SriLanka, Peace and Determination
Posted on June 23rd, 2015

Kanthar P Balanathan

The Statesman

Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa (MR) is a smart patriot, with kindness in his heart to address minorities’ issues. Mr Rajapaksa with his significant number of years of political experience, since 1970, followed the draconian style destruction caused by the terrorists and, any smart patriot will initiate action to protect the country and the people irrespective of race and religion. Mr. MR took action to eradicate terrorism, and the war on terror ended in 2009. What else do the SriLankan (SL) expect? Initiate another rounds of talks in the pretext of peace talks, and dance to the tunes of the west, while the terrorists build up their weaponry and cause more extensive damage? The international world gave their support. Most terrorists took illegal boats and ran out of the country, and most died during the conflict, and over 300,000 Tamils were rescued by the military. Where on the platform is war crimes seen? It is that revenge and retaliation anger for the elimination of LTTE and Prabakaran, which initiated the TD’s to start a new topic on War Crimes”. Who are the people who are calling on war crimes? It’s the LTTE supporters on foreign soil and in SriLanka. They have missed one key issue that the LTTE is subject to several crimes against humanity. (i) Committed murders, (ii) drug trafficking and dealing, (iii) arms smuggling, (iv) violate the constitution of SriLanka which is a criminal offence (v) TD creating a TGTE which violates the constitution of SL, (vi) people smuggling and (vii) destruction to assets.

If we analyse, we will be able to understand that MR took the initiative to talk with the terrorists. Will any government allow some mushroom uneducated backward youths to hold a democratically elected republican government to hold onto ransom? Will the west allow this kind of ransom?

The war crime investigation is nothing but some country’s desire to see that people who do not support their philosophy not conquering power. The LTTE committed authentic war crimes, murdering people, politicians, and destroying billion dollars’ worth of assets. Why is the United Nations not talking about investigating War Crimes against the terrorists?

Not only MR won by eliminating terrorism for the first time in the world, but he also continued to practise his democratic beliefs by conducting the election for the Northern Provincial Council. NPC was established during MR’s governance. MR can speak all three languages in SL, however, how many languages do our Tamil politicians speak? Most only one (Tamil), and may be some two languages (Tamil & English). Do they make any effort to learn or speak Sinhalese language?

On the whole if we merit rate the political effectiveness and efficiency of past and present politicians of SL, Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa comes as the true democratic leader, smart patriot, philosopher, and The Statesman”.

Paramount Future for Tamils

We must comprehend that we are on the run to overseas, either by boat, or any means to the West, European countries, Australia and New Zealand. Tamil Diaspora are not interested in investing in the N&E, in diversified forms of industrial, agrarian or fishing industries. Tamil students on acquiring a degree, wants government job. Trade students, engineering students, agricultural or any students in science are not interested in entering entrepreneurship or establishing small business. Any technical student is quite adamant in leaving SL to overseas, and they do not mind doing menial work in the west.

This is all because of the mindset of Tamils according to our culture is go overseas”, white collar jobs or administrative jobs to be bosses. Also the main driver for the lapse is that we Tamils, do not have confidence and believe in market driven” MD” economy. Is it because the west have a sound market driven” economy, and GOSL lacks in establishing a sound good MD economy?? Or else, does SriLanka lack in the education of investments, and market driven economy to students?

Our dowry system supports in holding on to the dynamics of hoarding wealth. In the west, Tamils are giving dowry to their daughters to arrange marriage to doctors, engineers or accountants. This is a pure indication of how rigid we are in the society. Tamil Diaspora and local Tamils in SL are also quite rigid on caste discrimination, prohibiting intermarriage between castes.

We also occupy government jobs in foreign countries. We love government jobs because it is safer, we think.

What does this convey to the public?

Are we a quite rigid ethnic group? First of all, Tamil politicians must educate the mass and the proletariat on, Change is a Constant”. Refugees, expatriates who migrated to Europe, learned the languages to settle. Like in Rumania, Brazil, Norway etc. In France, no migrant can speak English. Tamils are everywhere learning the local language and changing to local customs and culture for better living. However, it is unknown as to why they hate to study Sinhalese language. Is that because they feel superior in SL and inferior in Europe and the west?

Young children are indoctrinated on Tamil old customs and stories, which is not going to enhance children’s knowledge in science and arts, unless they plan to return to SL on achieving a qualification. Will that be true?

TD are engaged in political propaganda for separation, indoctrination and intoxication of the young generation on Tamil Eelam, all over the world. On a real time frame and future strategic forecast; do we think that this is a wise act? The refugees who have come over are being used to be in the forefront of Tamil Eelam campaign.

What is best for Tamils in SriLanka?

Tamil politicians must comprehend that for Tamils to live in peace they could flush their minds and come up with better thoughts as follows: Why not?

  1. Eliminate the caste conscious from their evil mind and think that they are all humans. Respect and give equal rights to all Tamils.
  2. We could come out of darkness and liberate ourselves from believing in supernatural belief”.
  3. Better to be lateral thinkers, and free from self-centre and selfishness.
  4. Free ourselves from xenophobic behaviour.
  5. Free from language phobia.
  6. Learn to co-exist with others.
  7. Understand what democracy” means and uphold the practice.
  8. Demonstrate kindness and friendship to others.
  9. Learn to develop expertise, be flexible, and reliable.
  10. Develop patriotism towards SriLanka which gave us food, free medical facilities, free education and employment to us. It is our country.
  11. Be independent and not be a burden to others even within a family.
  12. Free ourselves from hard core mind of, viciousness, revengefulness, and retributive acts.
  13. Free ourselves from crudeness and be presentable.
  14. Never ever, sow seeds of hatred against other ethnic groups.
  15. We should get rid of embracing false values.

The most recommended solution will be as follows:

  • All Tamil Diaspora (TD) organisations (orgs) should come forward to relieve their mind from the evil of separatist ideas and help SriLanka recover from the economic disaster caused by the 67 years of destruction and sufferings.
  • Promote reconciliation and co-existence of us Tamils in SriLanka.
  • Take an oath that TD organisations will never, ever, support terrorism and separatism, either overseas or in SriLanka.
  • Take an oath that the TD orgs will never, ever, support LTTE and carry LTTE flags on foreign or local soil.
  • Come forward to promote democracy” in SriLanka to the masses, by way of education, conducting classes, seminars and workshops.
  • Remove the word Tamil Eelam” from our minds.
  • Local politicians could rid themselves from using names such as: TELO”, EPRLF”, PLOTE” from their political names.
  • Federal Party could change their name to reflect a unitary SriLankan state.
  • The name, Tamil National Alliance” could be changed to a more positive, constructive name to reflect unity in SL.
  • TD and local businessmen could invest and revolutionise industrially, the N&E of SL, notwithstanding nothing stops them from developing outside N&E anyway.
  • Bring in awareness to the younger generation on the portentous effect of drugs.
  • All parties could meet in SriLanka or anywhere in the west and sign an irrevocable memorandum of understanding (MOU) of the above to generate more trust on both parties.
  • All political parties should join hands in governing the country, protect the sovereignty, and territorial integrity of SL.

Our generations have lived in the island and our future generations are going to live here, not go anywhere.



21 Responses to “SriLanka, Peace and Determination”

  1. SA Kumar Says:

    Our generations have lived in the island and our future generations are going to live here, not go anywhere. – What you mean by our generation ??? Demila generation?

    Chinhalavar are not modayas any more proofed on 19th May 2009 My Thamil Sakotharam.

  2. Charles Says:

    Kanthar I believed fervently in a Sinhala Tamil unity after terrorism to work together to build a Sri Lanka as a marvel amoung the developing countries of the world. We had the correct political leadersip with Mahinda Rajapakse and great patriots ready to rebuild Sri Lanka as it had never been before.

    But the Tamils have miserably failedto come up to that higher standard with Wigneswaran making matters worse for the Tamils.

    Did the ordinary Tamils really suffer under terrorism or did they enjoy that suffering as some divine gift ? Tamils do enjoy suffering you see the terrible penances they make to please their Gods piercing their tounges and being hung by skin pierced in iron hooks and rolling on the ground etc.

    Who can tell the Tamils that to be happy, make Sri Lanka the only motherland of ours develop and progress into future they should forget their communal bias and join hands with Sinhala and perhaps enhance the relationship even by encouraging mixed marriages, though in case of Wigneshwaran even that has not helped to make him an intelligent Citizen and not a die hard Tamil racist.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Real problems of Tamils that have been caused by the Tamil Caste Structure Tamil leaders past & present :

    Tamils of Lanka are caught between a rock (Caste issues brought from Tamil Nadu, diluted in Sri Lanka, but Sri Lanka Tamils still highly conscious of it in Tamil Nadu) and a hard place (blending into Lanka society gracefully as they have all the rights the others there have, in spite of the Tamil Diaspora promises to foreign countries re Separatism through Fed state > Tamil Eelam, which aspirations probably headed by Tamil leaders to blend all Tamils everywhere together riding on the problems of the Cold War period 1946-1991).

    * The real problem is certainly NOT in the North for the Tamils there other than rebuilding after the LTTE wars, but in the Central Prov (Upcountry) where the tea plucking Tamil community have been stuck in that role since British times when about a Million Tamils were brought from Tamil Nadu for the Plantations Industry. Govt has already given ownership of each British built line room plus 40 perches of land to each Tamil occupant there in the plantations. Govt is due to implement a 10 yr program to re-settle each Tamil family OUTSIDE the tea estates which are now govt owned since the Land Reform Act 1972.

    * The other problems Tamils of Lanka have are the same problems the other communities of Lanka have i.e. jobs, education, poverty etc.

    * Best thing Tamils of Lanka can do to get out of the mess is to rebuild the North along with the GoSL and others, and liberate the Tamil Plantation workers even further by use of machines to pluck tea as done in China, Japan, S. Africa, parts of India

    * Throw out the Vaddukoddai Resolution (1976) – it does not get anyone anywhere except misery and suffering for all.

    * Throw out the ‘divide & rule’ principle of the British Empire too.

    Comments welcome.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:


    I thank you for your beautiful contribution to the L’web, as you always have done.
    We wish you and others like you would be the new leadership for Tamils of Lanka.

    best wishes to you,


    correcting error, earlier entry, read as ” …… Tamil Caste Structure and Tamil leaders past & present”.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    Very good points.

    Truth to be told, UTOPIA is closer than any of these!!

    It was ORADINARY TAMILS that elected TNA/ITAK/ACTC since 1947. Not aliens.

    There is NO existing plan to INTEGRATE Tamils with Singhalese.

    To do that SINGHALA ONLY must be imposed on all Tamils. ONE generation will riot, picket, protest, etc. but the NEXT generation will be integrated to SL (NOT to Tamil Madu). This is the ONLY solution. HARD but it works.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Tamils don’t know what is GOOD for them. So others must decide what is GOOD for Tamils and IMPOSE it on Tamils.

    e.g. War that brought peace and prosperity to Tamils. During the war and afterwards Tamils PROTESTED against it. But it did HEAPS GOOD for Tamils.

    IF GOSL listened to Tamils and STOPPED the war, now 5,000 Tamils would be dying every year.

    This is because of the ANCIENT TAMIL CASTE, HINDU SYSTEM. BRAHMINS used to TELL what to do and Tamils simply shut up and followed. When told to JUMP TO FIRE for Sathi Pooja, they did. Perce skin and hang on a swing to pray, they did. Walk on fire, they did.

    If you ask Tamils what is good for them, DISASTER!
    They say the oppositte.

    So SL must IMPOSE what is RIGHT on Tamils including the Singhala language. Protest for a while but EMBRACE in a generation.

    Mark my word, after it is done SL Tamils will NURTURE Singhala language BETTER than Singhalese. Some Singhalese are ASHAMED to talk in Singhala!!

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    To do that SINGHALA ONLY must be imposed on all Tamils. ONE generation will riot,- Already tried in mother Lanka (SWRDB’s Sinhala ACT) & failed .

    so what is next ??? imposed again end of like 19th May 2009 again ?

    I agreed all Tamil MUST speck & write Chinhalam !!!

    So others must decide what is GOOD for Tamils and IMPOSE it on Tamils.- 100% agreed but do not impose them as you said We Tamils are nud people We do not like impose even though We know good for us so give them opportunity ( free Sinhala lesson education) as you know We-Tamil take if any free even though it is polidol (possion).

    Sinhalas may think why we want educate sinhala to you if Tamil want they can learn themself – yes agrred but it is good for you & all of us , as We-Tamil are not go anywhere so for long term United Mother Lanka (Fed) become Unitary Lanka that what We all want !!!

  8. Kumari Says:

    Thank you Kanthar, once again. The most important factor for unity is to keep out foreign interface. It was American meddling in the island during JRJ that encouraged Indira Gandhi to arm and train the LTTE. If Tamil politicians are serious about peace they must work with the majority. After all it is the two communities that has to live together.

  9. NAK Says:

    I thank Kanthar for the good intentions expressed but one thing we seem to easily ignore is that this is not a conflict between the Sinhalese and the Tamils that can not be resolved.
    It is the west, mainly the US, using the Tamil diaspora and the Tamil politicians to keep Sri Lanka under thier thumb.
    We will never get out of this mire unless and untill we realise this and address it accordingly.
    Here there is very little the Sinhalese can do but the Tamils in the north and the east must find the courage to break away from the web of diaporian and TNA politics.

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    find the courage to break away from the web of diaporian and TNA politics- sorry mate it is not possible
    We-Tamils are control by Indian/ Western since 1948 & TNA will do service for these outsider forever .
    It is our (Tamils) Karma !!!

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Lorenzo is quite right in some of the facts he has exposed here.

    Reiterating some facts :

    * Caste bound Tamil training : Tamil leaders expect obedience re How Tamils should Vote, and they get it, every time. The ordinary Tamil has been trained not to think for themselves, it seems.

    * In Lanka, the Tamil language is used as a ‘weapon’. It is best that everyone learns Sinhala as Lorenzo suggests. I suggested earlier that the Tamil Language be removed as a National/Official Language. The Tamil Language in place with free education & health care has attracted Tamil folk who suffer from Caste structures of Tamil Nadu to pour into Lanka over the last century. Since the Tamil leaders Separatist issue has become a National Security problem, it is high time the GoSL (any GoSL) addresses this problem seriously and realises that the Tamil Language is the main attraction for Tamil illegal migrants.

    * Less and less dependency on Tamil Labor must happen also in the name of National Security. Tea plucking machines should be used at least in a phased out program. This is likely to be cost effective too in addition to addressing the National Security issue.

    * We hope the Caste issues are sorted out in Tamil Nadu itself and not transferred to Lanka in the future and GoSL prevents it. Lanka has no jurisdiction over events in Tamil Nadu. TN has to sort it out there. Issue of new birth certificates sans Caste may likely be the answer.

  12. Cerberus Says:

    Mr. Balanathan, I salute you for being fearless and forthright to speak the truth as a Tamil. You are one of the first Tamils to say the truth about the Tamils to the world. The Tamil diaspora are so busy fabricating lies to tell the world as to how badly treated the Tamils are by the Sinhalese. Even the TNA leader is making up lies about Tamil Genocide. We all know it was the LTTE which committed Genocide on the Sinhalese and Muslims in the North and East. In case of the Tamil Diaspora they have to keep the pot boiling to generate funds to keep giving the politicians in the west. We have all seen the famous picture of David Cameron supposed to be receiving Pds St. 400,000 from Tamil Diaspora. What LTTE could not win by Military power now they are trying to achieve by creating falsehoods about the country and the Sinhalese with the hope that the West will take over the country for them and divide it up. They will be only too happy to do that as they did in India to create Pakistan and in Iraq to create Kurdistan. But remember that it was not done for the benefit of the people of the country. It was the British Empire policy to divide and rule. After the division India and Pakistan spent Billions of dollars to arm themselves to the hilt against each other and today Iraq is in shambles. Millions of Iraqis have lost everything and are refugees living in adjoining countries that do not really want them. The same was done to Libya and now it is being done to Syria. Also remember how Yugoslavia was broken up into Kosovo and Serbia. If the Tamils are hell bent on a separate state in Sri Lanka and they get it then be prepared to face the long term consequences of suffering for all in the region. It is high time the Tamil leaders like Wigneswaran took a good hard look at reality, as you have done. Thank you for your courage.

  13. Lorenzo Says:



    REMOVING Tamil language as a national and official language will DISCOURAGE Tamil Madu Tamils to creep into SL.

    It will also BOND SL Tamils better with other SLs.

    That is the MOST IMPORTANT issue.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:


    Yes. I agree with your added view on the matter of removing Tamil Language as a National/Official language, i.e. bonding of SL Tamils better with other SLs, in addition to keeping out illegal migrants from TN which has been already suggested.

  15. Lorenzo Says:


    That will also remove the need to take EXTREME MEASURE which I suggest and you always DISAGREE.

    Wish SL leaders had the VISION to see this.

  16. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    It will also BOND SL Tamils better with Sihalese – agreed but why We did not do in since 1948 the fact is sorry to say Sinhalese never want to do it as I said early Mr Amirthalingam said once ” Sinhalese do not know how to live with Tamils or divide them ” ( Senthu valavum theriyathu , piriinthu Valavu Theriyathu -Chinhala vanukku).

    live & let live with in United Mother Lanka (Fed) until Eelam war V !

  17. Fran Diaz Says:


    If the internal bickering stops, leaders of Lanka will see easy common ground to solve problems. Most of the bickering is how to share the commissions on projects, isn’t it ? If the ‘honey pot’ dippings be sent to a common pool and be shared equally by all politicos, will the bickering stop ??


    SA Kumar,

    Looking back, those times were not right due to Cold War politics. Tamil leaders ran with ultra west thinking and no care re Caste matters, as they the Tamil leaders gained a lot through colonisation, whilst local politics with the masses were leaning more toward the left. Am I right here ?
    Now is the right time for bonding.

  18. SA Kumar Says:

    Now is the right time for bonding.- agreed hope We do not mess it up this golden time.

  19. Lorenzo Says:


    Political bickering will NOT stop. It has to be STOPPED using WHATEVER means that work. This is why we need a LEADER beyond politics. A LEADER who will NOT give a fart about religion, morality, international pressure ,etc. and do the RIGHT thing. Or a leadership council like China, Burma, USA (the REAL rulers of USA is the NSA. US president is JUST a puppet of the NSA).

    I’m TOTALLY against moral, religious and other BS holding us back from achieving GREATNESS.

  20. SA Kumar Says:

    Mother Lanka is Bhuddist Sinhala country for last 2,500 years will be for another 2,500 years or more !

    as Bharathiyar said , Chinhala theevukku oor balam amaippom ( we will build a bridge to Sinhala island)
    Modi re said while he was in Lanka.
    actually Modi real want to build a real bridge between two (Hindhu /Bhuddist) counties Now (awaiting for finance approval).

    with out bridge we are fighting if We we bridge – Make Amme !!!!!!

    I do not want to lie a free Lanka based on religious pluralism .

  21. Fran Diaz Says:


    A Leadership Council is a preference to A LEADER (too much flack will be aimed at a A LEADER).

    However, whoever comes into power, a person only or a Council, we have to have a VALUE SYSTEM in place, or else it is dog eat dog. That will not do.

    Lorenzo, what is true greatness ?

    In my opinion, a balance of material needs and needs of the spirit (as all of us die some day) have to be sustained for teh People of a country to achieve true peace and prosperity. Whoever who delivers such a state for Lanka and helps deliver same conditions for other countries is a good and acceptable leader/group of leaders. China was attempting to do so using existing socioeconomic sysems and norms. Whatever sytem in place, safe birth control methods and incentives for that are necessary.

    Question: what would make the east and west feel secure with each other ? Going into deep waters here, but quesiton we must.

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