Tomorrow if the budget 2015 is not defeated,do not call her father a Bandaranaike-Chandrika
Posted on November 23rd, 2014

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It is reported that a campaign has started by the opposition to defeat the government in the budget proposals 2015 voting.There had been an operation in coordinating the Members of the government.This operation has been started by the opposition now and initiated by the former president Chandrika Kumaratunga.

When Chandrika Kumaratunga had not brought  the promised members to the opposition,Ranil Wickremasinghe had blamed her.Replying to him the former president had told that if he does not get the budget 2015 defeated tomorrow do not call her as a daughter of a Bandaranaike.In this regard a special meeting of all opposition parties is been held now in Colombo it is reported.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Her conduct proves to me she NEVER was the daughter of SWORD-B.

    She should know what happened to Endia Congress party thanks to DYNASTIC rule. BUSTED.

    Dynastic rule is the CURSE of the SLFP (and now the UNP too).

    Lets see what happens.

    SLMC will DEFINITELY leave the govt. The question is WHEN.

  2. Vimutti Says:

    Looks like things are not going as planned in the opposition, with Chandrika failing to deliver more crossovers and Ranil not looking so good in his effort to defeat the budget tomorrow.

    I smell a backlash against the opposition which actually could produce more UNP crossovers than the other way around.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    What the hell does “if he does not get the budget 2015 defeated tomorrow do not call her as a daughter of a Bandaranaike” mean? Can someone clarify this?

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Opposition does not have enough votes to derail the 2015 budget, even with a limited number of crossover from the UPFA to the UNP. On the otherhand, it is rumored that there will be SOME UNP defections to the UPFA! Let the crossover GAMES begin in the Parliament arena and let A FEW MORE politicians RUIN their political careers trying to profit at the expense of the nation! Bah!

    Budget vote amid symbolic crossovers tomorrow

    By Chandani Kirinde
    November 23, 2014

    With the crucial vote on the Third Reading of the Budget set for tomorrow, defectors of the ruling Sri Lanka Freedom Party are set to make a symbolic crossover to opposition to benches.
    Six members of the SLFP announced on Friday they were crossing over to the opposition. A CWC member of the UPFA also joined the UNP ranks on Friday evening.
    Meanwhile Chief Opposition Whip John Amaratunga said the UNP would vote against the Budget but added it was unlikely that an attempt would be made to defeat the Budget.
    “We have to look at the constitutional and legal implications of such a move but we are keeping all options open,” he said.

    The ruling alliance has 152 members in the 225 member parliament without the two JHU members and the seven members who left the Government on Friday. During the second reading, the UNP, the DNA (the JVP) and the TNA voted against the Budget. The Government secured 157 votes while the opposition got 57 votes. The JHU’s, the Ven. Aturaliye Ratana Thera and Champika Ranawaka, stayed away from the vote taken on Nov 2. The vote is set for 5 p.m. tomorrow.

  5. Vimutti Says:

    AnandaUSA – “What the hell does “if he does not get the budget 2015 defeated tomorrow do not call her as a daughter of a Bandaranaike” mean? Can someone clarify this?”

    It means Ranil has failed to honor her father and essentially did not hold up to his end of the bargain.

  6. Hiranthe Says:

    No Vimutti, it has to be corrected like that I think’. It has to be “SHE” not “HE”

    “if she does not get the budget 2015 defeated tomorrow do not call her as a daughter of a Bandaranaike” That means she has full confidence that her actions will defeat the budget… that means secret deals made by her…

  7. Independent Says:

    Yes. Hiranthe is right.

    To her ( or even to me) Bandaranaike is a great man. She is so sure it will happen, and is swearing on it.
    It is a very bad thing to do. She is nothing compared to her father- not suitable to be called a Bandaranaika anyway.

  8. Vimutti Says:

    Hiranthe, Independent – I don’t know about that. Chandrika’s reply to Ranil clearly used the word “he”, as in “if HE does not defeat the budget tomorrow”. The fact that it was a response to his criticism of her strongly suggests it was a counter-criticism, not a promise, as Chandrika does not have a lot of influence in Parliament, and certainly a lot less than Ranil.

    If it was a promise by Chandrika, it would have read, “If “I” don’t defeat the budget tomorrow, don’t call me the daughter of Bandarnaike”

  9. Sarath W Says:

    She is the dumbest and most incompetent president we had and was elected just because she contested from the SLFP. She was the first prominent member of SLFP to betray the party and her honourable parents. The president must be very happy she is with the opposition.

  10. Vimutti Says:

    I just read the original story at Lanka C Web, and I stand corrected! There appears to have been a typo in the original story in which “he” should be “I” or “[she]”. So we will see soon if Chandrika has the muscle in parliament that she thinks she has.

    If she does not have the muscle, and it really would surprise me if she does, this whole opposition candidate charade is going up in flames!

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    CBK has NO power in parliament.

    But that doesn’t prove anything. SL needs a budget. Next year is going to be an election year. How can ANYONE run the country without an approved budget?

    For that reason the opposition will NOT disrupt the budget.

  12. ranjit Says:

    Mahinda will get it passed everything in the house with ease. No one should worry about that. No one will cross over to the Opposition except the ones already gone.Those were bunch of hypocrats and traitors to our Motherland. Dont worry we will see more in this teledrama.This will be very good entertainment for us. “King and drohiyas” One eyed CBK leading lady. Sirisena Goviya leading boy, Gay boy Ranil is the villian, Sobitha,Anura,Kiriella,Karu billy boys. Have some fun in days to come.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    As I predicted the opposition did NOT disrupt the budget.

    The opposition FEARED dissolution of parliament (that will RUIN their plans – 19 amendment, etc.) AND the possibility of NOT having a BUDGET to run the country IF they win.

    But don’t mistake this for support for MR.

    HIDDEN opposition supporters are MORE dangerous than KNOWN ones.

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    Jayawewa … the 2015 BUDGET sailed effortlessly through the Parliament today!

    Thank you Vimutti and Independent for clarifying for us that Chandrika meant by her statement “if he does not get the budget 2015 defeated tomorrow do not call her as a daughter of a Bandaranaike” really means “if I do not get the budget 2015 defeated tomorrow do not call me a daughter of a Bandaranaike”.

    Therefore, since the budget was NOT DEFEATED, she is not the daghter of a Bandaranaike; so, whose daughter is she? Really, I mean?

    Given that many of her DISGRACEFUL actions CONFIRM that she cannot be the true daughter of her alleged REVERED PATRIOTIC parents SWRD and Sirimavo Bandaranaike, has she accidentally revealed something we didn’t know about her parentage?

    Ha! Ha! … the election gaffes continue, with more rollicking fun in the offing!

    This clearly demonstrates her STUPIDITY; she should never make predictions about things that are so much beyond her control! Those, like Maithripala Sirisena, who trust her word and ability to deliver and place their necks under the guillotine, are CONGENITAL BOORUWAS as well … are UNFIT to man the helm of the nation as President!

    Begone, FOOLS!
    Sri Lanka 2015 budget passed in parliament with a majority of 95 votes

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 24, Colombo: Sri Lanka parliament today passed the government’s 2015 Appropriation Bill with a majority of 95 votes.

    The Third Reading of the Appropriation Bill (2015) was passed by the House today bringing an an end to the Committee Stage Debate that commenced on Nov 03.

    A division by name was taken and 152 votes were cast in favor of the Bill while 57 votes were cast against it.

    The main opposition United National Party (UNP), Democratic National Alliance and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) voted against the budget.

    The proceedings of the Budget 2015, which started on October 24th 2014 when President Mahinda Rajapaksa in his capacity as the Minister of Finance presented the budget in parliament, ended today.

  15. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oops! Correction!

    I meant to say:

    Thank you Vimutti and Independent for clarifying for us what Chandrika meant by her statement “Tomorrow if the budget 2015 is not defeated, do not call her father a Bandaranaike” is really “Tomorrow if the budget 2015 is not defeated, do not call my father a Bandaranaike.”

  16. OaO Asithri Says:

    Indeed Ananda-USA, Jayawewa indeed!

    Of course, I always wondered whose daughter CBK was. The lack of basic intelligence (e.g. agreeing to let LTTE $1.5 Billion of Tsunami aid directly from foreign donors, with no controls/oversight from her GOSL!) as well as the severe dearth of patriotism (i.e. the complete opposite of SWRD), often made me wonder whose daughter this was. Well, I hope now she creeps into a corner and licks her wounds while wondering herself whose daughter she really is. What amazes me is how this proven misfit, the lapdog of pro-LTTE Norway, has now come back to create mischief in the largely stable SL political landscape! There are telltale news tidbits that show GTF/BTF involvement too in this uprooting and planting of MS to be the “common candidate” and one thing is clear – that all these entities out to do a “regime change” in Sri Lanka are now operating from within that single cesspit.

    Lorenzo: “HIDDEN opposition supporters are MORE dangerous than KNOWN ones.” – Agree as a rule of thumb and something MR GOSL must be vigilant of always. However, in this case, I am not sure if there are those hidden rats as based on what CBK said, there was to be a mass crossover prior to this budget vote and clearly that didn’t happen. As well, the reports that Run-nil is upset with her about not having that mass crossover soon after MS had announced (as she is known to have promised Run-nil so, based on such grandiose promise she got from MS and Rajitha) tells me that something has gone awry with this unpatriotic, shallow-minded camp. I personally think if there had been such a crossover and consequently government dissolution had occurred today, that would have been a severe blow to not only MR’s reelection bid, but also for SLFP/UPFA’s future GE campaign.

  17. Ananda-USA Says:


    You make a good point that CROSSOVERS that are still HIDDEN are more dangerous. Indeed, they are!

    The statement by CBK about Budget 2015 defeat could be to throw MR off the scent of the HIDDEN crossovers HELD IN RESERVE waiting to strike on the eve of the Presidential Election, WHEN MR WOULD HAVE NO TIME to adjust to it.

    Therefore, my advice to the President is to: REMAIN ON GUARD and PREPARE TO COUNTERACT last moment MASS DEFECTIONS!

  18. Ananda-USA Says:

    Welcome brother ….OAOAsithri!

    Good of you to join the battle with all guns blazing!

  19. Ananda-USA Says:

    Good of you to make such generous Election Campaign promises, Dr. Harsha de Silva, but can we trust you and the UNP when you are funded by those very countries seeking a Regime Change in a puppet show, and trying to drag our HEROIC LEADERS to the ICC?

    Bah, another ELECTION GUNDU to negate the GRATITUDE and LOYALTY of the Patriotic people of Sri Lanka to the their HEROIC leaders who saved their lives and those of generations unborn!

    When those who MOCKED the War Effort at its height saying “Pamankada not Alimankada” come bearing Trojan Horses as POISONED GIFTS, we should kick them hard where the sun don’t shine, and DISREGARD their Siren Calls for TREACHERY!

    UNP will not allow war crimes charges against Sri Lankan leaders – MP Harsha de Silva

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 24, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s main opposition United National Party (UNP) asserted today that it will not allow anyone to take any Sri Lankan leader to the international court on war crime charges.

    UNP MP Dr. Harsha De Silva told Parliament today that his party is fully committed to protect the security forces who freed the country from terrorism and the political leaders.

    “I am telling to the world. We (UNP and myself), will not allow anybody to take President Rajapaksa or any other leader to International court about War Crimes, We will not allow the President whether he won or lose to be tried before war crime tribunals,” Dr. de Silva stressed.

    Explaining the comments made in the interview with the Al Jazeera TV amid heavy interruption from Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage, the UNP MP said he was unfairly and falsely accused of siding with the terrorist elements by the Minister.

    Dr. de Silva said he was informed that Minister Keheliya Rambukwella will also be present at the interview along with him and he agreed to discuss the economic issues. However, without their knowledge Al Jazeera has also invited the spokesman for the Global Tamil Forum Suren Surendran.

    The MP said, at the interview responding to the GTF spokesman’s allegations he stressed that he was not going to agree with the extreme views of both sides and insisted that what was needed is a credible domestic investigation.

    Amid the verbal interruption from Minister Aluthgamage the MP said he appreciated the government eliminating the terrorism and spoke in support of the Sri Lankan leaders from the past governments as well as the present government who worked to eliminate the menace.

    “We have to appreciate even though I am an opposition MP that terrorism is no longer a threat in the country,” Dr. de Silva quoted himself as saying at the Al Jazeera interview.

    “I am a proud Southerner and a Sinhala Buddhist. I have no desire whatsoever to align with the Tigers and betray my country,” the MP stressed responding to the accusation against him from the government Minister.

  20. OaO Asithri Says:

    Ananda-USA, thanks brother! Good to see you keeping the gun-powder dry too! LOL. SL’s history is truly rich with national traitors and I that history is not about to change course!

    “The statement by CBK about Budget 2015 defeat could be to throw MR off the scent of the HIDDEN crossovers HELD IN RESERVE waiting to strike on the eve of the Presidential Election, WHEN MR WOULD HAVE NO TIME to adjust to it.” – Agree with this 100%!

    “Therefore, my advice to the President is to: REMAIN ON GUARD and PREPARE TO COUNTERACT last moment MASS DEFECTIONS!” – Agree with this even more, i.e. 1000%

    However, mmm… I am wondering…given the rationale I offered earlier (the last sentence in my comment above), would it not be an undeniable advantage to give MR+UPFA that machete swing to the rib-cage right now and let bleed onto inevitable weakness, eventual paralysis and death over time given that there is still time – rather than wait to do so at the 11th hour, which might not given them enough time use it for maximum advantage propaganda wise with the voting masses. In other words, isn’t a bird in hand now worth two probable captures from the bush later?

  21. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


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