Economy from January to June – Sri Lanka
Posted on June 29th, 2015

economic crash

3 Responses to “Economy from January to June – Sri Lanka”

  1. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    Great chart!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    MORE of these are needed.

    People should take this, save this and use it EXTENSIVELY in FACEBOOK.

    When the SAME message is HAMMERED hard on the audience by DIFFERENT people, it becomes the TRUTH.

  3. Kumari Says:

    We must compile a list of disastrous decision, actions and/or projects undertaken by the current regime too. What comes to mind are:
    Super tax on corporations
    Giving fishing rights to Indians for 150 days
    Removal of Omanthei check point
    Removal of 10 out of 13 items from the list of banned goods
    CB robbery
    etc., etc and circulate that too alongside the above

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