Return of “Choura Rajina” (Chandrika) !
Posted on December 26th, 2014


At a meeting in Crow Island, Chandrika had expressed confidence that Sirisena will win the Presidential elections.  She had said that, the unity among several political parties which are backing Sirisena for President gives guarantee that he can win.

Past history of the leaders of the political parties backing Sirisena shows that they are either traitors or they are corrupt. Ranil, a born loser, led the anti war campaign. And his gang ridiculed the war. Sarath Fonseka was doing politics ‘under-hand’, while in service. Then he offered illegal tenders and with his son-in-law bought arms and armaments to the services.

Chandrika , as President, played havoc in the country. She never kept to time and always came late for appointments. As President she was dead scared of the terrorists. She left saying that she or her children will ever get involved in politics. Sirisena was with the govt all these years with the hope of becoming  Prime Minister. By any chance, if he was not selected as the common opposition candidate he would still be with the govt. praising the President.

Rev Sobitha who did an active campaign against Mahinda Rajapakse had got so disgusted with this group, that he left pretending to be sick and got admitted to hospital. If not, how is that he got sick all of a sudden when a common opposition candidate was nominated.

Despite all the criticism, the President won the war and the people in Sri Lanka live peacefully. So he has an edge over Sirisena, a puppet of CBK and Ranil !

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  1. ranjit Says:

    Dear voters you need to do only one thing just think what RAJAPKSA HAS DONE TO THE COUNTRY AND WHAT RANIL/CHANDRIKA HAS DONE TO THE COUNTRY. Forget Aiyo Sirisena because he is not a leading politician in Sri Lankan politics.He is just a contractor brought forward by the foreign and local gangs to create a division in our peaceful country. The whole gang is after one man and that is Mahinda Rajapksa. They do not have any vision to the country except revenge from the man who gave us freedom.

    Be wise,be truthful to yourself,think of your beloved country and your future and give your vote to the man who has a genuine vision to our Motherland on 8th of Janyuary.

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