NZ refusal to Co Sponsor US Motion Against SL at UNHRC
Posted on May 14th, 2014

Dr. Chula N A Rajapakse MNZM Spokesperson, Unite Sri Lanka Assn. Wellington NZ

The Editor,

Dear Editor,

I was delighted to hear at a public meeting   addressed by Sri Lanka’s foreign minister Prof. G.L Peiris now on an official visit to New Zealand, that New Zealand had refused to co-sponsor an US, UK, EU & Canada motion at UNHRC in Geneva in March, calling for an international investigation into highly contentious allegations of human rights violations by Sri Lankan forces during their war of liberation from three decades of Tamil Tiger terrorism, allegations initiated by the diaspora of the Tigers themselves.

Despite lacking   credibility, these allegations are in reality being supported by the US based on their geopolitical considerations and by UK & Canada based on their internal political considerations.

By not cosponsoring the motion, New Zealand has demonstrated it’s capability of making an independent decision on issues based on evidence despite breaking ranks with their traditional western allies . This would be seen as a monumental demonstration of New Zealand’s suitability to beelected to the UNSC that it now seeks, in the eyes of the many small nations like Sri Lanka, that form the bulk of the UN membership.  

We congratulate the Prime Minister and his government for so enhancing New Zealand’s international stature.


Dr. Chula N A Rajapakse MNZM


Unite Sri Lanka Assn.


Lower Hutt,



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