Dr Nalin De Silva is always right; Ven Athureliye Rathana and Champika Ranawaka have never been true nationalists
Posted on December 29th, 2014

Nimal Rajakaruna Melbourne Australia

I am one who is reluctant to write on Sri Lankan politics but as someone who had actively supported Sihala Urumaya and then Jathika Hela Urumaya especially during war times and when Sri Lanka was in the verge of being divided in to pieces, thought of highlighting some facts exposed during the last few months.

As known to many, Ven Athureliye Rathana and Champika Ranawaka were in the forefront in the formation of Sihala Urumaya and then the Jathika Hela Urumaya but great nationalist with a vision, Dr Nalin De Silva was one who used to always criticise these two alleging that they were pseudo nationalists and opportunists who had been extreme leftists while studying at the university.  Most of us used to blame Dr Nalin De Silva for his allegations at that time but today it is clear as crystal to all of us that what Dr Nalin De Silva had pointed out was 100% correct.

Though I was a child at that time, I can still remember how people used to blame late Hon Philip Goonewardena who was considered the father of Marxism in Sri Lanka for forming an alliance with rightist party UNP which ruled Sri Lanka from 1965 to 1970. However late Mr Goonewardena held a portfolio in a UNP government whose prime minister was late Hon Dudley Senayake who is respected by a majority of Sri Lankans as an honest statesman. Hence even today, not only Mr Phillip  Goonewardena is fondly remembered by many Sri Lankans, his son Mr Dinesh Goonewardena has been able to successfully revive his father’s party MEP and continue to serve the people of Sri Lanka as an elected member of parliament for a period over two decades.

Now, in contrast, who are the people the pseudo nationalists Ven Athureliye Rathana and Champika Ranawaka have joined? Chandrika Kumaratne alias ‘Chowra Regina’ alias ‘Dona Katarina’, Ranil Wickremasinghe alias ‘Don Juan Dharmapala’, Wickramabahu Karunaratne alias ‘Koti Bahu’who are aligned with extremist Tamil , Muslim activists funded by foreign elements who are hell-bent towards dividing and destabilising Sri Lanka.

It has also been revealed that Champika Ranawaka too made a trip to S’PORE recently along with some of the key players of above rogue alliance (while some of the LTTE activists of the diaspora community were in S’PORE) but Champika Ranawaka has never uttered a word on this allegation.

There is no doubt that a majority of the people in Sri Lanka are wise and capable to identify the true nationalists from the pseudo nationalists and caste their vote on the 08th January 2015 and ensure victory of President Mahinda Rajapakse. Also, at a subsequent general election, they will make sure that these pseudo nationalists are wiped out of politics.

Nimal Rajakaruna

18 Responses to “Dr Nalin De Silva is always right; Ven Athureliye Rathana and Champika Ranawaka have never been true nationalists”

  1. Christie Says:

    Champikaya was in Melbourne recently giving a talk @ Rotunda in Monash University meeting room, and according to my Indian Myna one of the audience asked about Indian interest in politics of the island. His answer was India is something that you don’t have to worry about. Indian money has been running wild in island politics since 1951 starting with SWRD. Things
    have not changed and Champikaya was most probably assured of his share when he was in Melbourne.

  2. cwije Says:

    Nimal Rajakaruna,

    Did you know that Nalin was also a Marxist in the past? If we go by that there is no one in SL that we can trust. You need to read more…..

  3. Marco Says:

    As you are an ardent fan of the “Indian Colonial parasites” infringing on our island nation how do you feel with the likes of Salman Khan sharing centre stage on an Election platform?

  4. Senevirath Says:

    nalin gave up Marxism may b e i n 1984 and became a patriot fro m that time he was the best patriot in sri lanka . he has sacrificed a lot to defeat ”’ demala jaathivaadaya. නලින් වැරදි නම් බුදුහාමුදුරුවොත් වැරදිය. කලක් කාම සුකල්ලිකානු යෝගය පසුව අත්තකිල මතානුයෝගය පස්සේ මැ ද පිළිවෙත. — තේරුම් ගත්තට පස්සේ යන්නේ හරි මග .
    චම්පික කී වරක් ප්‍රතිපත්ති වෙනස් කලාද වරක් කිව්වේ ජාතිකත්වය මල කදක් කියල

  5. Ratanapala Says:

    Who is more important Angulimala the Arahant or Angulimala the serial killer? Our Buddhist culture is based on the philosophy of Anatta and its emphasis is for a change to the better. Nalin’s has a more enlightened view of the world than many others he has to cross paths with.

  6. Ratanapala Says:

    Champika and Atureliye Himi are on ego trips. They will realise their folly soon!

  7. S.A Says:

    තව තවත් ලියන්න.අවස්ථාවාදී ර්රනියා දේශප්රමීන්ගෙන් රටට සිදුවන හානිය දේශද්රෝහීන් සැමදා කරන හානිට වැඩිය.
    හෙල උරුමය දැන් හෙල කරුමයකි.
    නලින් ද සිල්වා යනු අප ජාතිය අවදිකළ යුගපුරුශයෙකි.

  8. cwije Says:


    I say Nalin is an extremist. Does he believe in moon landing (western science)? If Nalin can change why not others like Champika. Champika, JHU, became the Sinhala Buddhist force.


    Mr. Nimal Rajakaruna, Please may I do a small correction. Don’t bring past history to present and do a comparison. You may ask why? It is because they have no relevance to today’s Sri Lanka. What happened in 2009 has no equivalence today because the Sri Lanka then and today are different entities. Please focuses on Champika and Rathena Thero. These two are common law crooks and looks like you have lot more info that very many who are not living in Australia, do not know. You can tell who paid for his recent trip to Australia? Now you bring Donna Katherina and Don Juvan Dhramapala. Comparisons are irrelevant, because what would they say and do if by some means they brought to speak at an election meeting for MR or MY3. Dinesh Goonawardana is one of the astute politicians we have, if you remember few years ago he went to Spain and received an award from King of Spain, which is the highest award a civilian can get. When you mention Philip Gunawardena, you must not forget his brothers Robert and Lesley, and their contribution to Sri Lanka. I would go even further, since I am from that area. Philip Gunawardena’s father was called Boralugoda Ralahami. He had many elephants my father used to take me to his house as a treat for me. Because he got me to climb and sit on an elephant. Please tell us more about Champika’s Australian connection.

  10. janakic Says:

    It is good if Ratana Hamuduruwo leaves much venerated robes as Buddhist priests from day one were with the preservation of the sovereignty of the country and not advocate its split into smithereens.

  11. nimal_r Says:

    Lankaputhra, I admire both late late Hon Phillip Gonewardena and Dinesh G. What I meant was although late Hon Phillip Gonewardena changed his sides in 1965, he joined a force which had an honest statesman as the leader. JHU has changed sides to align with a bunch of rogues. Also, Champika seems to have changed a lot after his recent trip to S’PORE. He seems to have become a man who will do anything for his selfish gains.

  12. nimal_r Says:

    Cwije, I know that Nalin was a Marxist in the past and there is nothing wrong in that. What I meant was that late Hon Phillip Gonewardena changed his sides in 1965, he joined a force which had an honest statesman as the leader. JHU has changed sides to align with a bunch of rogues. Hence, although Dinesh G could revive the MEP after the death of his father, no one will be able to revive the JHU after it’s death on the 08th January 2015. This is because they have committed suicide by aligning with rogues backed by anti nationalist elements.

  13. ranjit Says:

    Nimal at the end even to realized the truth and come to support it should be appreciated. I like if all these politicians correct themselves and chose the right path for the sake of our citizens of all races and regions of our beloved country.

    Our country is small in size and Sinhalese have only this land to call their home and we cannot allow anyone period! anyone to divide it in to pieces or allow to think even for a separation. We must be vigilant same like in war time. We need to help our Intelligence with all the necessity information about all evil activities against our homeland without delay. Rathanaya & Champaka double should not be given a pardon for their treachery even if they realized their mistake later on. They are all blood suckers who will sell our country for their own benefits. Help to defeat the treacherous dogs on 8th.

  14. Christie Says:

    Thanks Marco; Salman Khan and the woman who came are Indian imperialists. During the British Indian Empire we let British and Indians on our political stages, examples being Queen Elizabeth and Mohandas Karamlal Gangdhi. No more British and now Indian imperialists only.
    I have been told by an Indian Marxist Dona Katherina he knows is Phillip’ sister who married an Indian colonial parasite who as a Trade Union leader in India always supported the Indian imperialism. He and Katherina directly supported Indian terrorist arm trained, managed, financed, and branded Tamil Tigers by India.

  15. Sooriarachi Says:

    I must say, those trying to defend the unpatriotic actions of Champika and Ratana thero, are really brave and thick skinned. Like what someone asked on another website, can anyone tell why all these people travel to Singapore for a day or two, before crossing to Maitripala camp. What type of negotiations are happening in Singapore?

  16. ranjit Says:

    Salman Khan is a friend of Sri Lanka. Our President do not need Salman Khan to win the election. We have so many Salman Khan’s in our midst. So it’s not correct to say that the President brought him for his election campaign.

    Jackqueline who accompanied him to Sri Lanka is a Sri Lankna born beauty.She was once Miss Sri Lanka not an Indian
    Liars in the Opposition always tell lies to the people. Our President have good friends around the world and they are always willing to help him even Modi congratulate Mahinda before he announced the elections.

    We have to salute Salman Khan for his courage and visiting Sri Lanka every now and then even the Tamils in Tamil Nadu protests. He is a good man and a brave man.All brave men supports the President except the evil traitors to our land.

  17. Christie Says:

    Don’t worry about Khan; what about Bharat Jagdeo former Guayana president who is coming as the leader of the Commonwealth election observers team head appointed by Kamalesh Sharma. Will Sri Lanka end up as another Guyana? It may be just a few decades.

  18. Samanthi Says:

    When R. Premadasa was the president of SL, once a year he brought down a band of popular indian artists to perform in his May Day platforms at Galle Face Greens by spending a huge sum of state funds just to attract crowds to hear his political “Kandhoskiriyawa”.

    Salman Khan came here as a friend of Namal Rajapakse even at a risk to his life from south Indian LieTTE leaders like Vaiko. Why do people find fault only with his visit when no one opened their mouths to protest Premadasa’s actions? If anyone opened his/her mouth against Premadasa, he/she would have been ended up in tyre pyres!

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