Why Replacing The Present Presidency With The Power Hungry Opposition Is Not A Viable Alternative.
Posted on December 20th, 2014

Lankaweb Weekly Editorial

December 12th. 2014

 They have gathered in droves like hungry vultures waiting to swoop in on what they believe will be the spoils of an election defeat for the President but they are surely and sadly mistaken despite the rhetoric that goes on, on a daily basis in all the anti -Government media and various Western Powers who choose to back them. It simply is not a viable alternative and here’s why!

 The fact of the matter in Sri Lanka today is, a majority of discerning Sri Lankans know the objectives of the coalition and the circumstances they came together when on Janyary 8th it will be a rude awakening for them as a majority of the voting populace in the nation will ask them ” So what have you to offer as an alternative but a manifesto of false promises laced in mudslinging against the President where there are some in the coalition who have had their chances and failed miserably in addition to a dismal and pathetic track record of leadership that almost plunged the Nation into virtual darkness.

The threat of betrayal of Sri Lanka’s  to her adversaries was once also more than imminent. There were those now within the coalition attempting to ursurp Presidential power who showed an inane willingness to barter the Nation’s well being and security to her enemies in exchange for a means to maintain their own agendas sometimes propped up by outside elements.
This of course was allayed by the present President who liberated the Nation from the perils of terrorism aka Tamil Tiger oppression perpetuated by motley allies like the TNA and the two faced policies of the Ranil Wickremasinghe, Chandrika Kumaratunga tenures which should never be forgotten  or the President’s credibility circumvented towards a regime change on the singlemost issue of National Security as well as the slow but sure stabilization of the economy which is unravelling at this very moment.
Something acknowledged by the majority of persons who have visited Sri Lanka recently and have marvelled at the transitions that have taken place in the aftermath of both the internal armed insurrection of the Tamil Tigers as well as the Tsunami.
To add to the chagrin of the Sirisena led coalition there are past indelible inconsistencies and unacceptable practices by some within the coalition including himself which have tarnished their credibilities beyond reprieve who are now fingerpointing at the President when they desperately need to get their own houses in order before even attempting to cast reprehensible slurs at the President who by all he has done for the Nation is regarded as  demi-God of sorts whose strengths and credibilities towards being President once again seem almost unshakeable and rock solid despite opposition jargon!
.The election pledges of the coalition seeking to oust the President need to be scoffed at as they have been heard time and time again and at times ring hollow, are borrowed as well as being unimplementable except for those attempting to promote them such as the JVP, the JHU and the UNP and provide no viable alternative to the massive good that has transpired in Sri Lanka during the incumbency of President Rajapaksa who despite being no angel of mercy and has his flaws is certainly not the ‘monster’ his enemies attempt to portray him as. In time he will rise to greatness and will be remembered as one of the fathers of Sri Lankan liberation from her enemies.
Perhaps a time appropriate to draw attention to the somewhat bizzare and caustic, intended reprisals for the losers as broadcast by certain news outlets where revenge is said to be a likely motive for certain actions of the opposition singling out a few after a Rajapaksa victory which need to be quashed in their infancy as false and exaggerated as no one in their right sense would indulge in such proclamations although there is every likelihood this could be a part of the planned modus operandi of the opposition knowing fully well their past history!
Sources have been quoted as uttering threats to this effect and if there is a semblance of truth to it need to be cautioned in the best interests of the President and his campaign.
Rest assured fellow Sri Lankans that had terrorism not been   wiped out  from this country, Sri Lanka would never be the tranquil and serene country She is today where many foreign investors are eying possible investments, some already have, the tourists are once again flooding in and only the villifications of the opposition attempting to portray a different picture could  even remotely rekindle the dangers of what the LTTE attempted to do and we have our noble and pragmatic President to thank for much of the good one sees in Sri Lanka today. A visionary with of course much on his plate to deal with as well as his own mountains to climb and we as Sri Lankans need to lend him our fullest co-operation towards making the Nation a better place for all Sri Lankans.
The importance of  a strong and fearless leadership  for a country that resoundingly overcame terrorism through straightforward and unwavering decisions is paramount where it is not mere words but actions that are needed and President Rajapaksa has surely proved this as he seeks a third term and what better way to reward him for having transformed Sri Lanka into becoming a Miracle of Asia than by supporting his quest.

23 Responses to “Why Replacing The Present Presidency With The Power Hungry Opposition Is Not A Viable Alternative.”

  1. ranjit Says:

    There is no value in the Opposition manifesto for the people at all. These are all bogus promises and lies. These shiters do not have anything for the country or to the public.They are a bunch of damn lairs.

    On 9th morning we can see the true hero’s while the traitors will hide behind the saree pote. There’s no fight at all.We must not waste our time talking or discussing it will be a one horse race and the winner will be none other than our village Baiya Hon.Mahinda Rajapksa.

    Aiyo Sirisena I feel pity and angry for you because you were the most low grade, most un-greatful bastard I have seen in the current political situation. You will be alone on 9th. Think now itself to find a place to hide or run.

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    ranjit- take it easy MS will win on 09th of Jan
    1/3 SLFP , 2/3 UNP, 2/3 , 2/3 J clubs ,We-Tamils, Muslim vote for MS

  3. Vimutti Says:

    >>>a majority of the voting populace in the nation will ask them ” So what have you to offer as an alternative<<<

    False promises, empty rhetoric, and more of the same RICH GUY UNP policies favored by the right wing in the United States of America.

    Thanks, but no thanks!

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  5. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SAK !! My dear, ”day dreamer”.. I don’t see you ending your comments now, with ”wait till eelaam war V. Have you married a Singa lees. Iam just joking.

  6. Christie Says:

    India is out to get MR by all means available to it. It is India that made MR the President in the first place thinking it can manipulate him and it back fired. It tried with SF and failed. So it is doing the same again with MS. I am sure India will fail again.

  7. Vimutti Says:

    UNP’s own internal polling shows MR winning by 58% to 40% for Maithripala. This poll was conducted by an outside polling group and the results posted here: “http://lankacnews.com/sinhala/news/126340/”

    The ONLY group Maithripala is carrying with a significant margin are MUSLIMS – 64% – 35%. This is probably because of BBS support of MR. What MR should do is quietly dispatch BBS to the villages to ratchet up the Buddhist vote by a wider margin to offset the Muslim vote, as many grassroots village Buddhists really are concerned with the Islamization of Sri Lanka culture (i.e., they don’t like hearing the Adan noise in the morning from the local Muslim Mosque while they are sleeping, don’t like seeing women fully covered in black in which you can’t see their faces, don’t like being forced to buy Halal food, don’t like Muslims taking over all of the Buddhist businesses, or driving up the cost of real estate with foreign Arab buyers, or exploiting Buddhist women as servants in Muslim countries, etc.).

    If Muslims don’t want to vote for the president, then Buddhists need to show them that we will unite behind the president.

    Notice the Buddhist vote is the mirror opposite of the Muslim vote – 63% – 36% for MR, but if we ratchet this up to 75%, Maithripala will not be able to make this up with Muslims or any other minority vote.

  8. ranjit Says:

    Kumar you are daydreaming. Your Pollonnaruwa Baiya will never win in his life and the Gay Boy Ranil have to retire this time and Bandit Queen one eyed Chandrika has to run to her his Masters Voice in England. Tell me why you want this ungreateful guy to win? What he has done to the country and what he has for the country. They were all after one person and that is Mahinda Rajapaksa. They were a bunch of revengeful,power hungry Mafia group. Everybody knows What they did in the past. Have you forgotten his Peace treaty with Prabakaran? Have you able to go to Jaffna those days? Didnt you pay money to go to the North those days? How many were killed during their time?

    This time more Tamils will vote for MR not for that Mafia group. Just wait and see.Only 16 days to go then you can write your comments about your stupid guy.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    This time more Tamils will vote for MR – agreed will get more than 2010 .
    but SLFP split & UNP votes bank giving more chance for MS.

    for us We-Tamils both won’t give our day dream TE.

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    Have you married a Singa lees. Iam just joking – No sorry ,one is enough also 50+ age better of self sat….
    cos I am feed up with my comments because you all are ignored me , please do windup these our 33 years old day dream & will for another 33 years …

    1) Naalai pirrakkum TE ( I do not need translate cos you Sinhalese for last 33 years – in case We will get TE Tomorrow-not Today)
    2) live & let live Eelam war V (may be 100 years to go cos We had enough at Mullivaikkal)

    This is my own opinion
    What Chelva, Amithalingam want for We-Hela Damilays we have now NP (Saiva TE) & EP (Muslim TE)
    also Police power -We -Tamils should not have this because We do not know have to day to day office
    land power – If we have this too many Kallaththoni will come -because We Tamils won’t stop Tamil from TN as We are Tamil.
    We are ok now , but We want TE (:-(

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    Tell me why you want this ungreateful guy to win? Cos MR killed our Thesiya Thalaivar ( We forgive for killing Civilan cos We never worry about them anyway…).

    Pollonnaruwa Baiya looks soft than Hambandoda medalaya !

  12. Sunil Mahattaya Says:


  13. SA Kumar Says:

    Sunil Mahattaya- Sorry Mahattaya , what about when others call Gay Boy Ranil & Bandit Queen one eyed Chandrika is that ok ? you do not mind do you??? these two were SL head of states ???

  14. SA Kumar Says:

    any way …. what is meaning of medalaya? (cut & pasted), I hope not worsen than Gay Boy/Bandit Queen

  15. Daya Says:

    I have to dispute well nigh everything in this analysis. First, there will always be gratitude to the Rajapksas for ridding us of the LTTE. But how many times do you want us to state that?

    It is out of gratitude that he was given a second term as President. It was he who was greedy for a third term, which was against the constitution. Constitutions ought to be sacred. Anything can be changed if there is adequate reason; in this case there wasn’t. The country did not want early elections; he called them when he was begged not to. This guy doesn’t belong to this day and age; a throw back to voodoo superstition, so he decided 8 was a lucky number.

    Five years ago, as a hero, you could have been magnanimous and humble in victory. It’s your own hubris Mahendra Percy that consigns you to the refuse bin of history. However, I think that you should stay the course and save something of dignity by congratulating Maithri on the 9th afternoon.

  16. Marco Says:

    Daya- A brave comment for this forum.

  17. SA Kumar Says:

    Mahinda Rajapaksa now become Mahendra Percy.

    You Sinhalese please do respect MR at least until 09 th of Jan 2015 as He united Mother Lanka for all of us with blood in his hand ( Like Prince Archuna in Mahabaradam ).

    live & let live until Eelam war V ( Please give back our Thesiya Thalavar’s underware(kovanam) lost at Mulli Vaikkal on 19th May 2009)
    Susantha Wijesinghe- happy now ?

  18. NeelaMahaYoda Says:


    All expatriate Sinhalese people are not like that. Only a very few behaves like that. Specifically those who have got their free university education in Sri Lanka can easily behave like that. My experience in London corroborated me to take this conclusion. Suddenly when these guys come to Europe or Australia/NewZealand , they find themselves among whites and working in the same level as whites, (in contrast to general working conditions in Sri Lanka where you have to call “Sir” to everyone in the higher ups, and Europeans are considered as superior entities ) their ego can go over the roof when they start to work, and then begin to hate their own people.

    But I find it very interesting to note that those who have studied in foreign universities, most of them while working to earn a few pounds, Marks or francs for their basic survival and sharing accommodation with other white students would never have that obsession and are more open minded.

  19. SA Kumar Says:

    who have studied in foreign universities, most of them while working…- fully agreed
    We SL do not know value of our mother Lanka until lived in Western as 3rd class citizen.
    nothing is free here .

    Susantha Wijesinghe- any comments ( why you are not wind me up machchan?)

  20. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SAK !! You are a real joker. I always read your articles with a smile. Not necessary to wind you up. You are already wound up.

  21. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    What is most conspicuous about this SAK joker is the confidence with which he expresses himself in English that murders the Queen! albeit with lopsided logic! He is indeed winding himself up towards Jan.8th from the sound of it.

  22. Lorenzo Says:

    A bigger surprise is LTTE SAK is allowed to comment but I cannot comment!

    (As many including Raj know I worked against the LTTE from a Tamil paramilitary group years ago. Now I’m a traitor while LTTE leaders are patriots!)

    This is what happened to SF and this is what will happen to all those to really put their lives on the line for the country.

    Next time there will be no one to ACTUALLY DO THE JOB. Everyone will just talk about war and war and sleep with terrorists. No surprise. Even Anagarika Dharmapala was called a racist, traitor, etc. and chased away to Endia!!!

    Political party colors have made people blind.
    Moderator’s Reply– SAK’s comments are also monitored and are moderated to prevent posting political slogans. This Facility is provided to post a comment on the article and the related subject and Not for posting political slogans and predictions on behalf of any party.

  23. Lorenzo Says:

    SAK may be a LTTEer but I agree with him that ELAM WAR V is just around the corner.

    LTTE leaders are VVIPs and LTTE cadres are all free. Even the LTTE weapons purchasing manager is alive and is a VVIP.

    LTTE only needs to CONNECT THE DOTS and there you have it ELAM WAR V.

    With all REAL patriots now called traitors and punished, lets see if the big talkers can win the war.

    Like the story of the rat and the tiger. The rat saved the tiger from a hunter’s net but soon afterwards the tiger tried to eat the rat because it was hungry!!!

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