Tawheed have succeeded in clamping down Sufism and Moderation and Traditionalism.
Posted on June 20th, 2014

Herold Leelawardena.

Wahhabi, Deobandi, and Mawdudist are only some extremist Islamic organisations that are active in Sri Lanka. Given the globalist (US) links to Wahhabism and remembering it is such Saudis backed Tawheeds that fought Gaddafi in Libya and Assad in Syria and fight Malaki’s Shia government as ISIS in Iraq now, are we to believe that Tawheed Jihadis have no hand in Aluthgama riots. Don’t forget, Iran is Shia and Sri Lanka is a close friend of Iran.

A Muslim writer to realsalafi.blogspot wrote a full story on how two murders and forty injuries took place in Buhkary Thakiyya in Beruwala on 25th July 2009. Importantly, he said that was the beginning of a master plan to turn traditional Muslims in Beruwala to become Tawheed radicles. In my opinion, Tawheeds past action show, their plan for Sri Lanka goes far beyond that.

Buhkary Thakiyya in Beruwala is a traditional Islamic cultural centre since eighteenth century. And Shaikhs of that Buhkary Thakkiya has always been a man who appreciate friendship and amicable living with Sinhala Buddhists. On the 23rd of July 2009, its followers and well-wishers have celebrated the 130th annual kandhoori at Buhkary Thakiyya in a grand manner.

The day after that celebration, Friday 24th 2009, the cleric at the nearby but newly sprung ‘Thou’ (Thou means Tawheed/fundamentalist) mosque, delivered a taped sermon that attacked the Buhkary Thakiyya accusing its Shaikh a Kafir. And Koran labels Kafirs a dirty unbeliever. Interestingly, the taped sermon also compared Buhari Thakiyya to a Buddhist Temple, the Kandhoori to a Dansal and the archways erected at the entrance to a Wesak Pandal. In short, Tawheed cleric of ‘Thou’ mosque had ridiculed Buddhism and Buddhist culture while attacking its ideological fore Sufi Muslims.

Traditional Sufi Muslims understand the core values that can unite Sri Lankan citizens. But Wahabi and Salafi Tawheeds who are trained in Saudi couldn’t care less about unity or Sri Lankan values. Tawheeds want Sri Lanka Muslims to follow extreme traditions of Saudi.

Anyway, on 24th of July, Moulavis of Buhkary Thakiyya and their lawyer made a complaint to Beruwala Police about that hate sermon. In defence, Tawheeds promised to produce hate preacher to the police in two hours but didn’t. And events that followed lead to arguments on Islamic ideology between Sufi traditionalists and Tawheed fundamentalists.

On July 25th of 2009, both sides gathered again and soon argument turned to a brawl that ensued two killed and 40 injured. 132 were arrested aftermath. Never mind the killed and maimed, Tawheeds started an illegal radio broadcast and distribution of CDs topropagate their ideology and hate campaign to fight against the traditional Muslims from the following day itself.

Soon Thawheeds spread the rift allover Sri Lanka. They stopped functioning of Buhkary Kandhoori at Kinniya and attacked Quadiriyya Thakiyya at Weligama. In February 2009, Thawheeds destroyed a 150-year old shrine in Ukuwela. In May 2009, they attacked Jummah Salat jamath, Thihariya. In July 2009, a Prominent Islamic Scholar & Ulema of the Valaichchenai Mosque was abducted & tortured. Needless to say, Thawheeds in Beruwala has increased their numbers by several folds.

On August 16, 2009, The Sunday Times reported that a number of Muslim home guards had deserted their unit with weapons to join Tawheed for a “Jihad” against traditional Muslims. The paper also reported that Saudi Embassy had denied supporting Wahhabis but admitted that “certain wealthy persons are helping various religious groups in Sri Lanka to put up mosques.”

Now to understand the gravity of the situation, here is bit of what Tawheed had done before 2009: On May 29, 1996, ACJU sponsored Wahhabi Tawheed arson struck the Thareekathul Mufliheen building in Kathankoody at 1 A.M.On October 31, 2004, at 12:30 p.m., 500 Tawheeds set the Meditation Centre ablaze, destroying its library, along with homes and businesses owned by Sufis. On December 2, 2006, they declared a Sufi saint who was buried the day before in that Meditation Centre, an apostate and exhumed his body and burned it at night. Then they brought life in Kattankudy to a halt (hartal). And schools, government and private offices, banks and businesses were shut down and shops were looted and burned. On December 15, 2006, Hordes of Tawheed thugs overran the same Meditation Centre knocked down its minaret then removed the body of its founder, MSM Abdullah (Rah) to burn it. Then they burned around 150 houses of his followers. Two were injured, one lost an arm and many fled the district.

Walk around. You’ll see, traditional Customs and rituals of the Sri Lanka Muslims are no more. Females donned in Niqab and hajjab has become a common sight in our cities. In the back of their three-wheelers they openly display, ‘there is no God but Allah’. ‘Azan’ insulting other Gods would deafen anyone. You’ll see that Tawheeds have succeeded in clamping down Sufism and Moderation and Traditionalism. How did it happen?

I think, this is what is happening: By compulsion (threats and fear), Tawheeds have cow down Sufi teachings and got Madrassas teach Wahhabi and Salafi fundamentalism. And Friday sermons in most mosques have become an expansion for the Tawheed ideology. Needless to say, it adds fuel to the burning hearts of young Muslims. They wanted to even look Arab. In that they have even planted date plants in Kathankoody. That’s ok, but ACJU and Tawheeds came up with a stratagem to feed us with nothing but ‘Halal’. They even got a Muslim parent to petition SC to allow their children don in Niqab to a Buddhist school on the strength of religious freedom granted by the constitution. They act as if they wanted to beat the majority Sinhala Buddhists. Tawheeds are testing our limits. And BBS became phenomenal success.

9 Responses to “Tawheed have succeeded in clamping down Sufism and Moderation and Traditionalism.”

  1. Nanda Says:

    Dear all ,
    Please watch for the truth


  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you and well said.


  3. OaO Asithri Says:

    Harold, thanks very much for this insight…this puts many of the nagging thoughts I have had since a long time to rest. Evidently, our GOSL is doing the Ostrich’s act today and I sincerely hope this utter folly does not result in another war-of-liberation for us (and this time against a seemingly even more virulent and better-endowed enemy than the last one) in our Motherland.

    And that point brings me to…Nanda, thanks very much for that link. I listened to every word of brother Patali, very attentively, and at the end the single most thought that crossed my mind was – how thankful we should be that we have a man of this foresight, intellect and oratory skill to deliver this type of factual, heart rendering, captivating speech today.

    After May 19th 2009, many a Lion went into a slumber after being terrorist-war-weary over 30 years. Clearly the time is up now for them to rise up and send an earth shattering roar across the land – as hyenas and vultures are trying to devour the kingdom to ruination.

    OaO Asithri

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Some TERRORISTS have set fire to a NO LIMIT store in Panathurai.


    It may be Muslim owners to get INSURANCE. Or it may be Tamil terrorists. Or it may be Sinhala terrorists.

    It is NOT acceptable.

    Instead everyone should BOYCOTT Muslim shops indefinitely until they STOP their extremism.

  5. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Please look at the truth

  6. Nanda Says:

    Probably done by Wahabis. These dogs should be caught fast.

  7. Nanda Says:

    Harold is very likely 100% on the spot.

    Oao , now you know MR is sleeping while these pests ruin the country.

  8. jayasiri Says:

    Whatever type of Muslim releigion they follow or promote IF ITS EXTREME form of relgion that is not acceptable to a peaceful country like Sri Lanka.

    Bad enough we had a megolomaniac CALLED “SUN GOD “who wanted to practice & DEMAND other Tamils follow his version of Hindu or Christian religion in Sri Lanka.

    Whether it is Tamil or Mulim once they accept to live in Sri Lanka, should NOT practice extereme versions of any FAITH, that brings CHAOS & disrepute to all MULIMS & other Sri Lankans. Organizations like BBS & Ravana Balaya & their offshoots are all DUE TO extreme versions of other religions that operate in Sri Lanka.

    Everyone should realize at some point they have to give up their extreme VIEWS to BLEND with the majority race IF NOT many more problems & extreme Orgs will crop up to COUNTER the forms of Muslim religion some CONTINUE to follow.

    If they cannot aspire to be citizens of Sri Lanka, UNDER the existing laws & freedoms THEY SHOULD leave where they can practice EXTREME forms of religion in places where THAT TYPE of IDEOLOGIES are prevelent……Thank you all…….J

  9. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    I appreciate the article for writing about the various versions of Islam. But it is fruitless when any version of Islam prevents other faiths to flourish in their Muslim home lands.

    While Mosques have been built in Varanasi, Kandy, Rome, Amritsar (the holy city of the Sikhs), to Jerusalem that same cannot be said of any Muslim land. Indonesia is the exception not because of her “tolerance” but because “Hindu Bali” is an island separated by an ocean. Indonesia’s Muslim “tolerance” stems from her geographic make up where thousands of islands make the nation. Each island isolated by the radical element of Islam till recently.

    In no other Muslim nation and definitely not in Mecca or Medina are any other faiths allowed. What makes this so horrible is that the UN sees no issue in that. The Muslim world is allowed to do what they want when they want and how they want in their own lands but the UN WILL NOT ALLOW the same for Sri Lanka. NO under no circumstances is the oldest unbroken Buddhist nation HAVE THE RIGHT to fight for her existence. Die a the death of thousand cuts but simply DIE. DIE DIE. IN THE NAME OF ALLAH DIE YOU GOD FORSAKEN SINHALESE BUDDHIST DIE. That is the philosophy of the UN.

    Jayasiris” states that the BBS and the Ravana Balaya are offshoots to the extreme versions of other religions. I cannot disagree more. The BBS and the Ravana Balaya are the ONLY VOICE the Sinhalese Buddhists have. Outside of them there is no place on this God given earth that the Sinhalese Buddhist have even a chance to express his or her voice.

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