Sirisena’s announcement on a war crimes judicial tribunal – SAY THAT AGAIN? – G.L.
Posted on December 22nd, 2014

Courtesy The Daily News

Opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena has been quoted in media overseas as announcing his intention to appoint a judicial tribunal to investigate war crimes charges against personnel belonging to the Armed Forces, External Affairs Minister Prof. G.L. Peiris stated in a release yesterday.

This is a matter having far-reaching consequences. A clear statement is, therefore, certainly required from the Opposition candidate with regard to the nature of the investigation which he proposes to undertake, the powers and scope of the tribunal he plans to appoint, and the use he plans to make of the findings of the tribunal,” he said.

He also needs to clarify issues relating to the authority of the proposed tribunal to summon and interrogate members of the Armed Forces, Prof. Peiris added. The release added: More broadly, statements have been made by the Opposition to the effect that they will adopt a totally different approach to the international investigation against Sri Lanka.

Here, again, they owe an explanation to the country as to the extent to which the Opposition candidate will capitulate to the demands made in the Resolutions against Sri Lanka.

These are demands which proved unacceptable to a significant swath of the globe.

China, India, Russia, Japan, the Arab world and the overwhelming majority of countries in Asia and Africa declined to support crucial elements in these Resolutions. The country has a right to know whether, for narrow political gain, Mr. Sirisena is prepared to make compromises on this vital issue. He seems to be under the mistaken impression that, simply because Sri Lanka has not signed the Rome Statute, we are in no danger. This is obviously not the case. Recent experience shows that countries which are not signatories, can be vulnerable.

The Opposition candidate, with a view to pleasing forces which are continually exerting pressure on Sri Lanka, appears willing to sacrifice the country’s vital interests and the safety of the Armed Forces, to help himself at the election. While this has been a regular feature of the Opposition campaign, the pledge to institute a judicial tribunal hits a new high. This is clearly a matter which calls for clarification.”


5 Responses to “Sirisena’s announcement on a war crimes judicial tribunal – SAY THAT AGAIN? – G.L.”

  1. ranjit Says:

    Aiyo Sirisena has to please foreign backers as well as his party supporters so he promise A-Z without knowing the gravity of it. He cannot have his own agenda. His agenda is a mixed one like a mixed Achcharuwa. He has two bosses.One is the Bandit Queen the other one is the Gayboy Ranil. He has to Sir both. Madam Chandrika.Sir Ranil. This guy is a novice and a puppet nothing else a stooge of the west.

    He will not win for sure.He will not achieve anything.he has to fly to USA or England on 9th that is my verdict.Just be ready to celebrate our grand victory in Peace,


    Let me commend you for the excellent work you have rendered Sri Lanka. Now I will give an example where similar UN mandated incident was carried out without much scrutinizing. During the 2007 or 2008, UN wanted an independent reporter to go on the front lines. So Thamitta, a Sri Lankan was sent by the UN humanitarian department. I think Gotabaya was occupied in so much as to; how to win the war and forget about it. Now the war is over Tamittaya goes back to his job at the UN. After retiring from UN job he was approached by TAMIL Sangham to publish his work and he will get Millions of dollars. So Thamitta goes to ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY and gives details of last year of the war, as it ended. He gave details and names of all major generals and down to the sergeant level. published it and a relative living in London attended this presentation. One example is how THOPPI GALA was captured and how Major Bandara led his forces. Next is the LTTE controlled crossing that was captured by an Army Captain. Photograph of smiling captain. This is how Tamils got details information of the officers that the UN wants to present at the prosecution.

    1. I hope Honorable External affairs minister will prosecute MY3 for treason after the election. If G.L. does nothing after the election, then some one else (May be Chandrika) will take up this same issue and the UN will wake up again.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    This is how Tamils got details information of the officers that the UN wants to present at the prosecution.-
    so UN want investication not Not We-Tamils

    We are happy with NP(Saiva TE) & EP (Muslim TE), please give Police & Land power when you are happy with our administration – Problem sorted

    live & let live until Eelam war V .

  4. Vimutti Says:

    More Maithripala FRAUD – he tells Sri Lanka media that he will protect the Sri Lanka Army and military heros, and then tells the foreign media that he will set up a judicial tribunal to prosecute them and hand them over to the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands.

  5. ranjit Says:

    Vimutti this guy Aiyo Sirisena is two headed snake financed by foreign backers to oust MR ONLY nothing else..The reason was because he didn’t get the Prime Minister’s post. We have only two parties in this country who can rule and have experienced politicians others are just nothing with no vote base to govern not only the country even a electorate.

    When the President win this time he must act to get things right getting rid of drugs,corruption and bring all the traitors to the country to books. Those who conspire to break the country and the evil NGO’s who were financed by foreign Embassies should be stopped completely. He must do like in Egypt. Arrest and prosecute them for interfering in our sovereignty.

    We Sri Lankans will never allow our heroes to be taken anywhere or allow them to answer to anyone. Our heroes has never commit any crimes other than saving our Motherland. We didnt fight an individual but an organization financed by the world community specially the west and India. It was a fight for survival for thity long years and we won at the end thanks to our heroes. We must thank the Govt for showing the way forward and bring our country to the current state in a short time. Aiyo Sirisena is nothing but a fraud and nobody will believe his bogus promises.We know about Ranil,Chandrika,Mangala and the rest (Mud & Lies company) R.I.P on 9th Sirisena.

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