20A: Cabinet approves PM’s proposal
Posted on June 8th, 2015


The Cabinet approval has been granted for a proposal put forward by the Prime Minister to elect 125 MPs from First-Past-the Post (FPP) system, 75 from Proportional Representation (PR) system and the remaining 25 members from the National List through the 20th Amendment to the Constitution, Deputy Minister Ajith P. Perera said.

This was discussed during a cabinet meeting which was held today to take a final decision on the 20th Amendment.

It will take about four days to draft the new proposal. Then it will be presented to the cabinet again,” Perera said.

It was earlier suggested to change the existing PR system into a hybrid of PR and FPP system and to increase the number of seats to 255 from 225.

According to that system, 196 members were supposed to elect on a FPP system and a district-based PR system. The remaining 59 members were scheduled to elect from the national list.

3 Responses to “20A: Cabinet approves PM’s proposal”

  1. Independent Says:

    UNP is not interested in 20A. But they will support due to demand from MS.
    But what is interesting is the coming NO CONFIDENCE MOTION.

    Similar to opposition to 19A ( considered by Nalin as a measure of MR’s power), 20A will be the 2nd test. MS has ordered UPFA not to support it. MR personally and openly stressed the importance of this.
    Let us see what happens. My bet he will lose this one too.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    The PRESENT Cabinet will always approve anything coming out of the UNP led present govt. !!

    But is it the will of the People of Lanka ?

  3. Independent Says:

    The PARLIAMENT will also approve anything coming out of the UNP led present govt. !! MS will use MR’s drugs to get necessary crook votes.

    Big cheats cheating public openly. Why did the President started giving more and more Deputy Mistrial Posts to various cheats ?
    MR’s manipulating abilities will be checked against MR’s manipulating abilities. Some crooks will support it some will not.
    Sinhalaya will lose either way until all these crooks are put in jails ( not hospitals).

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