Canada please tell Canadian Tamil MPs not to promote Eelam in Sri Lanka: Canadian politicians must serve Canadian interests
Posted on June 18th, 2015

Shenali D Waduge

Stop shopping for votes from terrorist-linked groups, and immediately apologize to veterans and all Canadians” – Minister Steven Blaney’s message must be repeated to all Tamil Canadians aspiring to use Tamil voters to enter Canadian Parliament and use that as a platform to work for other agendas. Canadians themselves must now wonder whether their MPs should tie up with entities in particular charities that have had links to LTTE terrorism and are now declared internationally banned including a host of individuals. By virtue of the ban incorporating the UNSC Resolution 1373 Canada is bound to take action against entities/individuals declared banned as well as Canadian MPs whether they are of Tamil heritage or even Canadian and investigate them as well. Canadian politicians are expected to serve the interests of the Canadian public in Canada and not anywhere else.

 Renowned author Steward Bell in November 2014 wrote to Canada’s National Post on the topic of NDP MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan issuing a statement commemorating Tamil Heroes Day on November 2014. Other than Canada’s public safety Minister Steven Blaney who was ‘shocked & appalled’ and urged the Tamil MP to apologize ‘to veterans and all Canadians’ for likening LTTE cadres to the Canadian Remembrance Day, not many joined him to admonish the Tamil rookie MP. Parliamentary Secretary of Foreign Affairs & International Human Rights Deepak Obhrai however said ‘you cant compare Remembrance Day to Tamil Heroes Day’ ‘you cant compare a terrorist organization to people who have fought for core Canadian values”… However, D Obhrai who represented Canada at the Commonwealth was made a fool by the Tamils getting him to place a wreath for the fallen heroes – the LTTE!  Yet if it’s a ‘disservice to veterans’ to make a parallel, the world must also be shocked at attempts to equate war widows to wives of LTTE cadres many of whom were cadres themselves.

 With Canada banning LTTE since 2006, the entire Canadian Parliament should have objected to Rathika using the Canadian Parliament to glorify LTTE terrorists. Blaney’s statement ‘I am shocked and appalled that an NDP member of Parliament would not only endorse the celebration of terrorists, but would also equate it to the solemn occasion of Remembrance Day where we honor our fallen Canadian heroes”, is likened to the manner wives of LTTE cadres are now being referred to as ‘war widows’ and given compensation from the State of Sri Lanka. The Fallen Heroes are the Sri Lankan Armed Forces and these soldiers paid the supreme sacrifice in defending the nation. The state is bound to look after the spouses and children of these dead. The LTTE cadres were fighting for a separate nation and carrying pre-meditated murder upon unarmed citizens and often killing for contracts as well. Why should their wives be called war widows and be looked after by the tax payer!

 Rathika’s feeble response was that she was only mourning all those who died in wars at home & abroad. But she would be left speechless if this photo produced during her election campaign (with LTTE flag) and in her facebook was shown to her! 

Even Stewart Bell has pointed the photos of the Heroes Day in Markham and posted on facebook of the Tamil Youth Organization showing the LTTE flag and visitors walking past LTTE in rebel uniform!

DBS Jeyaraj a victim of LTTE and living in Canada writes that Heroes Day ‘is not and has never been a national day of Tamil mourning’ and was instead an event ‘By the Tigers for the Tigers’ and if so when Rathika says in the House of Commons Mr. Speaker as Canadians of Tamil heritage in November we commemorate two important events. Remembrance Day and the Tamil Heroes, Day. This month symbolizes the beauty of life because we remember all those who sacrificed their lives for the rest of us to live in peace and freedom”. LTTE killed innocent unarmed people carrying out over 300 suicide attacks over 3 decades and thousands of people were blown up to pieces so for whom has LTTE given ‘peace’?

This is not the first time Rathika is been in the storm of things. She said she was under arrest then denies making her party leader a joke but succeeded in getting cheap publicity. She is a member of the NDP  yet what does that party have to do with Eelam or affairs in Sri Lanka? Canadian voters don’t vote for her to be going round the world promoting non-Canadian affairs!

The below banner has as guest of honor Rathika Sitsabeiesan and Gary Anandasangaree. The latter is a counsel to the Canadian Tamil Congress and has received nomination from the Liberal Party to contest the Scarborough Rouge Park Riding in Toronto. He was one of the leaders of the banned World Tamil Movement that desecrated and burnt the Indian national flag in front of its consulate on 29 July 1989. His facebook confession of July 2014 Gary Anandasangaree speaks of going to Geneva regularly (30 meetings) with Navi Pillay and admits that they are using the word ‘genocide’ as a strategic ploy!

Rathika2All does not seem right in the foreign tiger camps and eventually it boils down to who controls the kitty. The US transnational ‘Prime Minister’ does not appear to be too happy with the UK fronts having secret discussions without their presence. Obviously we are in for some cyber diaspora war and baffling to most is why the GOSL should choose to engage with LTTE fronts and not the Tamils living overseas who have themselves been victims of these banned LTTE fronts whilst also totally ignoring the Sinhalese living overseas who number far more than the entire Tamil Diaspora.

Nonetheles, politics in Canada is and should be about the interests of Canadian citizens and New Democratic Party in which Rathika is a member and the Liberal Party which has given nomination to Gary A, must seriously take Tamil heritage MPs aside and warn them that their politics must be about the welfare and interests of Canadians and Canadian Tamils and not citizens of other countries. If there are concerns it is best taken to the Canadian Government in power and that government will deal with issues diplomatically through the diplomatic channels of engagement.

Given that Canada has banned the LTTE and numerous other charities for association with LTTE as well as arresting Canadian Tamils linked to LTTE for providing material support, it is now time for the authorities to take Steven Blaney’s advice and ensure that Canadian Tamil MPs do not go shopping for votes and use their new positions to promote agendas outside of their Party’s Constitution. We believe that nowhere in the NDP or the Liberal Party is there clauses that say to vote for their nominees so they can dedicate their time and Canadian funds towards internal affairs happening in Sri Lanka since they have left Sri Lanka to take up citizenship in Canada and it is to Canada that their service should be rendered.

 Shenali D Waduge GOSL names & bans LTTE fronts – Canadian Tamil Congress  Will Canada tell Rathika Sitsabaiesan that Canada Remembrance Day and LTTE terrorist day is not the same.

3 Responses to “Canada please tell Canadian Tamil MPs not to promote Eelam in Sri Lanka: Canadian politicians must serve Canadian interests”


    I disagree with Shanali on this issue. Canadian Parliament and publishing a book what Rathika’s thoughts are considered as freedom of speech and should be allowed. This is not knew it started 55 years ago when CANDA realized that if they allow Ceylon to prosper Canada will loose control of another newly independent country to control their trade and development of infrastructure. CANADIAN HUNTING SUYVEY was one of them.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    These loose talk Canadians, using freedom of speech, will be checked soon by the Canadian Government. Let them play mice till then. Posing with a terrorists flag is reprehensible.

    Minister Blaney, you are perfect in your assessment. We appreciate your thinking. Thanks.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    Lion is Bhuddist Shinhala flag & Koddiya is Saiva Demila Flag for last 2,500 more years !!!

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