Is Champika Ranawaka a fool or a traitor?
Posted on December 30th, 2014

Nimal Rajakaruna Melbourne Australia  

From my yesterday’s article I pointed out how Dr Nalin De Silva’s comments on Champika Ranawaka and Ven Athureliye Rathana as pseudo nationalists have been proven true according to their current behaviours.

Today I saw a news item in the Daily Mirror with the heading ‘Unity Govt. will look into alleged agreement between MR and Emil: JHU ‘which says that if Mythripala Sirisena is elected (to me, this is day dreaming), Champika Ranawaka will look in to Mahinda Rajapaksa’s alleged agreement with LTTE front man Emil Kanthan prior to the 2005 presidential election. It also stated about Rs700 million given to one Emil Kanthan by Minister Basil Rajapakse etc.

Following comment has been made underneath by a prudent reader on this news item:

We Sri Lankans were lucky about this Emil Kanthan incident. Sir imagine what would have happened to our nation if your future boss (Ranil Wickramasinghe) won the 2005 elections? In the world map the Sri Lanka is divided. The northern part of Sri Lanka is called Elam Lanka Sri.

I believe above comment is sufficient for any sensible reader who is not a nincompoop to comprehend the fact that even if President Rajapakse has made such an agreement, it has saved Sri Lanka from being disintegrated in to pieces. Yet, is Champika Ranawaka uttering this nonsense because he is a fool? No, he is showing up his true character to the people of Sri Lanka now (especially after his recent trip to S’PORE). This is another traitor whose true colours have been exposed within few years after being elected to parliament.

At a general election which will be held after the presidential election, all patriotic people in Sri Lanka will ensure that this type of traitors are thrown in to the ‘kunu bakkiya’ (dust bin).

Nimal Rajakaruna Melbourne Australia

7 Responses to “Is Champika Ranawaka a fool or a traitor?”

  1. jay-ran Says:


  2. Hiranthe Says:

    I totally agree with Nimal… and of course with Dr. Nalin’s judgement on Patali Champika.

    .I don’t know about Ratana hamuduruwo but when I saw a TV interview with him some times ago, I really felt disgusted and felt sick. How come a person wearing a holy robe talks with so much ego and hatred?

    Now what we were expecting has all happened. now all the players are declared for the match.

    This unholy Alliance is full of S***.

    Mano’s political article has been published today in Divaina. Mano as always hits the bulls eye.

    Please go to the above article to see the message our public are getting, if they read it.

    If MR did not win even after such a direct explanation… we are destined to be a failed nation… failed country..

    But I strongly believe that MR deserve a second chance to bring back order so for the rest of the 2,500 years, Buddha’s Preachings will be preserved in this Island nation.

  3. Raj Says:

    It will happen no doubt.

  4. Christie Says:

    Sirisena is just a coolie of Chandrika, Chandrika is the puppet of Emperor of India like her father SWRD. All money coming from India pumped through Western countries. India wants to dominate the Indian ocean and the African continent. It wants a subservient Sri Lanka. It already got Mauritius. Who is coming as the Chief Election monitor from the Commonwealth run by Mr. Kamalesh another Indian run organization? The former president of Guyana Bharat Jagdio an Indian colonial parasite from Guyana. Who came as an election monitor in 2005? One Mr Cooke an Indian vermin from Australia; most probably an agent of the Third Eye. Guyana got millions of dollars Indian money given by Norway during Bharat’s government. That money was used for the betterment of Indians in Guyana about half its population like the CeyNor fishing project in Jaffna.

  5. Caesar Says:

    It’s Cham paka now !

  6. ranjit Says:

    Nimal this guy Cham-Paka is a damn traitor not a fool. From his young days he was jumping from one party to another party that’s how he came to Hela Urumaya. He is nothing and his partner Rathanaya also another traitor who has fallen to the American basket. They both dance to the tune of Imperialists now. They will open their eyes on 9th then it will be too late for them.

    I hope the President will not take back all those traitors who left him at this juncture. We don’t need those beggars to run the country. President must chose wisely his cabinet this time. We have enough Tamils and Muslims in our party if he want’s to give any Ministry posts he can give to them as they are the ones who were with him all these years. We have to support our die hard supporters not the traitors who jump from one place another place when they see fortunes in front. People now understand who are the actual traitors to our Motherland and who loves our Motherland.

  7. Caesar Says:

    Simply he is Cham paka !
    We were all taken for ride by him the traitor.

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