Reconciliation? Or is it?
Posted on June 15th, 2015


The dictionary defines the word reconciliation” as the restoration of friendly relations. It is assumed that initially, one party already had friendly relations with another in order to restore that relationship. So, my question is how can the Foreign Minister travel all the way to the UK to have reconciliation talks with the Pro-LTTE Diaspora, when the country had no friendly relations with this group? Wasn’t this the very group that condoned violence against the citizens of this country? Is this an addition to the faux pas the Honorable Minister made while speaking to Secretary Kerry about the thirty y-ear war?

The Foreign Minister has been partial to this group whose members and sympathizers live mainly in Western countries. It seems he does not realize that being partial to these Tiger sympathizers may be at the cost of losing the support of the Sinhalese Diaspora. Why does he not want to meet with the Sinhalese? Is it because he takes their support for granted? Is it because they don’t have the level of finances the former group has? Or is it because the US, and UK are dictating terms to the Foreign Minister?

Recently, a well known Senator and supporter of the Pro-LTTE Diaspora addressed the US Senate in words verbatim to those of the US Secretary of State and more strangely, to the propaganda of the Pro-LTTE Diaspora. Looking at these comments closely, one sees the Foreign Minister’s sauce on the meat! What a twisted web he weaves!

The Sinhalese Diaspora cannot be fooled, Mr. Foreign Minister! As you mentioned a couple of times sir, the Sri Lankan Diaspora is made up of many intelligent, educated, patriotic individuals of both sexes which you failed to add. They are not just the Tamil Diaspora or the Pro-LTTE Diaspora. This group is made up of many Sinhalese individuals as well. You have totally ignored the Sinhalese and Muslims to the exclusivity of the Pro-LTTE Diaspora in the US and UK. We are not fooled by these shenanigans!

As the Foreign Minister of the whole of Sri Lanka, you need to be sensitive to the feelings of the Sinhalese too. You have not had meetings with any Sinhalese Diaspora. You don’t speak about the horrible trauma they have suffered because of the terrorists. You don’t mention the Sinhalese and Muslim kids killed by those terrorists. You do not mention the damage to an important UNESCO cultural site they destroyed. I can go on and on…. Now you want to have reconciliation with a terrorist group?

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    The current government and administration in Sri Lanka has a temporary mandate of 100 days to undertake specific tasks mentioned in their manifesto. It does not mention that this upstart of a Foreign Minister to completely reverse the non-aligned foreign policy followed by Sri Lanka.

    Gayboy Mangala is Anti- Sinhalese, Anti-Buddhist and pro terrorist. He fought hard against the war on terrorism in Sri Lanka. So it is not surprising he is going around the world overturning all the gains of victory over Tamil Racist Terrorism.

    Mangala Samaraweera should be hauled before a people’s court for the harm he is doing to Sri Lanka.

  2. ranjit Says:

    CJ useless talking about anything on any subject with these Yahapalanaya traitors including Awamanagalaya who is a well know LTTE sympathizer. This guy’s heart is filled with hate towards Sinhalese and MR. He and his Gay leader Ranil and the Choura Regina with Solheim trying their old tricks back again to fool the Sinhala nation and give Tamil terrorists and their sympathizers what they were fighting for in the past thirty years without a fight by the advise of their partners India and America.

    We will give them a correct answer when the next General election arrives. This guy has to find a place to hide but we will get him and bring him to justice for being a traitor to the Motherland and to it’s citizens. These are the traitors who are trying to make us Sinhalese Minority and make Tamils and Muslims the majority by bringing people from outside and grabbing our lands by force. We should not stay idle or sleep. Need to be awake and alert and fight to the end to save our Sinhala land which is the only place we can call home.

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