Who wants to celebrate Velupillai Prabakaran’s birthday?
Posted on November 25th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

It is a natural feeling for those that lived off the LTTE and those that lived because of the LTTE to mourn the death of Prabakaran and celebrate his birthday which falls on 27 November. But, what about those that died because of Prabakaran and his killer machine? While the UNHRC is carrying out a very selective period covering just 1/3 of LTTE’s criminal past, it is good to look back and mourn with the many Sinhalese, Muslims and even Tamils who must be still mourning the deaths of their loved one’s while some remnants of the LTTE attempt to celebrate Prabakaran’s birthday!

The Sinhalese bore the brunt of the LTTE attacks throughout the 3 decade of terror. The world makes it out to be that only Tamils suffered. This is far from the truth. There is not enough pages to fill every attack committed by the LTTE. The handful of examples shown below depicts that LTTE made no distinction in who they killed. They did not care that their targets were pregnant mothers, babies, infants, youth, the aged, men, women, clergy, public sector employees… they even killed their own cadres even the injured when they became a headache to look after.

The scale of crimes committed by the LTTE is such that it should surprise anyone why the UN its agencies did not show the same passion for ‘accountability’ while LTTE was carrying out their crimes throughout the 1980s, the 1990s, 2000 and beyond until the decision was taken to militarily defeat the LTTE when none of the ceasefires, peace talks, negotiations ended up anywhere.


  • 11/29/1984 – Dollar farm, Mullaitivu, 33 villagers butchered to death
  • 11/30/1984 – Kent Farm, Mulliativu, 29 villagers killed inhumanely
  • 12/1/1984 – Kokila and Nayaru, Mullaitivu 17 villagers
  • 1/19/1985 – Murugandi, Yarl Devi train landmine explosion kills 11 and injures 5
  • 5/14/1985 – Sacred Sri Maha Bodhi attack – 120 Sinhala Buddhist pilgrims gunned down while at prayer
  • 5/14/1985, Wilpattu, 18 Sinhalese shot dead
  • 5/14/1985 – Dehiwatta, Trincomalee – LTTE kill 18 Sinhalese
  • 8/2/1985 – Thirukonamadu, Polonnaruwa – LTTE attack Ruhunu Somawathiya Buddhist shrine killing 6
  • 8/14/1985 – Aranthalawa, Ampara 7 villagers killed by LTTE
  • 8/18/1985 / 11/7/1985 Namalwatte – Trincomalee, 7 Sinhalese villagers massacred / 10 sinhalese villagers killed
  • 2/19/1986 – Kantale, Trincomalee, 19 villagers killed
  • 5/3/1986, Katunayake, Gampaha – 19 civilians killed when LTTE explode time bombs at airport killing even foreigners
  • 5/7/1986 – Colombo Telecom bomb explosion kills 19 civilians
  • 5/25/1986 – Mahadivulwewa, Trincomalee 20 civilians killed by LTTE
  • 5/30/1986 – Colombo, bomb outside Elephant House supermarket kills 11
  • 5/30/1986 – Pahalathopur, Trincomalee – LTTE explodes landmine targeting bus and kills 5
  • 5/31/1986 – Veyangoda, Gampaha, explosion on Yarldevi train kills 10
  • 6/4/1986 – Andankulam, Trincomalee, 17 Sinhalese killed in village
  • 6/4/1986 – bus bomb in Trincomalee kills 22 passengers
  • 6/25/1986 – Sitharu, Kantale – bus explosion at public fair kills 16 civilians
  • 7/8/1986 – Monkeybridge, Trincomalee – LTTE attack Sinhala village killing 15
  • 4/17/1987 – Habarana, 96 civilians and 31 unarmed security forces personnel proceeding on leave personnel killed when LTTE target passenger bus
  • 25 July 1990 – Meeyakulama ancient Sinhala village Polonnaruwa chopping 8 civilians to death including children.
  • 25 July 1990 – Wannela ancient Sinhala village, Trincomalee – LTTE kill 9 villagers including children
  • 26 July 1990 – Thammannawa village, Anuradhapura – Over 50 LTTE cadres storm an ancient Sinhala village ripping off wombs of pregnant mothers, smashing heads of children with clubs, torturing men, cutting their body parts – 19 such mutilated bodies found.
  • 31 July 1990 – Podankady Sinhalese village, Trincomalee. LTTE guns down 11 civilians including women and children
  • 7 August 1990 – Bandaraduwa village, over 100 LTTE cadres stormed village and butchered 32 civilians going from house to house to attack them using machetes and swords
  • 8 August 1990 – Navagamuwa village, Vavuniya, armed LTTE attack ancient Sinhalese village torturing 7 civilians to death while scores other suffer severe injuries.
  • 19 September 1990 – over 100 LTTE cadres storm ancient fishing village of Vallamunai, Puttalam where fisherfolk from all communities lived and butchered 23 villagers.
  • 21 September 1990 – LTTE cadres storm Puddukudurippu village in which Muslims and Tamils lived and butchered 15 Muslims
  • 24 September 1990 – armed LTTE cadres attack last remaining Sinhalese farmers in Gajabapura, Mullaitivu district killing 4 and setting fire to their houses.
  • 30 September 1990 – LTTE storm Mahaoya village in Ampara and hack villagers who were Sinhalese, Muslims and even Tamils
  • 1 October 1990 – LTTE attack Peruwalthalawa Sinhala village in Ampara butchering 9 including women and children.
  • 2 October 1990 – LTTE storm Wahalkada ancient Sinhalese village in Anuradhapura and hack 4 civilians
  • 23 October 1990 – Thanthirimalai, Anuradhapura, 30 armed LTTE surround a chena cultivation and torture 10 civilians to death.
  • 25 October 1990 – 40 armed LTTE attack residents of Paranamadawacchchiya ancient Sinhala village, bordering Mullaitivu killing civilians
  • 27 October 1990 – Thanthirimalai ancient Sinhalese village attacked by LTTE shooting 5 civilians.
  • 1 November 1990 – LTTE storm Helambawewa ancient Sinhalese village, bordering Mullaitivu and kill 10 civilians including women and children.
  • 3 November 1990 – LTTE attack Bandarakumbukkwea brutally murdering 4 and injuring scores others.

List of Tamils killed by the LTTE – http://www.defence.lk/new.asp?fname=Tamil_Politicians_Priests_Public_Officials_and_Academics_killed_by_the_LTTE_20131103_01

Assassination of Tamil Politicians by LTTE since 1975

All Ceylon Tamil Congress – 2

Communist Party – 1

EPDP members – 16

EPRLF – 7 including its leader


TELO – 7 including its leader

TNA – 5

TULF – 16 including General Secretary Amirthalingam

UNP – 13

TMVP – 1

Foreign Minister – Lakshman Kadiragamar

Jeyraj Fernandopulle

 Muslims killed by Prabakaran & LTTE

  • 3 August 1990 – more than 200 Muslims at worship in three Mosques at Kaththankudy and Eravur in the East butuchered. LTTE disguised as Muslim enter the Meera Jumma and Husseinia mosques where hundreds of devotees were attending Friday Isha prayers and killed them. Over 25 were small children at prayer.
  • 30 May 1990 – Mahindapura/Dehiwatte village, Trincomalee – LTTE slaughter 5 civilians
  • 24 July 1990 – Aralaganvila village, Ampara – 50 LTTE cadres massacre 8 civilians including women and children chopping them to pieces. 7 such villages were attacked within a week
  • 30 July 1990 – 14 Muslim farmers returning home from their paddy fields killed in Akkaraipattu, Ampara. LTTE distributed quit notes to Muslims living in Ampara and Batticoloa to leave their villages before 10th August 1990 or face death.
  • 30 July 1990 – Kovilladi village, Trincomalee killing 9 Tamils and 1 Muslim subjecting them to inhuman torture
  • 5 August 1990 – LTTE attack Muslim villagers working in paddy fields in Mulliyankadu village, Ampara killing 17 including young children. LTTE made sure their livelihoods were destroyed.
  • 6 August 1990 – Ampara, LTTE attack villagers working on paddy field and mutilated 34 Muslims
  • 11 August 1990 – Eravur, over 200 LTTE cadres with clubs, machetes, swords and firearms enter Saddam Hussein village, Ponnaikadu, and Klawaichchannai villages in Eravur and butcher 173 Muslims most of whom were women and children. In some cases entire family were wiped out leaving none to even carry out funeral rites. Eviction orders by LTTE was extended to 20th August or face death.
  • 12 August 1990 – Weeracholai village, Ampara, LTTE torture to death 4 Muslims working in their paddy fields
  • 13 August 1990 – Muttur fishing village, LTTE abduct 6 Muslim fishermen and hack them to death
  • From July to August 1990 – LTTE slaughtered over 650 Muslims in an ethnic cleansing campaign triggering a mass exodus of Muslims.
  • 13 August 1990 – Avaranthalawa village, Vavuniya – LTTE storm village killing 10 civilians including women and children.
  • 9 September 1990 – Uhana, Ampara- LTTE attack a tractor carrying Muslim farmers killing 7
  • 13 September 1990 – LTTE abduct 7 Muslim farmers in Ponnai South, Anuradhapura and torture them to death.
  • 11 October 1990 – Arugambay Muslim village attacked by LTTE killing 9 Muslims mostly women who were collecting firewood
  • 29 October 1990 – LTTE torture 3 Muslims in Olukulam village, Batticoloa.
  • 19 September 1990 – LTTE attack Muslim village in Palligodella, killing 13 Muslims.
  • 22 October 1990 – LTTE go from house to house to loot from homes before evicting Muslims from the North.
  • 24 March 1991 – LTTE bomb Akkaraipattu fish market killing 9 Muslims and injuring over 20
  • 6 July 1991 – Muslim villagers attacked with knives and swords in Puther, Polonnaruwa killing 18.
  • 29 April 1992 – 56 Muslims killed by LTTE in Muslim village of Alinchipotana, Polonnaruwa
  • 15 July 1992 – Kiranlulama, Batticoloa, a bus load of Muslims travelling fom Kattankudy attacked by LTTE killing 19 Muslims. Muslim train passengers ordered to get off Batticoloa bound train at Parangiyamadu
  • 1 September 1992 – Saindamadu market, Kalmunai, 22 Muslims killed by LTTE bomg
  • 15 Oct 1992 – Muslim train passengers were ordered by the terrorist to get off the Batticaloa bound train at Parangiyamadu and the 11 Muslims who got down were gunned and killed
  • 15 October 1992 – 5 Muslim villages in – Palligodella, Ahamadpura, Agbopura, Pamnurana, Polonnaruwa attacked killing 171 Muslims
  • Nearly 100,000 Muslims were evicted forcibly by the LTTE from the 5 Northern districts in October 1990 – Muslims of the Jaffna town were given only two hours to quit.


Thank you Hakeem for shaking hands with the man who killed so many Muslims!

Can Sri Lanka be faulted for not joining in the birthday celebrations? How many homes were left mourning their dead? How many homes did not even have bodies of their loved one’s to mourn? One single man turned the nation upside down and the nation relieved a sigh of relief when in May 2009 with rare leadership and teamwork and the sacrifices of our valiant soldiers the nation was free of the scrooge of terrorism and the murderer Prabakaran. There is nothing to celebrate a man who murdered and ended the lives of so many and those that wish to are people who aided and abetted that terror directly or indirectly.

All those who wish to celebrate Prabakaran and the LTTE have blood of innocent people on their hands and should feel ashamed.

Had the Government denazified the LTTE immediately after victory like the Allies did to the Nazi’s, all those who aided and abetted terrorism would have all been named and shamed and held accountable under the national laws of the country.

probhain the pool

If there is any celebration to take place it should be to celebrate the demise of this murderer.

Shenali D Waduge

6 Responses to “Who wants to celebrate Velupillai Prabakaran’s birthday?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:


    But MOST Tamils think differently.

    MOST Tamils will NOT celebrate his birthday OPENLY as they don’t want trouble. But they will silently in their homes acknowledge it.

    With elections round the corner, govt. is NOT going too harsh on them to stop celebrating.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Even as Europeans are afflicted by Global Terrorism, they are DELISTING the LTTE from the list of TERRORIST organizations!

    Will they EVER LEARN, that what goes around ultimately comes around, as Canada is learning now? Frequent reminders from Bomb Blasts in European capitals seem to be ESSENTIAL to jog their fading memories alive!

    Meanwhile, thank God for Lord Naseby, who continues be a lone voice of wisdom and reason in the House of Lords!

    This is a WARNING to those Sri Lankans, busily engaged in UNDERMINING the War-Winning Govt of Sri Lanka, to CEASE & DESIST for they should

    “Ask Not for Whom the Bells Warning of Terrorism Tolls, it Tolls for Them!”</i?

    Lords of British parliament discuss EU court’s delisting of LTTE and Sri Lanka’s presidential elections

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 25, London: The European Union court’s decision to delist Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger terrorist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the upcoming presidential election were among the issues discussed at Britain’s upper parliament, House of Lords on Monday.

    The discussion initiated when Lord Naseby, who is the chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sri Lanka, asked the House of Lords what action they are taking in response to the European Court of Justice verdict on 16 October and its conclusions in respect of restrictive measures currently in place since the LTTE was proscribed by the European Union in 2006 and by the United Kingdom in 2000.

    Responding to Lord Naseby, Lord Wallace of Saltaire said they are studying the implications of the ECJ judgment and considering appropriate next steps and announce that the UK condemns the Tamil Tigers as a brutal terror organization, and it remains proscribed under UK law.

    Lord Naseby informed the House that the Tamil Tiger groups in UK are planning a rally at ExCel on Thursday (27) to celebrate the life of the slain LTTE leader V. Prabhakaran and the other Tamil Tigers, and to raise money for Eelam. He said the rally should be stopped since the LTTE is a proscribed group in UK.

    Lord Wallace responding to Lord Naseby said the UK Government is actively concerned to promote reconciliation and reconstruction within Sri Lanka among all of its different communities.

    The members of the House of Lords also discussed the upcoming presidential elections in Sri Lanka when Lord Bach asked what the prospects are for a free, fair and inclusive election in Sri Lanka given the history of such elections in the past and the blocking of the common opposition candidate’s first TV interview.

    Lord Wallace said the British Government and others are talking about the best way to ensure that there is effective monitoring of the elections. “We will of course be raising such issues with the Sri Lankan Government,” he said.

    The Lords also discussed the progress being made with the United Nations Human Rights Council inquiry into the war crime allegations and the Sri Lanka government’s cooperation with the investigation.

    Lord Wallace responded that as a sponsor of the resolution of the UNHRC, the UK is actively concerned in the issue.

    “We are not at all happy about the refusal of the Sri Lankan authorities to co-operate with the attempts to have an external inquiry, because of our concerns that the internal inquiry’s recommendations have not yet been implemented,” he said.

    When asked what action the British Government will take to ensure that the Sri Lankan Government co-operate more fully with the UN report Lord Wallace added that the UK government has actively made its position clear to the Sri Lankan Government and will continue to do so.

    Full Text of the House of Lords session can be found here

  3. ranjit Says:

    SHENALI ABSOLUTELY fantastic article same as all your articles.Great to know what Butcher did to our innocent people for last thirty years. The Govt’s duty is to educate the people by showing all the carnage and murders the LTTE did during those dark days. We should not allow anyone to celebrate a mass murderer like Prabakaran at all. If they were alive today we wouldn’t have a country to live. Why anybody use his or her vote for a man like Ranil who gave half of the country to that Bastard in writing? Are these people out of their mind? What can he give to the people other than what we have got already? To get power this crooked traitor is promising sun and the moon but no one will believe because everyone knows about this joker except his goons. If he is a popular as he says why don’t he contest the elections? Why he is depending on a contractor? UNP ( Unpatriotic Naya-yana Paksaya) Symbol Telephone same like Ranil’s Chewing Gum distribution. They need a telephone to call each other comrades and to monitor whether they are there because no one is sure they will stick to each other until the elections as they all have different views and nobody knows at what time they will cross over to the other side.

    At last Mangalya said some true facts about Sirisena Appaya. That is true actually he is nothing just a puppet of that white drunkard woman who did nothing during the war to stop it. She and Ranil both did was to kill innocent people during their tenures. Although Anura Kumar and his clowns forgot the die hard JVPer’s haven’t forgotten what Ranil and Chandrika (Bonny & Clyde) did during their power to JVPer’s,Innocent strikers,Govt Servant’s etc. They condemned our heroes thru out the war and murdered some and they are still at large because they are powerful than the ordinary people. I hope and pray that good people of our country will realize which side is good for the country and use their vote wisely. Nature will destroy the bad guys not us for their evil crimes.

  4. Hiranthe Says:

    “The scale of crimes committed by the LTTE is such that it should surprise anyone why the UN its agencies did not show the same passion for ‘accountability’ while LTTE was carrying out their crimes throughout the 1980s, the 1990s, 2000 and beyond until the decision was taken to militarily defeat the LTTE when none of the ceasefires, peace talks, negotiations ended up anywhere”

    Nothing to surprise Shenali!. We have only useless Foreign Minister and the entire system except very few, is filled with good for nothing people, May be this list might surprise them if they read now… They just did not bother all the time. MR is going to pay for these follies unless he sacks the FM and the brainless thug Sajin Vas and the clan and place patriotic people there.

    I always propose Shenali for the Foreign Secretary position with a descent capable educated guy at the minister level, if not Basil. MR should do this after coming from Nepal as the second priority. First priority is scrapping 13A after getting consent from MODI in a private meeting?

  5. Sooriarachi Says:

    Likewise, who wants to celebrate, Polpots birthday? Hitler’s birthday? Well there are war criminals still alive, who would do so, if given a chance. Actually celebrating the birthday of such criminals could help to bring out to the open many war criminals.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    “Kawda kotiya?”

    “Seruwila Pradeshiya Sabha member K. Sivalogeswaran of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has defected to the United People’s Freedom Alliance, this morning.”


    Too many LTTE/TNAs in UPFA now.

    1. KP anna (INTERPOL arrest warrant)
    2. Karuna Amman (800 Sinhala policemen killed but NO APOLOGY SO FAR. A simple apology would be nice gentleman.)
    3. Pillayan
    4. Daya Master
    5. George Master
    6. The TNA MP from Amparei, MP
    7. K. Sivalogeswaran
    8. Koti Ganesan, MP
    9. Koti Hack-him
    10. Minnal Ranga, MP
    11. Geneva Thurairajah

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