Are Muslims In Sri Lanka Overstepping Their Metes And Bounds Aided And Abetted By Outsiders?
Posted on June 22nd, 2014

Sunny Sunil’s Column of Critical Analysis

June 21st, 2014
This is indeed a very good question and one which could pose dire ramifications for Sri Lanka unless responded to effectively as the network of Global Muslims of the Fundamental variety comprising of those who harbour radical views and create mayhem towards their objectives which very definitely is totally unacceptable to a Buddhist country like Sri Lanka that appears to have tolerated types linkable to this category far too long !

It is one which not only needs monitoring but the recent warnings by international terror watch groups including Interpol as well as the expertise of the likes of Dr, Rohan Guneratne also warrant careful determination towards what could be very detrimental to the future of Sri Lanka and endorse these views without compromise.

 While there are also speculations by many analysts that the Government of Sri Lanka has for much too long shown leniencies towards the arrogance of some of these types who seem to believe perhaps mistakenly just as the Tamil Tigers once did that they have a strong foothold in Sri Lanka is is also a consternation that some who pose as Muslims aligned with Government policy and have been taken into the confidence of the Administration tend to overstep their jurisdictions and entitlements by virtue of the high offices assigned to them.

 These types appear to have a tendency to instigate strong arm retaliatory tactics to conscientious objectors from the Buddhist community hence the Muslim community in opposition  tends to weigh this in their favour as appears to be the case of the recent unrest in the Beruwala and Aluthgama resort areas needing quick resolution whilst heeding the advice of those discerning enough to perceive it as it could escalate into being a greater problem down the road.

There are concerns raised by Government sources which appear to be not without justification that similar to how the United States nurtured Taliban the deadly Fundamental Muslim terror agency,linked to those who later targeted strategic locations in New York and around the world with deadly effect, US Ambassador Michele J. Sison somewhat consciencelessly is nurturing the Sri Lankan Jihadist groups thus jeopardizing the security of not only Sri Lanka and the US but of the entire world, a disclosure  made by Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka and something which raises great concerns despite its speculative nature.

 Such opinions are veritably not made randomly but through observations of how the Muslim Community whether Fundamentalist or not led by certain rabble rousers in recent times have conducted their affairs where some Muslims at times seem to foget they too are a visible albeit lesser minority of Tamils or a part thereof that once spurred on the LTTE within Sri Lanka and at this stage surely prevention is better than a cure rather than searching for a panacea after unwanted conflagarations which could erupt if remedial or preventive action is not taken by the authorities.The trouble makers need to be reminded of their status sans Carte Blanche to conduct their Jihadi or otherwise objectives in a land where tranquility, serenity and order has been restored with a heavy price after nearly three decades of strife and could ill afford a repeat performance! There are also rumblings that the Taliban are targetting Sri Lanka as a possible base for their activities and attempting to create a network that could affect all neighbouring countries where they aspire to launch their mendacious activities ~ rumblings which should never go unheeded depite needing caution on how to respond to it without causing paranoia or unwarranted panic within the nation.

 To blame for much of the related goings on in Sri Lanka It has been quoted in the ministerial response mentioned earlier and posted in the media thatThe US is repeating the mistakes it made in Afghanistan by distorting the Aluthgama incidents and very soon will suffer dire consequences. By nurturing and fostering militant Muslim groups against a democratically elected government instead of helping to hunt down the militant elements within the Muslim community, the US has only strengthened the global Taliban movement,”  The minister who is also the General Secretary of the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) appears to have based his observations after careful scrutiny of what has transpired together with a team of analytical observers although the Administration appears to downplay their seriousness which again appears to be somewhat disconcerting albeit with obvious reasons. Perhaps in the best interests of Sri Lanka his observations need to be heeded as words of cautionary wisdom in hindsight.

 The full text of his address follows where he  has said that quote : ” there was a conspiracy behind attempts at taking this matter to an international forum without resolving it at Pathirajagoda in Dharga Town where the incidents began.

Jihadist groups and some Muslim politicians are attempting to internationalize this issue. The trouble broke out at Pathirajagoda which has a Sinhala majority. Muslim extremists are trying to show the world that Muslims are being prevented from living a peaceful life. We request the Muslims not to be misled by those who are trying to provoke them. We, as the JHU is ready to help resolve this matter as we did in the past. People must get together and act against extremism which is raising its ugly head in our country.”

The authorities did not reveal the damage done to the Buddhists because it might have led to a more disastrous situation but Jihadist groups were having Hartal throughout the country making use of this opportunity.The security forces had allowed these Muslim extremists to gather in their thousands but arrested the Buddhists who attended a gathering.

The security forces allowed some 3,000 Muslims to gather in Aluthgama but disrupted the Aluthgama rally organized by the Buddhists. The law should be equal to everyone,” end quote

 Whatever the root cause for the present unrest it is a fact of life that the world today is being plagued by the attrocities committed by Fundamentalist Muslims in the name of Jihad which is causing endless human suffering, death and destruction and to those who attempt to further its cause and objectives within Sri Lanka a stern warning needs to be issued that their aims and objectives will never succeed. This should also extend to those in office on behalf of superpowers posted in a consular or ambassadorial capacity that theirs will be a wasted effort whether inadvertently or not if this be the case.


7 Responses to “Are Muslims In Sri Lanka Overstepping Their Metes And Bounds Aided And Abetted By Outsiders?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    GOSL should immediately seek MOSSSAD and other Israeli experts in how to BUST Islamic extremists. They helped us BUST Tamil terrorists. They will be TOO GLAD to help us bust Islamic terrorists too.

    Those who blame Buddhists should read world news.

    Who is at fault in Iraq, Iran, Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sudan, Kashmir, Gujarat, Bangladesh, Maldives, Chechnya, Xianjing, Syria, south Thailand, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, 9/11, 7/7, 6/15 Aluthgama, etc., etc.?


    NO BBS is any of these places!! Sunni Muslims are the cause of all this violence.

  2. Nanda Says:

    3 hooligons shot down finally by police wer3 2 Jihadist and one LTTEir.

    Jihadist running amok in youtube calling this black June. Unlike LTTE, it is easy to get rid of this rubbish, just give them black June.

  3. R.M.W Says:

    Afghanistan to china along the Silk Road was 100% Buddhist before the coming of Islam! What happened to the entire Buddhists’ population living in those countries? Did Buddhist tolerance help any? Females should not get education! Next no education at all, and keep the populace ignorant and imbecilic?
    Desertification of Lanka has begun in a big way. Today draughts are the rule; with a deficiency of water, trees just withering away and dying, and dearth of fresh air to breathe is diminishing fast. This way Sri Lanka should end up; the same way as Pakistan and Bangladesh?
    Intelligent Muslims should also realize that in order to avoid civil strife and bloodletting there is only one answer to avoid it as China did. One family one child policy should be implemented stringently!
    Not the Buddhist putting out children to counter the Muslim production machines, which would be simply madness!

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Multiply like xxxx. The output is votes in few years time. Then take over towns.
    Model them after saudi towns. Get mayors, mps, ministers, etc etc and start controlling
    the govt. Buldoze our heritage, our national parks to accommodate new breeds.
    In few years areas all become mossies. THAT IS HOW THEY MADE IRAN, PAKISTHAN, BANGLADESH,

    Mossies like hakim xxxx, rishard xxxx, ashrof xxxx etc, etc are responsible for these
    troubles. The xxxx get into government and destroy our heritage. What these xxxx do is
    promote, promote, promote mossies in our country. No politician is brave enough to criticise these
    xxxx because of their votes. Multiply multiply and multiply. Wherever they go, they create hell.
    All because of relentless breeding. Paedo started this mad religion. So these xxxx carry on the
    same way. SL is doomed unless these multiplying mossies don’t stop relentless breeding!

  5. RohanJay Says:

    The Wahabbi Terrorist simian Al Qaida monkey-demons, who seem to now have by the reports coming from Sri Lanka gained a foothold on Sri Lankan soil. .Should be crushed immediately, before the situation becomes worse. Sri Lankan military successful annihilation of the LTTE blood thirsty terrorists should hold them in good stead. These Saudi funded wahabbi idiots seem to be in a nascent stage in Sri lanka. So they can be crushed before the problem gets worse.
    The Ministry of Defence of Sri Lanka should enact an immediate action plan.
    1) Gain the support of moderate majority muslims to help Sri Lankan military crush Saudi funded Al Qaida elements within the mostly peaceful muslim community in Sri Lanka.
    2) Plant undercover agents in the Muslim Community. And ensure that every mosque and madrassa school is monitored in Sri Lanka every friday during the semons. To find out which Clerics are promoting hate against Sri Lankan Sinhalese Buddhists.
    3) Find out the movements of the extremist clerics, how often they visit Saudi Arabia and who they go and meet in Saudi Arabia. Its widely believed the Saudi princes and royal family members are the terrorist controllers of the wahabbi neanthertal terrorist anit-civilisation idiots.
    4.) Find out if any Sri Lankan muslim extremists went and fought in places like Libya, Syria and Iraq and committed any warcrimes against innocent people in those countries. I think their crimes are well documented.
    5.) Such Al Qaida criminals should be apprehended when they arrive at the airport or any border point by Sri Lankan authorities. Criminal proceedings should proceed against them with the help of eyewitness accounts from people in Libya, Syria and Iraq.
    6.) If any Al Qaida do not submit to Sri Lankan authorities in Sri lanka after being identified.
    7.) Sri Lankan military should be sent in. Have the terrorists surrounded. Given a chance to surrender unconditionally and if they refuse they should be wiped out from the face of the earth. Exactly like the Syrian military is doing right now.

    Finally its important that Sinhalese maintain extremely good relations with the Muslim community through this crisis. As most peace loving muslims hate the Wahhabi simians extremists as much as Sinhalese Buddhists do.
    People must remember we are dealing with terrorists and extremist elements.
    Some of the comments on Lankaweb as Cassandra says are uncalled for.
    They have obviously gained foothold in Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka must quickly solve this problem before it becomes like Syria or Iraq.
    For those who want to know how to deal with these elements effectively.
    Take a leaf out of the Syrian Arab Army who are doing tremendously good work wiping out these Al Qaida thugs by the dozens in Syria.
    I am sure most in the Sri Lankan army would love to do what the Syrian Arab Army are doing right now.
    Here are their daily updates to Sinhalese people who want their day brightened up by visiting this website.

    All I can say is God bless the Syrian Arab Army!

  6. jayasiri Says:

    As we see today, giving miniterial positions to minorities have made the situation worse. They misuse their responsibility & authority by beng member of the govt. Even the ones in oppostion parties who preach to minorities HAVE some ulterior motives.

    Nobody has visited the MOSQUES & listen to Friday prayers to find our what the PREACERS are doing. Are they genuinely practicing their religion or infiltrate young minds with JIHADIST propaganda? This is one of the drawbacks in allowing too much fredom to practice ones religious beliefs.

    Buddhists do not have to go to a temple or place of worship, they can do it in their own homes or any place they fit. IT IS NOT ESSENTIAL to visist a temple, LORD BUDHA said to practice his religion. Most do but some always feel more at ease when they visit a shrine or BO TREE or a Temple.

    Increase in popullation is not only affecting Sri Lanka, it was started by Tamils & Indians who leave India to grenner pastures, have their ULIMASTE GOAL to rule the world. Their (Tamils & Indians) goals are similar to that of Muslims. Because they support Sri Lankan govts: Muslims were not frowned upon or scrutinized as tamils were. NOW Muslims too want their share of PUBLICITY & seperate VERSION of MUSLIM faith.

    Some say it is SAUDI Arabia which promotes this type JIHADIST version,some say ULTA MUSLIM clergy preaches when they do their sermons and prayers. Whatever they do, should NOT interfere or make bUDDHISTS feel inferior in theor own country. This is the major problem of conflicts among races & religious beleifs……..Thank you……..J

  7. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    What stands out in the article is the “outside” connection that Sri Lankan Muslims maybe getting. It is a profound question with profound implications.

    All of Sri Lanka’s minorities have a much larger “outside” support. From Hindu Tamils (or Tamils in general) to Muslims, Christians and Secularists all have the full support of the ‘outside’ world. It is pointless to go into detail as any reader could surmise the length and breath of their support but to summarize it, all have the support of the UN and nations that are predominantly of their faith or ideology (Secularism)

    What is equally obvious, especially during and after the war is that the Sinhalese Buddhists DO NOT have any kind of “outside support”. In fact the Sinhalese Buddhists have been singled out by the UN to India to the world as “genocidal”, “murderous”, “radical” “barbarians” etc.

    That means Sinhalese Buddhists do not have the support of anyone. Not even China who supports Sri Lanka and Colombo for her own interests but not that of the Sinhalese Buddhists. They stand all alone. Their only place of relative safety is Sri Lanka and only Sri Lanka . Even within Sri Lanka the Sinhalese Buddhists have been marginalized in every aspect including where they live. The last stand is the land of Sri Lanka. That has been not only the “last stand” but the “only stand” for the Sinhalese Buddhist. Even Colombo by her nature cannot take sides and has to represent all Sri Lankans regardless of their impact on the Sinhalese Buddhist culture.

    It also means that the Sinhalese Buddhists will have to fight that much harder and ignore the world as the world will not take the side of the Sinhalese Buddhist even if they are a dying race. The “hard line” aspect of the Sinhalese Buddhist is far surpassed by the hard line of the world against them. The UN to the Tamil Diaspora and now the Christian and Islamic world will do their utmost to condemn and denigrate the Sinhalese Buddhist. In other nations Sinhalese are simply “dismissed” as Indians. The Sinhalese do not even have an identity to fight for in any other nation.

    finally in this ongoing “battle of cultures to survive” it is interesting to note that Christians have fought each other for centuries over Catholicism and Protestantism. The Islamic world is still in war over Sunni and Shia but in the Buddhist world be they Hinayana, Mahayana, Vajrayana or Zen (the only four that I can recount) none have fought each other over ideological issues. Buddhism as diverse as it is has managed to avoid violent confrontation with fellow Buddhists over ideological issues.

    Keeping this in mind the world has given a lot of attention to Tibetan Buddhism (Vajrayana Buddhism) through the tireless efforts of the Dalai Lama. Same can be said to a much lesser degree to Dr. Ambedkar or even Japanese (Zen) Buddhism. But when it comes to Sinhalese Buddhism it has got the worst blatant hate filled and biased attacks from the world. If the Sinhalese Buddhist does not fight for the right of Buddhism to be the pre eminent faith of Sri Lanka then no one else would do it. Everyone else would help the other religious minorities in Sri Lanka gain traction over that of the Sinhala.. at any cost. That has been made obvious by the UNHRC to date.

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