Equal rights and Cultural Genocide. What is this in terms of Human Rights?
Posted on June 24th, 2015

Kanthar Balanathan, Australia

Equal rights may refer to as follows:

  1. Law of equal liberty:- Sociologist and a British PhilosopherHerbert Spencer in Social Statics (1851) Stated: “each has freedom to do all that he wills provided that he infringes not the equal freedom of any other”.(Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_equal_liberty )

Comments: Didn’t Tamils have the right, prerogative, and freedom in SriLanka over the past 67 years. Tamils have, and are holding key positions; literacy rate is high, and have the expertise to hold key government positions? Is the campaign of equal rights by Tamils in SriLanka, fair and reasonable?

  1. Human Rights: The UN declaration of HR states: Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status. We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. These rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible”.

Comments: Where in SL, GOSL discriminates Tamil against their race, sex and religion? Every Tamil is entitled to vote, enter government services, and enter defence & intelligence services, contest elections, and all facilities enjoyed by others.

In fact in the 2010 Presidential elections, a Tamil contested the Presidential elections, which is his civil rights. More than 1.5 million Tamils living outside N&E. The rest over 1.5million Tamils live within the N&E. Finally, the candidate contested and polled only 9,662 votes which is 0.09% of the total valid votes polled within the island. Therefore who is denying equal rights and Human rights to a Tamil politician? It is the Tamil population in and out of the N&E. One can argue in terms of democratic principles, logically, philosophically, and as per their civil rights, that every citizen has the right to vote for his/her choice of candidate. A logical question: Why are we publicising about equal rights and human rights violation, when Tamils are discriminating their own Tamil. The majority Tamils in the South, and majority of Tamils in the N&E, voted for the Sinhalese candidates. Could this be because of the fact that the Tamil candidate is not from the elite caste and that’s why the Tamils discriminated him in the election? If the caste system has strong focus in Tamil politics, how are the Tamils going to solve the Human Rights and Equal Rights problems within the Tamil community in SriLanka? Does it mean that Tamil elites, and those poor Tamil puppets are fooling around on HR and ER?

Final results and analysis could be viewed in the web site appended.

Ref: http://www.slelections.gov.lk/presidential2010/AIVOT.html 

There is a contradiction and conflicting view, Tamils have in their political agenda. It looks like we Tamils create, and verbalize topics to attract world’s attention, which can be concluded as defamations at the end.

As stated earlier 49% of Tamils live Outside N&E. Tamils are free to live anywhere in SriLanka. However, Tamils object to Sinhalese people to live in the N&E and claim that it is Land Colonisation”. So, on the whole, Tamils violate Human Rights and Equal Rights against the majority Sinhalese.

  1. Equality before the Law: This is definitely practiced by GOSL. All people are equal before the law. Whether it be a Tamil, Sinhalese, or a Muslim, they are treated equally before the law. The shortfall here is that, Tamils have superiority complex and a tyranny attitude, and think they should be treated differently to others, which does not fall within democracy. Is this because of the 70million people who live in a different sovereign republic? The same Tamil peasants who migrate whether legally or illegally as refugees, even if they are educated, they do cleaning and menial work in the west. How about campaign on Equal Rights in the west? Are we prepared to campaign on equal rights? There exists Equal Rights” in the west full 100%. Every person is treated with dignity in the west, the same as in SriLanka.
  1. Cultural Genocide

We Tamils and politicians are propagating that cultural genocide is striking in the N&E due to Sinhalese and army presence. This is the most ridiculous, ludicrous, outrageous propaganda, and one could view that this may come from uneducated, brainless, unintelligent, mindless, dim-witted foolish Tamil Diaspora and those who live within the N&E of SL.

Why? The Portuguese occupied low-country Sinhalese areas in 1505. The Portuguese drifted and occupied Jaffna of the island, in the year 1621. Tamils were converted to Catholics, and followed the Portuguese customs and culture. Tamils started eating Beef. Tamils changed their names to Alexander, Patrick, Basil, Lawrence etc.

The Dutch occupied the SriLanka in the year 1656 and converted majority of Tamils into Protestants.

British colony established their administration of the island in the year 1802. Tamils converted themselves into Church of England, and started boasting that they are superior because they belong to Church of England. Tamil followed the British style of living.

The entire living style, culture, and customs were changed. Majority of Tamils changed, and committed cultural genocide” from the year 1621, within the Tamil ethnicity in SL. Logically, cultural genocide in SriLanka began in the year 1505.

It is better those Tamils who are mindset of propagating cultural genocide”, start thinking as to why their names are Emanuel, Alexander, Basil etc. when they claim they are Tamils. With due respect, this is not a defamatory statement, and any statement against any religion, however, it is only an appeal for Tamils to start thinking before spitting garbage. We are spitting garbage while looking up.

Humans perceive different effects about the same state, as perceptions vary from person to person. People assign different meaning to what they perceive.

Although all human males are born with ≈1.5kg of brain, not all perceive the same thing in the same perspective, the same way.

Well, in terms of democracy, any citizen can practice, preach any religion, live as his/her style, but endeavour not to spit garbage on other people.

Is this an answer to Tamil’s politics?

One Response to “Equal rights and Cultural Genocide. What is this in terms of Human Rights?”

  1. Independent Says:

    “Finally, the candidate contested and polled only 9,662 votes which is 0.09% of the total valid votes polled within the island.” ( may be less than 1% of Tamil votes and less than 1/2% of “Tamil Speaking” votes.)

    This is why Parabhakran did not contest at all. But he established ” Law and Order” , “Equality ” and “Liberty “, in the “Tamil Cultural way”. Few Tamils displayed this method recently when they took revenge from the daughter for the mother giving evidence against the “authority”.

    Is this what Tamils want ?

    As long as Tamils want to identify themselves as “potential terrorist” what do they expect Sinhala Buddhists to give them ? Metta, Karuna , Muditha , Upekkha ?

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