Hon Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa visits Sri Lanka High Commission in London
Posted on May 9th, 2014

High Commission of Sri Lanka London

The Hon Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa was in the UK to attend a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA). The Hon Speaker is the immediate Past President of the CPA.


The Hon Speaker was welcomed by High Commissioner Dr. Chris Nonis, to the Sri Lanka High Commission, during his stay in London.  The Hon Speaker commended the work carried out by the staff of the Mission for the Sri Lankan community, as well as the several Commonwealth related events held at the High Commission in recognition of His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksa assuming the Chair-in-Office of the Commonwealth.




6 Responses to “Hon Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa visits Sri Lanka High Commission in London”

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    This article touches on the ceremonial meeting of Sri Lanka’s high Commission with her United Kingdom counterpart and the diplomatic niceties of that ceremony. But as the saying goes “lets cut to the chase”.

    The United Kingdom has gone out of its way to lead a group of nation in accusing Sri Lanka’s military of human rights violation supposedly commited after Sri Lanka’s military defeated the dreaded Tamil Tigers and won the war in 2009. the United Kingdom has openly accepted dubious evidence such as the Channel 4 video without even giving the decency of verifying it of its authenticity. She has done the same with a plethora of other such “evidence” she claims as authentic.

    The population of the United Kingdom is 63 million and her Tamil population is 300 thousand. That means the Tamil population in the United Kingdom is even smaller to the overall population than in Canada where the Tamil population is 200 thousand against a total population of 35 million Canadian.s

    Yet David Cameron has led a crusade to demonize and accuse Sri Lanka of human right violations, supported three time human rights motions brought against Sri Lanka by the UNHRC and formulated by the United States. Failing to achieve a plebiscite on the last human rights motion mainly because David Cameron added to that motion a comprehensive international investigation. In David’s earnest to treat Sri Lanka as a pariah state he overstepped his determination forcing India to abstain from such a far reaching act.

    The United Kingdom is also home to the Global Tamil Forum and a slew of other non governmental organizations who fund and support LTTE. The UK sees no problem in allowing these organizations to fund an internationally recognized terrorist organization such as LTTE. The UK like India and the Tamil Diaspora will not credit the progress made since the end of the war. The UK like India and the Tamil diaspora deliberately turn a blind eye to the 22% growth rate in Jaffna, the rehabilitation of thousands of Tamil children who served as slaves under the LTTE to shoot and get shot by a seasoned army and forced to be suicide bombers for 30 years.

    As in Canada I point my finger at India for it is that nation that supported a proxy war with Colombo using the Tamil Tigers for geopolitical gain and lost. It is India that pushed for human rights violations and has the clout to influence both Canada and the United Kingdom to fall in line. If Mr. Cameron did not push for a comprehensive international investigation which would have had an adverse effect on India’s military both in Sri Lanka and across India had it been implemented then India would have voted against Sri Lanka the third time thereby sealing the trumped up charges. India lost again but has not given up the war.

    Colombo has demanded that those who support the LTTE be banned. the UK has so far refused. India may have signed on but not her lackeys. India still can manipulate Colombo through her Embassies in the UK, US, and Canada while playing the game of an “alley” with Colombo. India wants to eat the cake and have it too. The lesson of this meeting is that the UK is not acting in Sri Lanka’s best interest. Wherever India has a voice that nation is willing to put the pressure on Colombo in India’s favor. Only China, Russia and some other regional nations who do know the nature of India’s Imperialistic Colonial style foreign policy with her neighbors have sided with Sri Lanka.

  2. RohanJay Says:

    @ Bernard Wijeyasingha, very true what you said. But I think most Sri Lankans know this and the Britain’s interfering and devious nature into Sri Lanka’s affairs that does not and should not concern it. Unless your a complete retard most people understand the West’s especially Britain nefarious colonialist agenda.

  3. Amarasiri Says:

    This article touches on the ceremonial meeting of Sri Lanka’s high Commission with her United Kingdom counterpart and the diplomatic niceties of that ceremony. But as the saying goes “lets cut to the chase”.

    Yes. Let’s cut the chase and the Double Standards.

    When will you guys stop the Double standards and rule of law?

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    You make some assumptions. First you speak for the people of Sri Lanka as if you personally know that all the 20 million Sri Lankans know this through osmosis. Secondly to put in writing what people may or may not know cements the fact to those who either do not know, have a different opinion or want to share my opinion. Never underestimate the power of the pen.

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    One more issue. I have watched many movies filmed and made in the UK, Australia to even Hollywood. When the scenes are on London, or Sidney one is left with the impression that only Whites live there. The film maker avoids the polyglot cultures of London, Sidney or Melbourne. To see a person in a Sari is next to impossible. It gives the illusion that these nations do not even have vast numbers of people of color. Films made in New Orleans do the same It avoids the majority black populations of that city and focuses only on the French Quarter. The same holds true of New York to Los Angeles, to San Francisco. I write this observation because so many in the developing world are influenced by movies.

    When I was a child in Sri Lanka (then called Ceylon) we did not have TV in Ceylon. Only the movies. the Hollywood movies would hardly have a black actor except for the few that featured Sidney Poitier. when my family decided to migrate to the US my biggest fear is that I would stand out in an ocean of white people. When I got to the US did I realize how large a black population and how much they continue to shape the culture.

    Now in the age of the internet we are bombarded with too much of news and we have to choose which of them is relevant. Those who read this magazine may not be as knowledgeable as you are about the role the Tamil Diaspora nor India continue to play in Sri Lanka unless it is stated. I am glad you know what I have commented but please be gracious enough to entertain the possibility that others may find my comment more worthy than you did.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Rohan Jay, please try to be nice to the forum contributors. Your comment:- “unless you are (not your) a complete retard ” is despicably discourteous.

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