US creating a Taliban in Sri Lanka: Champika
Posted on June 22nd, 2014

Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka

Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka exposes US involvement in the latest Sinhala- Muslim clashes in Sri Lanka

However the Int community portray him as an extremist when he speaks the truth.

FRIDAY, 20 JUNE 2014 21:50
Similar to how the United States nurtured Taliban, which later targeted strategic locations in New York, US Ambassador Michele J. Sison is nurturing the Sri Lankan Jihadist groups thus jeopardizing the security of not only Sri Lanka and the US but of the entire world, Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka said.

The US is repeating the mistakes it made in Afghanistan by distorting the Aluthgama incidents and very soon will suffer dire consequences. By nurturing and fostering militant Muslim groups against a democratically elected government instead of helping to hunt down the militant elements within the Muslim community, the US has only strengthened the global Taliban movement,” said the minister who is also the General Secretary of the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU).

He said there was a conspiracy behind attempts at taking this matter to an international forum without resolving it at Pathirajagoda in Dharga Town where the incidents began.

Jihadist groups and some Muslim politicians are attempting to internationalize this issue. The trouble broke out at Pathirajagoda which has a Sinhala majority. Muslim extremists are trying to show the world that Muslims are being prevented from living a peaceful life. We request the Muslims not to be misled by those who are trying to provoke them,” the minister said.  We, as the JHU is ready to help resolve this matter as we did in the past. People must get together and act against extremism which is raising its ugly head in our country.”

He said the authorities did not reveal the damage done to the Buddhists because it might have led to a more disastrous situation but Jihadist groups were having Hartal throughout the country making use of this opportunity.

The minister said the security forces had allowed these Muslim extremists to gather in their thousands but arrested the Buddhists who attended a gathering.

The security forces allowed some 3,000 Muslims to gather in Aluthgama but disrupted the Aluthgama rally organized by the Buddhists. The law should be equal to everyone,” he said. (Ajith Siriwardana)

Minister Patali Champika accompanied by a group of JHU members on Thursday visited Pathirajagoda to check on the damage caused by the communal violence on Sunday. Pathirajagoda which has a majority Sinhala population is situated near Dharga Town in Aluthgama

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    This is the TRUTH Jihad parasites don’t want the world to see. Their plan is to CHASE AWAY Sinhalese from Beruwala and Aluthgama areas so they can EXPAND their DHARGA TOWN.

    Too bad Sinhalese have NO WHERE else to go. They have to live and die in SL and fight to survive. It is their BLOOD RIGHT as ISRAEL is the blood right of Jews.

    GOSL should immediately seek MOSSSAD and other Israeli expert in how to BUST Islamic extremists. They helped us BUST Tamil terrorists. They will be TOO GLAD to help us bust Islamic terrorists too.

  2. Nanda Says:

    “as ISRAEL is the blood right of Jews”
    Completely wrong comparison which condemns Sinhalese as cruel people.

    Jews came from everywhere in the world to occupy Palastine by force.

    Sinhalas lived in Sri Lanka ( an island) and not 1 Sinhalas came from anywhere to occupy Sri Lanka.

  3. Lorenzo Says:


    You need to learn the THOUSANDS of years of JEWISH history of Israel BEFORE they were chased away by that BARABRIC ARABIC junk.

    “Palestinians” today are JUST ARABS.

    IF Israel is NOT the Jewish homeland, where is it?

  4. ranjit Says:

    Wake up Buddhists.Time is running out.First the Tamil Barbarians now the Muslims Jihadist,Fanatics and Murderers who are killing innocent civillians in thousands in the name of Allah. The whole world is suffering and no super power or any other power is capable to face this menace. America is the # 1 terrorist country in the world who are supporting almost all terrorists groups as they prefer. Although no one can stand against them the nature is destroying them for their evil by twisters,floods,storms etc. They deserve it.

    The Govt must first get rid of the Justice Minister for working against the Govt. If he is a Minister he must act like a responsible person without uttering nonsence in front of the media. Captain Mahinda must sack him from his team. You cannot have rebels in the team. Dont worry about the 10% of Muslims.We dont need their vote. Without Majority Sinhalese they cannot survive so why we go behind these rascals. If they want to do the same like the murderers LTTE cowards let them do and see what they will get. Mr.President must be tough with them before they do some nasty things and cry for help pretending that they are the victims. Be act like Sir John otherwise we the people has to act before it’s too late.

    Show the world what these Muslim Juhadists doing in our Motherland. You never told or show the world what LTTE barbarians did to us like Anuradhapura and Arantalwa massacres or any other that’s why the world community sympathize with them more than us Sinhalese. Show their cruelty to the world. Our leaders must take the leadership of Sinhala Buddhists because this the only Sinhalese country we have in this world. Jihadist can go to their ancestors Middle East and the Tamils to India but Sinhalese where to go. Wake up Sinhala Buddhists and be united to beat the hell out of all these traitors,cowards and murderers.

  5. Nanda Says:

    I don’t believe that story, based on current behaviour of the Jews all over the world.

    Even though truth is said, Ganasara theros speech is not “right speech” and thus that behaviour is not conducive to the good name of the one of the most peaceful religions in the world.
    If in the future general Buddhist behave this way, there no longer exists Buddhism and no one would believe the peaceful existence of the past.

  6. Marco Says:

    With thanks to Patta Pal Boru

    Champikas fornicate whilst ‘here and there’ is burning – Stop it!

  7. Marco Says:

    The Ministry of Defence says it has no information over the alleged presence of Jihadists in Sri Lanka.
    Government Minister PataliChampikaRanawaka was quoted in the media yesterday as saying there were Jihadists operating in the country.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    A Buddhist monk has been killed by a group of criminals in Bakamuna.

    If done by Jihad terrorists, it MUST be retaliated with at least 2 of their dead. This is the ONLY language they understand.

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    NONE less than GR told military leaders from 55 countries last year there IS JIHAD terrorism in SL.

    Aluthgama is a CLEAR indication there are JIHAD terrorists in SL.

    Do you want your kith and kin killed by a Jihadists for you to believe? May be it is a good way to convince the LTTE leftovers.

  10. Marco Says:

    Monk Killed in Polonnaruwa


    The Chief Incumbent of the Punyawardanaramaya Temple at Elahera, Heeratiya in Polonnaruwa had been killed in an attack on Saturday night over personal dispute, the Police said.

  11. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Marco says “The Ministry of Defence says it has no information over the alleged presence of Jihadists in Sri Lanka“.

    Marco, What nonsense you are talking about.Either you must be a converted Muslim or an ignorant Christian.

    Do you know that the Interpol has warned local intelligence agencies that the Taliban is operating within Sri Lanka. They are not visiting Afgans but Sri Lankan Muslims.

    Do you know that India arrested a suspected Lankan Muslim terrorist Zakir Hussain in Chennai a few months ago.

    Read the following reports and try to avoid commenting on something you are absolutely clueless.
    The Dangerous Possibility of Islamic Terror in Sri Lanka
    Posted on August 22nd, 2010
    – Kumar Moses
    It is a topic no one likes to discuss. Even the government seems not to worry about it or at least pretend it is not a thing to worry about. People avoid talking about it fearing they might hurt the feelings of peaceful Muslims. It is a fact Muslims have been the most peaceful ethnic community in Sri Lanka despite many provocations. Things must remain so in future as well. However, it is foolhardy to think Islamic terror that is rampant in the region, would not enter Sri Lanka. Actually, it is already active in Sri Lanka. A well planned military approach is needed to be prepared to face this eventuality. The question is not if but when.
    Taliban Now In Sri Lanka: Interpol Confirms
    Posted on June 15th, 2014
    Courtesy The Asian Mirror
    Interpol has warned local intelligence agencies that the Taliban is operating within Sri Lanka.
    Interpol, which is now in touch with Sri Lankan authorities on this matter, is of the belief that the international terrorist organization is using Sri Lanka as an easy transit point to Middle East and other Asian countries.
    Intelligence services also believe that some Taliban members have entered the country using forged documents.
    Terrorist’s Arrest in Chennai Significant, Says Sri Lankan Analyst; Pak in Denial
    Sri Lankan terrorism expert, Dr Rohan Gunaratna, considers the arrest of suspected Lankan Muslim terrorist Zakir Hussain in Chennai on Tuesday, and the busting of his outfit in Tamil Nadu as being “very significant” for the entire South Asian region.
    Gunaratna, who heads the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, declined to reveal details, but said that cells such as Hussain’s have been functioning in Lanka, the Maldives and India, posing a “severe threat” to the entire region.Author of an authoritative book on Al Qaida, Gunaratna told Express that Hussain was planning to attack targets in Lanka and the Maldives as well as India.

    CHENNAI: Central intelligence agencies and the Tamil Nadu police claim to have busted a major terror network with the arrest of an ISI suspect in Chennai on Tuesday.

    Highly placed sources confirmed to the TOI that a 37-year-old man of Sri Lankan nationality, Sakir Hussain, allegedly linked to a Pakistani terror outfit, was picked up in a joint operation of Central and state police forces.

    The terror suspect, hailing from Kandy in Sri Lanka’s Central Province, has been remanded in judicial custody by a magistrate court in Chennai, sources said.
    Overseas Islamist terror cells in Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka: A New Hub for Islamic Extremism
    Posted by jagoindia on July 20, 2009

    Sri Lanka: A New Hub for Islamic Extremism
    (Lanka-e-News – 2008 March10) Sri Lanka is emerging as a new hub for trans-national Islamic extremism in South Asia.
    Thirty years of civil war, faltering economy and third world politics are playing their part in the emergence Sri Lanka as a hub of trans-national Islamic extremism.
    Sri Lanka has been at civil war for most part of the past three decades. The main protagonists are the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) dominated by ‘Sinhala’ speaking Buddhists -identified as ethnic Sinhalese- and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) dominated by ‘Tamil’ speaking Hindus and Christians -identified as ethnic Tamils-.
    Around 7% of Sri Lanka’s population are Muslims. Majority of these speak the ‘Tamil’ language but identify themselves as ethnic Muslims. Sri Lanka’s Muslims are aligned to the GoSL, and are strongly opposed to the LTTE. Around 50, 000 Muslims claim that they were driven out of their homes in the north of the island by the LTTE.
    Over the years, Sri Lanka’s Muslims have been canvassing a number of Muslim countries to support the GoSL against the LTTE. In 2001, when the LTTE launched an offensive towards the northern Jaffna peninsula, putting the lives of around 50, 000 GoSL soldiers at risk, Pakistan intervened by providing sophisticated multi-barrel rocket launchers to the GoSL forces to drive back advancing LTTE forces. Alongside Iran, Pakistan is one of the largest suppliers of military equipment and economic donors of Sri Lanka.
    ‘Close relationships’ between Sri Lanka and Muslim states such as Pakistan and Iran are two way affairs. All across Welikanda in the east of the island and Puttalam to the west, there are evidences of ‘Jihadi’ training camps where youths from surrounding countries are undergoing arms training. Recent incidence of ‘Sharia’ influenced violence against ‘unislamic activities’ across some parts of the island, and the inaction of the GoSL police, are evidence that the GoSL is a party to and a beneficiary of the growing radicalisation of Muslims in Sri Lanka.
    Annexed here are names of youths of South Asian states receiving training (or received training at beginning of 2008) at Sri Lankan ‘Jihadi’ training camps.
    MALDIVES Muslims Youth.
    Ahmed Jameel (MALDIVES)
    Khasheeh Hilmey (MALDIVES) ( Rest is deleted)
    Sri Lanka Muslims and Islamic Fundamentalism
    Militant Wahabism beats other Islamic fundamentalists in Sri Lanka
    Islamic fundamentalism grips Sri Lankan town
    Sri Lanka Muslim leader warns against extremism claims
    September 06, 2013 – 12:54:35 pm
    COLOMBO: Sri Lanka’s main Muslim political leader, who is also the justice minister, criticised his own government Friday for blaming religious tensions in the mainly Buddhist nation on Islamic fundamentalism.

    Rauf Hakeem said he had been “disturbed” by recent comments from the country’s defence minister, Gotabhaya Rajapakse which warned of efforts to “promote Muslim extremism” in Sri Lanka.

  12. Marco Says:

    Thank you for your response.
    I assume you don’t live in Sri Lanka and thus unable to view MOD statements or read local newspapers.
    I copied the statement made by Defence Ministry and military spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya.
    Think you will find an internet version of it either on Sunday Leader, Sunday Times or Daily News.

    I’m equally surprised that contradicting statements are made by International Organisations and local media or Govt Ministries like the MOD or EAM

    I will let you decide to form an opinion!

  13. Marco Says:

    I note with interest that part of my comments above have been deleted or not shown.

    Surely, would it not be best to delete all of my comment and not show only part of it as t is likely to mislead the reader.
    I will leave that to your judgement.

  14. Marco Says:

    To illustrate a further case in contradictions- refer to the Statement made by Minister of Mass Media and Information and Official Government Spokesperson, Keheliya Rambukwella and the The External Affairs Ministry on the importing of Iranian oil.

  15. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The Sinhalese Buddhist stands alone in the world. the only place this branch of Buddhism can survive is in PARTS OF SRI LANKA and not even the entire island nation. By now it is obvious “outside forces” have done their best to destroy the Sinhalese Buddhist culture. they include the following

    – the India sponsored 30 year Hindu Tamil terrorism to divide Sri Lanka to form Eelam
    – the US supported (and I would add even the Muslim nations ranging from Pakistan to the Middle East) rise of Islam in
    Sri Lanka
    – Before that the Colonial Empire of (Protestant) England and the devastating effects on Sinhalese Buddhism
    – Before the British the (Catholic) Portuguese and the even more brutal attacks on the Sinhalese Buddhist culture
    – Before them the relentless invasions from (Hindu) south India most exemplified by Kalinga Magha and his
    campaign of destruction, vandalism and theft that drove the Sinhalese Buddhist to the far south and help
    establish a Tamil Kingdom in Jaffna.

    Going by history if the Sinhala race wants to survive in Sri Lanka as a Buddhist nation it has to do it in SPITE OF the world and their criticisms. It has to fight and fight to simply keep the ground already lost to the minorities and when the Sinhalese Buddhist win it will be won in a tumultuous verbal assault from the world who will cry FOUL FOUL FOUL to the victory as has been done since 2009.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    Great work Neela.

    Only a DAMN FOOL would DENY the presence of Islamic extremism in SL. There is evidence to the presence of it.

    Media spokesman’s task is NOT to assess the presence of it but to CALM things down by whatever means. He did a good job. But for serious defence issues like Islamic terrorism you have to rely on FACTS as Neela has given.

    “The New Indian Express had earlier quoted Sri Lankan terrorism expert, Dr Rohan Gunaratna, as saying the arrest of suspected Sri Lankan Muslim terrorist Zakir Hussain in Chennai on Tuesday, and the busting of his outfit in Tamil Nadu was “very significant” for the entire South Asian region.

    Gunaratna, who heads the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University had said that cells such as Hussain’s have been functioning in Sri Lanka, the Maldives and India, posing a “severe threat” to the entire region. Author of an authoritative book on Al Qaida, Gunaratna told Express that Hussain was planning to attack targets in Sri Lanka and the Maldives as well as India.

    The fact that terror groups are becoming autonomous and developing a life of their own, is making them intractable, Gunaratna pointed out in his comments.”

    – colombogazette

    “The Bukit Aman Special Branch counter-terrorism division in Malaysia has helped thwart a planned attack on foreign consulates in India with the arrest of four suspected terrorists including a Sri Lankan man who was detained at a house in Kepong at about 11.15am on Wednesday.

    The other three suspects were arrested in Chennai by Indian authorities based on information supplied by the counter-terrorism division.

    The Sri Lankan, who has been indirectly linked to al-Qaeda, is on the wanted list for alleged terror activities in Sri Lanka and other countries.


    ENOUGH third party PROOF Islamic TERRORISM and EXTREMISM is already in SL.

  17. Nanda Says:

    While other countries arrests terrorists our bugger having parties with them.
    Sinhala Buddhist Minister the Prime Minister is getting huge bribes from Jihadist and Talibaan to betray our motherland and more importantly eradicate our brave Sinhala Buddhist children by promoting drug addiction.

    REMOVE THIS DRUG kingpin now and send this bastard to jail resurrecting your “Mathata Thitha” NOW !
    Don’t allow Sinhala Nation to become something similar to Australian Aborigines.
    Take action now !

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