Indo-Lanka Pact -LIFE ABROAD – Part 77
Posted on May 1st, 2014

Dr.Tilak Fernando

(Nicky Karunarathna revelations – continued from Part 76)


Not perturbed by Colvin’s feral moods and ignominious behaviour and the LSSP taking the stand of strengthening J.R. Jayewardene’s hand to sign the Indo-Lanka pact, Nicky Karunarathna has taken a very stern stand because he had foreseen the disastrous effects on the country as a whole.

‘The LSSP got its own agenda, hoping it would dismember the country as well as the Sinhala/Buddhist majority. They were obsessed with the idea of the latter (Sinhala/Buddhist majority) being their real enemy that stood against any chance of their coming into power because of the indisputable and unequivocal patriotic feelings of the majority in the country towards the motherland’!


The urban population, however, in contrast was a mixed bag of devotees of the revolutionary cult (most of the wage earners being na¯ve to its true sense)! They were just sloganeers who took part in May Day rallies where the so called revolutionaries took them along the main roads in somewhat of a Pied Piper fashion!

A United Nation

Ceylonese people were a united nation, determined to assist in any endeavour to safeguard their motherland prior to the initial invasion of Portuguese in 1505. During that era Sinhala race was considered as daring and a fearless breed with strong nationalistic element circulating in their blood stream.

The first invasion by the Portuguese followed by the British successfully managed to dilute, to a certain extent, this thick Sinhala glutinous blood into wafer-thin and watery, with the introduction of Christianity to the folk. However, the irony was that this newly emerged Christian mentality and peoples’ dedication began to camber towards Rome! This was considered by certain sections of the society as a prank, while others took it as a serious problem with a hidden agenda to shatter the spirit of nationalism from the patriots! Nevertheless, on an overall basis, it was considered evidently as part and parcel of ‘divide and rule’ policy by those hegemonies with the full knowledge that such strategies would make their subjugation easy! Simultaneously, certain critics among the society were of the opinion that ‘the inculcated foreign education and alien theories in the back of the minds of the ‘red comrades’ may also have aggravated the situation to a certain extent.

Debatable Aspect

On a different debatable aspect, Nicky Karunarathna brings about another argument which some may find food for thought and others beginning to question, argue and dispute when he states that “even the introduction of Buddhism to this country is somewhat disputable, as Buddhism has managed to subdue the Sinhala warrior nation to a greater extent; prior to the introduction of Buddhism, Sinhalayas or Sinhale was a thriving nation who invaded other states and subjugating those“!

There was a time when the entire world was stunned by our achievements in the olden days. Sinhala was a name to be reckoned with and even today if one visits rural villages in India or Nepal, one is able to experience and listen to some of those old grandmothers trying to encourage their ill-disciplined grand children by saying, it is better to send them to Ceylon to prepare them for battle ground“.

Continuing his argument on those lines, Nicky raises the question as to why King Dharma Asoka ‘ransacked the entire region’ without keeping a foot here and subsequently sent his own son and daughter to propagate Buddhism! ‘Did he think that if he were to send a second or third degree relation, then his desired target would not have been achieved exactly as he intended“… ?

Warrior Breed

“Prior to the propagation of Buddhism to this land Sinhalayas were warriors on a twenty four hour basis – either fighting with each other – e.g. Yaksha/Naga, Sura/Asura or with other nations by manufacturing the best Balangoda swords in the world (Armament trade) which were sought after as the best weapons by other warrior nations who set foot on this land. Our elephants were the best fighter tanks in comparison with other elephants in the whole world. We lost such capabilities with the introduction of Buddhism by converting our energies to build huge temples and pagodas which resulted in the Sinhala nation becoming very much of a pious realm deviating from that of a warrior territory. When one considers Buddhism seriously one could only find it as the most scientifically advanced philosophy which is extremely difficult to comprehend. Even The Buddha thought so, before embarking on his mission”! says Nicky.

When the fist sermon (Damsak Sutra) or the initial chemistry lesson was released to this world by The Buddha explaining how things or matter came together, it was only one, out of five disciples of The Buddha (Kondanggna) who could comprehend it in its entirety. The Buddha’s contentment at that very moment was expressed in a loud exclamation!

Nicky, being a scientist analyses the word Nirvana and clarifies it by stating: “Except a quantum physicist will not be able to fathom Nirvana as a state of no matter, no time and no space! In other words, reaching a quantum state without becoming again and again to different physical states“!

Sinhala Fighting Spirit

However, his determined efforts to register his personal point of view about the Indo-Lanka pace, before the nation and for the sake of the country had emerged just prior to the arrival of Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi for the signing ceremony of the pact with President J R. Jayewardene.

I did not want to just give up my Sinhala fighting spirit as it was overflowing all over my veins, arteries and capillaries in my anatomy which has descended down from our forefathers, but the problem Sri Lanka faced at the time had become tyrannical and characteristic when everyone was petrified to raise a hand against J.R. Jayewardene/Premadasa duo“.

People realised that if any one tried to lock horns with either of them, repercussions would be extremely lethal! These leaders really meant business and their cruelty to fellow mankind was exceedingly witnessed by this country unparalleled to anywhere in the modern history”.

He substantiates such statements by quoting how ‘God believing Judeo-Christian as well as Muslim invaders went on massacre after massacre during their rampage in crusades, holy wars, inquisition and Burned at the Stake periods. ‘After signing of the Indo-Lanka pact, this country also witnessed the same fate with 13th amendment forcibly shoved down the throat of the destitute nation’.

Expecting this type of outcome, he states he intended to embark on a daring mission which naturally caused displeasure at the LSSP headquarters. Subsequently he had contacted many Buddhist organisations and Buddhist monks with a request to support him to rally round with the masses as a protest against the Indo-Lanka Pact, regrettably every one he contacted at that moment had been so petrified of the J R. Jayewardene/Premadasa duo saying: ‘They were merciless murderers’ and advised even Nicky Karunarathna not to attempt to do anything drastic saying ‘it would be similar to that of dealing with devils!


PS: embarkation of on his mission to be continued in episode 78 

3 Responses to “Indo-Lanka Pact -LIFE ABROAD – Part 77”

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    To quote the article:”We lost such capabilities with the introduction of Buddhism by converting our energies to build huge temples and pagodas which resulted in the Sinhala nation becoming very much of a pious realm deviating from that of a warrior territory.”

    I disagree with the article. Seldom if ever Buddhism destroys the culture it converts. An example in Sri Lanka is the pre Buddhist practice of Devil dances and devil masks. Another example is the coexistence of Hinduism and Jainism along with Buddhism in India at the very height of Buddhism in that land. One can see a classic example in the cave temples of Ellora

    The best example is Japan where Shintoism, the code of the Samurai and Buddhism coexisted to create one of the most militant nations in the early 20th century when Imperial Japan using the code of the Samurai became a formidable force.

    Even in Sri Lanka not a single Indian invasion was successful. Not even that of the Chola Empire. Every one of them were repulsed including the 20th century Indian proxy war using the Tamil Tigers to divide this island nation. The positive aspects of Buddhism is unlike her Hindu ancestry Buddhism put a lot of emphasis on civic duties. It was due to Buddhism that Sri Lanka emerged as the world’s most advanced “Hydraulic civilization”.

    To quote Henry Ward Governor of Ceylon ” It is possible, that in no other part of the world are there to be found within the same space, the remains of so many works of irrigation, which are, at the same time, of such great antiquity, and of such vast magnitude as Ceylon. Probably no other country can exhibit works so numerous, and at the same time so ancient and extensive, within the same limited area, as this Island.”

  2. Nanda Says:

    Agree with BW.

  3. Christie Says:

    India, Indian colonial parasites and vermin have wiped out the Sinhalese. They are a sub class of the Sri Lankans.

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