at the UNHRC for some ‘privileged’ people is like a piece of cake. TNA members appear to have season tickets to arrive and leave when they like.

Dr. Varajatharaja is one of the newest entrants to be lined up to speak against Sri Lanka.

Yet, with everyone knowing the background of Dr. Varatharaja it doesn’t look too good when doctors repeatedly lie ” it is not good for them personally and certainly not professionally.

 Shenali D Waduge 

15 Responses to “What world should know about Dr. Varatharaja before he speaks at UNHRC in Geneva against Sri Lanka”

  1. Nanda Says:

    It will be a matter of time ALL 4 doctors become traitors and liars, the way the GOSL is giving more and more freedom to Tamils. May the one who came from Tea Estate, who speaks Sinhala will remain loyal.

    When will our buggers learn ?
    Dissolve Elam Council, let the idiots learn Sinhala, mix with the Sinhala and marry Sinhala. Bring more and more Sinhala to North. This is the only solution.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    This is fun!

    First they said under LTTE pressure they lied.

    NOW they say under govt. pressure they lie!!

    What damn opportunists. Typical!!

    As the ancient SL proverb goes, “trust only 2 Tamils – a dead Tamil and a Tamil who is dead.”

    (10 more other trustable Tamils originated from SL are living).

    According to Tamil sources, GOLS gave them millions and helped them leave the country for their “safety”. Now they pay back! Typical!

    Guess what they did to Rajiv Ghandhi after all that help.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    May the one who came from Tea Estate, who speaks Sinhala will remain loyal – Fully agreed at last you got it .
    open free Sinhala Bhuddist education in every coner of NEP with in 5 years SLFP or UNP CM will be elected !

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    If Dr. Varatharaja contradicts his earlier statements he should be crucified at the UNHRC meeting itself by screening videos of his previous statements and distributing paper transcripts of them to the attendees.

    As Shenali warns, the GOSL officials at the meeting should be PREPARED well ahead of time for any eventuality.

    Our experience with all Eelamists is that they are UNREPENTANT INCORRIGIBLE LIARS! Let us see how this man performs.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Untruthfulness comes as naturally to a Tamil as mother’s milk.

    – William Sabonadiere, 1806

    An accurate observation made more than 200 years ago. Valid for eternity.

  6. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    The name Varatharaja by itself alone seems to signify in loose Sinhala translation what the man must be ~ “a king of wrong ”
    This suggestion “Dissolve Elam Council, let the idiots ( for lack of a better term) learn Sinhala, mix with the Sinhala and marry Sinhala. Bring more and more Sinhala to North. This is the only solution.” seems like a very viable option and something which probably should have been attended to decades ago ! but better late than never!
    In short stamp out and block avery avenue that would permit inroads into the Eelamist dream in SL and take every available means to maintain it.
    “This Land is our Land ~ From Northern Jaffna to southern Dondra and the Lion Flag must fly proudly over it representing the Lion people where there is no room for marauding tigers!

  7. Nanda Says:

    After many years of racial harmony, the “MILK” has reached Sinhala’s too, possibly one of the worst gift by Tamils.

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    possibly one of the worst gift by Tamils- Agrred with you
    Lor, You agrred with Your ancestor William Sabonadiere about You Thamilan yourself that I Hela Demilaya do not have any comments !

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Have a National Govt. where every party is represented at government level. Also, no more ethnic or religion based political parties in Sri Lanka.
    Govern in the style of Singapore. Everyone says Singapore is wonderful … so why not imitate them ?

    Sharing more thoughts ….

    Till everyone speaks out the truth, no one will gain any lasting peace or prosperity, anywhere in the world and the same for Lanka. The new trend is the “Wealth Within each of us”, that is that the peace we long for is always within each of us, waiting to be discovered, yet to be tapped. The old fashioned ways have exhausted its run, leaving behind two World Wars, a ruined planet full of carbon dioxide due to overuse of fossil fuels leading to global warming and an uncertain future due to unpredictable weather patterns.

    Some are suggesting growing of commercial hemp (high in protein) to absorb the excess carbon dioxide. Hemp does not need artificial fertilizers, weedicides etc as the plant is a strong. Soy plant (a legume) production ought to increase too to give us soy milk, cheese, soy meat burghers, etc to replace the cow – ideal for the east. Soy cools the body, whilst beef is considered ‘heaty’ (acidic) in Ayurveda thinking. Excess acidity leads to diseases.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well, here is the scoop on Dr. Varatharaja: He is now claiming COERCION by the GOSL.

    He must have been promised MILLIONS and all kinds of OPPORTUNITIES for advancement by the Tamil Eelamist Diaspora to turn TRAITOR!


    Tamil doctor ‘was pressured to recant war reports by Sri Lanka’


    Mar 20 (BBC) A doctor who worked in Sri Lanka’s combat zone in the final days of the civil war has told the BBC he was forced by the government to recant his claims about casualty figures. Sri Lanka’s army defeated the Tamil Tiger separatist rebels in May 2009.

    Dr T Varatharaja was one of five doctors who spoke regularly to the media during the war, giving far higher casualty figures than the government.

    The doctors were arrested and later said the rebels had forced them to lie.

    At a July 2009 news conference in the government’s Media Centre for National Security, the doctors recanted their claims that a hospital had been hit by shells apparently from army-controlled positions, and said Tamil Tigers had forced them to exaggerate the daily death tolls.

    The government then withdrew charges against the doctors of talking to the media and aiding rebel propaganda, and they were allowed to work again.

    �Start QuThe government then withdrew Rights groups have long suspected that the government put pressure on the doctors to reverse their statements.

    ‘We did not exaggerate’

    Speaking to the BBC’s Sinhala service from Geneva – where he was taking part in a discussion organised by Human Rights Watch – Dr Varatharaja said he and his colleagues had been threatened with three to four years in jail if they did not recant their statements.

    Sri Lanka initially maintained that no civilians had been killed by the military, but later admitted that up to 9,000 civilians may have died as a result of the war.

    “Everyday we received hundreds of casualties. I only told what actually happened on the ground. Tamil Tigers neither forced us nor did we exaggerate casualty figures,” said Dr Varatharaja.

    The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and UN workers had confirmed the shelling of makeshift hospitals and of large numbers of casualties, he said.

    “Only during the last three months of the war, the ICRC transported 9,000 patients with very serious wounds.”

    He also recalled how the Sri Lanka government insisted that there were only 80,000 civilians left in the war zone as the conflict came to a head, while over 300,000 were actually trapped in the area.

    “So they only sent food and medicine for 80,000 people. There was no blood and no anaesthetic. Many wounded died as a result.”

    The Sri Lankan government barred journalists from entering the war zone so there has been no way of verifying the various claims.

    But the UN has said up to 40,000 people may have been killed in the final five months of the war alone. Others suggest the number of deaths could be even higher.

    Allegations of atrocities during the closing stages of that war have dogged the government ever since it ended. The rebels were also accused of abuses.

    At least 100,000 people died during the 26-year conflict.

    Dr Varatharaja told the BBC he had now left Sri Lanka, but that his family remained there and he feared for their safety.

    He said a letter had been sent to his house asking him to appear at police station: “If I can’t attend, they have asked my sister to come to the police,” he said.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    Govt. is in trouble YET AGAIN for TRUSTING Tamills.

    Didn’t we say so.

    This is only the start.

    MORE and more PRO-GOVT Tamilians will start their ranting against the govt. now.

    REVIVE the LTTE and get rid of all Tamil moderates. That is the only solution.

    There are 3 Tamil groups.

    1. SL patriots (good but very rare)
    2. Tamil moderates (very cunning serpents)
    3. Tamil terrorists (can be killed easily)

    #2s are the MOST dangerous because #3s can be HANDLED.

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    First USA went against Iraq. I’m not an Iraqi so I didn’t care. Then they went after Sri Lanka. I’m not a Sri Lankan so I didn’t care. Then USA came after our country and there was no one to stand for me!!

  13. Nanda Says:

    All this trouble is because of

    1. Keeping 13A and giving lollipops to Endia and Peeilley
    2. holding elections to give councillor status to terrorist
    3. keeping druggies , hooligan friends and taking them when travel abroad, showing the world how unruly you are.

    Wake up my FOOL or soon you will be dead.

  14. Nanda Says:

    I am sure they are targeting Malaysia, Thailand .

  15. Nanda Says:

    Take ALL THE FAMIL MEMBERS in to custody in a the good Van.

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