Sirisena Must Take Full Responsibility for the Potential Demise of the SLFP
Posted on July 5th, 2015

Dilrook Kannangara

The SLFP is on its last legs. Formed in 1951 from the consolidation of various political groups including the Sinhala Maha Sabha (formed in 1936), the SLFP ruled the country for 34 years sharing terms with the UNP (33 years). These were with the UNP until then. It faced two previous near death experiences in 1959 and 1979 with the assassination of its founder SWRD Bandaranaike and the civic disability imposed on his wife. However, the party survived as it quickly realigned with the masses. However, the threat it faces today is much worse as it comes from within.

Sirisena is doing the opposite of Bandaranaike. Sirisena is re-merging the SLFP with the UNP after a split of 64 years. That makes him the destroyer of the SLFP; the party that made a poor villager the president after a long political career.

However, masses need the UNP-SLFP split to continue so that they have a choice. This democratic nation cannot end up like Cuba, Soviet Union or North Korea of one party rule. Sadly Sri Lanka has fallen into the abyss of dictatorship since January 2015. Sirisena has let down the masses with his pro-UNP stand while holding the top position of the SLFP. On their part, the UNP in a masterstroke successfully plotted the demise of the SLFP. Ably supported by Chandrika, the end of the SLFP marks an end of an era not just in domestic politics but also in Sri Lanka’s foreign relations. By their westernised thinking, they have distanced the party from the people.

If Sirisena has any leadership skills, he should keep personal disagreements aside and join with Mahinda. To her credit, Chandrika agreed to coexist with Mahinda as the prime minister in 2004. Surely, Sirisena is a better leader than her. Or is he?

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  1. Christie Says:

    “Sirisena is doing the opposite of Bandaranaike. Sirisena is re-merging the SLFP with the UNP after a split of 64 years”. How mislead are we? Sirisena did what SWRD did in1951. Banda family took the country backward and destroyed the Sinhala people and the Indian Colonial Parasites prospered. Dilrook who funds our political parties. Go along the Main Street and see who runs the country.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    That is why MR should have a PLAN B.

    Maru Sira ate hoppers with MR in the morning and LIKE JUDAS in LAST SUPPER denied any conspiracy. But by the evening he had joined the UNP, TNA, etc. Even Judas waited a day to do his treason. Maru Sira couldn’t wait!!

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    But Lorenzo, as you discuss the turncoat TURNAROUND TIME of Sirisena, let me fondly ask: How long has it taken YOU to SWITCH SIDES again?

    I RECALL your antics at LankaWEb leading upto the Presidential Election in Jan 2015, when you were VOCIFEROUSLY TOUTING the Yamapalanaya candidature of Palwatte Gamaralage Maithripala Yapa Sirisena AGAINST the sitting President Mahinda Rajapaksa!

    Now, LO and BEHOLD, that same Lorenzo is slowly creeping back into the good graces of the unwavering PATRIOTS and pontificating on the “TREASON” of the said Sirisena, thinking that WE HAVE FORGOTTEN his own treasonous antics!

    OH MY GOD, where do you draw the BOUNDARIES to your HYPOCRISY?? Where?? Anywhere?? Any at ALL??

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