D-Day for nationalism
Posted on June 18th, 2014

By Nalin de Silva Courtesy Island

 The Parliament will vote this evening on the resolution by some MPs, which effectively demands not to allow the UNHRC committee appointed to “investigate comprehensively” to come to Sri Lanka. What is interesting is that Navi Pillai the outgoing commissioner is determined to get the committee to act before she leaves her office. She has already issued a statement on the Aluthgama Beruwala (AB) incidents following the Ambassador of USA in Sri Lanka. These two ladies want the government to investigate into the incidents. We have to thank them for the interests they have shown in maintaining peace in the country, and issuing statements within 48 hours of the incidents. I wonder whether incidents of this type happen only in Sri Lanka, and if such incidents occur in other countries, the UNHRC and USA are so quick in issuing statements championing peace in those countries. The two ladies were so fast that it gave the impression that they were expecting an incident and were ready with statements. Incidentally, the government had already acted even before the statements were issued.

 When the Parliament votes on the aforementioned resolution there could be some MPs who would think of the Aluthgama-Beruwala incidents, but by and large it would be along party lines. The SLFP, whether one likes it or not is the party of nationalism, in general, and the UNP is the Unwilling National Party. However, the SLFP has its limitations being the leading partner of a grand coalition and is restricted by not having a national policy on economics and politics. It is the fault of the so-called educated in the country having failed to come with national policies in economics and politics even after sixty five years of ‘independence’. The country is not fully independent mainly due to the fact that the ‘intellectuals’ are not independent of Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Princeton.

 There are a few important matters on the so-called international investigation that have to be discussed. First of all, it is the international of the Western European countries and the North American (WENA) countries, and not the international of the entire world. The WENA countries as far as Sri Lanka is concerned are led by England that is responsible for creating, nurturing and maintaining the Tamil problem. They are hell bent on punishing the government for defeating their darling the LTTE. This fake international community has no majority in the UN and thus uses organisations such as UNHRC to run the world the way it wants as they have to turn to the former for survival. The officials of the organisations are often paid by them. Navi Pillai tries to satisfy her employers but it is apparent that they are not happy with her performance. Thus, she will be replaced soon by a Jordanian prince.

 In opposition to the WENA countries there is another international of non-WENA (NWENA) countries, and it is the latter which we have to build up ties with, to face the WENA countries. The NWENA international has begun to recognise President Mahinda Rajapakse as one of its leaders as illustrated by the honours he is being showered by the other countries. The Bolivian award that he received is the latest of such honours. The President is recognised for defeating the most ruthless terrorist group that was aided and abetted by the WENA countries led by England, standing up to pressure exerted by the westerners. The President was very clear on this score when he mentioned of countries that attempted to destabilize the other countries by using their influence. The President is also admired for the steps the government has taken to develop the country albeit according to the western model.

 It is pointless to allow the ‘investigators’ to come to the country for more than one reason. There is no complaint as such but only an ‘investigation’ with no proper charge sheet, list of witnesses etc., that are usually issued to the defendant even in an ordinary court case. The ‘judges’ are to be appointed by the accusers and what justice can be expected from such an ‘investigation’. From past experience we know that the reports are written even before the ‘investigation’ commences, and the policy of the President to invite any interested party to ‘come and see’ has been abused by the report writers. What did Pillai learn or see after coming to Sri Lanka? The report she submitted may have been written even before she left for Sri Lanka and all that we know is Cameron did not change his attitudes towards Sri Lanka after attending CHOGM. It is a case of win-win situation as far as the WENA countries are concerned.

 The reports commencing with the infamous Darusman Report, have introduced the concept of procreation by the dead. The number of dead Tamils has increased from one report to the other, and it is expected that it will reach the hundred thousand mark very soon. The government should not allow the ‘investigators’ to come to Sri Lanka as we know that the report has already been drafted. The argument that if we have not done anything wrong why we should not go before the committee falls flat due to the past experience. We may have done nothing wrong but there is no way of proving our innocence before a biased committee of paid coolies. If the government were to appear before committee, the ‘investigators’ will finally state in their report that they interviewed government representatives before coming to the conclusions.

What Sri Lankan government should do is to convey to the NWENA countries what has happened in Sri Lanka and muster support at the UN. The NWENA countries with similar experiences will understand our position, and we have to prepare for any economic sanctions and other punishments that the WENA countries would impose on us. However, it is the national front that is going be more important and the UNP and the JVP should be exposed for their antinational stand. The TNA should be exposed in the Northern Province as a party that represents the interests of Tamil Nadu and Chennai and not of Jaffna. They are not interested in the welfare of the Jaffna people, in particular of the fishermen. The JVP and the UNP are not prepared to stop at where even Pillai has closed her charges and want to go further with failed Rathupswela, Aluthkade, Katunayake Springs. They pretend that they are against the government and not the country, but all those anti-national movements in other countries where they had governments not liked by the WENA countries also began with anti government slogans. Today’s vote in Parliament will clearly show us most of the anti-national elements and we should campaign against these forces at the next elections. They have to be relegated to the dustbin of history without further delay and the people should be rallied against them by organising a strong national movement.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “Today’s vote in Parliament will clearly show us most of the anti-national elements and we should campaign against these forces at the next elections. They have to be relegated to the dustbin of history without further delay and the people should be rallied against them by organising a strong national movement.’


    If they cannot be relegated to the dustbin of history in a vote they should be sent to HELL (Tamil Elam).

  2. Samanthi Says:

    This is a very well written article by Professor Nalin De Silva.

    Not only those who voted against the govt. resolution but also those who abstained or not present at the time of voting are also traitors!

    Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna dhanapathi puwathpath magin pumbanu laboo American pilliyaki – Dharmawardhana.

    This is true!

    Where did the former leader of JVP Somawansa live? London, England.
    Where did the new leader of JVP Anura Kumara make his first foreign visit to in the name of overseas fund raising campaign? London, England.

  3. Senevirath Says:


    prbha gen merum noka beruna ekekutavath puluvanda me vage jaraveda karanna. unp voters think think >>>>>>

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