US mass shooting and racial attacks does not stop it preaching to others
Posted on June 17th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

With US involvement in covert and overt operations, a history of overthrowing democratically elected governments and placing puppets, funding of extremist groups including Al Qaeda and other religious groups, training and even arming them it should come as no surprise that even before an isolated incident is investigated, the US is quick to issue statements against countries. People should now find it easy to conclude who the real culprits are. When Navi Pillay jumps to condemn selected countries only, while nothing is issued when UK attacks 700 mosques, people cannot be faulted if they conclude that the UNHRC is hijacked by the West and its heads function as their agents. Nothing to negate this has been shown either through their statements or their actions. Why has 200 mass killings in the US since 2006 gone unnoticed? Why is the US Government under reporting these? What has the UNHRC done on drone killings of civilians, or secret detention torture centres? Why is the UN human rights head mum on these?

In the US mass killings happen every two weeks. Michelle Sisson will not reveal this.

In 2007 – at a campus an armed gunmen killed 32

In 2009 – a man enters a shopping mall and kills 8 shoppers

In 2010 – A man who was asked to resign shoots 8 of his colleagues

In 2011 – 8 people were killed outside a salon by a man holding 3 guns and wearing body armour.

In 2012 – an armed gunmen guns down 20 children, ages 6 and 7, and six adults

The violence and crimes in the US does not give any right for the US to be preaching to any country moreso when irrespective of violence at home, the US is famous for creating / engineering violence in other countries.

Some alarming facts on US:

  • Over 22 million women in the United States have been raped in their lifetime.(National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey 2010)
  • Every 90 seconds, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted.(Calculation based on 2012 National Crime Victimization Survey. Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department of Justice)
  • Approximately 1,270,000 women are raped each year. Another 6,646,000 are victims of other sexual crime, including sexual coercion, unwanted sexual contact, or unwanted sexual experiences. (Department of Justice 2010).
  • In 2006, 78,000 children were sexually abused. (Child Maltreatment 2006.) Because majority of cases are not reported, it is estimated that the real number could be anywhere from 260,000-650,000 a year. (Finklehor 2008).
  • An estimated 17,500 women and children are trafficked into the United States annually for sexual exploitation or forced labor. (U.S Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report 2012).
  • There are 16 US cities that foreign Governments warn their citizens about: Avoid walking in the night in Boston, don’t got to Harlem, Times Square in New York, quarters of Washington is too dangerous in both night and day!, except downtown, Baltimore is too dangerous, no one should visit Richmond on foot,
  • US DOJ Study: More Than 250,000 Hate Crimes a Year, Most Unreported

Sri Lanka is attempting to recover from 3 decades of terrorism. Solutions are elusive because the problem has not identified one single factor. Sri Lanka faced TERRORISTS and TERRORISM. Instead, since it is convenient for all the stakeholders to claim the issue is ‘ethnic’ for there is plenty of merits to delaying solving problems.

What is important to make note of is that from the time the conflict ended it was brought to the attention of the authorities that the very nations that manhandled the LTTE were using their ‘other’ friends to nurture another trouble by dividing the Muslims against the Sinhalese. In fact authorities have chosen to ignore the warning signs and allowed these groups to enter Sri Lanka and brainwash minority youths and we see the results now emerging and it is this reason that the Government is compelled into silence because it is aware of its own faults. Nevertheless, we cannot allow the future to return to the decades we lost.

We know that the hangers on in any conflict are the human rights organizations, the charities etc for most of them (at least those that are fronts of foreign governments/foreign intelligence etc) any conflict is Christmas. That is how they can campaign for funds and then spend 70% of the funds for their own personal remunerations and hardly 10% is used for the real victims. These are opportunities to prey upon the victims and get them involved into their agendas. Asian and African nations are easy prey and we have seen the consequences in most dangerous ways. If the decision makers and the news writers have been purchased it is nothing to be surprised that the world gets a one-sided version.

This is what we cannot allow to happen in Sri Lanka. This is why it is in the hands of Politicians (government and opposition) to ensure that their hunger for power and money does not compromise the country once again. They stand guilty of many crimes and they cannot fail the people once again. The people do not need bloodshed any more. The people suffered for 30 years. They must be given time and be left alone to build up their lives once again. We must allow people to build bridges. We do not need others to tell us how a bridge should be built because emotions are nothing that foreigners can steer unless it is in the wrong direction. People must not fall for these ploys.

The Government must get a hold of all foreign elements in Sri Lanka – be they in registered or non-registered form. They must ask these entities to leave Sri Lanka if they are found to be indulging in activities that are against peaceful co-existence of the people. Just because they have brought carrots that serve only politicians these nefarious organizations and their evil minds cannot be allowed to stay in Sri Lanka. They are going round the country doing colossal damage to our people.

The people must also realize that the country was built on a Sinhala Buddhist ethos and that ethos is not what the West wishes it to be.  However, this ethos is not to be compromised or bargained.

Law and order to prevail, politicians must stop interfering and influencing while law enforcements too must not be influenced in other ways. Politicians need to undo the damage they have done over the years because while we blame foreign interferences for much of the trouble brewing these interferences are made possible because politicians have compromised themselves.

20 Responses to “US mass shooting and racial attacks does not stop it preaching to others”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    It is too late now. MR will not do anything to offend his big fat ministers and grass root level politicians. He has missed the plot despite warnings given by our knowledgeable and motherland loving writers such as Senali Waduge. Even his own brother Gota.

    He knows that he needs to be in power. That is why he needs all these corrupted pradeshiya sabha politicians and also mad men like PM, Ratnasiry, Vasu and the lot. These are real burdens to the country. He will not dissolve PC’s because many of his low level organisers will lose their jobs and as a result he will also lose the polling crowd. People are only voting for MR and the message is taken to the grass root level by these low level thugs,,, not the rich ministers. He will lost his place in the SLFP party if these ministers were sent home.. They will go and join Chandraka.

    This is a big mess and I don’t think we can come out of it. Everywhere issues created by JVP student unions and BBS all funded by US and their allies. Ministers Champaka and Weerawansa are trying their best but they do not have a following. People have given up. Mostly because of the hatred towards the corrupted politicians.. This time it will be hard to get the people’s sentiments because they do not see the fear of the distraction we are facing as a nation. Previously against LieTTE, people gathered because of the fear factor which they could remember after suffering for 30 years. Now even if we stand on our head and say that US and its allies are doing all these things to get a part of our country for their own benefit… no one will join the band.

    We have failed. Gota has also failed. If he joins politics, that will be the last day people will remember all his services done to get the country back on track… It is all his brain and hard work of rana viruwos and 3 commanders including present day mad man Sarath Fonseka. He had foolishly played into the hands of foreign elements with his own ego. If Dasa Maha Yodayo and other commanders tried to capture the power from King Dutugamunu, imagine what would have been the situation. We would have become a province of Maha Bharath at that time.

    Our only Hope:
    Now I can not see any light through the tunnel. I can only hope if MR becoming a real thug and a dictator and dissolves the PC’s and abolish 13th Amendment ignoring Endia and West. Yet he will get the support of Russia and China. Best thing is he will win the hearts of all the people similar to 2009. Then we can re-start again. Sack all the highly paid advisors who misled him and get some handful motherland loving people, appoint somebody like Mrs Waduge as the Foreign Minister. Or else rule the country with a Senate.. send all the fat Ministers home (not only fat… useless ones like the PM etc)

    Then establish the old glory. Stop all pesticides in agriculture and develop our own methods as we have successfully done in the recent past. Send all the NGO’s home saying “we need a break… we need to get the house in order.. please leave our country and will call you after 10 years as visitors”. Send all the war advisors so called educated top brains in foreign policy..etc home. listen to own heart as old days kings. Conduct a “Dharma Sangayanawa” and bring back the true Therawada Dhamma. De-robe all the thieves.. including BBS guy and the guys who chant pirith in Sinhala. Then for another 2000 years our country will be protected. Otherwise by doing plaster work and pleasing Endia and others will not solve our problems because they have become chronic now.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The article listings are factual. I would also like to add that black on black crime is so rampant in the US it does not even enter the media on case by case issue. Only as a summary of the daily killings in all the major cities of the US are mentioned within comments and articles that address subjects related to it such as the overall violence in the US.

    It is only then that Americans are even aware of the mass scale slaughter occurring among the black population located in major cities. This is not the case with the black population in the countryside or in small towns. Other unreported violence are gang related murders from the Hispanic population to other gangs, again in major cities.

    It is now common for shops to be looted by the coordinated actions of many who enter the shop armed with bags and grab whatever they can and flee. Since they act in unison it is almost impossible to stop the shoplifting. In rare occasions does a shop keeper or a person in main chain store would even make any attempt to intercept. When they do as in a couple of days it makes headlines.

    Same goes for “Sucker Punching” (Google sucker punching Wikipedia) where gangs go down the streets and “sucker punch” a person right into the face leaving that person in a bloody mess. It is racially oriented as most of the “gangs” are black and the victims are not.

    The legal system is a mess. On a personal note when my dad died my sister who was made Executive and held power of attorney over my parents went against the will and stripped my mother’s inheritance. Then she and her husband engaged in assaulting her. I took her out of that situation and sued my sister. To make a long story short my mother lived with me till she passed away in 2010.

    She never recovered her estate due to the twisted court system. The evidence I had would have reversed the actions of my sister had I got a chance at a court hearing. That was deftly avoided. Later on I hired another attorney after my mother died to address other issues of the will. What they found out was the day that I was in the courts with my mother fighting a forced settlement orchestrated between my sister’s attorney and mine without my knowledge including my confrontation with the Judge (while my mother was in a wheelchair and in the court room) to deny this settlement that all records of that day have been removed. This was an inside job. It was as if the day never even occurred. Though my mother was the wife of a Physician she herself died in penury, not because of her husband nor the will but because of the criminal actions of her daughter.

    I have full reason to also believe that my father was murdered. My sister had access to his private room in the hospital. She had the motive and the means. She was in the process of illegally changing the pension plans to her name. She could not risk my father ever recovering. He never did.

    In this hometown while my mother lived with me I was informed of a boy who went missing. The person who told me of his fate also told me who did it. I documented the whole thing in writing and had a personal visit with the local police Chief and the Sheriff. They confirmed that this boy did go missing some years ago and by the confession of this person this boy was murdered and his body dumped into a swamp. Due to the politics of the town the case never was addressed even though my story was confirmed.

    When I owned property in New Orleans Katrina and Rita struck. Though the city was heavily damaged none of my properties were. They were in the historic area of the French Quarter. I stayed through the storm and only left when the water was shut off. When I returned I along with my business partner spoke some members of the national guard.

    During the storm the Super dome was made available as shelter to the residents and visitors of New Orleans. But pets were not allowed. I had dogs so I avoided that place. Later on I found out that as the national guard went into clean up the place they saw black ooze come out of massive food bins. Inside were a dozen black children. One girl (aged around 12) was so severely raped that her pelvic bone was broken. all the children were brutalized and dumped in those bins. Many others had their fingers or ears cut off for the jewelry as the gangs took over the Super dome (which also did not have air conditioning. This was in August when the temperature is over a 100 degrees Fahrenheit.). This is but a series of gruesome acts done in that Super dome.

    When the floods hit the staff of one of the nursing homes simply abandoned the building leaving the sick and elderly to defend for themselves. The nursing home was submerged by the floods and all inside died due to it. There are so many other such personal accounts that it would fill a book just to relate what had taken place in my life in the good old USA that NEVER made the news. I hope my comment and my personal encounters gives those who have not made the US their home see this nation for what it truly is.

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    One more issue. It is very easy to commit murder in the US. Those examples given in the article were well covered by the media. But Serial killers once caught often end up confessing to committing far more murders than those that were under investigation.

    Usually Serial Killers are rather successful in the first dozen or so murders, but they make their mistake in the repetition of the act. Once the over corrupt bureaucracy is mobilized to handle some related murders that lead to the arrest of the serial Killer, the confession then leads to so many other murders that have been written off as “missing persons”.

  4. Marco Says:


    I do wish you had not divulged your personal disagreements with your own kith and kin and your grievances with the laws of the land however much you may think that you have been treated unfairly.

    My immediate thought was- If you are unable to resolve a dispute or disagreement with your OWN blood kith and kin without resorting to the courts and litigation what chance of a reasoned and rational comment or solution that may remotely be considered that is far removed.

  5. aloy Says:

    I, too, think that BW saga has somewhat overshadowed the very important facts put down by Shenali and the equally important realities expressed by Hiranthe.
    However, I tend to disagree with Hiranthe that MR is the ultimate solution to our problems in becoming a wonder of Asia. To start with on what basis MR can contest a third term ?. He did not get a mandate to change the constitution; he acquired it by means of an incorrect ruling given by a crooked CJ. According to proportional representation MPs are selected on party lines and if they do not want to go along with the policies and decision of those parties they should resign instead of joining other parties. To my mind this is the whole problem with MR. From the day he won second term he was doing all he could to win a third term thereby giving into various crooks who do not want our country to achieve that wonder of Asia tag. So, we are going to Pamankada instead of going to Alimankada. Everybody is telling that our country is going down in various ways. Ministry secretaries have become mere cashiers collecting election funds from various agents. If you sit in a lobby of a secretary you will see what is happening. HE, MR almost doubled the contract sum of an expressway. Does this happen anywhere in the world?. Whose money is he dealing with in this manner?. I pity those villagers in distant places living in ramshackle huts trying to survive on daily basis. To ADB and WB we must tell that our country will not honour the deals thta they negotiate if reasonable rates for the contracts are not applied. Those rates should not be very much higher than those given to locals sub contractors who may actually be doing the job.
    Wimal W is talking about bathing dogs these days. He should know that, as the saying goes, even if you put a dogs tail in a bamboo for seven long years it will not straightened up. We need to get some one else from his party (even his brother, Gota) or someone else to lead our country on the way to wonder of Asia.
    Today I was reading an interesting feature article in the Island about Tatas of India by one C. Savanadasa. He ended up his essay as follows:

    “How fortunes undergo change over the years is to retain faith in the belief that truth is greater than fiction.”

    If we want to be a wonder of Asia we need few people like Tatas.

  6. Nanda Says:

    “HE, MR almost doubled the contract sum of an expressway. Does this happen anywhere in the world?. ”

    NO. In Malaysia it will be 1.4, 0.4 going to minister. But can you show us some evidence of “HE, MR almost doubled the contract sum of an expressway” please ?

    Tata’s are a problem to Sri Lanka. Tata is definitely bribing our buggers.

  7. aloy Says:

    You may put this question to RDA. For a certain section of E01, was the contract sum not increased from 8b to 15b?.
    I do not mind our ‘buggers’ doing same to other countries, like Tatas, where money comes from ground, not to our poor people who struggle to survive by sending their sons and daughters to ME to work as slaves, beside fighting wars.
    Malaysia is a friendly country, so I do not want to comment on their affairs.

  8. Nanda Says:

    Not that I suspect you, I want the facts exposed properly. I worked with the lowest bidder( for bridges) for KIA ( airport) expressway very first tender (not MR time). It was given to a tenderer 30% higher ( I guess this was Chandrika’s time).

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    AGREE with Hiranthe.

    But you cannot compare the ancient king to MR and his commanders to present commanders.

    I still think a MILITARY TAKE OVER will do good for the country.

    AT LEAST the military should be given EQUAL STATUS as the judiciary. Then BASL clowns will be put in their place.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    “US mass shooting and racial attacks does not stop it preaching to others”

    Russia, China, Iran, etc. should FINANCE these people, ARM them, brainwash them and use them in REGIME CHANGE in USA. Obviously they are fed up with the system to do those acts. USA finances terrorists in Russia, China and Iran.

    One day the US will collapse from within. HISPANICS will become the US majority in 20 years. Then the anglo saxons will try to KEEP their stranglehold on the presidency and policies leading to violence. USA if it survives for so long will be a different country by then. Hopefully it will be like Mexico.

  11. OaO Asithri Says:

    Shenali, once again a very stark-fact, compelling revelation and I commend you.

    Responding to comments…

    Aloy, I think you lost your marbles.

    “Everybody is telling that our country is going down in various ways.” ?

    Please tell me who is this ‘everbody?’

    Is that “everybody” consisting of the all-but-washed-out UNP (rejected at over 30 polls by Sri Lankans and still languishing in the Opposition), the LTTE-GTF, AI, HRW, ICG, Navi Pillay, or even our own (misfortunately) SLMC’s Rauf Hakeem?

    If you are a true patriotic Sri Lankan (because if you are not, then this is a non-issue as then I will respond differently to you, resolutely, I assure you) Please get a handle of your bearings before your utter this type of hear-say, cockamamie-ka-ka.

    As far as Sri Lanka is concerned, “everybody” is the voter-base in that country and IF that “everybody” is of the opinion that the “country is going down various ways,” then I am sure that “everybody” will dump this regime out at election time.

    As for your “HE, MR almost doubled the contract sum of an expressway” this is one of the most laughable phrases I have seen in a long time – not to say I have seen such other phrases from the uneducated, non-world-affairs-savvy, morons who are basically living the life of a well-trapped-and-happy-frog.

    Please provide us with the financial breakdown – i.e. the properly scrutinized and verified statement by some independent authority (such as ADB for instance) to prove your point that it is MR who is responsible for the, admittedly, increased cost of the expressway – before you make this type of ludicrous utterance.
    Once again, I would dearly love to know what/who your sources are – again, are they the all-but-washed-out UNP (rejected at over 30 polls by Sri Lankans and still anguishing in the Opposition), the LTTE-GTF, AI, HRW, ICG, Navi Pillay, or even our own (misfortunately) SLMC’s Rauf Hakeem?

    By the way, I must tell you that when I read comments such as yours, I breathe a sigh of relief and say to myself “despite all the knives aimed at Motherlanka’s heart since 2400 years ago, thanks to the valiant bravery of our (mostly) Sinhela-Buddhist inhabitants, we are still an independent nation today, an independent nation where we consider each resident as Sri Lankan first before any other thought (yes, that is if they show us they are really inclined to be other than a patriotic Sri Lankan)!”

    Finally, am I an apologist for this MR regime that, like all regimes since independence, is known to be corrupt in some shape-or-form (i.e. this corruption, which I have experienced myself as a victim firsthand from this regime)?
    The answer is an emphatic NO!

    As we know, corruption is endemic in our global region (not to say it is not so in the West; the difference is in the West things don’t ‘bubble to the surface’ that easily at least where politicians are concerned) and true, we have had our fair share of corruption scandals during the former-regime periods too, but the difference is that those former regimes could not achieve even 1/8 of the country-wide development this regime achieved on apples-to-apples comparison basis, and nor could those they protect us from that unbridled, horrific, sadistic LTTE TERRORISM that plagued us for over 30 years!

    Alas, let’s get REAL… shall we?

    OaO Asithri

  12. aloy Says:

    OaO Asithri,
    Hammer as much as you can to UNP and RUNNIL, I have no interest with him. As far as the way we are heading just listen to Hon.Patali’s and Hon. WW’s speaches. I know they too will not want to languish in prisons like our war hero who became zero. So, we have to ‘get real’. You should also listen to Ranjan Ramanayeke’s (Ranja) speech in parliament which was telecast recently to know the state of affairs in our country. They know much more than all of us because they are there in the thick of it. I am commenting from outside the country. I think I should stop until we come to the bridge, we shall cross it then.
    I have worked in RDA more than twenty years ago. There are no people whom I know to get someone to look in the files. However I have given a clue. Just asked them the question I have given in my above posting. Was it done or not?. They know which is E01, and they know the Chinese contractor who worked in the first phase. For anything in our country there always two views; for and against. When a small incident happens in a small town or village two parties fight each other.

  13. aloy Says:

    Sorry, a correction to opening sentence: “Hammer UNP and Runnil, as much as you can; I have no truck with them”

  14. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Marco: you missed my point. I started off with a legal dispute with my sister. The subject was the institutional corruption of the US. You left out the rest of my examples. As I mentioned in my comment “to make a long story short”. I summarized it, with the emphasis that the whole issue was removed from the courts which I found years later.

    Then I went about summarizing other personal events outside of my family. You also completely left out the issue of the whole scale slaughter that takes place in the inner city black community to the gang community.

    I would like to add this. the number of deaths done by sheer violence in the US would easily surpass the 100 thousand people killed in Sri Lanka during Asia’s longest war. If you were to add up the # of Americans killed in the past 30 years that number would easily surpass that of Sri Lanka. That is one issue. Then there is the issue of “institutionalized crime” in the court system to the police which as I stated I could write volumes.

    Advice to you: stop focusing on “blood relatives” and that crap and start focusing on the sum total of my comment.

  15. OaO Asithri Says:

    Aloy, let me get this straight…so you worked in RDA “more than 20 years ago” (we all can agree that much water has flowed under the bridge since then) and today you say “There are no people whom I know (in RDA) to get someone to look in the files” (to substantiate your claim that “MR almost doubled the contract sum of an expressway”) – but wait, now you want to put the onus on me to do the investigative-research to prove that your wild (seemingly so) claim is true?

    Are you for REAL?

    This is totally unacceptable and amazingly pathetic in my view. Do you not know that it is a universally accepted moral etiquette, and legally accepted norm too, that when one accuses someone of wrongdoing, it is up to the accuser to bring forth proof and not put the burden of gathering proof on others? Basically, if that is not so, then the universally accepted word for such behavior is SLANDER.

    As for your “So, we are going to Pamankada instead of going to Alimankada” piece (which I did not lock-into earlier, I am truly horrified that you would thoughtlessly and cheaply regurgitate that infamous utterance by that one FAT CAT LOSER UNPer during the height or our Ranaviru campaign to liberate our MotherLanka from the horrors of the vile LTTE maggots…an utterance that this FAT CAT LOSER UNPer made in the parliament, entirely for cheap politics, to portray that SLDF boys are basically a bunch of wimps and all what the MOD published victories of SLDF against them vile LTTE maggots were basically false propaganda! When our Ranavirus finally liquidated them vile TERRORIST maggots, I expected this this FAT CAT LOSER UNPer to go to corner and eat his heart out and perish in shame – but no, as most such FAT CATS go, he did not and today he is still kicking and screaming foul (as if we care for anything what he says after what he did to insult our brave Ranavirus).

    So aloy, this is the end of the road…no further response from me to your warped, quite unpatriotic, hearsay, cockamamie ka-ka.

    OaO Asithri

  16. Marco Says:

    Bernard- I thank you for your advice.
    Your final sentence reaffirms my initial thoughts.
    Perhaps, you should be concerned with the crime waves and corruption in your home country the US whilst i do the same in my home country Sri Lanka.
    I have no wish to make any further comment on this matter.

  17. aloy Says:

    OaO Asithry,

    “So aloy, this is the end of the road…no further response from me to your warped, quite unpatriotic, hearsay, cockamamie ka-ka. ”
    I am so surprised the way my comment which is very accurate and reflects the whole truth, nothing but the truth, has been taken by you as a personal matter to stoop so low to make the above statement. Are you in SL and working in gosl or a contractor of some sort in SL?. I have been commenting in this site for quite a while and no one has come out like this.
    Usually in other countries when a serious matters of this nature arise, the government organization involved issue a clarification. May be this site is viewed not very important by them. So the best thing is for either you or somebody to refer this link to them for comment. I know they do not have to fear as they all opposed it, according to the grapevine. May be HE had some compulsions.
    Now “so you worked in RDA “more than 20 years ago” and “Are you for REAL?”
    As some others do here, I too,will blow my trumpet, as if you do not do it nobody will do it for you. In mid 1986 three of us all with overseas stints joined RDA. Towards mid 87 I joined an organisation called RCDC (under RDA) as a manager in charge of Productions and Designs and did three significant contributions as follows:
    1) Introduction of construction of laterite based, surface dressed roads. These were done mainly in Gam Udawa sites and were portrayed as new technology though I was not involved in the construction. This method was no longer used since then, as far as I know, but can be the solution for problems in rural areas where we see complaints from villagers on the TV on daily basis now. This is a very common cheap method of construction in Africa
    2) Introduction of the use of Agrigate Base Course (ABC) in SL in 1988. This was done in on a road in Mahiyanganafor the first time in SL, in spite of serious objections from the RDA guys. Now almost any contractor knows what is ABC.
    3) Fabrication of a Computer controlled Bituminous emulsion plant from scratch, to meet the demand of emulsion for maintenance of roads throughout the Island. This was my own brainchild as I had to look for the people with expertise on electronics at that time and get the workers using a similar plant in the organization using some of its spares to do the fabrication. I know my name would not have been mentioned anywhere. That is ok.

    So, this is the reality. Another one that has emerged over the years is what Stephen Sakur spoke about, when he interviewed Gota almost five years ago. He was talking about % tages. That too has become a well accepted reality.

  18. aloy Says:

    Correction: “Stephen Sakur of BBC”

  19. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Marco: Get this point first. The article deals with the United States. It goes on to list Media covered crime sprees. I live in the United States, therefore I shared my personal experience (and that is just the tip of the iceberg) in this forum of what “institutional crime” to “crime on the street” to justify that the US is playing a double game when the US points fingers at other nations.

    focusing on the issue of Sri Lanka is top most on my mind. The examples I gave in the US is to back them up. My personal life experience is a MUST issue, otherwise it is just a list of events not related to my life. You should check out how the Tamil diaspora goes out of their way to point out the personal experiences they underwent in Sri Lanka to justify their trumped up charges of a “genocidal Sri Lanka”. I am not doing that.

    Again the reason why I brought up my family issue is that when it was addressed by the courts the records of that day were removed. Why do I believe my father was killed. Short of the information that my sister had unfettered access to his private room in the hospital, short of the fact that she was undoing everything he had written in his will while in the hospital and thereby could not afford for him to recover, she also went against his will and hastily cremated him. He wanted a burial with a headstone. The pieces fell together only after I discovered that the records in the courts have “disappeared”.

    I do not know what your problem is in my sharing my personal experience. But that is your problem. I also covered extensive horrors in the US which you even did not give the common decency of acknowledging it. What is your problem? Simply put the US is a corrupt violent human rights abusing nation and I fully support the conclusion of this article with personal anecdotes. Got it Marco?

  20. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Marco: One more point and this for all others as well. I did not lose the court battle. I was forced into a settlement which I never signed. In order for a settlement to be valid both parties have to sign it. I refused since I wanted my mother’s estate returned to her in full. It was not. I also wanted to address in the courts issues ranging from embezzlement, grand larceny, forgery, etc. which all carry a criminal charge. My sister and her husband would have faced a criminal court had I got my chance in courts regarding my mother’s estate.

    What ended was a forced settlement that was illegal and it cost my sister up and above 200 thousand dollars in total (my lawyers fees, her attorneys fees, the bribe money, and the settlement costs). She and her husband threw everything they can to avoid facing criminal charges. As for the possible murder of my father it would take thousands of dollars on my part to even address the issue. Reporting it to the police or taking any other legal action is fruitless at this time. So I live with that nightmare and the twisted judicial system of the US.

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