Ranil Wickramasinghe and Mahinda Rajapakse
Posted on June 14th, 2015

By Charles .S.Perera

Ranil Wickramasinghe  spells disaster, CFA, Milenium house, Batalanda torture camps, cruelty, revengefulness, ambitious for his personal aggrandisement, servility to the white west.

Mahinda Rajapakse on the other hand spells  patriotism, peace and security, elimination of terrorism, development  without communal discrimination, real unity of the people of Sri Lanka with neither majority nor minority, Sinhala Buddhist Culture and Buddhism helping dissemination of Dhamma, construction of Maha Seya, taking IT to Village schools, taking Sri Lanka to middle income status, a political visionary with a formidable Mahinda Chintanaya, stand fearlessly against antagonists, or big powers

Ranil Wickramasinghe  is more ambitious for personal political success than patriotism towards Sri Lanka which he would like to keep in the White Western Circle.  He is Western in his dress and in thinking.  He is not a Buddhist, but veers towards Christianity being of a Western mindset.  His leaning to West is inborn and does not  tolerate what is not Western. He wants to please the West above everything else, because it gives him strength in believing the West likes him. He believes in a white leadership of the world than that of the Chinese who he does not  trust  because of his West leaning. He has no political affection towards  the black Afrika.

Mahinda Rajapakse  is a patriotic Sri Lankan- a Sinhala Buddhist both  in his dress as well as in his thinking. Mahinda Rajapakse was ambitious, not for political  leadership and the prestige that comes with it but  for Sri Lanka as apatriot to raise it to the standard of a developed country. He was not liked by the West nor did he like the West.  He was not politically against the west, but disliked the West’s interference into internal affairs of Sri Lanka the sovereignty of which he did not want to sacrifice for crumbs falling from the tables of the White West.

The West since Independence of Sri Lanka gave nothing for the development of the country and raise it from under development to development. The West gave loans and aid but never transferred technology which they  guarded for themselves, as a handle to keep the poor countries poor. They held the developing countries in their debt trap. This Mahinda Rajapakse knew and turned towards countries which were willing to help poor countries to develop without conditions attached to their aid.

Barrack Obama or John Kerry play politics with Sri Lanka. They do not want  Sri Lanka to develop as an independent non-aligned sovereign State.

Why do they Barrack Obama and John Kerry come to Sri Lanka now ?  The reason, is that they want to keep China and Russia away from Sri Lanka so the southern seas could be controlled by their naval forces to stop transport of oil from Middle East to China and enforces their ill-famed notorious sanctions, as USA is doing now to Russia over Ukrain crippling Russia’s trade with Europe.

West thwarts the efforts of  development in Sri Lanka as well as other  developing countries in the world , rather than help them break through economic difficulties to become independent of servility to the west. Ranil Wickramasinghe  is subservient to the West and will do any thing to serve them as his  masters. That is his strength.

Ranil Wickramasinghe is a cruel man.  Many youth had been brutally killed in Batalanda Torture Camps .  He may not have done the killing himself but got others to do it for him.  There may still be eye witnesses to his Batalanda activities  The sadism may be a part of him, which explains the  FCID under him to do his dirty work to put  his political rivals the Rajapakse and every  body  connected to him  out of his political path to leadership, a replay of his Batalanda experience in a milder form.

Mahinda Rajapakse is a kind man born out of Matara rural Buddhist Culture .  He does not have vengeance in his heart.  He has no fear of political rivals,  being confident of the people’s support  and therefore he did not have Ranil Wickramasinghe’s inane desire to rid of his political rival lock stock and barrel”.  If he was a cruel vengeful man like Ranil Wickramasinhe he could have got the police to investigate in to Ranil Wickramasinghe’s past to charge him for crimes committed by hm.in the past.  He also could have investigated, Ravi Karunanayake, Chandrika Kumara tunga, Ravi Karunanayake and the rest for  corruption.

But Mahinda Rajapakse is of a better calibre, a grade of excellence.  He did not resort to those low political  tactics of Ranil Wickramasinghe.

There is no doubt that Maithripala Sirisena won the Presidential election  with the minority votes of the Tamils, Muslims , Catholics and misguided Sinhala more concerned with their stomachs and voted for a change.

Ranil Wickramasinghe did not have the correct people to run a government, but goons who imitated him  to vilify activities of the previous government. They were led by Mangala Samaraweera whose sole ambition is to undo whatever  the Previous President did to make unrecognisable the Sri Lanka  which Mahinda Rajapakse ably  built since 2005 to  modernize Sri Lanka to place  it proudly in place  amoung the  developed countries. There are many such foolish goons with Ranil Wickramasinghe  such as Arjuna Ranatunga, Kabir Hashim, Ajith  P.Perera, Eran Wickramaratne et al.

Mahind Rajapakse had a set of good supportive Ministers. They had apparently been trustworthy and above board as no single act of corruption or bribery has been proved against any one member of  Mahinda Rajapakse’s government so far taken for investigation by the Ranil Wickramasinghe’s notorious special crime investigation Unit the FCID or the bribery commission.

The accusation of  bribery and corruption against  Mahinda Rajapakse and all those who were connected directly or distantly to him is a plot invented by the experienced USA CIA as means for  a regime change as they could not do that by  organising a revolt of the people as they did in Chile against Salvador Allende , in Libya recently against Gaddafi, or in Egypt against Hosni Mubarak etc.  

 It is a well organised plot,  taking a Minister from Mahinda Rajpakse’s Cabinet to put him as Mahinda Rajapakse’s rival Presidential Candidate , and getting Chandrika as a public accuser  making accusation against Mahinda Rajapakse Government without any proof. She recently  gleefully stated at a press conference that the previous Government had obtained Rs. 15billion as commission from Norochcholai Power Plant.  Who would believes  her any how ? She is now like Mervin Silva of Kelaniya who changes political sides at the change of any government and noted for his absurdities.

Of the to men Mahinda Rajapakse stands  above the other –Ranil, unblemished leader capable of leading Sri Lanka to peace; progress and properity

Ranil Wickramasinghe has wince 9th January, 2015 taken Sri Lanka successfully” 25 years backwards from what it was before the 8th January, 2015.

If the trend set by Ranil Wickramasinghe is to remain unchanged we will find  Sri Lanka a divided  country of a colonial status.

Sinhala Buddhists should wake up to change the Situation and regain the Sri Lanka we lost to Maithripala Sirisena  and Ranil Wickramasinghe on the 8th January,2015. 

 Maithripala Sirisena is incapable of understanding the irreparable damage he has caused to Sri Lanka by electing Ranil Wickramasinghe a 100 day Prime Minister.

Maithripala Sirisena is not suitable to be the President of Sri Lanka as much as Ranil Wickrmasinghe be the Prime Minister. Sooner they are out it would be better  for Sri Lanka and its people.  The Tamils and Muslims we could deal with later, once the present political set up is changed.

18 Responses to “Ranil Wickramasinghe and Mahinda Rajapakse”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Maru Sira wants to make CBK the next PM.

  2. charithsls Says:

    True we want MR back in the top seat but I think he has to rope in others not in RW& MS camp. If JHU can be pulled back to his camp it will be the master stroke. If JHU joins MR, MS & RW will get a body blow & whatever his personal trait & ambitions (who will have no ambitions) Ranawaka is the only face for this government from Buddhists point of view.
    And also,I don’t blame JHU because they reasoned out last summer with MR at his supreme to bring about some changes at that time which later spread as a wild fire as yahapalanaya. Had MR shown some acumen, JHU would not have left & MR still in power.It was reported JHU is trying to bring in Gota which is good sign that they can be flexible to MR camp.
    Sad, Gota has said he would not enter politics,if so,there is no trustworthy chap in the SLFP after MR. Ranawaka should see this as a good opportunity to join MR camp because MS will be a spent force come a year or so after the election because MS is not going to contest & nobody will be heading to his advice.MR should do all he can do this time to win because he may never have another chance if he loses this time too going against all other parties.


    Charithsls, How much did Chapmpika pay you put this comment?: Don’t think average villager do not know about this DIVORCE, HOW MUCH DID HE PAY FOR THE SETTLEMENT, AUSTRALIAN WOMAN HOW PAID FOR HIS FIRST ELECTION, HOW DID SHE DIE, VILLAGE HE COMES FROM AAGALOYA DIS ASSOCIATED THEM SELFS FROM CHAMPICA, HE NEVER GOT A DEGREE FROM MORATUWA UNIVERSITY, AND I CAN GO ON AND ON, BUT better let the readers and Charles handle them.


    Lorenzo, think! You just stated that you are sad that Gota is not going to get in to Politics. If he does then he will be in jail. See where Basil is!: Election should be declared Null and Void. Then, MR will be the president. He should bring the election department the same as when the Republic was formed. Then carefully remove the 19th and 20th Amendments. have fresh Parliamentary elections. Wake up all the projects that RANIL PUNK Killed. Then govern the country for majority Sinhala Buddhist and minority religions. .

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    NO WAY!

    We don’t want that PaCha Ranawaka. He is a VENGEFUL man.

    1. How many LIES he said about MR?

    2. He even doctored fotos to LINK Lester James Pieris with KP!! Unforgivable.

    3. He DISCREDITED the war victory.

    4. He told MR to go SOFT on BBS until MR LOST all Muslim votes. He then JOINED SLMC and TNA in the Maru Sira camp!!!!

    5. Eknelikoda. MR copped the blame for it. MR did SO MUCH for this man but he back stabbed MR TWICE. NO MORE.

    PaCha Ranawaka is condemned to the political rubbish bin and he KNOWS it.

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    The election CANNOT be declared null and void. It is TOO LATE for that now.

    Do you HONESTLY THINK the Maru Sira camp will EVER hold a FREE AND FAIR election? NEVER!

    They are top crooks.

    Even if 70% of people support MR, Maru Sira and UNP will WIN the election. Remember the 1982 election? By the time Kobbekaduwa went to put his vote, his vote had already been put by someone else. This is what will happen at the next election.

    ONLY a MILITARY TAKEOVER can save SL now.

    IF you look at the chessboard you can see SF has placed the BEST ARMY GROUND COMMANDER in the #2 position in the army. Hope he acts in the BEST INTERESTS of the country, NOT PETTY POLITICS.

  7. Christie Says:

    Namaste: In 2005 Indian Empire choose Mahinda over Ranil. Look at why Indian Colonial Parasites abstain from voting. In 2010 Indian Empire got Sarath Fonseka instead of Ranil to beat Mahinda because Mahinda did not suck to Indian Imperialists. Indian Imperialists still do not trust Ranil; that is why they got CBK as their Governor of Sri Lanka. CBK comes from a trusted family starting from SWRD by the Indian Empire. Jai Hind

  8. charithsls Says:

    It is disappointing to see how much these columns are run by people with ulterior motives than for free expression of views from the general public. Some nut accuses that how much I was paid to make my previous comment. If we expect politicians to have a rosy past life,are we then talking of politicians at the first place? Politics, the dirtiest game in the world, I think, so don’t expect anyone not to have any skeletons.MR himself should think who is there to be groomed now that Gota & (Basil) out of equation. Chamal himself is elder & Namal is too young. Can anyone suggest any name beyond MR, except for Ranawaka. Ranawaka was the only politician went straight to the courts to trim 19A & now fighting Muslim front for 20A. He should join SLFP/coalition which will help MR to win the elections & then let’s see the future from there for him.

  9. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:


    Like Ranil, CBK does NOT have the confidence of Parliament, and would therefore be a bad choice. Besides, she is far to vindictive and backward looking to lead Sri Lanka, and simply doesn’t have the political IQ or will to do what is in Sri Lanka’s best interest on the international stage. MS should stick to his new former PM advisors for a caretaker PM until the next elections or appoint someone elected by the UPFA MPs to ensure majority support. And regardless of who replaces Ranil, the PEOPLE will decide the next PM in the next election, and MS must accept this choice or be forced out.

  10. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Traitor chief rw is an out and out traitor. He is anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lankan, Anti Sinhalese. Simple reason for this
    is he takes orders from the west and india who want to break up our country and destroy Buddhism and the Sinhalese.

    Sad thing is there are a lot of Sinhalese support this traitor and his party thinking it is fashionable to be Unpatriotic party
    (UNP) supporters. These narrow minded, pea-brained Sinhalese donkeys don’t understand the damage these traitors do to
    the Sinhalese, Sri Lanka and Buddhism. They think only people in villages and the poor support UPFA. If you got a job
    and stomach is full then they think they have to be unpatrotitic party supporters.

    The most of these idiots don’t even know this gb rw is a catholic captain. So no mercy for the Buddhists. Prime example is malwatte kapuwa. Kapuwa supposed to be the guardian of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. But malwatte kapuwa supports this treacherous bunch. Is Sri Lanka, Sinhalese and Buddhism safe from these traitors when you have enemy within?

  11. Kumari Says:

    I think we are giving too much credit to RW. My nephew’s batch mate who worked for RW’s father (when RW was new in politics as Minister of education) has said that every morning the father would call the son’s ministry and gives orders to ministry staff. Then we all know that to get a school place for your child the letter from Gonawala Sunil ranked ahead of all others. My gut feeling is RW is capable of nothing except enjoying his gay life style.

    He probably is hero worshiping the West and would do anything to please them, because he is caught by them (with their usual dirty tricks) for doing something that is very low for a politician (for that matter by a decent human being). If he doesn’t tow the line, doesn’t dance to their tune, this big secret is going to come out. There could be a few or many more like this in SL politics. They will never hear what the electorate demand. They will do anything to safeguard their dirty secret and themselves.

  12. SA Kumar Says:


    CFA & took off Karuna ( VP & co kaddalaI thalapathy- Chief in command) from VP & CO otherwise still We would have VP & CO in mother lanka . both done by RW.

    dirty secret – it is open secret

    Any way We-Tamil may trust MR ( clever not cunning) but We do not trust RW ( clever & cunning) . eg: Our CM Wiggie hate RW.

  13. Lorenzo Says:


    For that to happen FREE AND FAIR elections should be held.

    Maru Sira and Run-nil will NOT hold free and fair elections.

  14. ranjit Says:

    I was working for Cyril Mathew in 77 with Proctor Keerthinanda who was in the UNP executive committee at that time. He was later gunned down by JVP killers at Nawala. I got fed up with politics and left the country but I came back as a proud citizen of this land when my greatest President Mahinda Rajapksa took over and freed the country from the barbarians LTTE Tamil terrorists.

    From 77-2004 I saw how our country was progressing under different leaders and I was very angry with them for not trying to stop the massacres and destruction to my beloved country and to it’s people by the most cruel terrorists organization in the world LTTE and the Red killers J.V.P. Day by day our innocent citizens were killed in cold blood and no one was bothered to care about them until 2005. MR,Gota combination moved with the people and went straight to the enemy lines and worked out a genuine plan to get rid of the bloodbath. Citizens gave the wholehearted support when it was required.At last our Sinhala heroes were managed to wipe out the whole Tamil terrorist organization killers including their most vicious murderer Velupillai Prabakaran. That was the day no one forget in their whole life but unfortunately they forgot the man who brought us freedom in a very short time of five years. The Jarapalanaya Govt live with hate with this great leader.They abuse,Intimidate,Harass,sling mud and telling lies about him and his family and insult him in public with no respect for a leader who allowed it’s citizens to walk freely on the streets in any part of the land. Shame on this traitors. I feel very angry that’s why I use bad words some times in my comments. I cannot stick these ungrateful traitors who are trying to sell our country to outside and break in to pieces to please few section of the society. We need to bury them alive for their treacherous acts against the Sinhala people and Sri Lanka our homeland.

    Thanks Charles for your great article.Every word in that is true to the word and I hope Sri Lankans who love their Motherland will read these kind of articles very frequently and understand and learn many things which most of us doesn’t know about our politicians well. MR is the only solution.Help to bring him back to lead us for a better future.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    @ ranjit is right. Our thanks to Charles and supportive others for a lasting Peace in Lanka.


    I might add that removing the Tamil Language as a Ntaional/Official language will ensure a stop to the Tamil Eelam idea.
    The whole Eelam idea is based on language only. Indian sub-states are divided through language ONLY and this idea has spread to Lanka. Sub-states adjoining Tamil Nadu i.e. Kerala, Andrapradesh, Karnataka, protect their sub-states via language. Sri Lanka which is only some 12 nautical miles away from Tamil Nadu must do the same or get drowned under Tamil illegal migrants through the language issue.

    Tamil Leades of Lanka have yet to officially remove the Vaddukoddai Resolution of 1976 to achieve Tamil Eelam through violence.

    Are we dumb not to recognise and act on these obvious issues ?

  16. SA Kumar Says:

    The whole Eelam idea is based on language only.- Wrong idea is based on religion ( between Saivam & Bhuddism).
    but no one in this world agreed with me


    Author Charles and I have spoken to Champika Ranawake, on the phone before he contested a seat and won the election. He deceived both of us we thought he is a honest man. I never knew about his divorce case and the Australian white woman who gave millions of Australian dollars to his election and later Champika Ranawake got her killed.

  18. janakic Says:

    I do not occur with the statement that ‘Maithripala Sirisena is incapable of understanding the irreparable damage he has caused to Sri Lanka by electing Ranil Wickramasinghe a 100 day Prime Minister’. Ranil’s appointment indeed was a well planned strategy by Mr. Sirisena to get rid of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa. Mr. Sirisena’s vindictive stance of not including Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa in SLFP nominations, despite the call of the people, is callous and inhuman in the extreme. There is no way out for UPFA other than to get rid of Mr. Sirisena from SLFP Chairmanship if they are to win the next election.

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