How will Narenda Modi balance Hindu Nationalism against neo-colonial corporate agenda
Posted on May 29th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

Majority Hindus in India are happy. They have elected an Indian to lead India. An Indian that Indians feel will protect instead of balkanize India. Modi himself is a man of dreams. He aspires to script a glorious future. There is an issue. Modi may have a dream but there are ground realities about how the world runs. The world runs to the dictates of a handful in whose hands the worlds wealth, the global leaders, politicians, the corporate, the monetary system, the banking system are all concentrated. Modi’s Gujarat model, needs money. Those eager to fund the money are not those interested in Hindu heritage, Indian culture, Indian civilization or Indian nationalism. Money loaned comes at a cost and even the money that funds election campaigns by Indian corporate are all  linked to the neo-colonial network. In such a scenario, where does that leave Narendra Modi?


Let’s not forget that India had a civilization and one India should be proud of. India became a pauper because the East India Company drained out its wealth and pauperized it. East India Company was owned by the Rothschild (original name Bauer) family who became rich engineering the opium wars and through opium trade. They are the same family that established a Jewish homeland in Palestine and the same family that created the present banking empire. The world’s banking system comes under the 10 central banks – Rothschild Bank of London, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Rothschild Bank of Berlin, Lehman Brothers of New York, Lazar Brothers of Paris, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York (now Shearson American Express), Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy, Goldman Sachs of New York, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam and Chase Manhattan Bank of New York. Even the US Federal Reserve Bank is private and owned by 13 shareholding banks who lend to the US Government on interest but it never gets audited or pays taxes.


Mainstream media is owned by less than 5 multinational corporations and these are all tied to the Rothschild and Rockefeller families. CNN is owned by Time Warner which in turn is owned by JP Morgan Chase. Those that sit of the boards are also members of think tanks that steer the world policies like Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission who are all in turn funded by the elite banksters headed by Rothschilds and Rockefellers. All are linked to each other and hold positions as either members, trustees or serve on the boards. It then becomes a piece of cake to steer corporations that are in their control and politicians who cannot run a country unless they are given handouts to do so. With central banks (except for Cuba, Iran, North Korea) all under the control of the banking elite it is they who determine the flow of money, the debt and world transactions.


The examples to highlight the connections are many. The League of Nations was a Rockefeller/Rothschild funded initiative, so was the International Labor Organization and the UN. When mainstream media is owned by the very companies that run the business world and they in turn have a major influence on how the UN itself is run, Third World nations and in particular India must awaken to some hard facts that steering a nation is not as easy as one aspires. Those that have challenged the ‘rulers’ have often found themselves either dead or discarded from the rest. It then becomes easy to understand the manner entities end up funding both parties of wars/conflicts and even political campaigns.


Where does Modi of India fit into all this? India or for that matter any country cannot live in isolation. The global village concept ensures that every country is connected to a network. Who controls that network is the issue at hand. Which explains why economies of countries are often controlled from abroad – and those controlling can destroy the market, cause credit crunches, collapse nations and create chaos. What we need to realize is that the world’s currencies and economies are under the influence of a handful.


Modi’s dream may be what inspired people to vote for him. How  far Modi will be allowed to realize his dream would depend on how far he is willing to compromise to ensure that the coffers of those that run and control the world continue to be filled. Therefore, the dream of reducing poverty or eliminating it is a distant and unlikely dream. As we have seen even in the Third World the poor have become poorer and the rich have gotten richer and India is no exception to this rule with statistical data to prove.


In terms of the elite that run India and their own aspirations to develop their country is also a notion only and no different to the jargon of politicians. Proof is in the pudding. If the colonial rulers developed roads and bridges to facilitate their selfish interests how far have that changed in modern context where infrastructure development is always to the requirements of the businessmen’s interest and agenda.


In taking a look at the Indian companies and the foreign business concerns that run India’s economy, it is not hard to link these with the globalist elite clan. Del Monte is one good example where its ties to Mittal’s Bharati Airtel does not highlight the Rothschild shareholding connection unless one visits the Bloomberg businessweek website. FieldFresh Foods, is a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and Rothschild.


The opinion generated immediately following Modi’s victory was to urge the new Modi Government to keep nationalists at bay. The only message to be read from this appeal was because the deals that Modi will be offered would have nothing to do with keeping the heritage of India in tact except turn everything into money generating avenues that are not really meant for the general populace but to continue the same quest to fatten the coffers of a handful. The elevation of segments of society is purely to increase the returns for them by opening newer opportunities to make money.


In the light of the ground realities that Modi will be faced which are tied to the dogma of domination and acquisition of lands as well Modi cannot overlook the neocolonial challenges tied to the economic goodybag of investments promising him his dream come true. How Modi will weigh his options is one in which the entire Indian nation will watch, for ruling India is not as easy as running Gujarat. Charisma is one thing but Modi’s enemies from whom he would have to obtain help to get the economy running are Indian business leaders who are either directly through business ventures or indirectly through their links/tied to the very elements covertly trying to balkanize India.


It will be a trying period for Modi and his Government and one in which he needs to play an astute role in.


A good question to ponder is how far foreign investments actually help a country to develop and how many countries have actually developed in real terms?


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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    He is part of neo-colonial corporate agenda!

    His everything is based on neo-colonial corporate agenda. All his supporters are big businessmen (neo-colonial corporate agenda) and foreign investors (neo-colonial corporate agenda). His Hindu nationalism is ONLY for the show.

    Like JR. On one hand he was a nationalist. On the other a follower of neo-colonial corporate agenda. As long as he keeps BOTH ends happy, he is safe. But JR’s neo-colonial corporate agenda EVENTUALLY came to destroy NATIONALISM.

    This is what will happen in Endia too.

    Look what Modi is doing to Buddhism. He is USING Buddhist sites NOT to uplift Buddhism in Endia but to EARN MONEY FROM TOURISTS!

    It is NOT How will Narenda Modi balance Hindu Nationalism against neo-colonial corporate agenda.
    It is How will Narenda Modi COMPLIMENT Hindu Nationalism WITH neo-colonial corporate agenda.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    This is not new.


    A fantastic example of Hindu nationalism WORKING WITH colonial corporate agenda to destroy both Endia and Ceylon.

    Modi’s election win has brought in $16 BILLION to Endian stock market by western corporate trading gamblers. INSATIABLY GREEDY money makers like AMBANI are Modi’s NEW best friends, not the Hindu nationalists who meditated with him in the jungle.

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Excellent article: Quoting from the article “A good question to ponder is how far foreign investments actually help a country to develop and how many countries have actually developed in real terms?” It reminds me of the movie “Mary Poppins. In that movie the head of a major English Bank stated this to Mr. Banks the employer of “Mary Poppins”: “While stand the banks of England, England stands. When fall the banks of England, England Falls” the period was during the British Empire which means the Empire itself would fall if the banks of England fell. The lyrics of the song “Fidelity fiduciary Bank” in that movie which I quote a segment of the song encapsulates the article. It is in reference to the above quote and the role the banks played in the British Empire:

    Mr. Dawes Sr, Mr. Banks and Bankers:
    If you invest your tuppence
    Wisely in the bank
    Safe and sound
    Soon that tuppence,
    Safely invested in the bank,
    Will compound

    And you’ll achieve that sense of conquest
    As your affluence expands
    In the hands of the directors
    Who invest as propriety demands

    You see, Michael, you’ll be part of
    Railways through Africa
    Dams across the Nile
    Fleets of ocean greyhounds
    Majestic, self-amortizing canals
    Plantations of ripening tea

    I am going to save this article. thank you Shenali D. Waduge

  4. RohanJay Says:

    I think Shenali is onto something here. Also look at the flag of the British East India Company on wikipedia. Its the Union Jack and Stripes. The United States flag is Stars and Stripes. Which suggest to me and I wonder if the Americans ever won their independence from the British. Could it be possible that the US is controlled from London in particular and by London’s banking establishment and the Crown represented by the Queen of England and the Rothchild Banking Interests via Wall Street and JP Morgan and Chase Manhattan Bank controlled by Rockefeller family an agent of the British Crown. It also been discovered that most American presidents are blood related to British Royalty and the Rothchilds Bankers. So if Britain still runs the US and dictates its foreign policy against the wishes of the American people and Canada and Australia are run by Britain. You wonder how many other countries the British Oligarchy controls. Also we shouldn’t forget Australia’s legitimate prime minister Gough Whitlam was ousted from power under orders from the Queen of England and Rothchild in London acting through the Australia’s Gov.General. Because the Aussie leader was acting against British Banking Interests which control Australia. Also in Canada recently in 2008 unpopular Canadian Prime minister Stephen Harper was legitimately kicked out. But was re-instated by the Gov. General acting on behalf of Buckingham palace because he was supporting a North American trading partnerships beneficial to Rotchchild banking interests and the British Crown. Also the Bilderberg meeting set up by Prince Bernard- former Nazi SS oficer and Prince Phillip is currently taking place in Copenhagen. No doubt they would be discussing how the their imperial western agenda using NATO can be pushed through on the world.

  5. Nanda Says:


    Agree with you.

    2-4 paragraphs summarises how world is run by evil Jews using sheer corruption and crime.

    If Modi declares war on this corruption and crime he will be assassinated.

    The golden question ““A good question to ponder is how far foreign investments actually help a country to develop and how many countries have actually developed in real terms?” is the best start for a debate.

    Looking at China, can we say it developed ? I think YES. Millions of poor Chinese have a better life compared to 30 years ago. Sir Lanka ? not much of a change in that period.
    Similarly poverty of Singapore diminished. You cannot deny that. It is not just materialism, people with wisdom has freedom to think, without struggling to survive. They have a job. But surely some very few in Singapore had to join that group. Same is in Chilli now, the criminals control but more and more people are getting out of poverty.

    But my question to you is “How did China managed with this Evil Jews pushing their agendas ? “Have some Chinese leaders joined this group ?

  6. Nanda Says:

    “poverty is diminished ” is not the right expression. There is poverty in all “developed” nations. America probably is worse than Sri Lanka in terms of “development”.

  7. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Nanda: Going by the article and your final conclusion I have to state, I really do not know. That kind of upper level manipulations are well beyond my grasp. Any speculations would end up sounding foolish. I even did not know of the scope and breath of the Rochildes and asked others. I have saved the article and when I have time will do some research on my own as to the veracity of the article and your conclusion. But then again the article includes the media which includes the internet. If that is true then what I am being fed is what I am allowed to be fed.

  8. Nanda Says:

    Thanks BW.

    I believe, a Man who works to fight injustice will not do injustice to Sri Lanka.

    Modi asked all in government to declare assets. He has no relative in his cabinet. We have to wait and see rather than jumping guns.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    SL navy arrests 33 Tamil Madu fishermen and their 7 boats. Well done!

    First TEST of RESET relations between Endia and SL.

    This is a fantastic STRATERGIC move.

    1. FAT Lolita is meeting Modi soon. She will make many DEMANDS. But Modi cannot fulfil ALL. He will have to DECLINE some and only the PRIORITY ones will be give.

    SL Tamil issue will be one demand after TNA RACISTS wrote to her begging.

    But now there is a BIGGER issue – TN fishermen! That will DOMINATE the meeting. SL Tamil issue will get a back stage.

    SL can NEGOTIATE for TN fishermen to FREELY fish in northern SL waters in return for NO meddling in SL matters. Only losers will be fishermen in the north (ALL of them Tamils) and fish eaters in the north (ALL of them Tamils). SL loses NOTHING!

    Use the enemy across the strait to BUST the enemy on this side of the strait.

    2. TESTING WATERS. Lets see if Modi meant what he said before the election on TN fishermen. Knowing Modi’s boundaries EARLY is good to know the man. SL has nothing to lose.

    3. By arresting TN fishermen, SL pits SL Tamils against TN Tamils. This way FAT Lolita will be TORN between her voters and TNA losers. Her choice is obvious!!

    4. All this RESET of relations by Modi becomes BS.

    5. Also good MOD website carries news about HORRIBLE ENDIAN crimes against women happened AFTER Modi won. True patriots KNOW what Endia is.

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