Wicky is running Siri to the ground: Intellectuals and scholars join Mahinda
Posted on June 24th, 2015

Rahul says

Yes, the nation is in crisis and the people have woken up to the danger that stares the country in the face. The surge to save Sri Lanka is on and is cutting right across party political lines.

Never before in its recent history has the country faced the perils it faces today. The Nation State of Sri Lanka is being dismantled; the foundation for provincial fiefdoms is being created; Western extremists of Tamil origin, dishonestly described as ‘Diaspora’, are preparing to invade the country on the pretext of a terrorist jamboree; foreign judges are in the process of being selected to be seconded into Sri Lanka’s judicial system to sit on the bench of ‘hybrid’ kangaroo courts’ that would ensure conviction of soldiers who saved our country from terrorism.

In the annals of Sri Lanka’s history, the Army of the people of the country won their greatest battle when they decimated US terrorist forces at Nandikadal.

The political leadership of Sirisena – Wickramasinghe – Kumaratunga – is reversing all that was gained by the life, blood, sweat and tears of the people of the country. The Kautsky of Sri Lanka who destroyed the trade union movement in the country with his unplanned 1981 General Strike acts as the spokesman for Washington and Wickramasinghe.

The Courts of Sri Lanka may not judge the traitors of Sri Lanka but history will. At the forthcoming General elections the people will judge them.

The trend is clear. People are not voting for the UNP or anyone even distantly associated with the UNP. People, including UNPers, are voting across party lines and giving their vote to anyone but not to the UNP or any other in their bandwagon that would surely dismember the country.

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  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  2. Lorenzo Says:

    The 3 EVILS – Sirisena – Wickramasinghe – Kumaratunga.

    Democracy and law cannot save SL from these evils as we can see. Run-nil was defeated 30 times in elections but still people and democracy FAILED to save SL from this evil. Same with CBK. Maru Sira has joined them.

    There should be a FASTER, CHEAPER and PERMANANT way to save SL from these evils.

  3. ranjit Says:

    What ever said and done our future lies in the hands of the voter. The voter should not blindly vote this time. It’s do or die game with LTTE and their sympathizers raising their heads again. What this Awamanagalaya said was all lies. He lives with hatred towards MR and he will try his best to corner this great leader with the help of International Mafia. People in this land must chose wisely this time.They should not allow people like Awamanagalaya,Rajitha and UNP to come to power at any cost because they will definitely turn our land of a gem in to a bloodbath again. How much they deny there’s a great danger looming in the horizon because of their wrong attitude Governing this country.

    People who loves this land must come to the street to protest against this Govt who is controlled by International Mafia. They are destroying the whole economy with an inexperienced Finance Minister who is a notorious thief. Education is run by a third grade novice who has no experience at all. Housing Ministry has given to another big thief. People has not forgotten what his Father did during his time and how he helped the LTTE terror organization. All those UNP bunch were traitors to this land and people should understand that they will never do anything good to this country with a weak Tie Coat western backed Prime Minister. Sira/Ranil/Choura the three witch hunters and their gang must be defeated at any cost in the coming General election to get our prestige back.

  4. Chancy Says:

    The FM has really messed up Foreign Policy initiatives. He wants to appease the Pro- LTTE elements worldwide. When he talks of reconciliation, he is only talking about the Sinhalese people surrendering to the LTTE. He is too scared to speak with the Sinhalese diaspora. He knows they are not fools.

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