Navi Pillai appoints Martti Ahtisaari bribed by Albanian mafia to deliver Kosovo Independence to investigate Sri Lanka
Posted on June 27th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

How credible is the team appointed by Navi Pillai to investigate Sri Lanka? German Intelligence has a report of Martti Ahtisaari accepting 40million euro bribe to deliver Kosovo independence. The Sri Lanka investigation team head has been chased out of both Somalia and South Sudan for doctoring reports. Is there a particular reason why Martti Ahtisaari was chosen in the light of his name being synomous with imperial intervention and the chosen commodity to become the face of UN’s ‘plans for independence’ that camouflaged imperial intervention initiatives via UN puppets such as himself. Pillai’s credibility becomes further dented when Norwegian peace and conflict studies expert Johan Galtung says Ahtisaari ‘does not solve conflicts but drives through short-term solutions that please western countries’.

The Swedish Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research labeled as ‘scandalous’ honoring Ahtisaari with the Nobel Peace Prize because his solutions involved militarism and violations of international law. Ahtisaari’s Nobel Prize $1.4m was reward for delivering Kosovo and helping ‘independence’ of imperial agendas. Therefore, Pillai cannot claim ‘credibility’ of Ahtisaari and should essentially question what mischief Pillai and Western imperialists are upto in their ‘Look Asia’ agenda! Pillai has appointed a fine team to investigate Sri Lanka – its head has been thrown out of Somalia and South Sudan for doctoring reports and Ahtisaari is accused of being an imperial agent having taken bribes from the Albanian mafia. It appears Sri Lanka’s report is virtually sealed even before investigations have commenced.

Journey as Western Agent started with Ahtisaari’s role in Namibian independence. Appointed UN Commissioner for Namibia in 1977, he drew up a plan for independence through a Special Representative in Charge of a UN Transitional Assistance Group (UNTAG) with 4650 soldiers, 1500 police and administrators. The Namibian peace process of which Ahtisaari played a crucial role was described by Chester Crocker (former Assistant Secretary State for African Affairs) as ‘another American exercise’. This exercise using UN Special Representatives and foreign troops became the blueprint for future imperialist interventions sealed further through the R2P agenda.

Namibia intervention was simple. It was a state rich in diamonds, uranium and other minerals. It is perfect for western imperialists. The richest 10% enjoying 65% of the country’s wealth are promised their status quo would remain while the rest lives on $2, employment soars to 40% and life expectancy is 46years with HIV/AIDs highest in Africa. Land is under white-owned farms and capital generated is exported to South Africa.

Ahtisaari’s Namibian adventure is smeared in his accountability for the killing of 308 SWAPO (South West African People’s Organisation) soldiers who were peacefully returning to Namibia to vote in November 1989. The permission to shoot the soldiers came from Margaret Thatcher and Ahtisaari who was head of the UN Transition Assistance Group that permitted the soldiers to cross over simply watched as the soldiers were shot in the back.

Namibia also is relevant to the Lockerbie bombing (Pan Am Flight 103) on 21 December 1988  said to have been committed by Gaddafi. What is not said is that 3 months after the bombing in 1989, then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher took now Prime Minister David Cameron (then a research assistant) to apartheid South Africa and visited Rossing Uranium Mine in Namibia (while South Africa illegally occupied against UNSecurity Council Resolution 435). Thatcher and Cameron concluded a secret nuclear deal with the apartheid government. It is ironical that Bernt Carlsson, Assistant Secretary General of the UN and UN Commissioner for Namibia was one of the victims of the Lockerbie bombing. Carlsson’s error was to have warned of taking legal action against countries and firms stealing Namibia’s uranium.

Ahtisaari in Yugoslavia

With Namibia giving Ahtisaari the credentials to become the best option for imperial agenda, his next task was Yugoslavia in view of the strategic importance of the Balkans following the collapse of the Soviet Union (thanks to traitor Mikhail Gorbachev and his Perestroika and Glasnost). Energy reserves of the Caspian Sea and Central Asia was what the West was after. The quest was to dismantle UNITARY Yugoslav Federation in 1991 by officially recognizing its republics – Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia as independent sovereign states. The modus operandi was to form alliances with the region’s rival bourgeois, criminals and consolidate as the ‘elite’ to rule alongside the West. Serbia was the strongest oppose to capitalist rule.

That did not deter orchestrating the 1992-1995 Bosnian war ending with the first imperial military intervention in the Balkans at the cost of thousands of lives.

Ahtisaari became the Chairman of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Working Group of the International Conference on the Former Yugoslavia.

Nothing that the people of the new ‘independent’ states were promised has happened.

Bosnia-Herzegovina is economically and politically on the decline. 20% of the population are poor. 30% are vulnerable to poverty. 32% are unemployed.

His role in conceptualizing ETHNIC-BASED-STATES (a recipe to continue division, discrimination, ethnic cleansing & future wars) is what should wake up Sri Lanka’s leaders.

Kosovo independence pursued by KLA had US backing leading to the 1999 NATO bombardment of Serbia.

Western powers have used Kosovo as a pretext for military intervention in Georgia & unilateral recognition of breakaway South Ossetia

Ahtisaari was again appointed Special Envoy by UNSG Kofi Annan and led to Kosovo’s UDI in February 2008.

All is not merry post-UDI. 47% are in poverty. 6 out of 10 people don’t have a job.

Kosovo Serbs refuse to cooperate with Kosovo institutions or the EU. Serbia ignored instructions of the UN Special Representative and held Municipal elections.

Kosovo independence is recognized by only 50 states. 140 UN members continue to refuse to recognize the new country including 5 EU countries with Spain very vocal about its stand. UN supported Serbia’s appeal to the International Court of Justice to rule on the legality of Kosovo’s declaration of independence. The stand of Spain, Slovakia, Romania, Greece, Cyprus that voted with Serbia should be a good message for India and the rest of Asia because these nations sided with Serbia because they feared Kosovo’s recognition would spur separatist movements in their own countries.

Ahtisaari Bought : Kosovo independence paid for

Ahtisaari was ‘bought’ by Albanian mafia. The bribe of 4million euros secured Kosovo’s independence. In fact Ban Ki Moon had asked for a report on Ahtisaari while James George Jatras, Director American Council for Kosovo wrote to UNSG Ban Ki Boon on 24 July 2007, attaching the Defense and Foreign Affairs Special Analysis dated 10 July 2007 titled Evidence that UN Special Envoy for Kosovo, Martti Ahtisaari received Albanian Mafia bribes for Kosovo Independence’ issued by the Global Information System confirming the existence of a report by German intelligence service BND regarding payments to Ahtisaari.

In the letter Jatras questioned Ban Ki Moon on holding ‘all UN employees to the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior’ and Moon’s pledge for ‘zero tolerance’ on UN corruption. Jatras requested an UN inquiry on Ahtisaari and wished Moon to acknowledge or deny the existence of an intelligence report against Ahtisaari and UN’s action via the ethics office that comes under Moon.

German Intelligence Agency BDN (Brig. Neiman) has recorded evidence of discussions between Ahtisaari and Albanians plus money transfers with bank accounts.

  • ·        2million euros transported from Swiss Bank (Visalia city) account number 239700-93457-00097 owned by Exhet Boria (an offshore account with a code XS52-KOLER) to Ahtisaari’s bank account in Bank of Cyprus (account number 3459346699004533, code VOLANND)
  • ·      2 men carrying 2 silver briefcases visit Ahtisaari at the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNOSEK) on 12 Feb 2007 at 06:23hrs in a black Mercedes SUV with license plate PR-443-22CD belonging to Albanian Government in Pristina. A source inside the UN Mission in Kosovo confirms the briefcases had cash and was handed to Ahtisaari.
  • ·        26 February 2007 at 17:44 the same car with license plates removed visit the UN Mission in Kosovo with Exhet Boria and 2 bodyguards carrying 2 more silver briefcases.
  • ·     Exhet Boria is a Kosovo Albanian involved in organized crime and heroin trade in Europe and right hand to Behgjet Pacolli, Albanian billionaire mafia boss living in Switzerland.
  • ·    The 4 briefcases had diplomatic luggage labels and arrived in Finland without being checked (because of diplomatic status) and were delivered to Ahtisaari’s house. The cash inside the 4 briefcases were 40million euros.
  • ·        German intelligence also confirmed Ahtisaari had many telephone conversations with Behgjet Pacolli.
  • ·    German agents also noted that NATO Kosovo Force four-wheel drive vehicle carried 2 women with Boria’s bodyguard and the 2 women stayed at Ahtisaari’s quarters till 05:17hrs next day and left in the same car.
  • ·   The report resulted in the President of the National Assembly of Serbia to make a formal inquiry into the allegations of Ahtisaari’s involvement in Albanian organized crime.
  • ·      The GIS/Defense and Foreign Affairs station confirms the BND report and that the contents were real.
  • ·     It was in the light of the exposure of Ahtisaari that the UN considered partition of Kosovo, rather than adopting the Ahtisaari plan for granting complete independence to Kosovo
  • ·      Ahtisaari’s plan was to give Kosovo Parliament 120 seats, 100 to the Albanians, 10 seats to the Serbs, 10 to be occupied by the remaining minorities in Kosovo. This left Hakim Thaci, Kosovo Liberation Army leader with 75 seats making him the clear winner to announce the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) for Kosovo. Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hakim Thaci is accused by a Council of Europe inquiry report of being responsible for arms smuggling, drug and human organ smuggling

   That is Ahtisaari and the mafia connection. How about Ahtisaari and Western imperial links? When US State Dept allows Ahtisaari to be privy to its circulars it reveals how far he was working closely to Western agenda.

Questioning his bias further was Gregory Copely of Defense and Foreign Affairs Institute who says We have been observing him (Ahtisaari) ever since he was appointed a UN special envoy for Kosovo status, because we knew he came to that post after working for the International Crisis Group, established by the financier George Soros. We also knew that Soros, as well as the ICG, is firmly backing the independence of Kosovo province. This meant that Ahtisaari obviously wasn’t an impartial person for this position.”

Today, Kosovo is a transition ‘State’ for drugs flowing to Europe. Drug flows come to Europe from Afghanistan and Asian states crossing the corridors in Turkey and the Balkans. 80% of traffic goes through the Balkans. The Northern heroin (Afghanistan – Turkey – Hungary – Romania) and Southern cocaine (Turkey – Greece – Macedonia – Albania – Italy) are the two major routes. Turkey has become a key foothold of drug dealers. KLA is funded by the West to keep its own people in terror. This is a good lesson for the Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims to think about in believing that outsiders can offer solutions.

Ahtisaari was

  •  chairman of International Crisis Group 2000-2005
  •  Founder of Crisis Management Initiative 1993 (through which he got involved in Aceh, Indonesia as head of peace negotiations)
  •  Advisor in Open Society Institute and George Soros Foundation.
  •  He has attended Bilderberg sessions

Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica declared on 15th February 2007 that ‘Ahtisaari is proposing to rob Serbia of 15% of its territory and wants to change internationally recognized borders against the will of the Serbian State’. He added that this would be a ‘gross violation of the integrity of a democratic European state’.

While Pillai’s Investigating Team 1 will attempt to patch up a virtually finalized report, Team 2 of which Ahtisaari has been declared a ‘credible’ member would be attempting to repeat what he did in Namibia, Yugoslavia, Aceh, Kosovo upon Sri Lanka. This is the danger that awaits Sri Lanka. The country’s advisors have lethargically handled the UN Resolutions that has led to this current impasse. Let us not forget that Albanians bribed Ahtisaari with 4million Euros of drug money. LTTE has a history of bribing too.

As far as Sri Lanka should be concerned, Ahtisaari is bringing to Sri Lanka’s investigation conclusions that will be accepted by the West.

  •  Ethnic-based states (Tamil Homeland /Eelam quest camaflages a Christian satellite state for the West in Asia)
  •  Collective guilt” / Guilt as a nation” – Ahtisaari told Kosovo Serbians ‘You are guilty as a nation’ it was a Freudian slip but he said it out loud – he will tell the same to Sri Lanka

In 1999, as an EU envoy and President of Finland he went to meet Serbian leader Milosevic to persuade Sloban Milosevic to withdraw Serbian troops from Kosovo as part of a ceasefire deal with NATO. An eyewitness has revealed that Ahtisaari had grabbed the table cloth on which coffee and tea cups rested for the negotiators and ripped it from the table, sending cups, saucers, pots and spoons crashing to the floor. That is what will happen to Serbia if you do not accept!” he shouted at Milosevic and other Serbs present. On 3 June 1999, Milosevic accepted the envoys terms and NATO strikes ceased 6 days later.

Is this the same diplomatic technique Ahtisaari will apply on President Rajapakse & Sri Lanka is what we now need to start wondering?

9 Responses to “Navi Pillai appoints Martti Ahtisaari bribed by Albanian mafia to deliver Kosovo Independence to investigate Sri Lanka”

  1. Marco Says:

    It comes as no surprise that any foreign official who investigates Sri Lanka automatically becomes a clown and/or Agents of the West with no credibility.
    We cannot expect anything less!!

    Is Dayan Jayatilleka right when he described the appointment of Asma Jahangir as a “diplomatic drone strike on Sri Lanka” ?

  2. AnuD Says:

    West need Shanti countries all over the world. by that way, they can keep the whole world under them.

    They want Sri Lanka is that way. the reason is Chinese strength in Asia and Sri lanka is located along a major sea-trade route.

    They want Sri Lanka politically weak. That is their attempt.

    In a way, Mahinda Rajapakse is forgiveable. Because he needs to save him self from serpents inside the parliament.

  3. Indrajith Says:

    A wake up call for all who love the unitary status of Mother Lanka!
    Thank you Shenali for doing a lot of research and exposing the true colours of this “internationally renowned Nobel Peace Prize winner”.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Time to temporarily close the office of the United nations in Colombo or force its closure. No UN official should feel safe in Sri Lanka. NONE. If the death of maiming of a UN official is sufficient to send a message to Colombo and the UN to back of then it is worth it.

  5. Nalin DeSilva Says:

    It’s time Sri Lanka also started to play dirty, otherwise we will end up like Yugoslavia. Let’s take our fight for our existence, and deal with our enemies on their own turf, by any means. Let’s follow the USA which has stated they will hunt down their enemies wherever they are, they cannot hide, it’s time we took the same attitude and neutralized these subversive elements around the world.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    I agree with comments of Nalin DeSilva.

    We have to play dirty. We have to play their game.

    The best way to do it is bring back a group called “LTTE” and get rid of all so called “MODA-RATE” Tamils. They are the WORST. They ESCAPE military action. Then they join TGTE and USA to disrupt SL.

    HARDCORE “LTTE” should eliminate them.

    Then the HARDCORE “LTTE” should take on JIHADS as they did before 2009.

    LTTE’s last bomb attack, suicide bomb attack was on JIHADISTS in Matara!!

    LTTE to its credit kept JIHADISTS under control.

    All this JIHAD attacks started AFTER 5/19.

  7. Sooriarachi Says:

    This appointment further exposes Navi Pillai’s own lack of credibility and possible behind the scene dealings with the LTTE and the hostile group of Western nations. Now it is crystal clear why Sri Lanka should not cooperate with a panel led by a criminal like Atisaari.

    This is an excellently detailed article by Shenali Waduge, who has given on a platter sufficient ammunition to the Sri Lankan Government to make use of it, without having to spend time and effort doing this type of research. If the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry is smart enough, they could simply copy this article and hand deliver it to each and every member nation of the UN, including the cunning Western nations behind this plot, and explain to the them this as another good reason why Sri Lanka would not cooperate with this panel.
    In this effort, the Government should also discuss this article with all political parties within Sri Lanka and SAARC nations and seek their support to ban Atisari from entering any SAARC nation. As for bribing him, well LTTE has plenty of it. In fact now I suspect Navi Pillai too for possible corruption, for her to be influenced to appoint this man Atisari. I wonder how the New Zealand judge would feel to be sitting on the same panel with this man Atisaari and also the head of the panel who too lacks credibility having been expelled from Somalia and South Sudan for doctoring reports!

  8. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    The people whom Navi Pillai have appointed are known as “EXPERTS ” Can someone please enlighten me on how one becomes an EXPERT, which University in the world grants this qualification, and on what basis this title is conferred on.?

    They seem to have virtually criminal backgrounds. Possibly it is Navi Pillai’s UN-iversity that freely confers “Expert” titles.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    BLATANT “Operation Regime Change” by US-funded NGO!

    No foreign country should be ALLOWED TO DICTATE who does what within sovereign Sri Lanka.

    KICK these BUGGERS out of Sri Lanka, without further ado, and prosecute their Sri Lankan Collaborators under the Anti-Treason Laws!
    Ahead of Presidential polls:Govt. troubled by US-funded project

    By Shamindra Ferdinando
    June 27, 2014

    The government would investigate local NGOs involved in an unprecedented US project meant to influence the electorate ahead of national level elections next year, a senior government spokesman said yesterday.

    The official alleged that the US was planning to fund those who have been opposed to SLFP-led coalition, in accordance with an overall plan to undermine the government.

    Asked whether the government would take it up with the US embassy, the official said that it was in the process of gathering information. The USAID was looking for local NGOs to implement a project called ‘Election Support through Voter Education (ESVE) programme which was nothing but a ruse to turn people against the government, the official said. Calling the US project ‘Operation Regime Change’, the official said that it had been brought to the notice of the Defence as well as External Affairs Ministries.

    Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa told The Island that the ESVE was yet another project aimed at weakening the government in the run-up to the next election. Acknowledging the possibility of President Mahinda Rajapaksa calling presidential polls next year, the Defence Secretary said that some foreign powers were evidently trying to prop up the opposition.

    The Defence Secretary said that Sri Lankans had voted at many elections since Independence from the British, and how the US was now planning to teach them of their role and responsibilities. The outspoken official said that local NGOs had collected millions of rupees from various embassies over the years for election monitoring process and campaigning for violence-free polls.

    Now, the US wanted our NGOs to go a step further, the Defence Secretary said, adding that the project would be closely monitored.

    The government placed all NGOs under Defence Ministry purview to prevent various funding agencies from using them as tools to destabilize the country as it was done in many other countries. The government has accused some NGOs of collaborating with the LTTE.

    Defence Secretary Rajapaksa said that an urgent inquiry was need to ascertain the amount of funds received by major NGOs since the signing of the Norwegian-arranged Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) on February 21, 2002. Most of those major recipients of foreign funding had been involved in activities inimical to national security as well as economic interests, the Defence Secretary said. Responding to a query, the Defence Secretary pointed out that as the Norwegians had revealed the beneficiaries of their funding, other countries too, could reveal the funds made available to local NGOs.

    The Defence Secretary said that those wanting to teach the electorate how to behave remained mum when the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) on behalf of the LTTE declared during the second week of November 2005 that Tamil speaking people shouldn’t exercise their franchise at the November 17, 2005 presidential polls. They also turned a blind eye to a damning EU report that dealt with LTTE-TNA nexus at the Dec 2001 parliamentary polls, the Defence Secretary said.

    Asked whether investigations into NGO activity would further antagonize donors, the Defence Secretary said that Sri Lanka wasn’t the only country to investigate NGOs. Referring to recent Indian media reports concerning an investigation undertaken by the Intelligence Bureau there , the Defence Secretary emphasized donors couldn’t challenge the right of governments to place NGOs under scrutiny.

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