Former CJ Sarath N Silva’s presentation on Yahapalanaya -full video
Posted on June 14th, 2015

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  1. stanley perera Says:

    This idiot must be exterminated. Champion womaniser or lamp post CJ. Deficated on the seat of CJ. Still thinking he is CJ and MR thinks he is still the President. Jaadiyata moodiya. The pair must get lost allowing the gentleman politicians to run the country

  2. stanley perera Says:

    This is a load of b.s. Don’t waste your valuble time listening to this crap.

  3. Lorenzo Says:


    What on earth has happened to you buddy?

    MR is still BETTER than Maru Sira + Run-nil. Gentlemen politicians? There are NO ladies or gentlemen in SL politics.

    I AGREE MR is NOT the best if GR can make it. But he is still better than this stupid YAAPA(LA)NAYA crowd.

    I too was WRONG in supporting Maru Sira like Sarath Silva but BOTH have now realized the STUPIDITY of supporting Maru Sira.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !! You said it all. It appears that your Buddy has no comprehension of legal parlance. Zero. What former Chief Justice Sarath N Silva says is nothing but the truth. His predictions are akin to ” coming events are casting their shadows “. It is very noble to say, * I too was WRONG *. ….Let he who hath not sinned, cast the first stone…..

    Ranil and Sirisena are like the DUMB and DUMBER. They are not of the Administrative and Governance Quality GRADE. Trying to do something which they have absolutely no idea about. Typical headless chicken, running in circles.



  5. Christie Says:

    Namaste: This “Yahapaalanaya: is what is called Yahapaachanaya, the diarrhea you get after eating Indian. We had Indian diarrhea from 1956 to 2005 and again from 2015 Jan 8. Jai Hind

  6. Sarath W Says:

    Every decent and honest Sri Lankan must listen to this speech, especially those who accused Mahinda was a dictator and harassed his opponents. Even the Americans are really disappointed Ranil is breaking the law.

  7. ranjit Says:

    It’s the habit of the UNP thugs to condemn good people in this country. This Stanley Perera who ever he is nothing but the same kind as Awamanagalaya,One shot and Ranil his leader. Do they have any personality or Charisma like President Mahinda Rajapksa or C.J.N.Silva the Chief Justice? These kind of traitors can say anything because their favorite subject is lying but the people in this country has already recognized their evil motives behind those lies and who is behind? We will give them the answer at the correct time and I say to them just be ready to have the last supper because Christians and Gays do not have a place in our society.

    How can Gays run a country? Sira is nothing but a puppet who will vanish in to thin air after his time is over because no one will remember this Grama Sevaka after that. Ranil the white man’s Korale Mahattaya will lose for the 30th time for sure. Awamanagalaya has to get a visa to America or Europe because he will not be able to stay in Sri Lanka after all his treacherous acts against the country colluding with Tamil Diaspora. Choura will not have any place because people are fed up of her fairy tale stories of lies. I am afraid Stanley Perera’s dreams will not come true this time because Mahinda’s comeback is unstoppable. Jayawewa Patriots.

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    What on earth does this mean?

    “just be ready to have the last supper because Christians and Gays do not have a place in our society”

    This is WRONG!

    They all have a right to LIVE in SL as respectable humans. Only TRAITORS (of whatever religion or orientation) should be banished.

    Actually it is NOT safe to let Bandit and Awamanagalaya ESCAPE SL. They always escape SL and then comeback. Also don’t forget that MR’s first foreign minister was Awamanagalaya!! That oneshot shitt is one of the MOST DISGUSTING creatures to walk the earth.

  9. Independent Says:

    Ha Ha Ha ! Ranjit has shown true colours.

    How old are, you Ranjit ? 90 ? 80? So, you are a very strong Catholic and hate Christians ? Or are you a Muslim ? I have seen you saying “God bless” many times.

  10. Kumari Says:

    Well said former CJ, well said Lorenzo.

    All have a place in SL however, the wrong doers need to face prosecution. As Sarath N says, my country doesn’t need new laws.

    My3’s first act as President was illegal, we all are ashamed of him and the pickpocket cabinet. We may be a small country but we are a proud nation.

  11. stanley perera Says:

    Who ever I am, I only expressed my view or speak my mind. When one says one thing, another says a different thing or opinion. It is a free world. Lets not get involved in a war of words. One half agrees and the other half disagree. That is democracy. I wish I did not say anything. I say no more. I expect no insult.

  12. Charles Says:

    Stanley better keep silent and watch the show….

  13. Independent Says:

    Yes Stanley. We should keep silent and watch our motherland going to dogs, while LTTeRS SHOW THEIR LOVE TO OUR COUNTRY in their own way. What a democrazy ?

  14. stanley perera Says:

    Lorenzo and Charles, Thank you for your advise. I will never ever contribute my view in my life. I know more than what Victor Ivan knows about Sarath Silva and Mahinda Rajapakse. Neither I belonged to a political party nor I am affiliated to any political party. I did not support MR in the first round because of Helping Hambantota affair. Second time around I supported MR whole heartedly because he won the war against Tamil Terrorists.Third time around until the last week of December, I was of the view that MR to win atleast with a small margin by hook or by crook. Then I changed as I saw the wave against MR because of corruption by his stoogers and MR turning a blind eye (kudu pootha,two babie’s murder and rape,$500,000,000 Indian Trade facility many many more). I take my hat off to Lee Kwan of Colombo. Lanka web does not entertain any anti MR ideology. I apologise to those who were offended on my comment. My exit does not effect Lanka web or its contributors. Thank you Lanka Web,Charles, Lorenzo and all others. May you live longer.

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    Stanley Perera,

    Running away is NOT the solution. We need your contributions. ADD REASONS for your conclusions. When you call anti-MR crowd gentlemen, I’m confused. I need REASONS.

    I know so and so is a womanizer but looking at the BIG PICTURE he is right on this.

    Please don’t leave this forum. Your view is NEEDED with REASONS for it. JUSTIFY. We know little about SNS.
    May you live long and prosper!

  16. stanley perera Says:

    Lorenzo, I enjoyed writing to Lanka web in my twilight in life. It became my past time hobby. Men in general are wominisers and some women are manisers. That is normal. But coming down to very lower level in any activity is looked upon down in the present day civilised world. Politicians in the world are the worst scoundrels. Being a buddhist and a baptised catholic I do not tolerate balshphmy, victimisation and racism. It is a pity that some are not willing to co-exist with other religions and minority communities.

  17. ranjit Says:

    Lorenzo I apologized for saying “Christians and Gays don’t have a place in our society” I was very angry with this foul mouthed liar Awamangalaya for taking our country back to the danger Zone allowing all our enemies to come back and having discussions with them abroad. I apologized to Stanley too because he too maybe had a reason to write comments like that. So let’s continue the debate without fighting each other because of ungrateful,useless, political traitors to Motherlanka in both sides. MR may have done some mistakes but overall he is the smartest,bravest,kindest and Charismatic leader we have today than those Gay boys in Yahapalanaya.

    You have to admit that there is no other leader like MR who has done so much to this country within a short period of time. Ending the bloody war was enough for me and millions of our citizens to give our precious vote to this great leader. I don’t know why Stanley as a Buddhist hate his guts. Anyway for the info I am a Buddhist and a Pure Sinhalese who is angry with Sinhalese for being divided while Muslims and Tamils take advantage of our disunity and create uncertainty and fear among the society. This is the time we need be united and fight the enemy together. You cannot trust the LTTE Tamils or their political leaders because of their activities and comments they make regularly in public places. Ranil with Solheim and the Bandit Queen once almost gave our land to Tamil terrorists and we cannot forget that so easily. Now also the way they do business with Tamils we cannot trust them for a moment.Solheim has come back to haunt us again and this guy is enemy NO# 1 of the Sinhala people in this country that’s why MR never allowed these white pigs to visit our country for any reason. Stanley we like to live with other communities in peace and harmony but not the way these ungrateful Tamils and Muslims want to live in this country. They should respect our laws and the religion and live as Sri Lankans without running to foreign Govts and complain every minor issue and try to divide our country. They should not demand anything by force. They should learn to live in any corner of the country without dividing areas as Tamil & Muslim areas. This is one country and one family of all communities. Everyone has the freedom to do anything they wish so why the heck they go running and complain to India,America and other western Govts against our Motherland? We have a democratic Govt with many Tamils,Muslims,Gays,Christians,Buddhists etc and they represent all communities and then why in God’s name we listen to few Tamils and Muslims who were demanding separate lands,remove bases, remove religious places,land powers and police powers etc? We should not give in to their demands or make any promises to please them. Terrorist is a terrorist and those who helps,Finance,Harbor them too must be treated as terrorists. TNA should be banned and Vignasaram should be brought to justice for his activities and comments against the country and it’s people. Stanley be a sportsman and stay with us to have some fun.

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    Stanley Perera,

    I know for a fact that relatives of the current CJ are making billions using him and a top Tamil politician. Sins of Sarath Silva is little in comparison.

  19. Lorenzo Says:


    No problem. I have apologized so many times I can’t keep a count!!

    “You have to admit that there is no other leader like MR who has done so much to this country within a short period of time.”

    Yes 2005 to 2010
    No 2010 to 2015.

    I agree MR is the ONLY AVAILABLE DEMOCRATIC CHOICE because GR refuses to enter into politics.

    I’m thinking BEYOND this BRITISH IMPOSED election systems to have TRUE NATIONAL leaders.

  20. stanley perera Says:

    My dear all, We are human. No one on earth is 100%. I cannot see my faults. It is only others who can see it. If a man did not look at beautiful women, he should be looking at boys. Women want the men to look at them. If men did not look at women the women get very angry and think there must be something wrong with them. A man must practice what he preaches. Otherwise he is talking b.s. A very close associate of Sarath Silva one good buddhist P.C couple of days agotold me “Sarath Silva did not do any harm to me personally. For what he has done during his time as CJ, being a buddhist I should’nt say this Sarath Silva should be burnt alive”. However lets get down to the nitty gritty of it: Let us all get united and share each other’s independent view. We must be able to call the spade the spade. Not only good side of a person, we must critisise the bad side as well.

  21. Lorenzo Says:



    SNS has a bad side. IS IT RELEVENT to what he says here? NO.

  22. stanley perera Says:

    One who preaches must also practice what he preaches. A chappie corrupt up to his eyeball talking of good governance is “VEDI BANA” If a model Sri Lankan says anything, that is what we listen to. Look Dharma Vijaya foundation guy. Him and his wife are dedicated true Sri Lankan. They never go round talking Vedi Bana to people. No matter what GR did we must acknowledge his straight fowardness. It is pity GR is reluctant to enter politics or take MR’s place. I am glad to be back with the forum. Rest assured that I support no political party.I will express my independent opinion expect no personal gains. I am true to my word. No matter what the life must go on. My day is not complete if did not visit this wed site.


    Stanley, Stanley, What is wrong with this Former CJ Presentation? People have to change with time and make corrections for what they have said or done in the past. Mistakes you have done and said are plenty. One, remember you were good buddies with Basil Rajapakse. Even before you left Australia to go to SL you were going to meet with Basil! and it got postponed and postponed until it never happened. Remember you offered Charles a room at the railway bungalow in Jaffna and Charles politely refused it and stayed in a cheep hotel in Jaffna? I can go on and on but please do not take it out of MR and former CJ Sarath Silva.

  24. Independent Says:

    Stanley ! Stanley ! Sarath Silva is a great patriot forever. He saved our God MR from going to jail. What else you want form him ? Those days he was suffering from mental issue when he said he regretted prevented MR going to jail, but now he is back to his best and we must listen to him.
    Look, everyone is a womaniser.

  25. stanley perera Says:

    I take my hat off for Sarath Silva for the de-merger of North and East. I have no doubts about his patriotism. But I never forgive him for the deliberate crimes he committed during his time as the CJ. But my view about MR is not hard as with Sarath Silva. I can forgive and forget the wrong doings of MR. BR is an animal. GR is great. I wish GR takes the lead dropping BR altogether. Unfortunately Asgiriya prelate is advising GR to retire from politics. He is my Lee Kwan of Colombo. I may have a second thought about MR. But never, never with Sarath Silva.

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