Posted on December 26th, 2014

Ranjit Wickremeratne

Love thy Motherland before the party. This will be second time you will be taking for a ride by a bogus “PODU APEKSHAKAYA” label. UNP is not a just political party. It was a party who had several well know political stalwarts in the past. People respected this party because they had a vision and they had leaders well know to the world.We got the Independence under one of the UNPer’s greatest leaders like D.S.Senanayaka. We had Presidents,Prime Ministers from this great party but today very unfortunate to see the downfall of this once a powerful party in Sri Lankan politics.

It’s o.k. to be a life member in a party but if the party do not have a leader to lead the party for a win in an election specially a Presidential election for the second time then the die hard party members should take a decision unitedly and work out a plan to get rid of a losing leader and appoint a winnable leader as head of the party. They should not use their valuable vote to an outsider who has come from nowhere and does not have any love for UNP or to his leaders but come to destroy the unity among the party members. It’s a shame for UNP not to put up a candidate to contest the Presidential election. It shows that the UNP leader who has lost 29 times dont have guts or backbone to lead this powerful party for a contest against the sitting President. He is nothing but a coward and a traitor not only to the party but for the whole nation. When this guy lose this time the party must take a strong stand and kick this guy out for retirement from politics as he is not capable to lead the party at all. Former President Chandrika do not have any love or Sympathy towards UNP as all knows. Sirisena Goiya always condemned the UNP leader Ranil for his political views in the past. They were not in good terms until recently. Champika too is not a good lover of UNP in the past. TNA of course are friends of his before and now as he was more sympathetic towards to L.T.T.E terrorist and their leader Prabakaran. Because you are a UNPer do not allow your leaders to sell your country to the enemies. UNP did once this mistake by giving in writing half of the country to Prabakaran. Nobody can deny that. If the current Govt didn’t destroy the L.T.T.E. WHAT WILL BE OUR POSITION TODAY. Think hard my dear UNPer’s.Why do you want to be a part of a treacherous  leader and what would have happened if Prabakaran was alive today? Die hard UNPer’s must think hard and act before it’s too late. Do you like giving half of our beloved Motherland to the Tamil Terrorists or do you like to live all unitedly in a sovereign state under one flag? Chose between good and bad and use your vote wisely this time.

If you need a UNP Govt in the future, work out a plan with a young energetic popular leader to lead this once most powerful party without going behind traitors to our homeland and without been a puppet to the western Govts. He should be a Sinhala Buddhist with a good political knowledge who can bring results and with a good vision to the country. Do not trust these three vicious snakes Ranil/Chandrika/Sirisena and use your valuable vote on them on 8th. It will be a mistake if you do it because as long as Chandrka the Bandit Queen is there with Sirisena, Ranil will not have a chance to play his own game.These three are not matching each other. It will be like 3 piece Salwari with different colors and different material without matching. Think your own position and your family’s position after the war? Was there any difference after the war?  What benefits did you get after the war? Are you not happy with the current state of affairs in the country. Why can’t you give your vote to the current Govt and join in their forward march in sake of your child or the future. If you are not satisfied then you can plan your future with a new leader in your party in the next elections. Until such a time comes be  part of the family of Motherlanka and help to build our homeland which was destroyed by the ruthless L.T.T.E. terrorists for thirty long years.

Do not think of party politics chose between Good,Bad and Ugly. Give your vote for the sake of your child and the country we love not to the foreign backed traitors like Sirisena,Ranil and Chandrika the Three Stooges of the west.

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  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Ranjith is right!!

    This is the only risky ELECTION in which strong UNPer should think carefully and chose what is best for the country, not the party. This is the only risky ELECTION where a common candidate is appearing for selection. Leave other differences and vote to keep the President in power so that our country will be protected from division. SRILANKA will be in one piece.

    Then by mid year, there will be a Parliamentary Election in which you can use your vote for your beloved party UNP or any other because in that there is no risk to our MOTHERLAND.

  2. Senevirath Says:

    ඒ ජා ප යට සමහරු ගරු කලේ හොඳ නායකයන් සිටි නිසා නොව තමන්ගේ නුගත් කම නිසාය. නිදහස් අද්යාපනයටත් විරුද්ධ වූ දds රටට පූර්ණ නිදහසත් එපා කීවේය . කළු සුද්දෙක් මෙන් විය ජේ ආර් ප්‍රේමදාස මිනීමරු දේශ ද්‍රෝහියෝය රනිල් සිංහල බෞද්ධ විරෝධී දේශ ද්‍රෝහියෙකි විස්තර කවුරුත් දනිති මිනිස්සු න්ට මෙය ටක්කෙටම වැටහුනේ මරන්න බැරියය් කියූ ප්‍රභාකරන් මැ රු පසුය. ඒ ජා ප ය ද්‍රෝහී පක්ෂයකි

  3. Vimutti Says:

    I think the UNP ‘voter’ is already turning on the Common Opposition. At a recent UNP rally, Ranil was actually booed off the stage:


  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    It’s in the name!
    UnPatriotic Party (UNP).
    So they can’t help it.

    They gave us 13, 13A etc. etc.
    Karu Jayasuriya yesterday said too much violence now.
    Which planet he was living in when alugosu preme and alugosu jr was in power.
    Remember the Sinhala Buddhist youth burned in tyres in town centres?
    Remember the Sinhala Buddhist youths’ headless bodies floated in rivers?
    UnP is anti Sinhala, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka!
    Realise it at least now moda Sinhalese!

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