Sri Lankans have every reason to be proud at their cricketers’ 2014 T20 win in Dhaka
Posted on April 7th, 2014

Asada M Erpini

Sri Lanka’s win in the 2014 T20 World Cup is an apt response to the individuals, the groups and the countries that view the term Sri Lanka as being synonymous with war crimes, deprivation of human rights, lack of democracy, discrimination of Tamils and other minorities and the ‘dictatorship’ of one family in the administrative machinery. Some may even say that the victory is sweet revenge for the concocted allegations against the island nation that steal the limelight at the annual UNHCR sessions in Geneva, election platforms of nearly every political group in Tamil Nadu and the vulgar gimmicks by many political leaders in Canada, the US and the EU that are aimed at grabbing the bloc vote of the immigrant Tamils.

 It is not five years since the armed forces of Sri Lanka annihilated the armed wing of the LTTE that was based in Sri Lanka. As the armed forces advanced towards their target the entire world had the opportunity to witness, through live relays, how nearly 300,000 Tamils, who had been forced to move from their homes and villages to serve as Pirabaharan’s human shield, escaped to the welcoming arms of the country’s armed forces. Many such acts were carried out by the always-vilified armed forces of Sri Lanka to give the Tamils of the North and the East the most basic of human rights – the right to live in peace and a chance to engage in their vocations, without having to worry about when a child will be ‘recruited’ to the Child Brigade of the LTTE to be sacrificed as cannon fodder in the LTTE’s misguided pursuit of Eelam. All these immensely creditable humanitarian tasks are completely forgotten or never ever cross the radar of the human rights merchants operating from the affluent countries. Instead of bedecking the armed forces and the political and the military leadership of Sri Lanka with jasmine garlands, the human rights vultures use every possible ruse – legal or illegal – to haul the heroes of Sri Lanka before international courts for alleged war crimes, human rights violations and genocide of Tamils.

 For many Sri Lankans who live outside their motherland, occasions for jubilation of being Sri Lankan are almost non-existent. The Sri Lanka cricket team changed that with aplomb through its mastery of the gentlemen’s game on 06 April 2014.

 A very big “Thank you” to Kumar, Mahela, Lasith, Angelo, Tisara and others in the team for making all Sri Lankans proud of their tiny island nation that keeps on turning out master craftsmen in cricket. You all deserve the admiration and the adulation that will be bestowed on you by Sri Lankans for many moons to come, just as Arjuna, Sanath, Aravinda, Kalu and the others in the World Cup team that brought the trophy home in 1996 received all the due plaudits from a grateful nation.


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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Foolish Endians have PELTED STONES at Yuvraj Singh’s house and THREATENED to KILL him. What barbarians!

    Poor man just recovered from cancer and struggled to find form. Endia won the 2011 WC thanks to him!

    Endians are other Tamilians. They only want to eat but don’t want to pay.

  2. Nanda Says:

    Indiots should pelt stones at Dhonis and Kholis houses too, because they too failed to scroe under Sinhala bowling.
    Yuvi did not bat last 3 overs, they batted.

  3. aloy Says:

    It was a superb display of hidden talents never seen before. Darren Sammy would not have thought that a similar thing would have come their way to say that it was a divine intervention that helped SL in that match with them. We have had these talents in us from time immemorial. We may have given the biggest fights to Indians in warfare that they never forgot. So, they wrote Ramayanaya.

  4. Nanda Says:

    Well commented Aloy !

    Those jokers have to PRAY for “divine intervention ” or “Hanuman intervention” , whereas our brave players believed in “human intervention”.

    After all, as Mevan Atapattu once said , “it is just a cricket match” , after calling back exploding Andrew Simonds back to bat again following a poor umpiring decision by a Sri Lankan umpire. This incident was not given enough publicity.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Come ‘on Nanda.

    Angelo (Tamil Christian) took the first wicket.

    But the BEST part is SINHALA cricket genocide when TAMIL ASS-WIN was bowling. He was DISEMBOWELED!!!

    SL played a STRATEGIC game in bowling by PINNING DOWN Yuvraj and Dhoni.

    AND keeping ASS-WIN with high hopes till his last over when he was DISEMBOWELED!

  6. mario_perera Says:

    A leaked telephone conversation between USA and Navy Pillai.

    USA – Hello is that the South African-Indian NAVY based in Geneva?
    Navy – Yes, and who are you?
    USA – we are the USA ARMY based in Diego Garcias. Listen Navy, did you hear the latest news?
    Navy – No. I am still in bed
    USA – Sorry for being indiscreet…are you alone. We must know for security reasons. Do not worry it is not to examine you like we did with that Indian woman diplomat.
    Navy – quite honestly I am not alone. I am with…with…well to be truthful, I am with Cum-moron the Britisher.
    USA – That is OK, Cum-moron is our man.
    Now listen well. Here is the latest. It is about those Sri Lankans. Would you believe they have BEATEN India.
    Navy – beaten India?
    USA – we understand your bewilderment. Yes, they have beaten India. Can you imagine..two million people have beaten more than one billion Indians.
    Navy – With those damned Sri Lankans, anything and everything is possible. First they beat the Tamils, and now they beat the Indians. Even Cum-moron is shaking and rattling.
    USA – Well that is not all. It was a massive sexual assault
    Navy – How?
    USA – The damned Sri Lankans used bats to beat the Indian balls. They used quite a range of options. A fellow called Mahela touched the Indian balls deftly to send them clearing the fences. a fellow called Sanga placed the Indian balls between fine legs and short legs and still cleared the fences. but that strapping fellow called Thissara, he bludgeoned the Indian balls, and according to commentators sent them soaring into the skies.
    Navy – did the Indians watch passively?
    USA – NO. some of them tried to catch their balls. Some were dropped. but the Indian ball Dilshan hit was caught on the fence.
    Navy – But the Indians have bats too. Did they not used them?
    USA – Well they tried, but those Sri Lankan buggers are shady characters. They adopted the ruse of swinging their balls both ways, so the Indian bats did not connect. the Indians were so angry with them, they even stoned the home of a fellow called Yuvaraj.
    Navy – Was all that videoed clandestinely by that Channel 4 chap?
    USA – Those Sri Lankans now care two hoots for clandestine stuff. Just imagine they carried out this massive sexual assault on India in front of all International Television Cameras.
    Navy – May be they are planning to carry out such a sexual assault on me too?
    USA – Navy do not be silly.They cannot do that to you for obvious reasons, as they only dabble with balls. No problem for you, but maybe for Cum-moron.
    Navy – So they are GAY, those Sri Lankans?
    USA – Definitely, you should have watched the gay scenes after they had beaten India. Navy, we must bring another resolution against the Sri Lankans for crimes against humanity. Beating more than a billion Indians is more than a simple holocaust practiced on six million. Tell Cum-moron also. Now both of you get up, get dressed and get to work. we must bring this resolution soon.

    Mario Perera

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ha! Ha! Mario … Well Done. my friend! Inspired!

  8. Nanda Says:

    Navy – But the Indians have bats too. Did they not used them?
    USA – Well, as they always do, Indians abstained.

    Navy – So they are GAY, those Sri Lankans?
    USA – I believe they lost most of their balls during 2009 May final.

  9. Marco Says:

    Seriously Mario
    Did that do any justice to your intelligence?

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Feelings of HURT, DEFEAT and FEAR have taken over the LTTE RUMP after the BAN.

    Now they get hurt so very often!!

    Get over it, man. We all know Pee-Illey and Cum-Moron were filling each others’ VOIDS!!

  11. Nimal Says:

    Well done Sri Lanka.

  12. NAK Says:

    Just wondering if Manmohan was expecting the world cup,instead of a few worthless fishermen, in return for the abstaining vote!

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    Mario is spot on! They DO think like this.

    Look what tamilnet says!! Unbelievably hilarious!!

    “India’s ‘cricket’ with Sri Lanka contrasts its response to apartheid

    [TamilNet, Tuesday, 08 April 2014, 12:13 GMT]

    If international sports is part of statecraft or tradecraft of the Establishments, India playing cricket with genocidal Sri Lanka, after partnering the genocide, having ‘military to military’ relationship and backing the genocidal State in every international forum, is in sharp contrast to how Non-Aligned India of 1960s and 70s responded to Apartheid South Africa by refusing to play cricket with it, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island. India losing the game is not merely ‘sports’. The very participation of India itself marks the moral lose [sic] of a country of one billion peoples and their media that have the legacy of fighting British imperialism, but now unable to check their own Establishment, the activists said.

    If the 1936 Munich Olympics of Hitler and the appeasement policy of the then Britain Empire was one classic example, genocidal Sri Lanka and New Delhi make a contemporary example, the activists said.”


    Looks like Tamils were the CRICKET BALL that was THROWN, SPAT ON, RUBBED ON THE BACKS and HAMMERED everywhere!!

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